Eskia Books a Holiday

by Ahaz

Copyright© 2016 by Ahaz

Fantasy Sex Story: The original version of this story with a few typos cleaned up. Be warned it's odd, very odd.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Magic   non-anthro   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Body Modification   Size   .

Eskia walked into the massive cavern that served as the summoning hall. Scattered around the huge chamber in a seemingly random order were about a hundred large illuminated signs for the demons waiting for transit to the major summoning worlds. Under each of the signs there was a queue of patiently waiting demons of different types. The largest queues were at four thick red poles that indicated the service to a mixture of minor worlds. It was quite the thing these days to take a holiday on some random exotic world that none of your friends had ever even heard of let alone visited.

Eskia noticed that there was a solitary Kear standing under the Sol 6 sign, he was covered in dust and it looked like a spider had built it’s web between it’s horns. She was quite surprised that there were no summonings to Sol 6, the last time she had been here it was one of the busiest summoning routes, “how things change,” she thought.

“Hiya Kr’dang,” Eskia called out as she walked up to the huge black Mezzoin that stood behind the admin desk. “How’s it going.”

A broad smile cracked the demon’s stern countenance as he saw the tiny Demonette approach him.

“Hi Eskia.” He rumbled and bent down to kiss one of her horn tips making Eskia giggle. “Haven’t run into you for eons. What you up to doll, going on a trip?”

Kr’dang slapped his forehead with a resounding clang, “Duh ‘course you are, you wouldn’t be here else.”

Eskia laughed, “Yep, I heard Hardain was kind of interesting at the moment. Any chance of going there?”

The huge demon grinned with wry amusement.

“Yeah everybody wants to go there these days but there are some rules you have to obey, unless you want to end up before the grand council.”

“Yeah, what rules, I hope they don’t take all the fun out of it Dang?” she asked.

“Well for starters if it’s a trainee wizard then you have to behave and do as you are told until you are dismissed, then you come straight back here. You usually get a good fuck before they send you off though.” Kr’dang told her.

“Secondly if you are summoned by an independent you can take them out but you’ve got to make sure there is no evidence that points to a summoning breakout.”

“If you manage to take out your wizard you are free to remain for the full triple six if you want but you’ve got to be careful how and where you feed and try to fit in with the locals, don’t let anyone know that you are a demon. The council don’t want anything to make the world think their summoning spell is faulty, got it?” Dang asked and tried to look stern.

“Yes, got it, I’m not allowed to harm a ‘prentice and gotta behave. But an experienced wizard is meat as long as I don’t leave any evidence and no walking down the main street looking like this!” Eskia grinned waving a hand at her slight body. “Anything else?”

The black skinned demon shook his head.

“No that’s it, for new rules, the old one are still in force of course. Demonettes are dumb cum sluts that only care about fucking.” Dang chuckled. “And no practicing of human magics. Just remember the council is taking infractions really seriously on this one. Akafar thought he could build his own temple and rule one of the smaller islands as a wizard, the council sent two raptors after him!”

Kr’dang laughed as Eskia’s red skin paled and she gasped.

“They didn’t, they sent two of them!” she shuddered.

Dang laughed, “Yep, they got the raptors in solitary until they shit him out then he’s got to pull himself together before he can stand trial.”

“Do you know I think I can manage to stick to the rules. So can you get me in?”

“Well I think I could get you on the list but it’s going to cost you a chance to get in to that sweet ass of yours again.” Dang told her with a demonic leer, very similar to a human leer but they wiggle their horns as well as their eyebrows.

Eskia grinned, “I thought you’d never ask, you haven’t fucked me for centuries.”

“Yeah, I know but you know what it’s like, busy, busy too busy to find the time to fuck.” Dang sighed.

Eskia walked around the desk and hopped up to lay with her tits pressed into the cold marble desk, her ass stuck out invitingly.

“Ok big boy, fuck my ass hard, and make sure you ram the whole fucker up me in one push!” Eskia demanded.

Dang stood behind her and held his two foot long six inch thick cock against Eskia’s tiny ass. With a savage jerk Dang forced his full length into the tiny Demonette.

Eskia screamed in pain for a moment until her body adjusted itself to accommodate the monstrous cock invading her ass. Eskia’s internal organs moved themselves around to make space for her rectum to grow to quickly make a space that was literally made to measure for Dang’s horse cock.

“Oh Dang,” Eskia gasped;”I just love that first thrust, one of these days I’m gonna get the nerve to stop myself from adjusting and enjoy the whole fucking experience au naturelle.”

“Baby even when you adjust your ass it’s tighter that most demon’s cunts.” Dang panted as he rammed Eskia’s ass as hard as his nine foot frame would allow.

“Fuck me harder you bastard!” Eskia screamed out just before she came. Dang complied and fucked her through four more orgasms before he flooded her distended anus with his ice cold cum.

When Dang pulled out there was a splattering sound as some of his sperm plopped out of Eskia’s open ass to land on the stone floor.

“Fuck!” Eskia exclaimed. “It’s a good job this desk was carved out of the rock, a wooden desk would have never stood up to that.”

A little Subie, a tiny creature that looked like a snake with a dog’s head, crawled over and started lapping at the drops of demonic cum on the floor. With a grin Eskia rearranged her organs then flexed her muscles to expel the rest of Dang’s freezing cum, the Subie yelped as with a wet splat it’s head was covered in freezing cum.

Eskia leant over and kissed the head of Dang’s huge cock, her tiny forked tongue slipped into the pee hole at it’s tip. With the agile twin tips massaging Dang’s cock from the inside Eskia wrapped both hands around it’s length and slid them up and down the re-hardening shaft. When she had Dang as hard as he could get Eskia pulled back.

“Lie down big boy, Eskia wants a ride.” she purred as she lapped at the rigid member.

Kr’dang quickly stretched out on the stone floor and helped the tiny Demonette straddle his hips. She wrapped her arms around the hard cock and pressed the cock head to her body, it came to just above her breasts. Eskia giggled as she measured the gap to her throat with her hand.

“Another six or seven inches and you could have a reverse blow job baby.” It seemed like Dang’s body shrank slightly as his mass redistributed itself and grew his cock another nine inches. Eskia shrieked with glee as she watched the weapon grow past the top of her head.

“Ohhhh shit yeah, I’ve always wanted to try this, hold on a second.” Eskia looked over to one of the queues where a succubus she knew was waiting. “Kit’jer, Kit’jer come over here a minute!” she called.

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