by Dr Cumings

Copyright© 2016 by Dr Cumings

Fiction Sex Story: Dominant male uses friend's submissive wife. some implied male on male sex (Not explicit.) however there is some very descriptive creampie action. Story told through the eyes of several different characters,

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Fiction   Cuckold   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Wimp Husband   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Pregnancy   .

WARNING!! If creampie eating disturbs you do not read this story.

(Fuck world is an alternate ‘time line’ just like ours but with one major exception, in fuck world there are no STD’s or aids or any other type of disease that might be harmful to a person that has sex with multiple partners who exchange bodily fluids, also in Fuck World, when you fuck someone in the ass you never get shit on your dick and nobody ever gets arrested for prostitution even if it isn’t legal.)

{p}Chapter 1

Point of view Lilly Williams wife

I’m not a movie star, and I’m certainly not a super model. I’m too short. I look like someone took a shrink ray to a five ten super model and shrunk her down to five two, only I have tits and most models don’t. There not huge, but on my tiny frame they are a major feature in the terrain. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m beautiful because I’m not. In fact I’m rather plain. My mousey brown hair doesn’t seem to respond to conditioners and looks more like a fire hazard than anything else. I have a slight overbite and there’s a gap in my front teeth like Michael Strahan. Still, at twenty three I am a pretty hot package.

What sets me apart from the pack is good genes. I have a killer body that my husband say’s is made for making love, which as it turns out, seems to have been a prophecy of sorts. Not however for making love, but for fucking, because through no fault of my own I’m getting fucked almost every day and from more than one man, sometimes more than one man at a time. Perhaps I had better explain.

My husband has several friends that he hangs with. They bowl together. They play golf and tennis together. They go to football, baseball games and have a weekly poker game that rotates between their houses. At least it did.

I have met Bill’s friends and I like them all ... except one, Buddy James. They say beware of men with two first names. Well in this case the warning applies. Buddy, most everyone calls him Bud, is a lying, domineering, crass, rude, crude and insensitive asshole and those are his good qualities, qualities that he actually seems to be proud of. The minute I met him I have had only disgust for him (he had his hand in his pants adjusting his penis). That in its self was not a so much of a problem. He was at our back yard Bar-B-Que and the neighbor’s daughter was standing right in front of him watching him manipulate his dick inside his pants. At one point he unzipped his fly, I guess to facilitate proper placement. Later I found out he never wears underwear.

My husband defends him, saying Bud is an acquired taste, like scotch. I hate scotch and I hate Buddy James.

Whenever Bud does something that embarrasses me or pisses me off I plead with my husband to quit inviting him to our home. I can deal with the asshole out in the world, mostly because our paths rarely cross. Bill makes excuses for the shit head even when I tell him of the sexual advances Buddy makes toward me and the inappropriate touching. Bill passes it off as too much alcohol.

“Lilly, Bud just had too many Bud’s that’s all.” My loving husband would say to me.

Which is bullshit; Buddy has goosed me when he was stone cold sober.

My husband is a handsome man. Very athletic and muscular, his sexual equipment is above average in length as well as thickness.

Buddy on the other hand is kind of blocky and has a beer gut resembling a woman in her seventh month of pregnancy. Several times he has been in our pool. The man is so hairy that I fear he is going to clog the pool drain. He always looks as though he shaved ... three days ago. His hair is never brushed and his bathing habits are questionable. Despite his gut Buddy is a strong man. His arms are bigger than my thighs, quite a lot bigger.

In addition to all these negative traits there is something intangible. Something that makes me fear the man and I finally figured out what it is ... only I found out too late. What is it I found out you ask? What is it that made me fear the bastard, what is it that makes me feel vulnerable when he’s near me? I told you it wasn’t my fault. I just happen to be made that way. To my dismay I am sexually submissive.

I had no idea. Well, I guess that’s not entirely true ... I had fantasies ... Fantasies that suggested my submissive tendencies, but I never acted on any of them. I told myself that all girls had these types of fantasies when going through puberty. The problem was even after I was married and had a family, I still kept having the same daydreams. Thoughts of being forced to sexually preform. To be coerced into fucking men against my will. Not just one but many. Gang bangs, rapes and other depraved acts that I am ashamed to even speak of. Yes Buddy scared the shit out of me and for good reason. He is dominant.

I suppose one of the reasons I never acted on these thoughts is that I segregated myself from dominant men like Buddy. I must have subconsciously feared I might act out. So when I found myself alone in my house with Buddy James my life as I knew it changed.

It was a Friday morning, Bill called me from work.

His picture came up on my IPhone.

“Hi sweetie.” I answered.

“Hi honey.” My husband cheerfully greeted me.”

I teased “You couldn’t help calling me because you missed me, right?

“Right,” Bill laughed. “Actually I told Bud he could borrow my belt sander. It’s in the garage on the top shelf in front of your car.”

“Buddy’s coming over here ... alone?”

“I don’t know. I suppose he will be alone. I didn’t ask, why?

“Oh, no reason, I would just prefer you be here if Buddy is here.”

“Lilly, relax. He’s just picking up a sander. I got to go honey. Bye.”

My legs were shaking I was still in my sleep shirt, which is the only thing I wear in bed. I turned to go and change into jeans when the doorbell rang. I jumped almost a foot off the ground.

I yelled. “Just a minute.”

I ran to our bedroom and grabbed the jeans I wore yesterday out of the hamper. I tucked in the sleep shirt and zipped them up, not bothering to button them, then I ran to the front door.

As soon as I opened the door it started.

“Oooh, tight jeans and no bra. Me like.” Bud said cave man style and laughed deep from his enlarged belly.

I pretended he hadn’t said anything. “Hi Bud. Bill called about the sander. It’s in the garage. You go around and I’ll open the garage door.”

Bud stepped into the house. “That’s ok I’ll just follow you through the connecting door. After you.” He instructed. “That way I will have a great view of that tight ass of yours.”

I blushed at his embarrassing remark and led the way to the garage. Why would I blush at a demeaning statement like that from such a horrible man like Buddy James?

I walked up and stood below the shelf that the sander was on and pointed. “It’s up there.”

Bud glanced at the sander than back at my wobbling breasts.

He smiled at me. He bent at the waist shoved his left hand between my thighs from the rear and picked me up bodily high enough that I could reach the sander. My insides dampened from the unexpected hand forcing the seam of my pants up into my pussy.

I screamed. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

“I’m picking you up so you can get the sander.”


“After you get the sander. The longer you fuck around the longer my hand stays on your cunt.”

I sputtered, but had no retort. I felt the crotch of my jeans getting wet. I couldn’t believe my vagina was betraying me.

I turned for the sander when I felt my zipper sliding down.

“Buddy stuck his meaty paw inside my pants.”


“No panties. Me like that too.”

“Put me down.”

“You got the sander?” He said digging around inside my pants. Pulling on my pubic hair rather roughly.

I grabbed the sander and practically shoved it into his face. “Here.”

“Put it on the bench when I let you down.”

“When my feet hit the floor, Bud grabbed my jeans and pulled them to the floor and stepped on the crotch. Then he grabbed me around the waist, picked me up out of them and kicked them out of the way. A thin trickle of liquid ran down my leg.

I was stunned and I was still holding the sander. He took it from me and placed it on the work bench. Then he snatched my sleep shirt from my body and tossed in the direction of my jeans. I was naked in front of a man who I knew was going to rape me and somehow I was excited by the thought.

My mouth was moving, but no sound came out of it.

Bud spun me around facing him, lifted me on top of the hood of my import, pushed my legs apart and shoved his dick into my sopping wet pussy. I hadn’t realized he had unzipped himself. If he was larger than Billy it wasn’t by much. It wasn’t the size that was pushing me to my orgasm, it was the way he was fucking me. I was just a cunt to deposit sperm into, nothing more. There was nothing nice, or caring, or even civil about the manner in which he pounded his cock into me. It was rape pure and simple, my pussy loved it.

I groaned and a liquid geyser spurted from between my legs and wet Buddy’s shirt and pants. Buddy slapped my left tit with his right hand. I yelped, not so much because of the pain, but because it surprised me. I could feel the hood of the car as my back bone created knobs of pain against the cold steel. My car was punishing me for enjoying the cock violating my body. My rapist kept pounding into me and slapping my tits randomly, first with his right then with his left hand. The slaps hurt more and more as each reddened the sides of my breasts, the abuse added to the excitement of the situation.

I thought. ‘What the fuck is wrong with me? I’m being attacked and I am more excited than I have ever been. I’m fucking back on this troll’s cock as hard as he is jamming it into me”. At that moment, I came as these thoughts flashed through my mind.

I came again and again, my mind and body was on fire with lust then the bastard grunted, slammed into me and froze there filling my pussy with his cum. We shuddered together and slowly he backed out of me and our combined fluids cascaded down to the hood of my car and pooled on the concrete floor of the garage. The sperm on the hood of my car acted like a Slip & Slide and when my butt cheeks became coated by our sex soup. I literally shot off my car and was barely able to keep my feet under me as I stumbled into the work bench.

I was ashamed that I had enjoyed the sex. I didn’t want to cheat on my husband, I love him. I just wasn’t able to resist being turned on by the sexual demands of this dominant man.

“Pick up your clothes slut.” Bud told me as his cock dripped adding to the mess on the floor.

I was still in a stupor, so I staggered over to my clothing and picked them up. Buddy’s half-hard cock was still sticking from his fly, he had the sander in his left hand and was holding the connecting door into the house open for me.

‘Such a gentleman’ my mind said sarcastically.

When we got into the hall way Buddy said. “Stay there.” Indicating the spot where I was standing. Then he turned and went out of the front door and closed it.

I could feel his cum running down my leg and pudding on the hard wood floor. My mind was mostly blank as I stood there. I thought about wiping his sperm from my pussy with my sleep shirt, but he hadn’t told me to do anything but stand there.

This train of thought led me to, who cares if he told me or not. Which led me to, he’s outside stupid. Lock the door before he comes back in! Which led to, but he told me to stand here.

My right foot started to move and the front door opened. Bud was standing there grinning, his dick still hanging out for all to see.

Bud said. “Good slut.” Saying it like he was praising a dog, somehow I was pleased and wanted to wag my tail.

My mind screamed. ‘You stupid bitch, you could have locked the door!’

“Good thing you stayed there because I was prepared to punish you if you had moved or locked the door. Not that it would have done you any good. I have a key ... and don’t even think about changing the locks.”

He kicked off his shoes and started taking his clothes off. I began to shake again, but I stayed where I was. As Bud undressed I realized he had no underwear beneath his pants. He took out his keys, cell phone, wallet and change and put them on the foyer table. Then he wadded up his clothes and walked toward me. When he got about five feet away he threw the clothes in my face and said.

“Wash the cunt juice out of these and you had better clean up that shit on the floor with your shirt before I make you lick it up. I quickly bent down and wiped our cum up with my sleep shirt, and then stuck it between my thighs to stem the flow of juice running out of me.

Buddy followed me into the laundry room and leered at me while I started the load of clothes.

“God you’re a hot cunt Lilly. I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since Billy introduced us. Now you’re going to give that pussy up whenever the mood strikes me.”

“You must be out of your mind you God dammed asshole. Who the fuck do...”

SHUT YOUR GOD DAMMED MOUTH! He screamed at me.

I was in the middle of my tirade, bent down loading the washer when I stood and turned to face Bud. His words were like a slap in the face, startled I stumbled and fell sitting into the laundry basket, my legs spread. He laughed.

I was stunned for the second time that day as I looked up, opened mouth at the naked hairy bastard.

“Don’t you ever talk to me that way or you will truly regret it. Now finish in here and bring me a beer cunt.” Then he turned and stomped from the room.

I did as I was told and found him in the living room clicking through the TV channels. I handed him the beer he had demanded. Buddy grabbed my hand and pulled me between his legs. I went with the tug, I knew what he wanted and I didn’t resist and knelt between his legs.

“Ok slut, suck my dick and I am going to tell you how it’s going to be.”

I sucked his limp cock into my mouth. It had a mixture of our juices partially dried on it but I licked it all off and began bobbing my head on his dick.

“Look at me slut.”

I looked up over his bulging hairy belly and found his gleaming eyes. They were hard and unforgiving and my body liked that. I kept bobbing my head.

Your Billy’s wife, but now you’re my slut. You’re going to fuck and suck me whenever I call, you’re going to get fucked a lot, and not just by me either. You’ll fuck who ever I tell you and do whatever you’re told. You understand what I’m saying?”

I nodded and removed his cock and calmly asked. “What are you going to do when Billy finds out?”

“I ain’t telling him, but you can if you want to, even if he finds out I’m not worried about your lame assed husband.”

“He could kick your ass.”

Bud shrugged. “He could, but he won’t.”

“If he finds I am fucking around on him he will leave me.”

“Not my problem. I couldn’t care less if he leaves my slut or not ... I take that back. I do care if he dumps your ass or not, because if he leaves then there’s more time I’ll have to get more dick in your holes. All of them. Now get back to sucking my cock slut.

He just told me he was planning on fucking my ass as well as my cunt and mouth. I think he was trying to upset me, but it didn’t happen, his demands were only turning me on more. My husband had used my butt hole a few times, but Billy decided he liked my pussy better, so we don’t do it very often. I was ok with ass fucking more, in fact I liked it allot. It was a good change of pace and I got really excited by letting him drive his fat cock up my asshole. Billy was always a gentle lover. Then I thought, Bud has no such inclinations. He might decide to hurt me just for the fuck of it.

I amazed myself, with that thought I had surrendered. I seem to have accepted Buddy James premise of what my life was going to be, at least for the time being, so I began to blow his cock in earnest. If I was going to be his slut I was going to be the best slut I could be, even though I hated the bastard.

I was worried about Billy discovering that I was getting fucked by Buddy and who knows who else. I loved Billy very much and I didn’t want to hurt him and neither did I want to lose him. On one hand I thought I would try to keep it a secret from him, but I knew that sooner or later he would find out. Then I thought it would be best to tell him as soon as he comes home, but I was afraid. I thought I knew who Billy was, he hardly ever got really upset, but I didn’t know if he just might go and do something stupid and end up in jail. I had no idea what I was going to do.

Bud picked up my cell phone that happened to be on the end table and dialed a number.

“Hey, whatcha you doing?” Buddy asked into the phone.

(Bud listening to answer)

Get over to Billy’s right away.


“You’ll see when you get here jerkwad. Stop and pick up Frank on the way.” And then he hung up.

Frank was one of Billy’s friends and when Bud set the phone down I saw that he had called Allen whose number was listed in my phone. He was another of my husband’s friends.

I looked at his beady eyes and took the cock from my mouth. “You’re going to let them fuck me aren’t you?” and my traitorous cunt flooded.

He grinned. “Share the wealth, that’s my motto. Now don’t take your mouth off of that cock unless you are licking my balls.”

Which I immediately did. It was weird, his balls and his dick were the only things on his body that weren’t covered in hair, that and the top of his head. I got his nuts soaked with my saliva and blew on them and I watched his sack draw up tight and his dick jumped.

“Damm woman. That was hot. Do that again.”

I got his nut sack all wet again and blew cool air on them and his dick jumped again and his balls almost disappeared into his body. Then I attacked his dick with my mouth. Sucking hard, running my tongue on the bottom of his cock and bobbing my head so fast I could I could have been mistaken for a wood pecker. Then I snickered at my own joke. Get it? Bud had wood and I had his pecker in my mouth ... Oh well I guess you have to have a cock buried in your face to appreciate it.

Buddy groaned and his ass came off of the couch and he filled my mouth with his sperm. I was surprised that there was as much as there was because; between the puddle in the hallway and the one in the garage I had estimated it at around a quarter of a cup. Anyway I swallowed it down easily and kept nursing on his dick until if and when he decided that I should take it out of my mouth, which he never did, instead he put his foot on my left breast and shoved.

I landed on my back on the carpet my leg’s spread wide, my cunt open.

Buddy smiled down at me and said. “You know that has to go.”

At first I didn’t understand what he was talking about. Then it registered and I reached down and ran my fingers through my pubic hair.

“I was just trying to decide if I should let the guys shave it or send you to get cleaned up before they get here.”

I almost spoke, but I realized that he wasn’t talking to me. He was talking to himself, he would never ask what I wanted, he would do what he wanted and I would live with the repercussions.

“Go take a shower and wash out that nasty cunt.”

“Should I shave?”

“Did I tell you to shave?”


“Then why are you wasting time asking stupid questions you dumb assed cunt. Now go!”

I scampered up and ran to the bath room took a quick shower and flushed my pussy out with our pulsing shower wand. I almost made myself cum, but I thought better of it. I dried my hair and brushed it. Then I returned to the living room totally naked. I could hear voices, but I wasn’t sure if it was the TV or if Billy’s friends had arrived.

When I walked around the corner I saw the TV was off.

“Holey shit.” Frank exclaimed.

Allen said nothing, but his mouth wouldn’t close.

I walked into the middle of the room and stood there waiting. Waiting to see what was going to happen to me next. My knees were trembling with excitement. My cunt juiced up at the thought that I had no control what so ever as to what was going to happen to my body in the next few hours.

“Gentlemen,” Buddy said. “I want you to meet my slut. I would call her a whore, but I haven’t charged anyone to fuck her yet.”

My knees started to buckle at this statement, but I caught myself.

“Are you crazy Bud?” Allen said. “This is your friend’s wife; doesn’t that mean anything to you?”

“Sure it means something.” Buddy answered.

All of a sudden I got nervous. My first thought was that Allen was going to refuse to use Buddy’s slut, or worse talk Buddy out of this course of action all together.

“It means we’re going to have a great time fucking his hot wife.”

Dummy me. I should have known better.

“What if Billy gets pissed. He’s a big strong guy Buddy. I’m not sure that all three of us could take him.”

“Don’t worry about Billy. Billy’s a pussy cat. Don’t get me wrong he might get pissed. He might even leave the bitch, but he won’t fight. The worst that will happen is that he will never talk to me again. If Billy never associating with me again means that I can fuck that cunt,...” He said pointing to my pussy. “Well, I can live with that. Most likely though he will sulk for a while and then he will most likely just watch us fuck the shit out of her. Who knows he might just be a total wimp and I might make him lick our sperm out of her cunt when we’re through with her.”

“That seems like a pretty big risk Buddy.” Frank said.

Buddy smiled. “Cunt, go over to Frank and stick your ass in his face and spread your legs.”

I hesitated for only a second. When I got in front of Frank I turned my ass to him bent at the waist and kicked my leg out so wide I almost fell.

Both Frank and Allen gasped.

“Do you think that is worth the risk?”

Frank swallowed hard and nodded.

“Go ahead, touch her.” Buddy said

I looked back between my legs at my husband’s friend as he slowly reach out with a trembling hand and lightly ran his fingers over my butt cheeks. Then his fingers sought my pussy, he spread my labia and two fingers disappeared into my dripping hole.

“Now tell me that pussy isn’t worth putting up with whatever shit Billy tries.”

Frank leaned in and licked my asshole. I shivered and pushed my ass back at him.

“God dammed she’s hot.” Frank said to no one in particular.

To me it was clear my body wanted to play, but my mind was keeping me from enjoying the ride. So I turned my confused and conflicted brain off, because this was going to happen whether I wanted it or not.

Frank licked my pussy and asshole several more times until he got a hair in his mouth and he spit it out.

“I left that for you guys.” Buddy said magnanimously. “I thought you might enjoy whacking the hair off her cunt.”

“I want to fuck it first.” Allen said and tugged me over to him.

Frank complained. “Hey, I was eating that.”

“You can eat it when I’m through.”

“It’ll be all sloppy then.”

“Real men eat sloppy pussy.” Allen quipped back.

Frank grumbled good naturedly. “Ok then put her so she can blow me while you’re fucking her.”

Allen turned me around and said. “On your knees Lilly.” Then I heard him drop his pants not bothering to remove them because his shoes were still on his feet.

I got down on all fours and Allen pushed his dick into my soaked pussy and started sawing in and out. It felt great.

Then Frank disrobed and scooted his ass under me until his long cock hit me in the chin. I opened my eyes and slurped that white snake halfway down my throat. Franks cock was perfect for throat fucking. It was long, but not so fat that I couldn’t swallow it right down with hardly a gag.

I couldn’t see what Buddy was doing, but I heard him moving around. Then I caught a glimpse of him out of the corned of my eye. He had a video camera and was recording every gluttonous action I made while urgently banging and slobbering over the two cocks buried in my body. The camera excited me more and my body went into overdrive, doing everything I could to draw the sperm from these two men. In the space of only five or six minutes I had already had two climaxes and another was building.

Since I am on birth control I didn’t worry about pregnancy, but way deep in the back of my brain shame would rush to the forefront because of what effect my actions were having on my marriage and my relationship with my husband. As quickly as I recognized its arrival I banished it from my consciousness, then the thought struck me. ‘What if I wasn’t on birth control?’ That pushed my pending orgasm over the crest and all my muscles tightened. That triggered Allen, who yelled loud enough for Billy to hear at work. Then Frank unloaded down my throat. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to taste Franks cum, but then I thought ‘There’s always next time.’

Allen shuddered several times then he pushed me off of his cock and I fell forward on to Frank’s stomach, as I lay there waiting to regain my breath I began gently licking the sweat off of his abdomen. I heard Allen behind me taking his clothes off and I thought. ‘Good this isn’t over.’

Buddy handed the camera off to Allen and pulled a strait backed chair from the dining room into the living room and sat down on it.

“Get up and sit on this slut.”

Every time he called me a nasty name my insides did a little happy dance.

I hoisted myself up from the floor, faced him and straddled his legs. Then I lined his dick up with my pussy and reveled in the delicious feeling as it slid smoothly into my well lubricated cunt.

Buddy began sucking my tits and twisting the nipple that wasn’t in his mouth while I worked myself up and down on his prick.

Buddy leaned forward and whispered in my ear. “Now that you have my cock slick from your nasty cunt, pull it out and shove it up your ass.”

When he sat back he had a smirk on his face. The look seemed to be saying that he thought that I would rebel at this order.

I smiled back at him, rose up and realigned his dick so that it hit my asshole. I rubbed his sperm covered cock on my sphincter. Then I stuck him back in my cunt to lube him up some more. When I brought him back to my ass I pressed my bottom down slowly until the head slipped into my rectum. Once it was inside me I let go of his cock and bounced my ass down his pole until I was resting in his lap. It was tight and it hurt a little, but I was not about to refuse, even though it felt like he was stretching me a little more than Billy.

It felt so good to have his cock deep in my ass and when I started moving up and down his harry belly tickled my tummy. I lay my head on his shoulder and rhythmically fucked my rapist’s cock into my bowels. It was heaven, so much so that I wondered if I could still consider him a rapist. By now I was a willing participant. Could I really say he was raping me any longer?

Buddy twisted his fingers in my hair and pulled my head off of his shoulder and pressed his lips to mine. He kissed me forcefully and I returned his kiss as wanton as any teenager sucking face with her boyfriend.

I heard a noise and looked behind me. Allen was inches from my asshole with the camera. I didn’t know how long he had been there, but I would have bet my ass (funny I should say that) he got a shot of Buddy’s cock when it first slid up into my butt. I was already anticipating watching this video.

Buddy grabbed my butt cheeks and began moving me up and down faster and faster. He was so strong he was literally jacking off using my ass. He was picking me up and slamming me down as hard as he could. I tried to help, but I seemed to interfere more than helped. So I let my body go limp and he pounded me even harder. I felt like a rag doll with a log up her ass. When I saw that Buddy was about to lose it I tightened my asshole and that triggered my climax and I squirted all over him again. His belly and groin were awash with my pussy juice. The chair and the rug were soaked and Buddy was pumping his sperm deep into my bowels for the first time.

When he finished, I lay my head back on his shoulder and sighed. We just sat there and soaked in the post coital bliss. I saw Allen put down the camera and kiss the nap of my neck as Frank reached between Buddy and I and played with my tits.

Buddy told the guys to back off and instructed me to get everyone a beer. I got up and held my hands over my cunt and asshole to keep the cum from leaking out.

“Stop that. Let that shit run out of you. Sluts should have sloppy cunts after they have been fucked. I shrugged and let a river of cum fall out of my body. I rubbed my left hand that was full of sperm on my tits and my right went into my mouth and I licked it clean. I looked at the mess I was making and decided I could clean it up later. When I walked into the kitchen I almost slipped on the tile so I made a mental note to be a little more careful as I walked. I got four beers from the fridge and brought them back to the boys.

Allen and Fred were hard as rocks again. Buddy still sat in the wet chair his dick was soft and I wasn’t surprised. Billy was usually only good for one shot sometimes two, Buddy had already had lost his nut three times just this morning.

Buddy interrupted my train of thought. “Let’s go for a swim.”

I looked at Bud and wondered if I should say something. We had a tall wooden fence around our back yard, but many of our neighbors could see into our yard from their second story windows. I decided to risk it.

“Our neighbors can see, should we wear suits?”

“Nah, fuck’em, if they ain’t seen naked people by now it’s high time they did.”

I went and got towels leaving pecker tracks everywhere I went. My body felt great, serene and relaxed and still a little bit horney.

I didn’t like that everyone was going into my backyard naked, but Buddy was in control and I was not going to dispute his orders. What happens happens.

Buddy put the camera on top of the towels and I carried them out and placed them on the table next to the lounge chairs. All of the guys casually walked into the pool sipping their beers and I followed them. Allen and Frank immediately began to fondle my tits and pussy as Buddy leaned back against the pool wall and watched them play with me. I jacked their cocks and from time to time I would duck under the clear blue water and suck them into my mouth.

The cool water felt good against my skin and the areas that were normally covered when you are in the pool felt naughty being exposed.

Frank came up from behind me, grabbed my ankles and pulled my back against his chest. When he did this my crotch was exposed, frog like. Then he walked me over to one of the pool return jets and held my pussy in its pressure stream. It felt different, exciting different. My cunt flared open and the water rushed inside me. Part of the powerful water stream was hitting my clit and in only a minute or so I was coming.

Then he rotated me up until the water stream hit my asshole. It tickled at first until he brought my ass so close to the jet that he practically gave me an enema. Enough water got up inside me that I felt like I had to take a shit, so I told Frank to let me down before I turned the water brown. When he did I ran to the bathroom and expelled the water and Buddy’s sperm into the toilet. I put some pain ointment on my asshole because it was a little raw.

I got more beers and returned to the back yard. I was surprised when I saw our neighbor Jim talking with Buddy and the boys. I started to turn around and go back into the house when Buddy saw me and crooked his finger for me to come to him. My face went red but I followed instructions.

I handed everyone a beer and gave Jim mine. The slut always goes without if there is a shortage.

Jim and his wife have been our neighbors for three of the past four years that Billy and I have lived here. He has always been the perfect gentleman, even though I have caught him checking out my ass and looking down my top. Jim’s in his early fifties I guess. He’s a clean cut next door neighbor / accountant type. He’s thin, with greying hair at the temples and thick glasses that make his eyes look bigger than they really are. His wife is a nurse and works during the day. Jim works for the newspaper on the graveyard shift. I don’t normally see Jim this early in the day.

My neighbor did not seemed surprised that I was naked, nor did he seem uncomfortable standing fully clothed chatting with three naked men on lounge chairs.

Buddy said to me. “Jim happen to see us in the pool and came down to say hello, isn’t that nice of him.”

“Yes.” I said forcing a smile. I could see where this was headed and I was hoping that it wouldn’t turn into a train wreck. “Jim has always been a very nice man.” I was hoping to appeal to his morals and he would return to his home.

“Don’t you think you should ask Jim if he would like to join us for a swim?”

“Certainly.” I responded through gritted teeth. “Jim, won’t you join us for a swim.”

The entire time this conversation transpired Jim was ogling my body.

“Oh uh, yes ... yes of course, I’d love to, but I don’t have a swim suit, sorry.”

“That’s ok Jim.” Buddy offered magnanimously. “You’re among friends, just strip down to your birthday suit and use that. Right Lilly?”

“Shure, why not.” I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes. I don’t know why I even tried, When I saw him talking to Buddy I knew I was going to end up fucking him.

Jim kicked his loafers off and stripped his shirt over his head. Then he dropped his shorts and stepped out of them. I thought. ‘Doesn’t anyone wear underwear anymore?’ For an old guy Jim was in fairly good shape. He had a small roll of lose white skin around his waist. The main thought that ran through my head looking at Jim naked was ‘White.’ Jim’s skin was so white it hurt my eyes as the sun reflected off it. My neighbor’s dick was already hard as was everyone’s, even Buddy’s.

Buddy picked up the camera. “Lilly, my dear, you have guests to entertain.” Then he began directing my next sexual adventure. “Allen, pull the cushion off that lounge chair and lay it on the grass over there, then lay face up on it.” Allen did as instructed. “Lilly, straddle Allen and stick his cock in your cunt and sit down on it.” When I completed the task he told Frank. “Shove that skinny dick up her ass.”

Boy was I glad I put that ointment on my butt.

Frank hunched down behind me and worked every inch if that long cock up my ass. I felt full and that felt good. I almost couldn’t wait for the fucking to begin.

Buddy continued. “Jim, straddle Allen and feed her your cock. She loves cum, so giver her all you have.” Buddy laughed and yelled, “ACTION.”

I had never had two dicks in me at the same time, now I had three and it felt great. Especially the two south of the border, those two alone got my cum motor running. The one in my mouth was an added bonus, or should I call it an added boner.

Allen and Frank were really doing all the work, except for the blow job. I tried to move with them, but again I was creating more problems than I was solving. So I held my body as firm as I could and did that kegel thing off and on to tighten my muscles around their cocks. At least I did it whenever I could concentrate, because between Jim fucking my face and all the pleasure happening between my legs it was hard to stay focused on squeezing down on their dicks.

Whenever I did squeeze down I would cum and I would lose Jim’s cock from my mouth as the sensation wracked through my body. I didn’t need to worry about losing Jim’s dick. He was always there at the ready to shove it back into my mouth after I came.

Despite the interruptions, Jim came first and deposited some of the sweetest cum I have ever tasted into my mouth. It wasn’t a lot, but it tasted great. I held it in my mouth savoring the taste till it mixed completely with my saliva.

Jim staggered back and sat on one of the chairs. Allen and Frank were getting close to coming. With Jim’s cock out of my mouth I was able to focus on squeezing down on their pricks and that kept me busting nuts over and over. First Frank yelled and then Allen and together they filled my body with baby batter. I didn’t want them to pull out, but Frank had a cramp and Allen said we were crushing him. Sperm poured out of my holes as their cocks slipped from my body.

I heard Jim whisper something to Buddy, but I couldn’t tell what he said.

Buddy looked surprised, but told Jim, “Knock yourself out.”

I was kneeling on the lounge cushion trying to get my act together when Jim slid under me and pulled my pussy to his face. I felt his tongue probe both my ass and my cunt, sucking and slurping up the slimy mess. I was so sensitive that when he hit my clit I sprayed a whole mouthful of slime into his vacuuming oral cavity. No one has ever done anything like that to me and I was immediately in love with his mouth. I started humping his face and I rode the bridge of his nose dragging it over my clit time after time.

Every eight or tenth stroke I would cum on his face. After six or seven orgasms I fell over into the grass exhausted. Jim followed my spermy cunt and began lapping up cum like a dog chasing steak drippings.

You know how it feels when someone tickles you and won’t stop. What once was pleasurable turns to pain and you can’t catch your breath. That’s what Jim was doing to me. I was screaming for him to stop and kicking with my legs. Finally I was able to roll against the fence and curl up into a ball keeping my cunt covered so he couldn’t get at me.

Finally Jim realized I was upset and backed off. After I calmed down, he apologized and hung his head like a little puppy. I felt sorry for him and hugged him and told him it was ok.

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