The Mistletoe

by Severusmax

Copyright© 2016 by Severusmax

Erotica Sex Story: What do you get when you mix a May-December marriage, a sexually frustrated, but otherwise happily married man, a loving, playful wife, a Christmas party that hubby attends as a favor to said wife, friends with a devious plan, a babysitter with her own agenda, and a mistletoe? You get what was about to happen to Jack Stevens and his life one wintry Friday night.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   BiSexual   Humor   Incest   Mother   Daughter   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Rough   Group Sex   Harem   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Swinging   Anal Sex   Analingus   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Water Sports   Babysitter   Nudism   .

I wasn’t entirely sure why my wife Katie wanted me to go with her to this particular party, when we had both already gone to the official Christmas parties for our two offices. However, this being a festive and jovial time of year, and not wishing to ruin her fun, especially when she seemed so excited about it, I agreed to go with her, with the understanding that she would make sure that she got a reliable babysitter for little Tim and Kim, our fraternal twins, who were now three. When she lined up Larissa, a preacher’s daughter who had done a terrific job the last few times, I was more than relieved.

It was a Friday night, of course, and we had plenty of time to enjoy the festivities, so I relaxed. This was especially true once Jessica, the hostess of the party, assured us that transportation issues would be covered for the trip home, in case anyone got too sauced. She didn’t tell us details, just that she had it “nailed down,” as she put it. A slim, petite woman with small breasts, but gorgeous, long brown hair that Katie teased me about more than a few times, Jessica had warned us that there would be some “house rules” for guests to follow. This was another reason that I had been unsure about the proposed gala, but Katie had talked me into trying it “just this once, baby. If you don’t like it, we don’t ever have to do it again.”

Rule one, which I already found odd, but cute in its own way, was the dress code: pajamas and nightclothes. I wasn’t too sure how I felt about the idea of Katie wearing what turned out to only be a long T-shirt and boy shorts (which she rocked, by the way), but she assured me that I would get plenty of eye candy to view as well. Most of all, she promised that it would just be “perfectly harmless fun.” I wasn’t the most jealous guy in the world, but I had my reservations about the possible intentions of drunk or half-drunk men at a party like this, all for half-naked grown-ups. I had never planned on getting married, but once I did, I wanted my wife to make the same sacrifices that I had, or else neither of us should.

The rest of the rules I didn’t discover until I arrived at the party, whereupon Jessica openly admired my Santa-themed pajama bottoms and matching red T-shirt while giving me a rather long and daring kiss at the door. When we both came up for air, I was about to ask her the meaning of that, but she pointed with a wink at the mistletoe above the doorway. When the expected slap from Katie never happened, I relaxed a bit, until it was that my wife slipped her hand down the back of my boxers and rubbed one of my buns. She wasn’t even buzzed yet ... she was stone cold sober so far.

“Relax, baby. It’s all in good fun. By the way, how did you like her lipstick? It’s cherry-flavored. A Jessica specialty. Lucky you, getting to taste her lips like that,” my wife teased me a little.

“I’m even luckier because I also get to taste yours often,” I pointed out, which got my balls groped for a second there.

“Sweet talker! Save those lips, baby. You’re going to need them later,” Katie whispered seductively, even as Jessica poured us both some drinks, in this case a hard egg nog whose ingredients were not entirely clear.

“Very nice egg nog, Jessica. What’s in it?” I asked her, even as she began passing out a short brochure that she had printed out of tonight’s rules.

“Oh, a little of this, a little of that, honey. Don’t you worry about a thing, please,” she winked at me, shamelessly flirting with me in front of Katie.

I took one first look at the rules and my eyes just about bugged out. To begin with, rule two required that every couple that showed up had to perform sexually in front of the other guests, at least once. It didn’t matter what form of sex act, as long as one was done. Katie looked at it, and then she shrugged before kneeling, yanking down my pants, and giving me a blowjob that would make any man’s knees buckle. I couldn’t believe that my wife was servicing me orally in front of numerous other people, and boy was she putting her heart and soul into what had to be the best head she ever gave me, bar none!

Katie licked, sucked, caressed, and stroked me, covered everything from the head to the base, took both balls into her mouth for a moment, and even deep-throated me for a moment. She spread my butt-cheeks to finger me a little in my asshole, adding to my pleasure with something that she hadn’t ever done once in our marriage (now I knew why she had wanted me to clean out). I did my best not to cum just yet, but I was fighting against the sheer ecstasy of her enthusiastic oral favors and her deliberate manipulation of my prostate, so it was only a matter of time before I came in her mouth and she eagerly swallowed while giving me a wink.

“Delicious, as always! Ladies, I hit the jackpot with this one! He’s got one hell of a yummy, salty load! This is why I love to suck him off! Tasty!” Katie said as she stopped me short of pulling up my pants.

“Read rule three, please, honey. Once your pants are down, they stay down for the night. It’s strictly bottomless until it’s time to leave,” Katie pointed out to me, and sure enough, she was telling the truth, much to my shock.

“Damn it, Katie, there are probably twenty or thirty people here, and they can all see my cock!” I whispered to her.

“And your sweet ass, baby! I bet that the girls are drooling already. You can just see the lust in their eyes, all for you, dear,” Katie made things worse, as my cock stiffened again so soon, “Oh, somebody likes being on display! Standing to attention again already? Lucky me!”

“Here, have another drink, baby. It will help you relax and enjoy your new bottomless state. And here, hand over your pants. I’ll take care of them for you. Boxers, too. Shoes as well. Everything from the waist down, my dear. Let’s see your fine, manly butt and damn, those legs, sweetie!” Jessica brazenly encouraged me, while I felt a mix of anxiety, excitement, and growing mistrust of Katie’s initial promises.

“Remember, babe. You swore to follow the rules and I swore that they would be fun. You don’t really expect me to believe that they’re not fun, not when you’re so visibly hard?” my Katie reassured me now, her hands freely roaming over my cock, my balls, and my ass.

Katie then downed another egg nog, just as Jessica plied me with a third, which began to work with the first two in lowering my guard. I was still stiff as could be, but my mood became more noticeably casual and easygoing. Before long, I was mixing with the others and not bothering to read the rest of the rules, which ended up on top of my pajama bottoms as I mingled, half-naked with my fellow guests. After a little while, I was able to almost forget how abnormal it was to walk around in another woman’s house naked from the waist down. Apparently, none of the ladies forgot, though.

I was right in the middle of conversing with Jordan, a very sassy redhead who loved to tell risque jokes, when she abruptly had to go to the ladies’ room, so I began walking back toward the snack table. Before I could get very far, though, I noticed the mistletoe that had been at the front door earlier, only now it was directly above the archway. At that very moment, which could not have been a coincidence, Jessica walked up to me and put her arms around my neck.

“Did you ever read rule four, honey?” she asked me with a very bright smile.

“Um ... no, I didn’t get that far. Sorry. Let me guess, I have to kiss whomever is under the mistletoe with me, wherever it is?” I guessed, thinking that it was just a minor prank like that.

“Nope. But it does have to do with mistletoe, dear. Rule four says that if you’re under the mistletoe with someone, the two of you have to fuck. Yes, fuck, honey. So, go for it, baby. Before you mention the wedding vows, I release you from those for now, but not from your promise to follow all of Jessica’s house rules. So, if I were you, I’d get that sweet pair of pajama bottoms of hers down to her ankles where they belong and give her the fucking of her life, the kind that I know that you are capable of giving her,” Katie said from behind me, putting her hands on my waist.

“What about you? You’re under the mistletoe with us now. What does that mean for you?” I pointed out.

“Well, assuming that I’m also released from my wedding vows for now, I’d like to join you two in bed. We’re all under the mistletoe together, so there it goes, that’s who it has to be. Confession time, dear. I should have told you when we got married, but I’m bisexual,” Katie said as she slid her boy shorts down and Jessica slipped out of her own bottoms in front of everyone.

“So, where do we do this? You said ‘in bed, ‘ dear,” I remarked.

“Oh, about that. Here’s the bed,” Jordan returned with a mattress that she laid down under the archway, in the sight of all the guests.

“Come on, baby. Keep your word and satisfy your hostess. Fuck Jessica as hard as she needs it, right under the mistletoe,” Katie urged me, while Jordan began fondling my buns and Jessica lay down with her legs spread.

“Oh, look, I’m under the mistletoe as well! Guess that you have to fuck me, too!” Jordan snickered as she slipped her panties off from under her chemise.

I don’t know quite how I ended up already inside Jessica’s pussy, but I suspect that in my drunken, less resistant state, Jordan was able to guide my cock into the hostess’s twat. Before I knew it, Jessica was kissing my face, my neck, and my chest, while I drove balls deep inside her, much to her delight. I was bareback, too, being buzzed enough that it didn’t occur to me until later. My hands began caressing Jessica’s ass, too, which really pleased her, especially once I slipped a finger into her backdoor. It wasn’t much longer until I felt another finger up my own.

“I hope that you don’t mind, sweetie. I just had to play with your ass!” Katie told me before she started massaging my prostate while licking my taint.

“It’s okay. I’m playing with Jessica’s!” I confessed to everyone, making the other guests’ jaws drop.

“Oh, honey, don’t stop! Another finger in my bottom, please! Spread my cheeks and slip more fingers in as you fuck me!” Jessica begged me in front of all of her guests.

That was when Jordan bent over and placed her pussy right above Jessica’s face, while her ass faced me. I took the hint and began rimming her, which made her squirm and cream herself on our hostess’s face. I was just about where I needed to be when Jessica begged me to switch positions. She was now on her belly and she urged me to begin fucking her ass.

“Your fingers got me ready, so lube me up and butt-fuck me!” Jessica pleaded, while Jordan went to get the lube for my dick and Jessica’s tush.

I was soon bareback and buried deep inside Jessica’s booty, while my wife continued to finger-fuck my asshole, much to my enjoyment. It was hard to think straight as my cock thrust in and out of a very horny and slutty Jessica, who certainly knew some things about my Katie if she could get her on board with this. I began to wonder if this was a conspiracy, when Jordan started sucking my balls and stroking Jessica’s clit while I sodomized her. This was just all too convenient, all of this working quite this way, as I finally succumbed to the pure thrill of pounding Jessica’s tight end by shooting my spunk into her bottom.

“Do you like fucking Jessica, baby? Because she doesn’t want you to stop. Ever. Congratulations. You’ve got yourself a new girlfriend, honey. The rest of you, what are you waiting for? It’s midnight! Read your rule five, guys! At midnight, all clothes come off and everyone is fair game for the first annual Yuletide orgy! By the way, I’m Jessica’s live-in companion, so this place is as much mine as hers. Ergo, I’m the other hostess here, the one that you didn’t know about. Incidentally, this was all filmed! Hope that you don’t mind being part of our amateur porn debut!” Jordan told me to my shock, but from the way that Katie and the other two looked, none of them were surprised.

“This was a set-up, wasn’t it? This was to get me into bed with Jessica and maybe even Jordan!” I confronted Katie, who licked her lips in response.

“Oh, honey, there is no ‘maybe’ about me, either. In fact, it’s high time to give you a blue pill, because you and I are going to fuck like rabbits, too! So are you and Katie, come to think of it! And you with any other lucky people who wander over under the mistletoe, male or female! I’d love to see you sodomize another man!” Jordan admitted as she wiped my dick clean and pushed me down to the mattress to ride me, her large tits swinging in my face.

“And don’t forget to have more of me. All of me, in fact. Every hole, on demand, whenever you wish!” Jessica began humming, “All of Me,” of all possible songs.

With the next few strokes, I looked over at Katie, who fastened on her thigh harness with her strap-on dildo to peg me while Jessica sat on my face and let me taste her delectable ass. I was soon so far gone with the pleasure that I lost track of time and it became an eternity of sexual bliss as three women’s bodies and mine became one. It all became one big, blur.

It was like the song, “Love Potion Number Nine” in a way, as I became insatiable with lust and unable to tell one person from another. I didn’t keep up with the number of men and women who had me on that bed. Yes, Jordan got her wish, as I bent more than a couple of boys over and used their fine butts for my own satisfaction. I also let various men sodomize me, along with a number of women and a couple of drag queens for good measure.

I awoke, still under the mistletoe, to the smell of coffee brewing many hours later, much to my surprise. I was completely naked, on the bed, and Jessica was nowhere to be seen. Instead, I looked over and saw the nude form of a lovely blonde. I got up and she grabbed my hand. I was about to break free, anyway, but she moved my hand to her fine ass, and before I knew it, I had bottomed out inside her butt.

We were pretty far into the action when I heard my wife say, “So, honey, what do you think of Morgan? I think that her dick is very cute, too, especially now that she’s rid of her balls.”

I looked down and realized that Morgan indeed had a cock, though it wasn’t large and it was very limp even now. I grinned as I realized just how great a lover she was and I just kept thrusting in and out of her, much to her joy. I heard her moan with ecstasy as I buggered her, taking her prostate to places that it had only experienced on occasion before. We lasted several more minutes before I pulled out and ran to the restroom at last.

That was when I felt arms around me and I looked in the mirror to see my wife as she brushed her skin against mine. I had no idea just what had happened exactly the night before, other than some kind of clusterfuck, where I seemed to be the main course. She then joined me in the shower and began kissing me repeatedly on the lips, with a good deal of tongue.

“So, how was that for your Christmas present, honey? Mine, too, of course. How was Morgan? She is so delicious, isn’t she? Before she transitioned, she was a bisexual man, so she knows what a man needs, babe, and what a woman does, too. By the way, Jessica wants us to keep copies of the tape from last night and I’m inclined to agree. You were outstanding last night, dear! Better than I ever dared to hope!

“I lost count of how many times you fucked me, Jessica, Jordan, Morgan, Tristan, Ariel, Lizzie, Vanessa, and Robin, just for example. You stayed on that bed all night long and you took on all comers, baby. I’m so impressed with your stud skills!” Katie peppered my skin with kisses repeatedly, making her affection for me quite apparent.

“That would explain why my cock, my balls, my mouth, and my ass are all so sore,” I noted as I began pissing wildly in the shower, which made Katie giggle as she knelt to take my piss down her throat.

“Honey, we used you for sex. I’m not going to deny that. Hell, we used you for lots of sex. There is something that you need to understand about me, and about Jessica, Jordan, Morgan, etc. We’re part of a new club that celebrates Yule as it’s meant to be celebrated, with lots of wild, raunchy, steamy sex, including ritual orgies. Pretty neat, huh? It was Jessica’s idea to start it and this was our first Mistletoe Festival to celebrate Yule, an event intended to get everyone naked, hot, and bothered.

“Oh, nobody’s gone home yet, because we all got plastered and Jessica let us crash here instead of driving home drunk. Naturally, we hope that this isn’t a fluke,” Katie explained after swallowing my piss and then gargling mouthwash to clean up her mouth and teeth.

“What about the kids?” I asked her, of course, now recalling that.

“I sent a text to Larissa, asking her to stay over and offering her a lot more money to do so. Time and a half, if you will. She couldn’t resist that. Plus, I offered her something else that she couldn’t refuse,” Katie announced, making me curious.

“What was that?” I asked, unsure of what to think.

“Oh, don’t worry, it won’t cost us extra money,” Katie refused to elaborate, looking mischievously at me, “By the way, in our club, once you piss down a woman’s throat, you own her. For life. She’s marked as yours. I’m already yours, but don’t be surprised if more women try to get you to whiz down their throats as well. Starting with Jessica. She’s got a crush on you, as does Jordan. Just remember that, once you do that, it’s a lifelong commitment on both ends. It binds both of you together with a special bond of intimacy.”

“What if a woman pees down another woman’s throat?” I asked her, truly unsure of this.

“Then she belongs to the girl who pisses down her throat. Same with two men. Swallowing the piss is an act of surrender, of voluntary submission to your new owner. Don’t worry, I have no interest in whizzing down your throat, dear. You own me, not vice versa. I’m your love slave for the rest of your life, no ifs, buts, or maybes. I planned this night ahead of time, almost to the nth time, so, yes, I tricked you into it, and for that, I am prepared to take the consequences like a big girl. However, I wasn’t alone. Jessica, Jordan, several of us were in on it, though not all. The rest were just along for the ride, and boy did they enjoy it!

“As from now on, you will set the house rules for the next Mistletoe Festival, because this is your new house, baby. Jessica wants us to move in with her and Jordan, claim them as our lovers, move a few others in with us, and yes, whizz down their throats, too. We’re your harem and we’re the inner circle of the sect, if you will. How about it, lover? Jessica’s ready to sign the title and deed over to you, too. Of course, she also wants you to knock her and Jordan up.

“Maybe we can tape more orgies in the future, too, if you wish. If you watch the tape, by the way, it is several hours of the wildest, raunchiest, steamiest, kinkiest, most deviant sex ever known to man or woman, and God, I enjoyed it!” Katie told me breathlessly as she knelt and kissed the head of my dick.

“So, this was all an elaborate ploy to get me to have some of the most extreme, most incredible sex that we have ever had as a couple, as part of a plan to induct me into a quasi-pagan sex club and make me the proud owner of my own personal bevy of sex slaves. Did I happen to miss anything?” I asked Katie as she winked at me and licked her lips.

“Oh, a few here or there, but those details will become less fuzzy over time. Suffice it to say that your sex life has taken a turn that you will never want to reverse. Oh, and I must confess to hiding one other detail. One of the women that I hope to see move in with us is a complete nymphomaniac. I won’t say who. Let’s just say that we’ll all have our work cut out for us satisfying her, but thankfully, we’ll have plenty of help. You think that I’m a horny slut, you ain’t seen nothing yet, babe,” Katie warned me now, as we finished washing each other off and I now helped her out of the shower, which earned me yet another kiss.

“Mmmmm ... I adore you, baby. I hope that you know that. I’m at your beck and call from now on. Do whatever you want to me,” Jessica told me as she slipped in behind and gave me a very tight embrace.

When I turned around, Jessica planted several kisses on me, after which she kissed Katie hungrily on the lips, and then Jordan added herself to the kissing equation by smooching all three of us. Her eyes made it plain that she was far from done with us, as she led us out into the living room, where everyone in the group had breakfast and coffee while they openly flirted with us and someone began playing the tape of last night’s sexual gymnastics. More than a few men and women alike looked at me with open admiration as they watched me take on so many partners the night before, including many of them who were too sauced to remember many of those activities.

“Oh, God, look at how hard he butt-fucked Robin there! She was screaming, but I don’t think it was from pain!” Ariel remarked as she slid her fingers between Robin’s buns.

“Mom, do you have to do that right now? I’m going to get turned-on and I’ll be too sore to enjoy it!” Robin told her mother, Ariel.

“Honey, I’m proud of how well you took it in the butt! Besides, you know that I’ll kiss and lick your ass until all that you feel is pleasure, anyway. Excuse me for the confusion. For those of you who don’t know, I’m Ariel Giordano and this is my daughter, Robin Lansing. We’re not just mother and daughter, though. We’re lesbian lovers, too, except that we’re actually bisexual. I love making sweet lady love to my own daughter, but I also love it when a man slams his cock hard up our pussies and asses. Doesn’t she just have one of the nicest butts ever? Mind you, she got it from me!” Ariel announced to us all.

“Wow, lesbian incest! Who would have guessed that?” I coolly remarked, trying to hide my growing arousal.

“So, what do you say, Jack? Are you in or out?” Jessica confronted me while stroking my cock while Jordan played with my balls and Katie rubbed my ass, her hot breath now huffing on the back of my neck.

“Hey, you gals definitely know your man. I’m just a red-blooded American male, apparently not as straight as I thought that I was, but otherwise a happily married man who has a hard time rejecting a proposition from his own wife to pleasure other women ... and men. I hope that you got plenty of strange, too, dear. You’ve very much earned it,” I turned to my Katie, who licked her lips.

“Not as much as I want, but then I want more for you, too. Oh, and as long as we get back by noon, we’re good. That gives us a little more time to enjoy each other’s company, stud. By the way, once we’ve moved in, I do plan to wear yoga pants and pajama bottoms a lot, and I think that we both know why. Easy to slide down while you bend me over and fuck me in either or both holes from behind. Oh, and if I’m wearing panties, feel free to stuff them in my own mouth as you take me hard!” Katie assured me.

“So, will the rules stay the same, O President of the Great Yule Society?” Jessica asked me out of curiosity.

“Show me those rules again, will ya? I got a funny feeling that I will only add to them, not subtract,” I beamed as Jordan brought me more coffee to drink.

“You know the great thing about coffee?” Jordan asked me now.

“It keeps you alert?” I answered.

“It makes you have to pee a lot,” Vanessa interjected as she licked her lips in anticipatory thirst and winked at me.

“Now, what kind of ink should I get to mark me as yours?” Jessica asked me in front of everyone else.

“My hand on your ass, perhaps, because it’s going to be there a lot!” I chuckled, even as a sexy Swedish girl, still naked, placed a collar on her own neck, crawled over to me, and put the leash attached to it in my hands with a sad, puppy-dog look in her eyes.

“Oh, yes, that’s going to be a little hard to explain away to the neighbors, isn’t it? Ebba here wants to be a pet and I think that she has selected you as her owner. I wouldn’t say no if I were you. You could really hurt her feelings and that might create bad feeling in the club, plus she’s really great in bed, even if she has a strong preference to be fucked doggy-style with the man holding her leash as he ruts with her. Besides, you’ve already fucked her at least once last night, which explains why she wants more of it. A woman would have to be crazy not to want more of you once she’s had you. Trust me,” Jessica urged me strongly to take the leash and claim Ebba as my bitch.

“Very well, then,” I took the collar and Ebba smiled brightly as she sniffed my crotch.

“Don’t worry, she doesn’t go all the way with the pet thing. Just a few fun pet behaviors and sniffing crotches is part of it. You might as well enjoy it, because it’s a lot of fun for everyone here to have her do that. She didn’t get into character until she was nice and drunk last night, but once she did, she hasn’t left it. I think, though, that she is now wanting to live this way 24/7, but mostly as a human pet with a few canine activities tacked on. She’s lovely, isn’t she? I don’t think that she plans to wear clothing anymore if she can avoid it, either,” Jordan spoke her mind now.

“Well, we now have our first new rule. Ebba doesn’t have to wear clothes at parties, or anywhere else. Ebba gets to be naked and she gets to sniff people’s crotches if she wishes. Any objections to that?” I declared, but from the whistles, laughter, winks, and smiles, I could tell that everyone was more than okay with a naked, collared, leashed human pet at parties, especially one as lovely as Ebba.

“Naturally, Ebba should live with us full-time and such, don’t you agree?” Katie urged me.

“Hell, yes! People will just have to understand that Ebba is our pet. That’s just how it is. Well, officially my pet, but I hope that you treat her as one, too,” I encouraged her.

“Of course, dear,” Katie winked at me, devilishly planning something, to which I winked back.

“Now, are we just doing Yule parties, or perhaps we should consider more parties than that,” I proposed.

“I thought that you’d never ask. All of them hosted by us, right? And all of the adult parties involving lots of booze, weed, and hot, kinky sex, I hope,” Jessica requested.

“But of course! We’ve got a reputation to build, dear,” I said as I fondled her ass.

“Don’t forget, the biggest surprise is at home,” Katie reminded me.

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