by Dr Cumings

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Fiction Sex Story: Best friend of husband has an initial non-consensual encounter with husband's wife that quickly turns consensual. Future visits are welcomed by wife, but no one knows why the friend is visiting until he eventually calls to explain.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Reluctant   Fiction   Slut Wife   Pregnancy   .

(Fuck world is an alternate ‘time line’ just like ours but with one major exception, in fuck world there are no STD’s or aids or any other type of disease that might be harmful to a person that has sex with multiple partners who exchange bodily fluids.) Safe sex is an orgy in a bank vault.

Chapter 1 as told by Bill Williams

Greg Benjamin and I have known each other since fourth grade. We lived across the street from each other for almost eleven years when we were kids. We had been best buddies for almost all of that time. That’s why I can’t believe what he has done to my wife and I don’t even know why!

It was last Saturday I had come home early from my golf game because it rained us out on the fifteenth hole. We could have waited the shower out but Greg wasn’t there because he had to go to Miami for some kind of work function and the three of us were playing like shit anyway. So we just skipped the last three holes and headed home.

When I walked into the house I thought I heard crying, but I wasn’t sure. Then I heard my neighbor Mary saying “I don’t care if he’s Billy’s best friend you have to tell him Sally, he deserves to know.

Sally started to wail again as I walked into the kitchen and said. “Who deserves to know what?”

Mary jumped and stood nervously beside the chair she had been sitting in, Sally, head hung between her knees, just wailed even louder.

Mary was tying her fingers in knots and shifting from one foot to the other then suddenly she announced. “I’ll leave you two alone.” And before I could say anything she was out the back door.

Sally was doing that blubbery hickuppy thing that kids do as she was crying and it was breaking my heart.

“What’s wrong Sally? Why are you crying?” She didn’t look physically hurt, there was no blood or bruises visible. There was a small tear in the yellow summer dress that she had on, but I doubted that that would have made her weep like this.

She shook her head and burst up from the chair and bolted for our room. She hustled inside and locked the door behind her. I stood dumfounded at the door listening. I heard her throw herself onto the bed and began crying that much harder.

I could have jimmied the lock on the door, but I felt that if Sally wanted to talk now that she would have left it open in the first place. So if Sally wasn’t willing to talk then I knew someone that I was willing to make tell me what the fuck was going on.

I marched over to Mary and Kevin’s house and knocked on the back door. An extremely nervous Mary answered and let me in. “Kevin’s’ watching the Gators and LSU.” She stiffly announced.

“Fuck them.” I muttered behind gritted teeth. “Sally’s locked me out of the bedroom and is bawling her eyes out. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?” I hissed, trying not to alert Kevin yet not giving a fuck at the same time.

Mary closed the door between the kitchen and the living room. It’s not for me to say Billy. You will just have to wait till Sally is ready to talk.”

“The hell I will! You know why she’s crying and you’re going to tell me! NOW!” I shouted.

“Sssshh. You don’t want Kevin to know.” She paused, listening to hear if Kevin had been disturbed.

“Know what?” I demanded again. I knew Mary. There isn’t a secrete in the world that she can keep to herself more that fifteen minutes

“Ok, I’ll tell you. But you’d better sit down and keep quiet and trust me you aren’t going to want Kevin to hear.”

I sat in a chair in their breakfast nook and stared expectantly into Mary’s eyes. “You want a beer?” she asked. I shook my head no. “Well I need one.” she turned and opened the fridge, brought two beers to the table and shoved one at me as she sat heavily down.

I took the beer and popped it open and took a healthy swig.

Mary slowly looked up and locked eyes with me. “Bill, I need you to stay calm. Mary is not hurt. She’s embarrassed, and upset, but she’s mostly scared what you might do. So promise me that you will hear me out and not do anything stupid.

I glared at Mary.

Promise me Bill. She demanded.

I relented and said. “I promise.”

Mary took a deep breath. “Sally was raped by Greg.” Mary looked as though she was waiting for an explosion to go off.

I looked at her like she had lost her mind. “What?”

“Your friend Greg raped Sally this morning while you were playing golf.”

“Bullshit, Greg is in Miami this morning.”

“No! I saw him leave not thirty minutes before you came home. Sally called me crying right after he left. She couldn’t even tell me why she was calling she was sobbing so hard.”

“No fucking way, Greg would never do that.”

“Who do you believe?” Mary spat back at me. “Your asshole friend or your loving wife?”

“I ... I...” Nothing made any sense. My head felt like it was filled with mud. I couldn’t think.

I lifted the beer to my lips and I didn’t stop till it was empty, then I grabbed Mary’s unopened beer and drained it.

“Greg, raped my wife?”



“I don’t know and I doubt if Sally knows either. She said he just burst through the door, eyes wild as she described him. Then he ripped her dress over her head snatched her panties off and shoved her over the back of the couch and fucked her like there was no tomorrow.”

Mary got up and retrieved two more beers as I sat stunned, the only sound was the muted football game in the next room and the closing of the refrigerator door.

I don’t know if I was most disturbed by the betrayal of my friend or the anguish that my wife must be going through.

“I need to call the cops.” I blurted.

“No! Sally said no police.” Mary stood as if to block my path to the phone.

I reached in my pocket and pulled out my cell phone.

“Bill! You promised.”

“Calling the cops isn’t foolish.”

“It is until you’ve talked to Sally. You owe her that much. Just go over and knock on the door and tell her you know. If she doesn’t open up call me and I’ll come over.”

Chapter 2

I stood at our bedroom door. There was no sound inside.

Knock, knock. “Sally? Mary told me what happened. Open the door and let’s talk.”


“Sally! Mary stopped me from calling the police, but if you don’t open this door and talk to me I’m going to call them ... right now.”

I heard the lock turn and the door slowly swung open. Sally was standing there, head hung down tears making little splatters on the hard wood floor.

I stepped in and wrapped my arms around her. Her sobs burst forth with renewed energy. I picked her up and carried her to the bed. Her dress slid up to her waist and her sex was exposed to my eyes. Dripping and crusted with his sperm. When I lay her on the bed she quickly pushed the dress back down and looked up at me. I hoped that the shock didn’t show in my eyes, but I’m sure it did, because she broke into another wail and buried her face into the pillow.

Her anguish started me crying too and we were a mess lying there huddled together. For a long time we just lay there occasionally sobbing or sniffling. At one point we must have dozed off, because when I opened my eyes the sun was low in the sky.

My arm was numb from Sally laying on it so I moved it out from under her.

“Mary told you everything?” Sally asked sounding as though she had glass in her throat.

“She told me that Greg forced his way in and raped you over the back of the couch.”

“That’s all?”

“THAT’S ALL??” I said my voice rising. “THERE’S MORE??”

“Please Billy ... I don’t think I can do this if you are going to yell.”

I hauled in my shock and tucked it behind my fear and asked. “There’s more?”

“Billy, it was like he was someone else, someone that I had never seen before. It was like he was possessed. He hardly said a word the whole time. He just moved me like I was a child. Forced me into whatever position he wanted and did with me whatever he wanted.”

“Did he hurt you?”

“Not really. I’m going to have some bruises, especially on my breasts. He was kind of rough with me. He acted as if he had no regard for me or what I wanted. He just took what he wanted, how he wanted. If I didn’t move fast enough he threw me where he wanted me. You know how big and strong he is. I had no choice.

I did know how strong Greg was. Once he picked up the back of a Jeep so I could change the tire and he made look easy. Greg is a big man. Well over six foot. Sally was barely five foot two and weighed less than half of Greg’s weight. Then I thought of how big Greg was in the genital department and I wondered.

“Did he hurt you with his size?” I asked.

She knew exactly what I was talking about. “That first time over the couch hurt quite a bit ... at first.” Then she started crying again.

I thought she was crying at the memory of the pain. “Does it still hurt?”

“No, no. you don’t understand. I’m not crying because he hurt me. I’m crying because I got wet and orgasmed as he was FUCKING ME!” she screamed and began sobbing again. “I fucking came as he was raping me! And not just once either, I must have had eight orgasms before he left ... I’m so ashamed.”

The language was out of the ordinary for Sally. I don’t think I have ever heard her say the word fuck during out entire relationship. That surprised me as much as the revelation that she orgasmed during the rape, but I had read somewhere...

“I read somewhere that that is not all that uncommon. It’s a reaction of the body. You have nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Yeah, that’s what Mary said too, but it was more than that. It was exciting being taken like that. Just used like a piece of meat. A toy to be twisted and filled with his cock and his cum over and over. I have never had orgasms like that in my life ... Billy, when he finished with me I didn’t want him to go. I begged him to stay and fuck me again! I don’t deserve to be your wife. I love you, but I was a shameless slut for him.”

“You ... you enjoyed what he did to you?” I asked thoroughly confused.

“No ... I loved what he did to me. That’s why I don’t deserve to be your wife. If he comes back for more of my pussy I will give it to him freely. Actually I won’t give it to him he’ll have to take it, but I won’t resist.”

“But I love you Sally.” I said almost crying myself.

“And I love you too Billy and I love how you make love to me, but Greg didn’t make love. He fucked the shit out of me and my body craves what he did and my mind hangs in anticipation for that degradation again. I want more.”

But I don’t want to lose you. We have a good marriage and I don’t want to lose that either.”

“I guess that depends on if you can live with Greg’s slut.”

“What do you mean?’

“I still love you and our marriage is safe as long as Greg can have my body whenever he wants to use it. Can you do that Bill? Can you live with a whore for a wife?” Sally had stopped crying, but I could tell that she was very sad.

I was sure that she didn’t want me to leave her, but I don’t think she believed that I would continue to love her and live with her under those conditions and to tell you the truth I wasn’t very confident I could either.

What the hell got into Greg that he abused my wife like that? What reason could he have for acting the way he had?

“What did Greg say to you? Did he tell you that he wanted you to be his slut Sally?”

“No, he barely said a word he just grunted and groaned and he had this wild determined look in his eyes, but if he wants me, if he wants to use me I will do whatever he demands.”

“So you have no idea why he raped you this morning.”

“Not a clue, but after the first few minutes it was no longer rape. And like I said, I tried to get him to come back and fuck me some more because I was still horny.”

I looked down at my wife and the image of Greg’s fat cock pumping in her tiny pussy flashed through my mind’s eye and my dick began to rise. Sally saw my features change, then she noticed the bulge in my pants.

She leaned back against the head board and pulled the hem of her dress up to her belly button, exposing her sperm filled cunt.

“You wouldn’t be interested in sloppy seconds would you sweetheart?”

I didn’t even take my pants off. I just unzipped my fly, tugged my shorts to one side and sunk my cock into her slippery cream filled muffin. After dumping my first load we both got naked and screwed like rabbits for the next two hours.

Before falling asleep that night, I decided that I had to find my friend and find out what had gotten into him. There must be a rational explanation for his behavior and I was going to find out what it was.”

Chapter 3

That was last week and I have still been unable to find Greg, although he found Sally twice more since their first encounter and fucked her royally both times. Once was at home in our marital bed while I was at work. The other time he caught Sally in a drug store parking lot, forced her (She told she didn’t resist much if at all) into his car and took her into the woods and screwed her silly. (Sally’s words not mine) Then he hung her naked, legs spread, upside down from a tree.

When I got home that evening he had left a message on our answering machine telling me where she was, but gave no reason why. Sally believes he wants her pregnant, but just like the other times he has said nothing, explained nothing.

Every moment he avoids me only increases my ire.

Leaving her helpless in the forest bothered me even more. What if someone had found her and sexually abused her as well or worse beat her or murdered her.

What I didn’t know was that he didn’t leave her. He was hiding nearby making sure she was safe and not unduly upset.

Sally apparently, was far from upset. When I collected her she was happy to see me, but didn’t seem to have minded hanging upside down for an hour. Quite the contrary, she was far more interested in getting home so that we could have sex.

After making love she told me that, being abandoned in the forest was quite the adventure, except for the bugs. She didn’t like them too much.

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