Demure Disguise

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2016 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: No one would suspect what a slut this 30ish wife really was, even her husband.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Slut Wife   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Hispanic Male   .

Cassie was an undercover slut. No, that’s not referring to a common place where sex happens. It means that you would never suspect the extent of her extramarital sex life; many, many times that of the average wife her age. She screwed her husband Sam so frequently that he would never suspect either.

She was one of those women you hardly notice. Her haircut was conservative, her makeup was minimal, her clothing was not revealing and her body was nothing special to comment about. But she loved to fuck and did it a lot more often than anyone suspected.

Up until a few years ago, she was the model wife who wedded as a virgin bride. Raised in a fundamentalist church, she started to really read the Bible and discovered how much sex there was in it. She had grown to like sex after the wedding thanks to a patient and thoughtful husband. They decided not to bring children into this crazy world and so she got her tubes tied.

After reading lots of things besides the Bible, and visiting with other more liberal women, she was convinced to enjoy to the maximum the gift that God had given, namely her body. She worked on a part-time irregular schedule so had plenty of opportunity to explore her carnal avocation.

She discovered that men were SO easy to seduce. All the way from the unmarried assistant minister at her church to the teenager who did yard work for them. Her husband had developed her into a damned good fuck so it was easy to get their confidentiality in return for continuing access to her delightful fun parts.

She took her 30th birthday off work. There was an agenda that her husband would hopefully never learn about. They had plans for an evening celebration because he was working until then.

A half-dozen men currently plumbed her pussy on a frequent basis and her goal was to enjoy each and every one of them during that special day. Her husband would give her the final pleasure that night after going out to dinner, she was sure.

Jimmy was a neighbor man a little bit younger than herself. He wasn’t very bright but, due to the great amount of manual labor he had done, had a terrific body. The bulge that she noticed in his jeans turned out to be very substantial genital equipment. He had never had much success with women so was totally enraptured by the sexual attention she gave him. He was practically a sex slave to our sweetie.

Ralph, the aforementioned minister at their church, was an interesting case. His wife of two years had left him for another, more sexually adept man. Our heroine, when she found that out, used his hurt as an enticement to build his self-confidence in the sack. As she shared her Bible discoveries with him, he became both more competent and more interested in the erotic arts.

Ernesto was a Latino manager at a store she frequently shopped at. She skillfully discovered that his wife was good at producing babies but was not very sexually interesting. It was quite easy for her pale body to arouse his best efforts to satisfy as she bent over the desk in his office.

Billy, who did their lawn work, was a barely legal neighbor boy. With the testosterone levels you might expect, it didn’t take much to get him pounding her offered pussy whenever she asked for it.

Marvin, a retired banker, was a different story than the above. He was a widower after a long marriage in which he had not been entirely faithful. He had probably the most sexual experience of any of her seduction targets. His approach was much more leisurely and thorough in giving her satisfaction and she was learning a lot from him.

Leroy was a black man who worked at a business near her job. They had met and visited during breaks or lunch times at restaurants that were convenient to both of their employment. He wasn’t married and admitted to banging other women. This was very erotic in itself, let alone seeing that black shaft disappearing between her legs.

Her husband wasn’t surprised when she insisted on getting screwed before he went to work on her birthday. That had happened every year. He knew he would be expected to do the same that evening. What got her excited, and he obviously didn’t know, was that the sperm he was shooting into her that morning would have a lot of company throughout the day before he added some more. That made her hot to think about. Sure, they were on a futile mission, but they would all be in there, trying to do their male thing.

She was still slippery with her husband’s ejaculation when she knocked on Jimmy’s door and he welcomed her in. It was only a few minutes before his substantial cock was stretching her, the pistoning strokes lubricated with her husband’s seed. This was not a day for a leisurely fuck so she used her cunt muscles to trigger the emptying of his prostate contents near her womb. It always felt so good because he shot very hard.

Kissing him goodbye, she dressed and put a pad inside her panties to catch his copious cum. She had made a counseling appointment with Ralph the minister. Knowing her, he had suspected what was going on and was ready for her to sit on his lap in his office chair. Since he was not getting laid elsewhere, she got his load up her twat rather easily. Again, a kiss and run.

Ernesto took a little longer because the store was busy. She waited in his office until things calmed down and he could join her. He loved to eat her so she had him taste her snatch and guess how many men had added to the flavor. She corrected him that it was three, not the one that he was used to. This was a hot button for him and he pounded her hard, giving her the second orgasm of the day. She thanked him for his cum deposit and kissed him goodbye.

She got back home for lunch and a quick shower. Billy was scheduled to come over to do the lawn that afternoon right after lunch. Usually she like to fuck him when he was all hot and sweaty from his yard work. This time she led him to the bedroom and rode him to a mutual orgasm, then sent him off to do his work. At the end of that he got a second piece the way she was used to.

Marvin, being retired, was the easiest one to schedule. She went over to his apartment and teased him that she had just been fucked. He liked that and worked her over for at least an hour, providing multiple orgasms for her and even two for him. He knew this was her birthday, and knew how she could get, but she would not reveal all the details, just enough to get him hard and off inside her.

That only left one man left. Leroy was married so she invited him over to their house and spread her legs wide open in the marital bed. His black cock was big, but not monstrous, and he knew how to use it. He’d fucked a lot of women a lot of times and she thrills as he told her about the ones he could remember. She orgasmed several times as she lay on her back looking down at that dark rod going in and out were so many had already been that day. After he came, she kissed him goodbye, showered and douched, then waited for her husband to come home.

It was a good thing they were going out to dinner, since her pussy was a bit sore and she was kind of tired from all that activity which had been way more than usual.

She listened patiently as her husband went on about his day and she was rather noncommittal about what she had done since he left, “I just sort of messed around,” was very true but not very disclosing. It would have been wonderful if he was thrilled about her promiscuity, but that wasn’t the way it was.

When they did get to bed, she did push the limits a bit, “Am I still sexy now that I’m thirty?” She was fondling his cock, which was growing to a usable condition. “Do you think other men would find me sexually attractive?”

He reached for her perky breast as he said, “Well I certainly think you are. Can’t you tell?”

“Yes, but you’re my husband! You love me so I expect that. But what about other men? Would they like to do the things you do to me? I’ve always wondered since I didn’t date anybody seriously before we got married.”

By now his cock was rigid. As she stroked it, Cassie teased, “Do you thinks that’s a sexy idea? Me naked with another man? I’ve thought about it. I liked it when you told me about the two girls you had sex with before you met me. I wish that I had some hot stories for you.”

Sam rolled on top of her and found her wet cock socket easily. Cassie squealed, “Oooo, that’s sooo good! But slow down and make it last!”

While he nibbled on her sensitive nipples she kept talking. “How about if I pretend that I had a boyfriend?” Sam’s cock twitched, an affirmative signal. “And what if I fucked him during the day and made love to you that night with his sperm in me? There, I said ‘fuck’! It wouldn’t be ‘making love’ like we are doing now, but I bet it would be fun.”

Sam couldn’t hold back and began thrusting hard and fast, quickly reaching his trigger point and, letting out a loud groan, sprayed a big load of semen deep in Cassie. She squealed and shook in her own climax, thinking of how many his was joining.

This was going well, she mused as they were quiet for a few minutes. She kept going, “You know, sweetie, that if my boyfriend had fucked me this afternoon, you would have been sliding in his sperm and I would now have two kinds in me. That thought gets me hot, how about you?”

Sam hadn’t pulled out and his rod was refilling. He began moving again, sliding in his fresh cream. This rarely happened and Cassie took advantage. “THAT feels good! How sexy to have another cock in me when I’ve just been fucked. Do I feel different?”

Sam groaned out, “Yeah, silky and wet.”

Cassie wrapped her legs around him, “It’s easy for me to keep going so it might be fun to have a helper to keep me filled up while you recover. You might be ready again real fast if you watched me doing it.”

Sam blew another load and collapsed. Cassie kissed him and kept him close as they slept.

The hot “birthday topic”, as it came to be called, didn’t get brought up for a few days but they were both thinking about it. Cassie, of course, was doing a lot more than thinking, banging one or more of her stable of studs each day. Sam was extra interested too so she had to make sure she was clean and rested by bedtime.

That didn’t work on the third day after her birthday. She’d just gotten back home after a romp with neighbor Jimmy, and that was a follow up from her morning screw at Ernesto’s store. Only partly undressed to get in the shower, she was surprised when her husband burst into the bedroom and completed her disrobing, pulled her to the bed, and thrust himself inside immediately when he felt how wet her pussy was. No words were spoken as they fucked. It was just lust in action. Only a few minutes later the orgasm noises began and then they lay together panting.

“Sweetie, what the hell brought THAT on?”

Sam grinned, “I’ve been thinking about your birthday fantasies too much I guess. I couldn’t stand it any longer this afternoon so I wanted to surprise you. I guess I did and you were SO wet it was just like it was real. How did you get that way? It was perfect.”

Cassie thought fast, “I was thinking about it too and masturbating. Must be a mind connection because I was wishing you were here.”

They went to bed early that night and had a leisurely round of making love, her fourth coitus of the day. As they lay in a comfortable scissors position, Cassie mentioned, “This idea seems to really heat up our sex life. Do you want to continue it?”

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