The Re-educated Wife

by Marduk

Copyright© 2016 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A religious wife, whose understanding of intimacy is almost nil attends a conference and finds her sexual understanding given a boost and she is released from the chains of ignorance - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   .

The two friends were having coffee, a ritual that they had endured for decades, even before they both retired. “You don’t seem too happy today Rick” the friend said. For several seconds Rick was silent; slowly he put down his coffee. “Just the usual home front blew Wally”, he replied. “It was just another blew this time because I wouldn’t go to church, as a matter of fact I haven’t been for a few weeks and the wife gets all grumpy because her wishes weren’t accommodated”. Wally finished his coffee and for seconds digested what his friend said. “I know you haven’t been happy for years Rick”, he said. “Why don’t you up and leave?”

“Easier said than done”, Rick replied. “Firstly I have no other female interest that I would want an ongoing relationship with and secondly the financial costs would be enormous, especially in this state. You have heard of the legislation to strengthen ‘Domestic violence’ well the state has a great deal of sympathy for the woman and a marriage breakup is in the eyes of many a case of ‘domestic violence’ and the financial rewards for a woman is very large. My wife would use every trick and every emotion and she would have the backing of the state behind her to drain me of nearly all I have. I would be lucky to be left with the clothes on my back”

“You said that you have no other woman that you are interested in” Wally questioned. “You have given many the beliefs that you knew a lot of women; at least that was what was believed while we were working”. Rick smiled as he ordered another coffee. “Those women were what we refer to as ‘ladies of the night’. They were paid for a service and generally I was satisfied with what they offered, however, they were not women that one would want as an ongoing companion”.

“You have told me in the past”, Wally said. “The problem with your marriage is the lack of intimacy; you have said a few times that she has no idea of how to perform sexuality”.

“I don’t think she would know what the word meant”, Rick replied as his coffee arrived. “A fourteen year old school girl know how to suck a cock, my wife wouldn’t have a clue for you must remember Wally that in her interpretation of ‘religious belief’ sex is only for reproduction, anything outside that is a sin. Say ‘fuck’ and she would have a seizure. No mate unless I came across a woman that not only would accommodate my sexual fantasies but one that you could take away and have an enjoyable time with, I’m stuck with what I have and my only relief comes from the names in my black book”.

The two friends parted. Rick to return to a hostile but tolerated existence and Wally to return to his bachelor life-style; there had been no reference to the possibility that the wife could be re-educated, especially on the sexual side of the coin, it wasn’t even considered. However, fate or maybe the deities of sexual satisfaction decided to intervene and a few days after the coffee ritual a letter arrived for the wife from one of the religious organizations that she was associated with. It was an invite to hear an international speaker on religious affairs. “I have heard of this man”, she said as she read the pamphlet. “He is well regarded. He is speaking for two days, plus one evening. I would like to go. There is accommodation at the venue if one wanted to stay for the evenings lecture”, she concluded.

“Well put your name down”, Rick said as he flipped through the local paper. “You ... you don’t mind?” she question with a twinge of hesitation.

“Absolutely not”, he replied. There was no further discussion for in a way he didn’t give a dam for what she did was of no interest to him. She just gave a nod but later informed him that she had made a booking for all of the lectures and would therefore be staying overnight.

He gave a wave as she drove out, at least there would be peace on the home front, even just for a short time but it would be welcomed.

She arrived and registered and was surprised at the number of women that were attending. “I hope you have an enjoyable time Alice”, the receptionist said as she handed the registration book to another client. She then joined others who were attending for morning tea, a very up market morning tea with proper coffee, scones with jam and cream and a further variety of snacks. “This is very nice”, she said to a rather plump woman; she then introduced herself although it was unnecessary for all had been given an embossed name tag, another item to reinforce the atmosphere that this gathering was of high standard. There was an announcement that the lectures were about to begin, so in the company of another group of women, who she found very friendly, trooped into the auditorium. There was a brief silence then from an unseen area, soft music began to play; that was an introduction and then the presenter appeared, much to the delight of the audience and for a brief time he just lapped up the applause.

“My friends” he began and then with a honey voice intoxicated his captive audience. She had noticed the many women but hadn’t taken into account why, she just took it as the presenter was one who women liked, not for a moment thinking it would have a disguised sexual agenda. Slowly, almost like a slow moving stream the presenter gradually introduced the core of the presentation the sexual relationship between men and women and so cunningly was it introduced that Alice, one woman who utterly opposed it, was caught up in the stream and began, like the women around her, sway in her seat, dribble saliva and play and massage her tits.

The honey voice of the presenter engulfed his audience, his words were like a fine mist of seduction and it wasn’t long before many of the women were topless and some even had removed their panties and were physically and publicly massaging their cunt. Alice found herself caught up in this, so foreign activity, she bared her tits and began to play with the nipples which she surprisingly found were hard and erect, she found the sensation enjoyable and when the woman next to her had removed her panties and was giving that hairy triangle a substantial massage and was giving off gasps of pleasure while pulling her already extended nipples; Alice did the same and as she rubbed her groin, for the first time in ages began to enjoy the sensation but when the woman next to her rammed her finger up that, almost virgin crack, she let out a cry and pushed her groin up so that more of that invading finger could obtain maximum penetration.

Sure she had noticed the shortage of men, but it really hadn’t registered but now men began to appear, but even in her now erotic state it was a surprise for they were only half dressed, from the waist down they were naked; it was now time for the presenter to give a physical example of his address on the responsible of women towards a filling relationship. From the corner of the stage a naked woman appeared, she immediately pulled the presenters trousers down and positioning herself began to perform what the presenter called a ‘suck job’ and as the woman sucked told the women to take on board the kneeling woman example and suck the nearest cock and before Alice could really register what was happening a man pulled her head towards his enormous erection, pushed the throbbing head against her lips and snapped. “Suck it, follow the example on the stage; suck till I blow”. Her mouth opened and only a gargle followed as for the first time she was sucking the cock of a man.

Whatever she was doing, it must have been alright for the man gave off gasps of pleasure and dragged her head further into his groin, so that she began to struggle and whether it was because of her noticeable discomfort or because that triangle of hair at her groin was his target wasn’t recorded; he released her. She gave a gasp and saliva dribbled from her mouth. “That was fucking nice I think you would be a great cock sucker, however, it is your cunt I now want”, he said. Whether she registered what he had said he didn’t know but he lifted her up turned her around, bent her over one of the auditorium soft leather seats and rammed his lubricated prick up that hairy but almost virgin crack and Alice lifted off the ground. She may have been an amateur but her fucker wasn’t. He pushed her down, grabbed her hanging and swinging tits and fucked. In and out his cock went, every thrust taking his cock to the utter depths of her cunt, areas that had never experienced a raging, throbbing and spitting cock. “Now your bum”, he grunted. What she had experienced with a cock up the cunt was nothing to what reaction she would undertake when that length was rammed up her bum. She erupted like a miniature volcano; her whole being exploded. Her cry of surprise echoed around the auditorium, even bringing on a slight interruption to the activities around her for there wasn’t one woman who was not either being fucked or in the process of sucking a cock.

“That’s right your cunt, wriggle that bum, fuck it is nice. It is better than your cunt and that was exceptional”, he grunted as he rammed his cock up that attractive bottom, right to his balls and all Alice could do was grunt. He finished with a thrust that buried her head into the soft covering of the seat. She just stayed but it wasn’t long before she was again grunting and gasping as her naked and raised bottom was a beckon and again and again randy cocks either found the lips of her cunt or her inviting bottom.

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