Retriever in the Mist

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2016 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A former fleet marine accepts a job to find and bring a witness back. Besides the wild creatures of Mist there are bribed and crooked Peace Officers hunting them.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   .

At sixteen I managed to hack the enlistment comp system and get into the marines. Four years later I could admit that had been a dumb thing to do. I settled on the colony world of Mist and earned my license as a protector. Three months and I was bored silly. I had taken crash courses in the creatures and their biology on this planet and even had a run in with a lone Jacket.

The news this morning was all about the largest organized crime boss being arrested. According to the newies a witness watched him kill four men. I was attending a peace officer lecture being given by the commissioner. Of the dozen jobs since I had been here I had five that were considered grey because I had retrieved stolen items.

The peace commissioner walked in speaking on his comm and looking pissed. His eyes met mine and he stopped walking and talking before he cleared his throat, “prep a longbow and I will call you back.”

He walk to the table I was sitting at and pulled out a chair, “Mr Darnago are you free to accept a job?”

I blinked before I shrugged, “yes.”

He nodded, “I have a serious problem in my department. To be blunt I have corrupt peace officers.”

He took a breath, “a longbow with five people went down a thousand kilometers from here. We have sat confirmation of the site and comm communications with the two survivors, a woman and a girl. One is ... is a very important witness. I want you to jump in and bring them out.”

I pulled my comp and pushed it across, “show me the location.”

He turned it and brought up a sat location and pushed it back. I looked and nodded before I stood, “you pay the expenses and my fee?”

He nodded and I headed for the door, “tell your pilot we leave in an hour or as soon as I get there.”

First was a stop in a hunting supply store where I bought three short rifles with a brick of ammo which was a five hundred rounds. I bought three long barreled triangle shaped pistols that fired the same ten centimeter ammo. I bought long bush knives and a five meter float sled that was two meters wide.

I also bought rope, ever lights, cord, a couple of skinning knives, and small cleaning and tanning bots. I had three packs on the sled when I reached the port and was directed to the longbow. I ignored the peace officers arguing with an official as I carried everything aboard, “do you have the grav shroud?”

The crew chief nodded and I gestured, “lift.”

While we were in the air I loaded all the magazines for the pistols and rifles and repacked the three packs. I tied them together and secured them in the sled and put it on a long line tied to my waist. It was a couple of hours before I got the warning. I checked the shroud once more and moved to the door.

I watched the crew chief and shoved the sled out and jumped when he signaled. I let the sled go and activated the grav shroud. I could see where the longbow had crashed through the trees and guided the sled below me into and through the branches. I saw the scarlet flash of insects and turned in and to one side.

I landed on a branch and caught the weight of the sled. I struggled between holding it and the grav shroud before I was able to clip the rope to a branch. I knelt to look at the crash below and saw scarlet kings moving on and around it. They had broken into the cockpit but mostly they were after the large bronto the longbow had hit and killed.

I pulled up the sled to get at my pack and the rifle. I chambered a round and set the velocity to sub sonic. I began to shoot the insects in the head and one after another they dropped. When they stopped coming I relaxed and used a rope to lower the sled. I slung the rifle and climbed down and then pulled the sled around to the rear of the longbow.

I went around to the side and used the emergency access steps to climb to the hatch. I beat on it for a minutes before it opened and a young woman stared at me. I looked at her tiny skirt and see through top and high heels and hoped the girl was not dressed like that. I gestured her back and climbed in.

The teenage girl was dressed in bright colors and very similar to the woman. I shook my head and turned, “wait here.”

I climbed down and started skinning the scarlet kings. I put all but three on the top of the sled and carried a pack and the three pelts back. I climbed into the wreck and gestured to the woman, “collect all the bottles of water you can find.”

She nodded as I set everything down and gestured to the girl, “strip and come here.”

She blinked and looked towards the woman as I started rolling out the first pelt. I sighed, “we need to leave before more scarlet kings come.”

She moved towards me and stripped and I used a cloth tape as I began to measure. I knelt and measured the pelt and marked it before I used a sonic cutter. I moved the remaining hide and pulled out the cleaning bots, “watch them.”

I lifted her foot and placed it on the remaining section of hide and marked the print. Next was the toe and then the side and heel. I measured for leggings and finally moved the cleaning bot. I started the tanning bot and looked at the woman holding a blanket full of bottles. I nodded and gestured to another chair, “strip.”

I worked quickly but it still took an hour before I finished the long dresses and the calf high mocs. I had used buttons from the seats for the dresses but left them open from below their crotch so they could walk. I started to carry everything out when I heard the scarlet kings. If that was not bad enough I heard another transport.

I shut the door and thought before I headed towards the back. I pulled up the cargo area hatch and climbed down and turned to help the girl and woman. I headed towards one of the rear cargo hatches and heard shooting and a scream. There was a lot more shooting and another scream and I cracked the hatch.

I peered out and down and saw a man in a combat harness firing under the longbow. I hesitated before I pulled the pistol and aimed. I squeezed the trigger and the man’s head exploded. I shoved the hatch open and jumped and turned. I caught the girl and then the woman who was still clutching her blanket of water bottles.

I pushed them towards the sled and followed while looking for other men or scarlet kings. I shoved the pack of bots into the sled and switched on the gravs. I started walking and pulling the sled and the girl and woman followed as we heard another scream. A few moments and we were hidden and walking through fern like bushes.

I walked carefully with my rifle up and ready. The world around us calmed with only the sounds of the forest. Several hours and I stopped at a shallow stream to fill all the water containers we had. I used a rope thrower to send lines up and over four branches. I connected them to the sled and pulled out rations.

I filled the small tank in the tiny micro reactor at the back of the sled and set up the tent. I started the cleaning bots on the pelts and then the tanning bots. After the pelts were done we went to the bathroom. As it began to get dark I pushed them into the tent and then I inflated the airbed that filled the floor and covered it with all the pelts.

I gestured to the woman and girl and they crawled in. I knelt in the sled and started the four auto winches and the sled was lifted up and into the air. I had to make a few adjustments to keep us level before I locked the winches and shut down the reactor. I stripped and set everything inside the tent and crawled in and sealed the door.

It was tight and I gestured to the dresses and sat cross legged. I used a ever light and they gasped as whole areas of fur flashed and burnt away. I grinned as I removed all the scarlet fur until only the brownish leather was left. I left the fur on the mocs but made them take them off. I started to lay down on one side and the girl cleared her throat, “my name is Amber.”

The women smiled, “Nora.”

I nodded, “Kent Darnago.”

I started to lay down again and Amber cleared her throat, “would you mind fucking me?”

In the dim light I saw her blush and Nora giggled, “while you are at it I would not mind one or two.”

I looked at her and then moved over her and then over Amber. I settled between her legs and gave her a kiss, “have you done it before?”

She put her arms around me, “yes.”

I lifted and pushed into her and then held her as she sucked in a breath. I waited and she groaned and shivered and I pulled back and started to fuck her. I pushed all the way into her and began to grind and her tight pussy clenched as she clutched me, “ooohhhh!”

Her hips lifted as I continued to fuck her and bury my cock. A couple of minutes and she was breathing hard and shuddering. She stiffened and then began to jerk and twist, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I pressed and rubbed as her pussy kept grasping and when she relaxed I started to fuck her again. She came several times and finally I was fucking her hard and deep and shoved into her. She was thrashing and bucking as I held her and spewed cum into her, “FUCK!”

When I was finished I relaxed and gave her a kiss, “nice ride.”

She grinned and I pulled out and moved towards Nora. She rolled and went to her knees but kept her head and shoulders down. I felt her pussy as she spread her knees more and then sank my cock into her. She shivered and pushed back as I buried my cock. I held her hips and pulled back to start fucking her.

I used deep thrusts and it was not long before she was panting and shaking. Her slippery pussy kept clenching and grasping my cock. She clutched the furs and began to jerk away and shove back, “aaaahhhh!”

I used firm thrusts and tried to get deeper and she started to spasm and her knees went wider, “yyyeeeessss!”

Finally I was pounding her pussy and she was almost laying down with her hips tilted. I buried my cock while she writhed around and struggled. I pumped thick spurts of sperm and she jerked as her pussy tightened, “YES!”

When I was done I let her sag to the bed as she tried to catch her breath. I moved towards Amber who was rubbing her leaking pussy. The night was full of noise until after midnight when the thick mist came in. It was like a blanket that sent everything to bed or into hiding. It was early morning when I snapped awake to the sound of a transport flying over us.

I shifted out from under Amber and Nora and got dressed. I opened the tent to look out but the mist was so thick I could not even see the edge of the sled. I sat in the door and relaxed as I listened to the world through the mist. Thirty minutes and I heard someone swear. I shifted and moved half out and laid down to look over the edge and down into the mist.

Of course I could not see anything but I could hear men moving around. One swore again a little later and someone else hissed, “they are here damn it. Spread out and find them.”

I shook my head and kept listening. Noise in the mist was not a good idea. It brought insects that hunted by sound and with all the noise they were making something would come. It was awhile before I heard a man curse, “where the...”

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