Small People

by falcon29

Copyright© 2016 by falcon29

Fantasy Sex Story: Strange visitors.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Humor   Group Sex   Interracial   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Nudism   .

The doorbell rang. I answered the door. We live in a peaceful suburban neighborhood where that’s what you do. So I did. A horde of small brown people rushed in and slammed the door behind them.

Now, when I say ‘small’, I mean I don’t believe any of them could have measured five feet tall. When I say ‘people’, I mean they were plainly Hominid and clearly of two separate genders, since they were all naked.

They had clearly trained, as a few of them covered the windows with their bows and a few covered me, with some wicked looking blades. No orders were given, they knew their jobs.

“Who you?” the tallest male demanded of me.

“I ... I’m the owner of this house... ‘This house mine’!”

“Uh. Was. Now is mine!” he said as he strutted away. He left two women to guard me. One was old as the leader, the other younger and cuter, probably his and her daughter.

Who the fuck these people were is a mystery to me. They appeared out of the dark that night and that’s all there is. The only thing I got out of any of them is that they came from far away on a ship and people like me are hunting for them.

They aren’t deformed at all, they are simply miniature people.

The leader, Goo-vin, has relaxed as much as I guess he is able. He even sent his daughter to me the second night. It was weird, to say the least. She barely measured to my chest if we were stood up together. Yet her breasts were nicely rounded and her hips swayed when she walked.

That night I went to my room (Goo-vin and I had come to an understanding that the house was mine but he and his group were free to stay with me.) and expected to fall asleep as normal. But the slice of light alerted me that someone was entering.

The shadow told me it was one of the short house guests and soon I discovered a wiggly little doll under the sheet with me. Good glory but she was fun!

She wriggled down to slurp me into her warm mouth and then she slithered around to let me taste the product of her excitement by squatting over my face.

Then, oh, then she finally turned and slipped down to take me into her hot channel. By contorting her legs she was barely able to bring her lips to mine so we could share a kiss as she used me as her dildo.

It was the strangest and yet one of the most satisfying sessions of my life. Afterward she loved for me to hold her in my arms. Imagine a nine year old child in your arms. It was like that except this was a full grown woman of, as near as I could learn, around twenty years old.

Tamana shared my bed the rest of the time they were there. About a week after the first night, she stopped everything and went to the door. Her mother, Massa came in.

She went to work on my stiff cock with her mouth. Tamana, meanwhile mounted my face and I enjoyed love at both ends, in fact, really at both ends, since Massa, slipped three of her little fingers up my ass to make me give her my first spill of the night. That night I learned where Tamana got her erotic skills, plus some others.

We frolicked until near dawn and slept most of the day away. At one point, Goo-vin came in and said something to Massa in their tongue twisting language. She sounded angry as she sent him away so she could snuggle back into my pillows.

I didn’t want to piss off the leader so I stepped into some flip-flops -- I had stopped wearing clothes by then, since none of them did -- and went out. The guy was good natured about it. We laughed and -- even though they don’t normally drink, he accepted a small glass of beer when I opened one for myself.

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