First Meeting

by KidCreole213

Copyright© 2016 by KidCreole213

Erotica Sex Story: After an online affair, he finally travels to meet her. She wants to meet in a public place for her safety, but that does not stop him from turning up the heat.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Public Sex   2nd POV   .

My flight just landed and I cannot wait to see you. We have never met, just texting, talking on the phone, and sending the occasional sexy photo over the last 3 months. Now we will meet face to face. I hope that the buildup for this meeting does not leave me disappointed.

We agree to meet at a bar about 10 minutes from my hotel. I check in, shower, and get ready for our first face to face meeting. My cab got stuck in traffic so you are waiting for me when I arrive. I see you standing at the crowded bar. Some guy is trying to talk to you, but you are giving him the cold shoulder. I know it is you from your picture, but the picture does not do you justice.

I walk up behind you and kiss your neck and the guy moves on. You know it’s me. As I wrap my arms around your waist, I press my growing cock into your plump, full, round ass. I can tell by the look on your face that you can definitely feel my erection. I continue to lean into your back side as I order a drink from the bartender.

We move over to a booth and sit side by side. The conversation flows. We are hitting it off. You are even laughing at my jokes. You place your hand on my knee as you laugh. I lean towards you as I reach for the wine list and place my hand on your thigh. You do not protest. You are wearing a dress that falls just above your knees. It has ridden up a little as you sat down. I feel the smoothness of your silk encased legs. My hand moves higher.

Suddenly, I feel soft skin. You are wearing stockings, not pantyhose. How did you know? It just drives me wild. I caress your leg and move higher as we continue to talk about everything and nothing at all. I reach the hem of your boy shorts as the waiter comes to take our order. You assume I will stop since someone is here, but I order for the both of us as my hand continues its journey. I reach your center and you are soaking wet. I caress your slit through the fabric of your panties as I look directly at the waiter as I order. You are biting your lip. I tease you by asking you if you want to add to our order. As you open your mouth to speak, I slip my finger under the elastic and slide it easily up your slit. Your words catch in your throat. You can only shake your head. I turn back to the waiter and order another bottle of wine as I plunge my finger deep into your pussy. You grab my cock as you bite back a moan. I slowly withdraw my finger, brushing against your clit, and reach for the bread the waiter just placed on the table. I breathe in your scent as a take a bite of the bread.

You slowly return to earth as I continue the conversation as though nothing happened. We laugh through dinner. We both want to leave, but we don’t want to break the spell. We order a dessert to share, molten chocolate cake. I feed you a forkful. As I pull it slowly out of your mouth and lower my hand, the back of my hand brushes against your left nipple. It visibly hardens. It’s time to go. I pay the bill and have the Matre’d call us a cab. We get in the cab and you sit very close to me. I can smell your perfume. I can smell your excitement. I lean forward to give the cabbie instructions to the hotel I have reserved. While leaning over the seat, my right hand again slides up your thigh and I feel your heat, her wetness. I rub her clit through your soaking wet panties while I make small talk with the cabbie. He has no clue, but you are having trouble breathing. By the time we reach the hotel, you have come down from your silent climax.

We head into the hotel and go right for the elevator. It is late. There are very few people around. The elevator car arrives and we get in. We are alone and I press the button for the 35th floor. You drop to your knees. You can’t wait. You try to pull my dick out through my zipper, but it is too hard to bend, so you just open my pants and free my monster. I try to tell you that we might get caught if someone wants to go up, but that only makes you try harder. You take hold of my dick, stare up into my eyes and swallow me whole. I lose my breath and my knees get weak. You are working my cock like I have never experienced before. Right as we pass the 32nd floor, I am coating your mouth and throat with my seed, and you swallow it all without spilling a drop. You stand just as the door opens and you walk out without looking back. I hustle to get myself back together and follow you out the door.

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