Treble City

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2016 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A new adventure to start a new settlement on Crocodylia finds more problems. There is land even if it is limited but now we are faced with croc size lizards and large flesh eating swarms of insects.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

I had made a lot of plans and used most of my money. Only one place on Crocodylia had people. I was going to change that and start another settlement. There was a three hundred kilometer area that read above the water level with mounds of stone. That was more than enough to land shuttles or long distance transports as soon as I could prepare it.

The cargo shuttle continued to slow as I tried to relax. I saw the cargo master gesture and stood and moved to the large rear hatch. It slid open and the shuttle began to shake and shift around. The rear two cargo pods started moving and I went with them. As they dropped free anti gravs switched on and they slowed.

I hung onto the end of one and then climbed up. The drop had been from several thousand meters and when I looked up I saw the other two pods. They slowed and drifted towards us as their guidance system kicked in. I bent to look down over the side and used the remote to direct the falling pods.

Finally the pods dropped between trees as I slowed them more. They settled gently and I turned to guide the other two pods down. The area around us had gone silent as I stripped the protective suit off. I dropped everything off the end and climbed down. I had a couple of hours and opened the first pod and pulled out a cutter.

First I had to put on a plasma pistol and then I began to cut between trees and move the beacon. The next four pods were dropped on time and I guided them down and into place. The whole area had thousands of animals called trebles and that meant snakes would be here too. During the day twenty four pods were dropped.

I placed them along what would be the landing area. I stripped the anti gravs off each to use on the trees when I started cutting them. The last pod was going to be my living area and I was going to land it and the pod with the lumber processing equipment beside a stone mound. I landed the first two and ran towards the mound to position the last two.

Finally I was done for the day and opened the pod grate door for my living area. I froze when I saw the naked young woman. The first area was a living area, the middle a kitchen and then a fresher and shower and last was the sleeping area. The young woman was in the living area and a oxy suit was at her feet.

She looked up from a comp and smiled, “that went much smoother than I expected.”

I cleared my throat, “who are you and what are you doing here?”

She grinned, “Dana and I am your environmental tech. I get to test the soil to see if sustained shuttle landings are possible without laying down support.”

I shook my head, “I already have linkable anti grav plating I am going to put down.”

I stepped in and closed and locked the grate, “who...”

She sighed, “I was going to the shuttle port when I heard about your project.”

I hung my weapon belt on a hook by the door and set the cutter down. I started through and into the kitchen and she stood and followed. I started to pull out a couple of rations and glanced at her, “why are you naked?”

She began to help me as I opened the rations, “it is hot and humid and naked felt better.”

I grinned as I pushed the rations into the heater, “that is going to tempt me to fuck you.”

She kissed my cheek, “I like it from behind the best but on my back is good too.”

I looked at her and nodded, “from behind it is.”

We ate and I checked the weather sats over the area. I stripped and went to use the fresher and then the shower and Dana leaned in to watch me, “how are you going to get more water?”

I got out and started drying off, “I have a grav drill to punch down a couple of hundred meters. I also have a large tank and a bio filtration system.”

She nodded and followed as I headed towards the bed. I stopped and turned and pulled her around and bent her over the bed. She grinned back at me as I felt her pussy and spread her feet apart. I shifted and pushed into her and held her hips as I began to fuck her. She sighed and her pussy squeezed as she pushed back.

I fucked her firmly and buried my cock as deep as I could with each thrust. A few minutes and she was shuddering and moaning loudly. Her pussy constantly grasped and squeezed as she leaned on the bed. Her legs were bowed and she had spread her feet even more. I began to fuck her hard and she spasmed and jerked, “yyyeeeesssss!”

She twisted and struggled as her pussy gripped my cock. I kept pounding her and she howled and screamed and spasmed. I shoved into her and held her as I spewed and pumped spurts of cum. She pulled away and shoved back and her cunt clenched, “YES!”

When I was done I pulled out and pushed her into the bed. She rolled onto her back and I went to shut all the lights off. I came back and moved over her and buried my cock. I gave her a kiss and began to fuck her once more. Before the sun came up it began to rain and not a light rain either.

I pulled Dana out of bed and into the fresher and then the shower. I went to look out and froze as a croc looked in from the other side. I slowly moved to my weapon belt and pulled my pistol. I moved back to the door and looked at the three meter croc. I frowned as I looked at the head and then the body.

The head was more rounded and the body more lean and the tail was not the same. Whatever this was, it was not a croc. It hissed and I nodded, “but you are a meat eater and a predator.”

I aimed through the grate and fired when it turned to look back. The other side of the head exploded out in a spray gore. It dropped and thrashed around as it died and I looked past it. Up in a tree a very large snake was eating one of the trebles. I relaxed and went to get dressed and then slipped out while Dana watched for me.

First I skinned the lizard and cut up the meat and then pulled everything else away. I put the meat into stasis crates and rolled the hide to clean and tan later. I had Dana come out and I pulled out the equipment for the grav drill and the collapsing water containers. I hit water after drilling down thirty meters through rock.

I continued another fifty before I stopped. I ran a twenty centimeter hose down almost to the bottom. I cut and connected the hose to the pump and started it. The water that came out and into the first container was extremely dirty. I began setting up the filtration system that was basically one whole pod.

Five minutes and clean drinkable water was pouring into another container. That was on top of the filtration system pod and from there I had to run water lines to my living pod. It was noon by then and I felt like I had already worked all day. I was going to bring out a small auto dozer when the trebles went quiet.

I stopped and looked around before I caught Dana’s hand. When they screamed and fled in all directions I started to run and pull her after me. I almost slammed the door to our living pod and locked it as I looked out. She was panting but grinned, “so why did they...”

It was like a huge flock of birds but these were large one meter long insects. From the few animals I saw them catch I would say they were predators and meat eaters. I shivered as we watched them rip the animals they caught apart. I jerked back as suddenly more of those lizards rushed from bushes and up trees.

They leaped to catch the insects and tear them apart. It was like we were watching a feeding frenzy. The insects did not seem to know to flee and the lizards did not try to eat each one they killed. When several large snakes appeared I shook my head and turned to push Dana towards the back.

We stayed back from the grate door and sat to watch as the snakes and lizards killed every insect. After they were done they took their time feasting on the bodies. I shook my head, “I think we need more than sonic barriers here.”

Dana nodded, “a zap field would be nice.”

I grinned and stood and pulled her up and off the couch. I caressed her bare hips before I pulled her to the back and pushed her into the bed. When we finished I turned to go look out and watched as the snakes and lizards continued to eat the insects. I went to the panel beside the door and checked the fresh water level for the pod tank.

I grinned as I went to pull Dana into the shower to wash with cool water. After the shower we laid out the lizard skin and cleaned and tanned it. Most of the snakes and lizards had left and only the few that had gorged themselves remained. I hesitated before we got dressed and slipped out.

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