Damsels in Need - Karen

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: He meets Karen in the supermarket on a Friday afternoon. She is much younger than him but still smiles at him whilst shopping. They meet again in the car park when he hears her old car finally expire. He offers her a ride home, and she offers him dinner. and dessert afterwards.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Size   .

Grant was doing his end of week shopping at his local supermarket when he came across her in the bakery section choosing a tasty cheesecake. She smiled at him, and he smiled back thinking “I know that face from somewhere”.

She was a petite young lady - he estimated her to be late twenties. Short curly dark hair framing a rounded face, with a nice body - not too thin or fat - just a great little body.

They crossed paths a few times in the supermarket aisles. She checked out before him - he saw her leaving the store as he exited the checkouts. He caught up with her in the car park, finding that he was parked in the row behind her.

She had just closed her drivers door when he started to load up his car boot with his purchases.


Grant spun around to find the source of the noise, finding a cloud of smoke coming from under the bonnet of her car. He grabbed the fire extinguisher that he kept in his car and rushed over to her car, finding that a small engine fire had started. He got her out of the car quickly before he extinguished the fire.

A few minutes later, they surveyed her car finding a pool of oily water on the road underneath.

“I think it’s terminal” he suggested, trying to cheer her up. She laughed and responded with “It’s all fine ... my new car will be available for pickup on Monday morning. This one was destined for the scrap yard anyway”.

They chatted for a few minutes during which time they made their introductions. She was Kate, 28 years old and currently single, having not long ended a long term relationship. He was surprised to learn all this in such a short conversation.

Grant offered to drive her and her shopping home - an offer that she accepted, making a counter offer of dinner at her place.

This is the story from Grant’s point of view of what happened after dinner at Kate’s place.

“You don’t remember me do you?” she asked as she sat on my lap, rubbing her nice rounded breasts all over my face, teasing my lips occasionally with her hard little dark pink nipples.

I was stumped by her question but that was the least of my concerns given that she was naked except for a tiny pair of lacy panties, and my 55 year old cock was trapped within my trousers under her firm shapely ass.

“No I’m sorry” I sheepishly admitted “I can’t remember you ... was I nice to you?” I asked hoping that I hadn’t made a fool of myself with her.

She kissed me again, slipping her little tongue between my lips to play with mine.

After a couple of minutes she broke the kiss and sat back. She helped me remove my shirt before hugging me again pressing our bare chests together.

“Please tell me ... where I know you from” I asked her.

She then proceeded to tell me. It all came back to me when she explained where we had met and the circumstances. She was a young 18 year old at the time.

We had worked in the same building 10 years previously. I had been working very late. I thought that I was there on my own but I was surprised to find her still there. Seeing her struggling with the photocopier, I had helped her when she was getting very frustrated with her inability to print a secured document. Failure to print it and deliver it to her boss’s desk before she left for the day had the potential to get her ass kicked.

We never actually crossed paths again. She went on holidays the next day and I moved to another building. Today was the first time that I had seen her again ... and boy had she changed into a mature little beauty.

“I owed you heaps for helping me ... and I never knew your name to get back in touch” she explained. Deciding to leave the rest of the story for later, I drew her back into another passionate kiss with my hands wandering all over her soft skin, including her nice shapely ass. After a few minutes we broke lip contact to catch our breaths.

“Let’s get more comfortable ... the bedroom is that way” she said pointing to the area behind me.

Karen sat patiently on the edge of her massive bed, waiting for me to finish undressing. I was down to just my undershorts when she said “Stop ... I want to remove them”. I expected that she was curious as to what was causing the massive tenting of my shorts.

I stepped forward to be within reach. She ran her small hand over the front of my shorts, feeling the length and thickness of my shaft.

“Wow ... what are you hiding in here?” she asked with a big smirk on her face.

She slipped her fingers into the waistband of my shorts and slowly pulled them down, the band catching on my cock for a moment before it popped free.

“Fuck that’s huge ... and nice too” she commented sliding her hand along the length of my shaft.

She studied it intently for a short time, using her hand in what looked like an attempt to measure its length.

“Its about 10 inches I’d say” she commented looking up at me before sliding the head of my cock into her hot little mouth. She swirled her tongue around and around the head before bobbing back and forth on the top few inches.

I’d had a fair few blowjobs in my life, and to be honest this was one of the better ones, with Kate being very gentle but enthusiastic. I just stood there enjoying her attentions, and her attempts to swallow my long fat cock. I was surprised at how much she was actually able to swallow. I’m not a quick shooter so she wasn’t in any immediate danger of getting a mouthful of cum.

After a few minutes I suggested that she scoot back on the bed and give me an opportunity to return the favour. I love eating pussy, and I’m sure that under her flimsy panties that there was an amazing source of pleasure.

Karen moved back onto the bed, legs together at the moment making my task of removing her panties just a little easier. Pulling them down slowly revealed a clean shaven pubic mound, with a nice set of pussy lips waiting for my attentions.

I raised the panties to my face, finding them soaking wet and smelling wonderful.

“I love your smell ... and I’m sure you will taste amazing”.

She spread her legs, giving me a wonderful view of the slight parting of her lips and the wetness that has gathered between them.

“Beautiful ... just beautiful” I murmured before planting my face against her mound, my lips to her nether lips just in advance of my tongue foraging between them seeking her tangy juices. I found an abundant supply ... and they did taste amazing.

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