Hunt Society

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2016 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A human born in the peacekeeper clan is sent to Central to discover the truth about missing crew. He is also looking for hints of something called the Hunt Society. It is a secret organization with the purpose of hunting sentient beings. Only with these killers he must be prepared to be the hunted.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

The courier was cramped with no room to stretch out. Most of the time I sat and thought of why I was going to the human system of Central. I was not sure it had started with the Slith. What I or we knew started with those captured years ago aboard a freighter. They had tried to use the crew and passengers and hunt them.

It had been Kaire, humans and Sizz that time. Recently there had been a group of Kaire on one of our own worlds that had tried to hunt their own kind. That had not ended well for them since they had picked a returning warrior who turned the hunt around and killed them. Since then we have dug out a few cryptic messages.

A cargo ship vanished and when it reappeared only a few of the crew were aboard. They had claimed pirates had tried to take them but they had defeated them. The problem was the pirates had supposedly taken the bodies of the missing crew. Now a second cargo ship had gone missing and reappeared at Central.

They told basically the same story which rang a lot of bells. The leader of clans ordered it held and sealed and the remaining crew detained. My father Alec Sar Nor Peacekeeper was a district strike leader for the peacekeeper clan. In human terms he was a constable commissioner. My mother was Sasha Gloria Wellington and his mate and a family judge and law teacher.

My other mother was Shay Sa Nas Celden and she was the leading Peacekeeper clan comp tech. She was the one to give us a hint of what was going on. In the comp of one of the men killed on the hunt she had found a deleted text. It had a reference to something called the Hunt Society.

I slung my duffle and stepped out and onto the lift. As it lowered I looked at the grey muzzled Kaire waiting for me. He had two guards that almost looked ancient but still moved well. I walked off the lift and nodded to him, “sir.”

He snorted, “just Leo.”

I smiled, “you sound like your brother Cassidy.”

He grinned, “but better looking.”

The guards laughed and I grinned and gestured, “I need to see the ... Ambassador? And the police commissioner?”

He nodded and turned, “they are waiting. Serg was a little vague on why. He also said you would explain why he wanted the Striking Claw sealed and the crew detained.”

I started walking beside him, “it has to do with the Slith and hunting sentient beings.”

He growled as his guards hissed and I nodded, “I will go into it when we reach the others.”

The ride away from the port and through the city was quiet. The huge human building reached into the sky. I left my duffle and glanced up when I stepped out and straightened my blue shirt, “those take getting used to.”

He nodded as we started for the doors, “these are the government office for the human empire.”

Of course the office we went to was on the top floor. The human guards glanced at the Kaire guards before ignoring those and looking at me. One moved and held out a hand, “no weapons allowed.”

I blinked as I looked at the plasma pistol on my right thigh, “I am a peacekeeper and required to wear it.”

Leo sighed, “let the ambassador know we are here.”

It was a minute before a man stepped out. He was middle age and looked at me before looking at Leo, “he is a peacekeeper?”

I nodded, “yes I am human but I have been a full peacekeeper since I was seventeen. My name is Cant Sar Nor Peacekeeper. My father is Alec Sar Nor Peacekeeper and my mother Sasha Gloria Wellington.”

He blinked and then grinned, “cousin.”

I shifted and he touched his chest, “I am Daniel Edward Wellington.”

I bowed, “well met.”

He gestured to the guards, “he is a member of the royal family and allowed access.”

We followed him into the large office where a man in a blue uniform was waiting. Since I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and long pants that were both blue he grinned, “all you need is a badge.”

I touched my blue peacekeeper belt, “this is our badge.”

I looked around before I gestured, “sit and I will begin.”

The briefing did not take long and they were somber long before I finished, “so the leader of clans ... our emperor sent me here to inspect the ship and question the crew. If this is the start of people hunting sentient beings we want it stopped and those involved punished. He also wanted your consta ... police warned.”

The police commissioner grinned and nodded, “we will start our people looking and if you do not mind I will assign a detective to assist you.”

I nodded and looked at Leo, “first I need a little rest and tomorrow morning I will look at the ship and see the crew.”

He stood, “on that note I will take him back to my estate. If you would let the detective know to meet him at the ship at the sixth hour?”

They nodded and we left and for the most part rode in silence. When I got out of the vehicle at the estate I stretched while taking deep breathes. Leo grinned, “we have ten thousand of what the humans call acres.”

I looked at the human gardeners with a few Noss here or there and started for the door, “I could have gotten a room closer to the port.”

He sighed, “true but something this serous I want to make sure you are rested.”

I laughed as the door was opened, “what I need first is a stretch and then rest.”

He patted my shoulder, “my warren is yours.”

I looked at the human woman that walked out a door and she could have been my mother accept she was older. She smiled as she walked to us, “I was told we had a cousin coming to stay.”

I glanced at the guards as they chuckled while walking into the house. I looked at her and bowed, “Cant Sar Nor Peacekeeper. By your looks you are related to mother Sasha.”

She grinned and she held out her hand, “you can call me Sidney.”

I touched her hand like I would at home, “Cant.”

She turned, “Storm has a suite waiting.”

A female Kaire that was grey with bluish black spots was on the stairs. I nodded and looked at Leo, “I will put my things in the room and exercise if you do not mind.”

He gestured and I started up the stairs. Storm looked at me with a smile as she led me to a suite. She opened the door, “ask if you need anything.”

I nodded and looked into the large room with a bed to match, “like a whole team to play on the bed?”

I shook my head as I walked in and she laughed. I stripped and put on shorts before leaving. I nodded to the few humans or Kaire in the house as I left. Outside a back door I stretched before I started to trot towards the east where the edge of a forest was. When I reached it I dodged or leaped over bushes.

A moment later I slowed and then stopped at a wide ravine when I heard animals. I knelt and looked at antlers on the ground and then through the bushes and then up into a tree. I saw the red haired human girl staring down and into the bottom of the ravine. I cleared my throat and her head snapped towards me and I saw the rifle.

I hesitated as she looked at me and then back into the bottoms. She slung the rifle and dropped to hang from the platform she was on. From there she caught a thick rope and slid down and turned towards me. Her eyes searched mine and the area around us as she started walking, “you are not allowed to be here.”

I blinked, “I am a guest of Leopold Sar Urr Nas Liious.”

She blushed, “that is grandfather.”

I gestured towards the ravine bottom and she growled, “feral hogs are making a come back.”

I nodded to the rifle but she shook her head, “that would take to long and there would be ten times the numbers before long. In one year they could multiply by a hundred percent.”

I turned to head back and she walked beside me, “you could trap them.”

She snorted, “they are smart and it would only work a few times.”

I smiled, “then you use a trap large enough to catch many.”

She looked at me and bit her lip, “that is a good idea.”

She glanced at my shorts and the belt, “that is not a human belt.”

I shook my head and she nodded, “and it is blue.”

She looked into my face, “I did not know the peacekeepers accepted humans.”

I shrugged, “actually the clan will accept anyone if they are suited to be peacekeepers. As for me, I am Cant Sar Nor Peacekeeper.”

She grinned and then giggled, “I see you.”

I shifted, “that is not taken lightly.”

She smiled, “I know. Grandfather and my grandmothers have had many talks and explained things to us. My mother married a human soldier but they think I am to wild and sent me to live here.”

We came out of the forest and I hesitated, “I was exercising.”

She hit my arm, “I am Flame Sar Urr Kent.”

I smiled and she laughed and gave me a push towards the distant manor, “and I claim you tom. Now go run.”

I frowned before I looked away, I was not sure she knew what she had said or what it meant. I took a step and began to trot and then stretch out into a run. By the time I reached the house I was leaping over the hedges and flower bushes. I slowed before I reached a back patio and saw Leo who laughed, “I have seen that many times.”

An older human woman was stretching beside him and grinned, “yes when you are trying to keep up with me.”

I smiled and started to stretch, “I met your granddaughter.”

The woman straightened, “where and which one?”

I blinked, “to the east and it was Flame Sar Urr Kent.”

They looked at each other before Leo looked at me, “she told you her full name?”

I nodded as I started for the door, “I am not sure she understands Kaire customs. She said she claims me.”

The woman gasped and I hesitated, “you might want to speak with her before she goes to far.”

Leopold sighed, “she knows Kaire law and custom.”

I stopped with my hand on the door, “I am clan Peacekeeper. You know the dangers I face.”

He looked at the female, “Jayne go ask Sidney and Storm to speak with her.”

I waited as she nodded and he looked at me, “did you accept her claim?”

I shifted uneasily, “I was not sure she understood.”

He nodded, “do you have mate?”

I sighed, “no. I have worked to hard to become what I am and...”

He waved, “and had to fight the ignorant Kaire to get there. Think on her claim peacekeeper.”

I nodded and entered and went up to shower. I dressed and went to find the kitchen. I was a little surprised at the human female cook but she knew what she was doing. I sat at a side table while she frowned but fed me. I snapped awake to the bed shifting and stopped reaching for my pistol when I saw Flame.

She smiled, “do you always sleep with a pistol?”

She was naked and I looked around before I sat up, “yes.”

She nodded, “all of my grandmothers have been talking and lecturing me.”

I sighed and scooted back to the headboard, “do you know what it means to be mates on Kaire?”

She nodded, “I know.”

I waited and she moved closer, “you are handsome and smart. If you were raised on Kair and have Kaire parents you have honor. As my mate I will help you with whatever you need and you will help me. I have had four human males court me and they all lied just to have sex. My grandfather would not ask just anyone, Kaire or human to stay here.”

I smiled and reached out to touch her chest, “Flame Sar Urr Kent I accept your claim.”

She smiled and shifted to lay beside me and I turned and kissed her. I moved down and she sighed as she opened her legs. I licked through her pussy and she lifted her hips. I began to tease her clit and she shuddered and moaned. It was several minutes before I moved up and she put her arms around me.

I lifted and pushed into her and held her and rolled. She shifted and moved her knees as she looked at me. I caressed her hips, “this time you are going to use me.”

She grinned and sat up and shifted while her tight pussy squeezed. She began rocking and thrusting back and forth. It was only a minute before she was wet and slippery. She shuddered and jerked as she began to drag her pussy on me, “aaaahhhh!”

I was feeling and kneading her breasts as she spasmed and her pussy constantly tightened. When she started to lift up and then impale her pussy her eyes rolled up and she began convulsing. I was holding her up and tugging on her beautiful nipples and she stiffened and wailed, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I groaned as I thrust up and into her and pulled her hips down. She twisted and jerked when warm sperm erupted into her, “mmmm!”

She fell on me before I was done and I rolled and started to fuck her. It was awhile before we slept and we were both exhausted. I woke to a knock on the door and turned my head. Flame was sitting on the edge of the bed, “that would be your wake up.”

I smiled as I moved towards her and she laughed and stood before backing away, “first we wash my mate.”

That was almost as much fun as last night. We got dressed and went down and I blinked when I saw Leo and all his mates. They smiled and Jayne cleared her throat, “well?”

Flame grinned as she looked at me, “I am keeping him.”

I grinned and then laughed, “wild she.”

I checked the time, “I need to go.”

Leo nodded, “the vehicle is waiting.”

Flame walked with me and I glanced at her, “what are you doing?”

She slipped her hand into mine, “you have no clan to stand at your back. If you are here as a peacekeeper you need someone.”

I stopped and looked back before looking at her, “you will need a weapon.”

She moved to a table by the door and picked up a weapon belt and pistol, “I have one.”

She gestured and I led the way out and to the vehicle. I was thinking as we were driven towards the port, “stay behind me and do not touch anything in the ship we are going to.”

We stopped to one side of the large ship right on time. I stepped out and a tall man moved towards me. He had a dropping mustache and a hard face. Behind him was a golden and white Kaira female. She was in her teens and stood with an older human. The human detective walking to me cleared his throat and I glanced at him as Flame stepped out, “I am Cant Peacekeeper.”

He held out his hand, “detective McDean.”

I shook and then gestured, “what do they want?”

He turned, “the human is a merchant and the Kaire is here with him I think. They want the cargo the ship was carrying.”

I shook my head, “not until I release it.”

He grinned, “care to tell me what we are looking for?”

I glanced at Flame and then at the human and the Kaire girl, “I will tell you after we are inside.”

I started walking and the human merchant puffed up. I ignored him and nodded to the she, “I am Cant Peacekeeper. What is your business here?”

Her eyes widened and the human reached out but one of her hands snapped out and caught it, “you do not touch a peacekeeper.”

He frowned and she bowed her head, “I am Mandi Alt Nas McCandless. This cargo ship was carrying a partial cargo of special AI’s.”

I looked at the human, “and who are you and why are you here?”

He was glaring, “I am Humphrey Marks and I contracted for the cargo. I want you to release it now.”

I smiled before I turned to head for the lift, “no.”

He choked and I kept walking but the Kaire caught up. I glanced at her when I reached the lift with the detective, “I will release the ship and cargo after I finish my investigation.”

She glanced back before looking at me, “contact the leader of clans and let him know I am here and what the cargo is I need. The ship was not supposed to come here and no one is supposed to see or have access to the AIs.”

I nodded, “I will be speaking to him today or tomorrow.”

She bit her lip, “tell him it is for my great grandfather Alex.”

I nodded again and she looked at Flame before smiling, “you are lucky. I would claim him in a heartbeat.”

I was surprised but Flame grinned and then laughed before pointing to our vehicle, “wait for us.”

I looked at her and then I shook my head and stepped into the lift. While I was running a comp search and reviewing the ship log I told detective what I was looking for and why. He was surprised but more than willing to help. I found and printed the discrepancies in the log and the comps.

I had a few listed contacts in an encrpyted file that I hacked. I gave them to McDean to run down and we started searching quarters. In the captain’s quarters I found the smugglers hole. When I opened it I found the head of the former captain with her skin. I did not touch it as Flame moved away quickly.

McDean looked grim and I squatted and looked at everything. I finally stood, “if you would have one of your forensic teams come in we would...”

He growled, “no problem kid. The sick bastard is going...”

I touched his arm, “for those this sick we ... they will be put to death.”

He turned as he pulled his comm, “good.”

I moved to Flame, “you okay?”

She looked pale and almost like she would cry, “why?”

I sighed and pulled her towards the hatch, “detective it is time I spoke with the crew.”

We were dropping down the lift when I saw the humans, Sizz and a few Kaire moving towards the ship. By the way they moved I knew they carried weapons, “we have attackers.”

McDean looked up while talking and one of the closest Kaire lifted a rifle. I yanked Flame down as I pulled my weapon and aimed, I was not the only one. The Kaire fired a moment before I did, followed by McDean and then Flame. He went down and the other attackers were suddenly firing.

The lift reached the ground as we fired back and suddenly our vehicle lifted and accelerated towards us. It ran over two humans and a Sizz and the Kaire Mandi was leaning out a window while firing a pistol. McDean grunted as I spun and shot a human sneaking up under the ship. Bullets were striking the lift and a ricochet ripped into the back of my right shoulder.

I killed a Kaire rushing from the side as the vehicle slid to a stopped and the door opened. I yanked Flame up and shoved her, “in!”

I caught McDean as he staggered and started after her. Mandi was firing past us as I pushed McDean in and followed, “go!”

Rounds tore at the vehicle but it was armored so they did not penetrate. The door slammed as the vehicle accelerated away and six port security sting ships arrived. Auto fire tore into the remaining attackers until they were all dead. I sat up and looked at Flame, “are you hurt?”

She shook her head while checking McDean, “no but he is.”

I turned him and glanced at the driver, “we need a emergency medical response.”

The Kaire nodded, “I already called one in.”

I looked at Mandi, “are you okay?”

She nodded and I gestured, “stop the vehicle.”

I pulled my comm and called the police commissioner. He answered immediately, “peacekeeper?”

I opened the door and stepped out, “we were leaving the ship and were attacked. It looks like they are down but we need the area sealed and everyone identified. The crew are now to be considered rogue and murders. They need to be isolated from everyone and I need a hold and detain order on a merchant called Humphrey Marks.”

He growled, “my detective?”

I glanced back into the vehicle, “wounded.”

Flame turned me, “you were hit.”

I glanced at her as the police commissioner was barking orders to someone. I turned my head to try and see the back of my shoulder but of course I could not. I hesitated and then stripped off the shirt and turned, “how bad?”

Flame hissed, “not bad but not good either.”

I shook my head and reached for my shirt as the port medical response vehicle dropped out of the sky and landed. I turned to look into the vehicle and help detective McDean out. Four trauma medics ran towards us and two helped him onto a float. The other two turned me and then tried to put me on another.

I growled and pushed their hands away, “no. Get him to a doctor now. I have things to do and people to speak with.”

They looked at each other as the driver stood, “peacekeeper? Leopold is in a flyer and on the way. He can take...”

I shifted, “he is not a peacekeeper.”

He shrugged, “no but he is stubborn.”

The medics left and the vehicle lifted and I sighed, “now I need to find where the crew is being kept.”

The whole area had dozens of police and detectives in a matter of thirty minutes. The police commissioner arrived at almost the same time as Leo. He also had the ambassador and two detectives. I ignored everyone except him, “I need to speak with the crew.”

He nodded but looked at Leo when he turned me and looked at my bloody shirt. He hissed but I turned, “later.”

He looked into my eyes before he nodded, “yes peacekeeper.”

I looked at the police commissioner and he gestured, “go with him and take him to the detention center.”

The two detectives nodded and we got in the vehicle. I shifted as I sat and Flame muttered, “stubborn Kaire.”

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