Damsel in Need - Molly

by TheWatcher58

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Erotica Sex Story: Molly was the 16 year old redhead baby sitter for the couple. He was a black man with a massive cock, and she was his white wife who loved their wife swapping parties, and also privately playing with the wives. Molly started out with the wife with the husband joining in later.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Slut Wife   Black Male   White Female   Babysitter   Foot Fetish   Size   Small Breasts   .

Larry and Maria are a couple who have been married for 5 years. Larry is a black man of mixed race heritage, his mother was French but his father was African. Maria, on the otherhand, is a very pale skinned beauty from England.

They are both 30 years old, with Maria having had a baby just six months ago. Prior to having their baby, the couple were active participants in a partner swapping group, with Maria especially liking to hook up with the other wives for some carnal delights. Larry loved to hear about her solo times with the wives that he had introduced to his massive black cock at the swap parties.

Molly was their 16 year old next door neighbour who did babysitting duties for them. She was a very petite long haired redhead who had a beautiful young body on a very small 4ft 10ins frame. She looked much younger, and she knew how to tease men of all ages, including Larry.

Maria had often playacted the role of Molly when Larry was fucking her with his long fat cock.

Maria had Molly babysit during the day when she went out to hookup with one of the other wives. On one occasion she returned early and caught Molly out - she was masturbating whilst watching a video of Maria and her friend Karen.

Maria offered Molly the opportunity to experience what was on the screen firsthand. This started a series of hot fuck sessions between them - including spanking, fisting and feeding. Maria had a plentiful supply of milk for both her baby and Larry, adding Molly to the feeding roster presented no such problems.

Larry was so jealous of Maria, and her fuck sessions with Molly. He installed micro-cameras in the bedroom to get videos of the fuck sessions which the horny couple viewed together in the evenings.

After a few weeks Larry convinced Maria that he should also have a piece of the action with Molly.

This is the story of the day that Larry became part of the fuck sessions.

“Oh god ... oh my god” gasped Molly as Maria fist-fucked the petite redheads tight pussy for the first time.

Molly has already cum once in a bone crushing orgasm on Maria’s wrist, and was well on the way to a second. There was already a stream of cum juices trickling down Maria’s wrist.

She had been reluctant to allow Maria to fist-fuck her, fearing that it would never fit, but with expert coaxing from the older woman Molly had taken to it like a duck to water.

I was watching with great interest from my office where I had the advantage of multiple camera angles witnessing their sexual copulations. I was sitting naked, with my viagra inflamed cock in hand, waiting for the signal from Maria to come and join them.

Molly was so close to cumming ... she was pressing her young pussy hard again Maria’s embedded hand.

“Aghhhhhh fuck” she yelled announcing her massive orgasm.

I had to exercise a lot of self control to avoid prematurely shooting a load of cum all over my hand rather than deep within her young snapping pussy.

Maria carefully removed her hand from Molly’s pussy, then repositioned herself on top of her in a 69 position, lowering her dripping pussy onto the young girls mouth.

“Lick me ... tongue fuck me darling” she urged Molly.

One of the cameras gave me a wonderful view of the young tongue foraging within the wet folds of my wife’s cunt. She was doing a wonderful job, having learnt very well during the last few weeks. Maria enjoyed the moment for a little while before she beckoned me with a “come to me” hand signal.

Within seconds I quietly entered the room from a direction which hid me from Molly. I carefully mounted the bed, positioning myself between her thighs with my long fat cock hovering over her naked mound.

The contrast between her milky white skin and my long fat black cock was stark. Her pussy lips were still parted from the fisting, with the labia engorged. Maria grasped my cock, giving it a couple of gentle tugs before positioning the head between Molly’s very wet lips.

With my cock in place, Maria mouthed the words “Fuck her” to me.

Slowly and without stopping I slid my fat cock into her tightness not stopping until I butted up against cervix. The tightness, wetness and the heat of her pussy sheath almost tipped me over the edge. I had to concentrate really hard not to explode.

“Maria ... what’s happening to me ... oh god ... I’m cumming” she shouted.

Her pussy spasmed all around my embedded cock, squeezing and grabbing at me.

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