Prom Night Promises

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2016 by mysteria27

Incest Sex Story: A guy takes his girlfriend to the prom and she promises to go all the way with him.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Incest   Mother   Son   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   .

After months and months of waiting, the prom was finally here. Danny was as excited as his girlfriend, Allyson. Finally, his girlfriend was going to do more than just stroke his cock. She promised to finally go all the way with Danny. That was the plan. Danny knew that he had to go out of his way to make the prom part of the evening very memorable.

Danny rented a limo for the evening. Nothing was too good for Allyson tonight. He bought her a lovely corsage and made sure there was champagne chilling in the limo. He paid the limo driver a little extra to get the champagne and not to say anything about it. They were both underage, but, a nice crisp one-hundred-dollar bill made the deal a little sweeter for the driver.

He wanted all her friends to be jealous. Allyson liked showing off with her older boyfriend. All her friends thought that Danny was good looking. Allyson liked that they were all kind of jealous of her dating an older guy.

Danny was twenty and Allyson was eighteen. Allyson would graduate high school in June. Her parents really liked Danny and they already knew that their daughter was a virgin, so they didn’t find Danny threatening in any way. Allyson was a good girl. They had no idea that Allyson had promised Danny that she would make love later that evening.

Allyson was a prude and liked being a virgin. Danny was patient with her and never pushed her into having sex with him. He kind of did as she said and would just go home a horny mess. He had sex a few times with other girls who had thrown themselves at him at college. He kept that a secret and never shared that with Allyson. In her eyes, he was the one she was saving her virginity for. She promised Danny on the night of prom, she’d go all the way with him.

Danny and Allyson would make out together. She never allowed him to touch her in anyway. He could only touch her over her clothes. Danny left Allyson’s house most nights with blue balls. He was ready to finally pop her cherry. Most high school girls have lost their cherries by this point. Allyson was holding onto her virginity for dear life.

The evening pretty much went like this. Danny arrived at Allyson’s house, pinned the corsage on her dress and her folks took a shit load of pictures. They must have taken pictures for about an hour. You’d think this was her wedding day or something.

Danny walked Allyson out to the limo and they got inside. They kissed and held hands while they were driven to the prom. Danny opened the champagne and the pair had a few glasses. Just enough to make Allyson relax a little. They’d finish the rest of the bottle later when they went to the hotel.

They hung out with Allyson’s friends. They danced to many songs. They enjoyed a scrumptious dinner. They took pictures and selfies together and with all her friends. Allyson couldn’t have been any happier. They had a wonderful and magical night dancing under the stars. Everything about the prom was memorable just like Danny wanted for his girlfriend. Allyson looked spectacular in her dress.

Although, Danny wanted to see Allyson out of her dress. He couldn’t wait to finally explore her body and make love to her. They had been going out for two years now. Danny was looking forward to finally having sex with his girlfriend. He could have sex with just about anybody at college. He promised Allyson he’d wait for her to decide when it would finally happen. She was a great looking girl and fun to be around. He waited patiently for the past year. She promised him on prom night she’d offer her virginity to him.

After the prom, Danny helped Allyson back into the limo where they finished the champagne before being dropped off at the hotel. Danny took Allyson’s hand and they walked up to the room. Danny had gotten the key earlier in the day. Danny opened the door and they walked in. The room had a king size bed which would be perfect for making love on.

“Danny the room is perfect.”

“A perfect room for a perfect lady.”

“What a corny joke.”

The couple giggled and Allyson sat on the bed. Danny loosened his tie and sat down next to Allyson.

“Tonight’s the night. You promised we’d make love.”

“We will make love. I’ve waited for this night for my whole life. I really love you Danny.”

“I love you too. You’re the prettiest girl in the whole world. I love you with all my heart.”

Allyson moved closer to her boyfriend and they shared a deep and passionate kiss. Danny’s tongue danced in Allyson’s mouth. Danny started to unzip Allyson’s dress. He helped her off with it. Allyson was wearing a strapless bra and white lacy panties. She had thigh highs on and her high heel shoes.

Danny unhooked Allyson’s bra and her perky breasts were in his view. Danny had never even seen his girlfriend’s breasts. They were small, but cute. Her nipples were stiff and hard. Danny played with Allyson’s chest while kissing her passionately on her lips. He was so horny and wanted her very much.

Allyson was on the bed while Danny stood up and looked down at her. He took off his suit jacket and removed his tie. He unbuttoned his shirt and removed his belt. Allyson twirled her hair around her finger while watching her boyfriend strip. She was giggling. Danny unzipped his trousers and pulled down his boxers. His cock sprang to action.

Allyson never actually saw Danny’s cock. She was stunned when she saw how big it was. Danny’s cock was not even hard and hung down low to his leg. Allyson swallowed hard and couldn’t believe how thick and long her boyfriend’s cock was.

“Wow, your dick is so big! Do you think it will fit inside my small vagina?”

“Yes. Dicks are meant to be inside of pussies. Don’t worry about it.”

“I’m a virgin. You’ll kill me with that thing.”

“Relax. Don’t worry. It will feel amazing. I promise you.”

Danny pulled down Allyson’s panties. He played with her pussy with his fingers. He kissed her softly on her mouth while playing with her hot pussy. His fingers were wet inside of her cunt. He wondered if she played with herself often. She was really wet for a virgin girl.

“Relax. I’m going to lick your pussy now.”

Danny was on his knees and pulled Allyson’s legs towards his face. He kissed her inner thighs and blew on her pussy lips. He licked and sucked on her clitoris which made her moan. She played with her hair while Danny explored her pussy. Danny pushed his tongue into her tight cunt and fucked her with his tongue. Allyson was moaning and groaning while Danny pleasured her.

“Oh wow. That feels so good. Fucking hell.”

Danny continued to pleasure her orally. Allyson screamed and had her first ever orgasm. Danny licked up her sweet nectar that trickled down her pussy lips. He moved closer to Allyson on the bed and they shared a deep and passionate kiss. She tasted herself on his lips. Danny couldn’t wait to slip his cock into his girlfriend.

“You have a condom?”

“Yes. It’s right here. Why don’t you put it on me!”

“I don’t know how! You do it.”

Danny ripped the condom package and rolled the condom onto his cock. Allyson couldn’t believe how big his cock was. She was looking green and looked very nervous. Danny was feeling the vibe that she wasn’t really going to go through with it. Allyson was looking at his cock and shaking her head. She looked like she saw a monster. Danny got on top of her and slowly tried to put his cock into his girlfriend.

“Stop! I don’t think I can do this!”

“What do you mean? You promised we’d make love.”

“I don’t think I want to now. I’m scared that your cock will rip me open.”

“Relax. It will feel great.”

“Stop! I mean it. I can’t do this with you.”

“You could just hold it and maybe suck it. I’d really like that.”

Allyson looked at her boyfriend and his cock. She thought his cock looked like a weapon and not something that would give her pleasure. She became very cold and very timid. She absolutely killed the mood.

“I don’t know about this. Maybe this isn’t a good idea.”

“What do you mean? We love each other. You said on prom night we’d make love.”

“I’ve changed my mind. I don’t think I want to now.”

“Fine. I’m going home. I wasted all this money on you and now you don’t think you want to. You know what you are? You’re a fucking tease! A little tease who has been playing with my mind for two years. You can fuck off now, Allyson! I don’t want to be your boyfriend anymore. Lose my number. We’re done!”

Danny was livid and gathered his clothes and got dressed. He yelled at Allyson and slammed the door and left. He called his mother to pick him up. He was so embarrassed and hurt that his girlfriend played him like a fool for all these years. He was not happy at all. He couldn’t believe she had done this. He was not impressed with her and didn’t care how she’d get home. He was embarrassed and livid.

Danny’s mother drove up to him and Danny got into her car.

“What happened? Where is Allyson?”

“Just take me home. I’m so pissed off.”

“What’s wrong? I thought you and Allyson were spending the night together?”

“Nope. She doesn’t want to now. We broke up. She’s a cock tease.”

Danny’s mother drove the car and they didn’t speak the rest of the way. She wondered what had happened and was concerned on how upset Danny seemed to be. She put her hand on his thigh and stroked at his knee. She noticed that his cock was getting hard in his trousers. She just smiled at her son.

Danny was really pissed off with Allyson. He couldn’t believe she did this to him. He realized he had a big dick, but didn’t think his girlfriend of two years wouldn’t love it. She looked like she saw a ghost and seemed repulsed by it. It wasn’t the kind of a night that Danny had dreamed about.

Danny’s mother, parked the car and they both walked into the house. Danny’s father was away on a business trip. His mom looked great in her shirt dress and cowboy boots. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her full breasts were outlined in her dress. Danny knew it was wrong to look, but looked at her and licked at his lips. He could feel his cock growing in his pants.

“Why don’t you change and meet me in the hot tub. I’ll open some wine and we’ll take a soak together. I’ll make you forget all about Allyson.”

“Wouldn’t that be a bit weird? You’re my mother. What would dad say if you and I were fooling around in the hot tub together.”

“He’s not here. If you don’t tell, I won’t either. Come on! A nice soak in a hot tub will feel great.”

“Okay. That sounds nice. I’ll be right out.”

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