by Richard the Third

Copyright© 2016 by Richard the Third

: A short story, based on those wonderful ads Walgreens use to run. I hope you enjoy it!

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Pregnancy   .

You know those Walgreen ads, where they talk about ‘If this were a perfect world?’ Well, where I live, and I can’t tell you where it is, we’ve a perfect world.

I can tell you that we’re in the United States of America, but the people who approved of my writing about it, only did upon my keeping the name of the town to myself.

Let’s call it - ‘EVERYTOWN!’

The laws of this town are unlike any laws of any other place in America. A sampling includes,

Life begins at Conception, and is a human being!

If the woman who’s going to bear the child doesn’t want the child, those women who wish to, will enter a Lottery and the winner of the Lottery wins the right to raise the child at her own expense, with the proviso that both her and the child will receive medical care as needed, with the woman paying 50% of all medical costs, and 100% of all other day-to-day expenses.

Crime will not be tolerated!

All who are arrested and accused of a crime, petty to capital, are given a trial within 75 days. The lawyer’s fees cannot exceed 15% of the award given. All decisions are final; dealing for a lesser sentence isn’t an option.

Drugs are allowed to anyone over 18 years old!

Personal use only - the receiving and re-selling is illegal and is dealt with properly under the rule of law. A local manufacturer creates Marijuana cigarettes, labeled, just as regular cigarettes are, as dangerous to your health - but it’s your choice.

Sex for Money is Legal!

Any woman over 18 may apply for a License for Sex, (LIFOS) card. Application fees are $2,500 initially, $1,000 every year after. They pay monthly a full 15% tax to cover medical and legal fees. It’s legal to perform any sexual act, as long as it’s inside a building, domicile or home. They’re allowed to charge any fee for any act desired by their clients. All women - both single and married - are allowed to Purchase a LIFOS card; however, they aren’t transferable. A full medical exam is mandatory upon receiving the initial application, and upon every re-application it is as well.

You can see how ‘EVERYTOWN’ is unlike any other town in America. Us guys over 18 have an interesting lifestyle – either get married, or have sex with any woman who has gotten a LIFOS card.

Oh, I forgot! All men 18 and over must get a MANDATORY medical exam before they’re allowed access to the ‘LIFOS ladies, ‘ as they’ve become to be called. This card is good for a year, and must be renewed annually and costs $1,000 each year as well.

I’ve had my CFS, (Cleared for Sex) card since the day I turned 18, a little over a year ago. My mother and my two older sisters have their own LIFOS cards. My little sister, Chelsea turns 18 in a week. She plans on getting the card; Mom’s actually paying for it. The Medical plan that comes with it is the reason most girls get it.

Having just introduced Chelsea, 18, black hair, slim – my name’s Tom, almost 20, black hair. My older sisters are Jennifer, 23, brown hair and Mary, 25 black hair. We all work in ‘EVERYTOWN, ‘ partially due to that there are jobs to be had, and partially for the marvelous lifestyle of the town.

Oh, Mom’s Teri, 44, brown hair - our last name ... I need to keep a secret - sorry! Dad died of a massive heart attack just after Chelsea was born. His name was James.

It’s safe to walk by yourself after dark, and people are generally nicer than any other place you’ve been.

I was a rebel when I was younger, and I almost moved out of town, but the world seemed so hell-bent on self-destruction that I didn’t leave, I moved in with a friend. When I came back to the house, Mom hadn’t moved a thing from my room. She knew!

‘EVERYTOWN’ is literally - its own little world.

Manufacturing, and other jobs are in excess and nobody ever wants to leave, due to our ‘progressive’ laws. We’re not a hamlet of 2,000 people, but a thriving community of 15,000 who’re looking out for one another, every chance we get.

Mom asked me to take Chelsea to get her LIFOS card. We drove to the only place in town to do it, and got at the end of the line that must’ve had over 40 ladies, a mixture of younger like Chelsea, and older like Mom, who had decided to do it. I did hear some women have gotten it only to protect themselves from their husbands, who have to get a CFS card, thus causing them to clean up their act. There are very few dead-beat dads around here.

The line moved along quicker than I’d expected, not having been here before. When it was Chelsea’s turn, she got nervous and grabbed my hand. I flashed my CFS card and they let me in.

We were taken to a room, much like a doctor’s office, and asked to strip naked. Not having been prepared for this, we both grinned at each other - blushed a lot and stripped. There were bags for our clothing, which we kept by our side. I used mine to cover my hardening dick.

Naked, we were ushered into a room with two medical assistants; one started looking at my sister, apparently inspecting her for any blemishes that could be a problem. The young lady assistant started looking at my head and face, occasionally looking very close for blemishes as well. After taking her time looking through my hair, she next got on her knees in front of me.

I was now at full mast, Chelsea looking to see for herself why my inspector was giggling. With gloves on, she looked closely at my erection, including raising it up and exposing my balls. She inspected them including feeling them. She’d asked where I was born ... I told her not in ‘EVERYTOWN.’

Next my inspector went behind me and performed a proctologic examination. I made a silly noise ... and I was done.

Chelsea’s inspector had performed a minor gynecological exam, including a finger in the butt as well, with Chelsea having reached for my hand again as this was being done. We smiled at each other at the absurdity of it all, which caused us to break out in a laugh together.

The only words we’d heard the whole time, were now said to us, “You’re clean! Get dressed. Here’s your wife’s LIFOS card. Have fun you two! Pay on the way out.”

She paid and we were ushered to a room where we changed back into our clothes. Quietly, we walked out noticing the line had gotten twice as long as before.

We got in the car.

“Can you believe all of that was necessary, Tom – they thought we were married,” my pretty sister said with a cute grin a mile across.

“Yeah, I guess my CFS card made them think we were,” I replied. “Where to next, sis?”

“How about you buy me dinner, hubby?” she grinned, showing off her dimples.

“Sure, Baby, maybe afterwards we can ... have our honeymoon?” I said, as she blushed.

We found a nice place called ‘Nobody’s Business, ‘ a sit-down dinner spot.

After ordering, I felt her hand on mine. “Thank you for being there for me, I hadn’t asked Mom what it was like. I was surprised they did all they did to you.”

“They thought I was your husband, or at least your primary sex partner – that’s all I can figure,” I said looking over at her pretty face.

“Well, I’ve been a good girl, so I don’t know anything about sex partners,” she said, biting her lip and looking at me quite lovingly.

“Chelsea, if you want me to...”

“Be quiet for a second, Tom – since I was fourteen years old, I’ve had feelings for you ... feelings I can’t seem to get out of my head.”

“Chelsea, I didn’t know...”

“Let me finish! I’ve never done anything with a boy, except kiss – because ... because I’ve been waiting for my big brother to get around to noticing me,” she said emphatically.

“I noticed you today, Chelsea – I never realized just how beautiful you were before I saw you naked today.”

“Tom, I didn’t plan this today. I didn’t know what the process was, but after seeing you naked, and so ... hard. Would you please be my first?”

Choking up a little I said, “Chelsea, once I start with you, I’ll never want another woman my whole life. The LIFOS/CFS system seems to think we’re a married couple, so let’s get married?”

In EVERYTOWN, they don’t care who gets married, except that only one man can marry one woman.

The Gay/Lesbian community is given access to a ‘devoted partnership system, ‘ which allows them all legal benefits, such as visitation rights, the right to inherit and so forth. It’s a model the rest of the country might possibly come around to, eventually.

We went home and told Mom and my sisters that we were getting married, just as soon as it can be planned.

I saw Mary hand Jennifer a twenty, and laughed at us.

“So, Jenn you expected us to get married?” I said.

“I knew you’d end up with one of us, but my money was on Chelsea,” Jenn said.

Then I turned to Chelsea, got down on one knee and said, “Will you marry me?”

She just broke down as her sisters, came over to her and they screamed together. I went over to Mom and we kissed. She wasn’t pulling away, but actually putting her tongue in my mouth. I returned the favor, putting my hands on her butt cheeks and slamming her up against me.

I got tapped on the shoulder and I gave each of my older sisters a similar kiss.

“OK,” Chelsea said. “That’s it - no more for you guys.”

We went up to my room and made sweet beautiful love for over two hours. I had to teach my little sister about sex, didn’t I?

Less than a week later, we had a very small and intimate wedding, with some cousins and Mom’s siblings.

In ‘EVERYTOWN, ‘ weddings and births are always the best there is.

Why can’t everyplace be ‘a perfect world?’


Things went on in ‘EVERYTOWN, ‘ Chelsea got pregnant, but through a very strange and tragic set of circumstances, she died in labor, but not before giving birth to a beautiful little girl. We knew she was going to be a girl and had the name Lindsey picked out.

Mom and my sisters and I all worked together to smother Lindsey with love and affection. After she was four months old, Mom came into my room.

“Honey, ever since Chelsea passed, you’ve been in a funk – is there anything I can do to help?”

“Mom,” I said, “She always talked about how we were destined to end up together - it’s not fair that she died?”

I broke down and cried, again.

“Well, life isn’t always fair, dear?”

“But this is EVERYTOWN, Mom – all of the women are pretty, everyone’s yard is beautiful, there’s practically no crime and I deserve someone to love me as much as I love them.”

“Well, ask one of your sisters, they might be receptive to you. You’re a good-looking boy.”

“I’ve actually had my eye on someone I think I’m already in love with, Mom,” I said.

“Wonderful, who is it, Tom?”


I surprised Mom by saying that; the surprise was all over her face.

“I love you too, honey, but we’re ... mother and son.”

“Our Law only states that one man can marry any woman over 18, provided they both carry the appropriate cards,” I said looking into her eyes.

“I don’t know Tom, this isn’t what they intended, when those laws were passed. You already married and had a baby with your own biological sister - Now you want me?”

“Since I was a boy of twelve years old Mom, I noticed how pretty you were and have lusted for you for a very long time, can we at least find out if we’re ... compatible?”

“You mean sex - you want to have sex with your own mother, don’t you?” she said with a raised eyebrow.

“The thought has crossed my mind, Once or twice, or more,” I smiled at her.

“Well, the girls are out shopping for at least two hours, can we do this now?” mom asked.

“Sure thing, Mom – your room or mine?”

“Yours,” she said.

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