Help Me, Mom!!

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2016 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: After winter home damage, son invites mom to live with him and nudist wife. Water leaks bring all 3 together- mom is stripped- forced naked mom has sex with both and reveals her much more liberal past. Family Xmas isn't ever the same.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   InLaws   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Nudism   .

Another Northern NY winter storm piled heavy, wet snow on mom’s roof and collapsed it, and caused extensive damage. Apparently, the wet snow set off an electrical fire when it shorted her Xmas tree. The family house, where I spent my first twenty years, was gutted then flooded by fire hoses. Dad had passed some years back so she lived alone and, at thirty-nine, was young enough to be self sufficient, yet still socially active - even dating! She only lived forty minutes from me, so it made sense to invite her to stay with us for the many months the insurance would take to rebuild the house.

Though very conservative, mom was attractive and pleasant company so we didn’t mind having her around. Though she kept it well hidden, her 33D-22-34 figure turned heads and in a cocktail dress, she made burley men swoon. Honestly, she had the same beautiful face as, though a touch heavier than, Rena Sofa. Shoulder length raven hair with stunning bright blue eyes made her face a paragon of pulchritude. She was different out of her home environment - more assertive and a little opinionated. She frequently vented her anger and frustration over the recent presidential election. “How could so many people be so STUPID?! How could they believe the outright, proven lies of a racist, bigot, misogynist, chiseler and tax evader!!? I JUST CAN’T FATHOM IT. It still makes me sick! Just look at the fundamentalist, racist cabinet he built! AAArrrgh!”

Politics and religion in one PJ wrenching outburst! “Mom, mom, we totally agree, but what’s done is done. Let’s hope for the best and let it go until he gets impeached.” That brought a little smile, a nod and a warm hug as her anger waned. We leaned against her and the second button of her PJs popped open. I got an enduring look at her full, plush cleavage and edged stealthily to expose her nipple. The last time I had a good look at it was too many years ago. Then, I was too young to care, now, I was curious and my dick twitched. Over mom? We broke the hug and she saw where I was looking. She slapped my arm HARD as she clutched her top - and giggled. There’s hope?

Sue and I always sleep nude, even in winter. We sometimes used that to break the ice with guests we wanted to seduce by ‘forgetting’ they were visiting and accidentally wandering around naked where they could see us. Depending on how well we chose our guests, they either shrieked and hid, or laughed and relaxed. We then quickly got them naked by suggestion or play wrestling and tag team stripping them. The result was either a faux blasé acceptance, or some high energy groping and more.

Even when my mom, Geraldine, came to live with us, we still slept nude, but curtailed our naked wanderings just for her sake. While she slept in flannels or a long nightshirt and wore a robe over either when she came to breakfast, we threw on loosely tied robes as we got to the table. After a long and constrained, conservative week, Sue became more and more ‘careless’ with her short robe. In frustration, she made sure it frequently billowed open so my mom had near constant views of her tiny right tit.

The first time, mom gasped and nearly shouted at Sue to cover up. Sue looked down at her exposed tit with long deliberation and slowly covered up. When mom told her she was showing everything, Sue answered “It’s no big deal, mom. It’s just US. You know Al sees me completely naked every day and you and I have the same body parts, right? But your boobs are much nicer and bigger than my teeny bumps. Oh what I could do with exposing and teasing if my tits were as full and pretty as yours. Oh, and one tit is very far from showing ‘EVERYTHING, ‘ you know?”

Mom blushed and looked away. “What do you mean ‘teasing and exposing’? I hope it’s not what I think you mean.” The next few times Sue’s tit came out, mom slyly pointed at it and coughed. Thankfully, that constant exposure jaded mom enough so she stopped pointing at my wife’s tit, though she did stare at it every time. I wonder if she appreciated it the way I do. Her nipple is the paragon of perfection in nipples. Watching it shift from softly rounded and pink to twisted into a dense, tall, cylindrical, rosy peak is a lusty carnival. There’s no way for mom to know how dense and toothy it feels, how ambrosial her salty musk seeping from her perfect peaks tastes. Is there?

My robe, meanwhile, was longer, yet still billowed on top and split below the sash. Even MY nipples were an embarrassment for mom in that first week, but I didn’t cover up. When the bottom split and exposed all of one thigh nearly to my balls, I heard the cough warning. I echoed what Sue said about seeing each other naked daily and added that we sleep naked too. I teased that maybe she should relax and also sleep naked. She scoffed at that.

Eventually, I got more lax with my robe and left it open despite mom’s subtle stares and coughing; the sexual tension escalated. My dick began swelling and threatening to escape the tent it pitched right of center while my mom stared at the bulge. I wanted to press it down and hide it, or NOT. This prompted me to chat with Sue about how we could get mom to accept our freely wandering around the whole house naked again.

At breakfast one morning, mom spilled a full cup of steaming coffee on her. She leapt up and fanned the hot liquid off her PJs. Her sizeable tits jostled obviously, temptingly, side to side and harshly against her top. Her nipples conspicuously hardened and dented her top. As she pulled the steamy top away from her flesh, she stressed the buttons and opened two large gaps between them. For the first time in twenty years, I had a barely obstructed view of my mom’s hefty tits and thick nipples.

Apparently, my dick liked the view and stood up abruptly. When I tried to push it back down and hide it under my robe, I managed to sigh softly instead of moan at how good that felt. It pulsed again! Mom pulled her wet robe off and was unaware how well her wet bottoms clung to her legs and her soaked top hugged and defined each big, roving, oval tit. As she held the wet and cooling top away from her body, the button popped open above her right tit and completely displayed to me. As I fixated on it, I heard Sue cough then point at mom’s chest. Mom blushed and pressed the wet top against her. “Oh my, I’m so uh, sorry. I better go change.”

At 5’7” and 120 pounds, she was actually taller and thinner than Sue, so when Sue volunteered her own ancient flannel PJs, mom wondered if they’d fit. When she came back, she proudly showed off how well the dry PJs fit. The top was a bit short, but fit loosely. The bottom was loose in the waist, but very snug around her butt. “Mom, that fits you very well. It makes your butt look very, umm, shapely. I never noticed how hot it... “ She coughed and pointed at my tented robe. Oops! I covered up and she put on her damp, asexual robe.

Over the next week, mom became more tolerant of our casual attire, but refused to relax her own garb. Then it happened. The unwelcome sound of rushing water woke me from a sound sleep with a sudden need to empty my bladder. Since it was 3:00 A.M., I didn’t bother putting on my robe. My semi soft dick and I headed for the Master bath naked. When I groggily realized the water rush was not just in my dream, I ran out to the hall bath and stepped into a large pool of very cold water. At first, I believed another winter chill had frozen a pipe that split a hose leading to the toilet tank. That made no sense. “OH SHIT!!” escaped loudly from my lips before I could suppress it.

As I bent to find the edges of the pool and source of the noisy water, I failed to hear my mom come into the hall in her robe and Sue’s flannels or realize that my naked ass and swinging dick were offered to her view. Apparently, she froze silently and took in the spectacle, and testicles. Despite the freezing cold, it wasn’t the insulated pipe that broke, but the toilet tank. It spilled its chilly guts and the inlet hose kept trying to refill it. I pulled towels into a rope and used them to wall off the pool then turned to shut off the valve leading to the tank and stiffly rooted upright, facing my silent mom.

Her eyes struggled to stay at my eye level, but they darted down to my newly growing dick. Just as I decided to ignore my stark nakedness and just deal with the problem, Sue came flying out of our bedroom, pulling on her robe which was flapping behind her. Mom looked at her naked body and scoffed, yet scanned Sue top to naked bottom.

Deciding that I no longer cared if mom stared at me naked, I turned and bent over to wrestle with the valve as water continued to gush from a split tank. It was stuck open. “HELP ME, mom! The water is about to overflow my dam.” She didn’t know what to do and didn’t budge. In urgent frustration, I demanded her robe. She was slow to respond so I spun her around and yanked her robe off and quickly used it to reinforce my dam.

The valve still wouldn’t budge and water was overflowing into the hall. Without hesitation, Sue whipped off her robe and tossed it to me then bravely stood next to mom totally, bare-ass naked for a moment before running for more towels. Mom followed her cute, pert ass as it wiggled away, then gaped at Sue’s shameless, bouncy, tiny tits as they approached. The clean towels were not enough and the used ones were in the wash downstairs - I needed more barriers. “MOM! Help me, mom!” The valve bruised my hand as it resisted all movement. I pried off the lid and propped the float to turn off the internal filler valve. That still left a huge pool of icy water to coral and dry.

Mom still didn’t move. Frustrated, I reached over, dug my fingers into her PJs and panties and shoved them abruptly to the floor. I put my foot on her panties’ crotch to keep her from pulling them up again. As she bent to try, I grabbed the hem of her flannel top and pulled it over her head setting her big, beautiful, colliding tits free. She squealed and stood up facing me, all three of us now totally naked. Her hands darted between her plush chest mounds and her hairy southern mound until she surrendered her naked body to my trenchant eyes. Despite the water problem, my dick surged and pointed directly at mom’s dense bush.

I hadn’t realized how sexy this woman was. She could NOT possibly be my mother! How youthful and shapely, and, dare I say, desirable her body still was. Her tits barely sagged and held their full shape with thick, stiff, succulent, pink nipples that demanded my full attention. Shockingly, her long, barely visible pink labia thickened as I watched. Her arousal plumped her inner labia and a hint of swelling clit parted a plethora of hair as I stared, stunned. I forgot about the water problem.

Sue’s snapping fingers and my loud gulp woke me from my stupor and I tossed mom’s top into the pool to soak up some water. Sue stepped behind mom, wrapped her arms around her waist, pulled mom’s naked ass against her shaven groin and pressed her tiny, soft tits against mom’s bare back. As she stumbled off balance with Sue, mom stepped out of her panties and PJs. Though extremely aware of my swinging, swollen, heavy and throbbing dick that felt like it was tugging me off balance, I grabbed the clothes and built up my dam.

Finally, on my knees and legs spread, I formed a twisted wrench from mom’s panties that I wrapped tightly around the valve handle and forced it closed. As I wrung a towel dry in the tub, Sue ran downstairs to grab the stack of dirty towels. “Umm, mom, would you help me with this?” She hesitated then stiffly stepped into the pool and shivered. She stooped to grab a soaked towel. Was it serendipity that she turned away from me before bending sharply for the towel, or was she beginning to enjoy flaunting her nakedness?

I gasped quietly when I saw her surprisingly shapely cheeks part and slowly reveal her thick and lusty labia. The more she bent, the more her glistening vulva unfolded; her tensed, wrinkled brown hole winked at me defiantly. Beyond naked, my mom had a sexy snatch, an actual wet pussy! Could my mom be a closeted exhibitionist too?

Sue had stopped in the doorway and, I imagined, she watched mom’s ponderous, sexy tits sway before dumping her pile of towels into the pool. She joined us and quickly mopped water and wrung it into the tub as we all rubbed, twisted against each other and began to fondle each other less and less subtly. For the next half hour, we jostled for position in the tight space at the tub; four bared tits happily, fondly collided, crushed and caressed each other. One or the other sexy, silky ass slid against my perpetually stiff dick and I moaned lightly each time. Mom struggled to suppress a smile.

Once, while mom was between us and facing my wife, her warm ass pressed against my groin, my stiff cock nestled between her warm cheeks without rebut and my bishop independently tried to part her pussy. Sue, grinning idiotically, reached around mom and conspicuously grabbed my dick then slowly pulled it away from mom’s ass while rubbing her with it. For her to reach it, she’d leaned her face against mom’s warm tits and sarcastically said, “For shame, Al. A boy shouldn’t be rubbing his mom’s naked ass with his stiff cock!” She gave it a squeeze and mom blushed at the naked reminder then finally giggled with Sue at my discomfort. Sue released and gently slapped it so it sprung back against mom’s outer right cheek

THAT broke the ice, so I braved “Well, mom, I guess the cock is undeniably out of the umm, bag now. Your little boy’s little dick has grown some since the last time you saw it.” She turned to face me and blushed crimson and stared. “How long has it been since you touched it?” As I asked, I pulled her hand to my surging cock. She pulled back, then allowed me to give her an intimate, manual tour of my cock and balls. Open mouthed, she gently squeezed my cock and looked at my grinning wife. As Sue watched, mom slid her hand down my cock and pushed my foreskin back. When my bishop surged, she thumbed it and licked her lips.

She gripped me harder and pumped several times; my knees weakened. I parted her dense pubes, then her plumped outer lips. She gasped and closed her eyes, but opened her legs. When I spread her inner lips and slowly slid up and down her wet gash, her knees knocked. “Ohhh, no one’s touched me there in ten years. I f-f-forgot how fucking good... “ She shuddered in climax before finishing her sentence. A moment later she gasped “And I d-didn’t even cry.”

Did my religious, conservative mom just curse?! Why would she cry now? Mom collapsed backwards into Sue who caught her under her arms but struggled with the angle and weight. My fingers were already between her labia, so I pushed deeply into mom’s wet pussy, cupped her mons and lifted some of her weight for Sue. Mom gasped when I snagged deep into pussy and came again though I carefully avoided direct pressure on her G spot. Sue placed mom on her back on the hall carpet. I thought she needed time to recover, so I struggled to disregard mom’s gaping, wet and surprisingly pretty pussy. My raging cock continued to surge as I turned, licked mom’s tangy juices from my fingers then wrung the last of the towels.

I mumbled to myself, “I can’t fucking believe that happened. My own mom - beautiful, sexy, lusty and mmm, such a tasty pussy!” As I scooped up the rest of the wet towels, I saw my wife passionately kiss my mom! I froze and watched silently, cock resurgent, as Sue slid down and licked mom’s pubes. Mom protested, barely, but acquiesced when Sue found her clit and rubbed it while sending two fingers deep inside her heavenly hole. As I watched her spread and lick mom’s soaked, sweet snatch as mom cupped Sue’s face, I groaned with lust. “Ohh, sweetie! Ohh that feels soooo... “ Her commentary dissolved into a long, satisfied moan and she raised her hips to offer Sue better, deeper access.

Sue cupped mom’s ass and lifted her dripping pussy to her mouth. I was so happy for both of them, and wanted in. My cock demanded it! As mom climaxed for the third time and trembled, Sue spun around into sixty-nine. Did my conservative mom even know what that was? Would Sue’s proffered pussy break her cooperative trance and sour the heady experiences? God, I hope not; I NEED to cum. I saw mom’s shock change to acceptance then experimental sniffing and touching. She moaned when Sue pulled back her hood and shifted her stiff, pearly clit onto her hot tongue.

Once I saw mom lick Sue’s beautiful pussy, I knelt between mom’s legs. Dare I? My cock bounded in frustrated, conflicted joy. I accepted its vote and displaced Sue’s face. Mom’s nectar was stronger and even more tasty directly from her font, but my insistent cock and I were too worked up to be satisfied at that point with JUST eating my mom. With or without my consent, my hungry cock pulled my body closer to mom. Even if I wanted to resist, I couldn’t; we moved as if magnetically to the lusty target. BULL’s EYE - fucking bull’s eye!

Mom later said she felt something hard, warm and smooth questing at her entrance that stirred old memories. She couldn’t help herself - she opened her legs farther, welcoming anything and everything I could do to her. When my bared bishop split mom’s labia, I barely heard her gasp over my own grunt. I leaned in and allowed my brazen cock to pull me deeper into mom’s steaming snatch. I was blinded by the intense warmth and snugness as I returned to mom’s birth canal, inches from my first home. The irony and bliss were so intense that only my raging cock, and the warm, velvety cave it touched, existed in that moment.

I was now pumping my cock in and out of her at a nice steady pace; that pace slowly intensified. My mother’s soft womanly pants were filling the hall as my wife just sat on her face and watched her fiercely fuck her son. As I returned to awareness, I noticed that my hands were cupping and lifting mom’s soft ass and she was humping against my pistoning prick. Mom’s breathing was as ragged as my own even as she kept lapping at Sue’s dripping pussy. Sue bent forward and lapped my cock as it entered and left mom’s soggy snatch. She sucked mom’s clit and her cum off me. I couldn’t last much longer and I didn’t want to cum in my mom bareback. Yet, my cock won the battle when my balls roiled and sent millions of baby makers thru my delivery tube and splashing against her vulnerable cervix. Mom climaxed again as I filled her deep hole with my hot sperm. Try as I could, I couldn’t pull out and kept shooting more of my cream into my mom until she was overflowing and splashing our cum back onto me.

Sue sucked my cum out of mom and drained my cock as I fell to the floor beside them. Before I caught my breath I was completely overwhelmed by the glorious fucking yet cried at the thought of creating my own sibling. Mom consoled and held me. Once I explained why I was so distraught, mom pushed her pubes down and showed me the scar from her emergency hysterectomy. “Don’t fret, my son. I can’t get pregnant and haven’t had sex with anyone in at least ten years, so don’t worry about STDs either.”

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