Our Holiday in Yorkshire

by lucyB

Copyright© 2016 by lucyB

Erotica Sex Story: John and Lisa holiday in Yorkshire, on the spur of the moment take a walk in the woods.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cuckold   Wife Watching   First   Oral Sex   Squirting   Voyeurism   Hairy   .

We were on holiday in Yorkshire, Wensleydale to be precise. We’d hired a cottage and used it as our base to discover this lovely part of the country.

After visiting a few ancient monuments and taking a whole day to see York we decided to take it easy this day and drive around some of the quainter villages and just chill out. We left a village having had lunch there in a small pub and drove for about fifteen minutes when I saw a sign for a nature walk.

“Did you see that, Lisa?” I said quickly looking in my rear-view mirror and seeing no one behind me put my foot on the brake.

“No I didn’t, what was it?”

“A nature trail of sorts, shall see what it’s about?”

“If you like but I’m not really dressed for walking today,” she advised as I reversed the car back and drove into a small car park.

We both got out the car and strolled over to the signage board.

“It’s a walk through some woods, Hackfall Wood it’s called. What do you think?” I asked, “Shall we go and see what it’s like?”

“As I said I’m dressed for walking in the woods,” she replied seriously.

I looked her up and down; she was wearing trainers with a short creamy colour skirt and light brown blouse that had poppers instead of buttons. I thought she would be okay. “Look the pictures here indicates it’s not a heavy-going kind of walk lets go for it.” I urged.

Lisa looked at me then at the pictures on the signboard, “Oh alright then.”

“Good I’ll go get me camera and lock up the car.”

We set of walking along a wide track made by the tractor of the local farmer. At the bottom of this was the start of our walk. With a copy of the trail walks through the wood, we turned right here and set off.

After a good hike, we came to the first of half a dozen Follies built during the first conversation work in tidying up Hackfall Wood.

I read this aloud to Lisa, “ ... this was in the 1700’s and started by a man called William Aislabie. After many different owners, each making their own mark on the wood finally came into the hands of the Woodlands Trust in 1987. All the past work is what we are seeing today with several of the folly buildings listed as Grade II. Hackfall is registered – Grade I on the English Heritage “Register of Parks and Gardens of Historic Interest”.

“Blimey the Victorians must have loved this,” she replied.

“Come on let’s take a few photos and move on.”

Lisa posed in front of the folly known as the Banqueting House and I took several photos, then we moved on.

After a hundred yards or so, the trail started to descend down into the valley and woods. Here a small area cleared of the overgrowth enabled you to observe the view. It was at this point you realised just how high you were and how beautiful the wood was.

“Gosh look at the view,” Lisa exclaimed, “And over there look, a castle!” The surprise in her voice made me turn away and look in the direction she was pointing.

“We’ll have to find that place won’t we?” I asked as she turned back onto the trail and headed off.

I followed.

As we descended further into the wood, Hackfall began to reveal its treasures. As the trees grew denser, so the sun become less intense and it became cooler. Other than the birds, singing in the trees there was no rumble of traffic and you became aware of other sounds. However, the quietness was what really got to you, the tranquillity of the woods pulled you in and you began to appreciate its existence.

We followed the track left and it continued down, after several hundred yards the trail forked. Here we consulted with the map we’d picked up in the car park.

“The way to the Medieval Castle is this way,” I said pointing to the map. From where we were standing the trail sloped back up again.

“I don’t really want to walk up again,” Lisa said looking over my shoulder, “What’s down the other way.”

“It looks like it its part of the river, come on then we’ll go that way, there’s a shorter route up from there.”

So, we took the left fork and continued down. The ground to our right now suddenly dropped away into a tight gorge and we could hear the sound of running water. The gorge looked deep and I wondered how long it would take to get to our next destination.

I was beginning to enjoy myself. The woods were lovely, not too overgrown and one could see through the trees in most places. At present, the only place where the growth was dense was on the side of the gorge, as we couldn’t see down to the bottom.

Fifteen minutes later the path turns gently down to bring us into a large open area that would probably be a large water fall during the winter months or when there is a lot of heavy rain. However, as it was June and the local area hadn’t had any rain for weeks the falls were quiet, just a trickle of water ran along its well-cut path towards the river proper.

As we walked down to the water’s edge, I surveyed the area and it really was beautiful. There wasn’t much sunlight and when I took my first photo, I found I had to open the aperture up quite a bit to get a shot.

Looking around the area, I saw two men sitting on a bench cut out of the rock to our right. Lisa was looking for the path that would lead us to the Castle. Looking at one of the men, who was drinking beer from can, I saw him look Lisa up and down and it was clear he liked what he saw.

The man nudged his mate who was sitting next to him and says something. His mate looked at Lisa and he nodded with approval.

I went over to Lisa who was looking at the map.

“There’s a trail leading up from according to the map, but I can’t see it,” she said.

I looked along the stream to see some stepping-stones placed across it that led to some rather precarious looking steps leading up the side of the gorge.

“I think that’s it over there,” I said pointing the way.

“Bloody hell John I’m not going up there dressed like this. And look at the state of the steps they’re covered in green slime.”

I had to agree with her, the route did look rather slippery and dangerous. “Okay come on we’ll go the long way up. We’ll see more anyway.”

We set off following the stream. The trail was to the left of the stream and as we walked so the overgrowth slowly hid the stream from us. The sound of water was never very far away though. For quite some time, we followed the path when we spotted two female walkers heading towards us on another path further to our left, a path we didn’t know was there. They soon passed, never taking a second glance at us as we continued to follow our narrow trail.

The sound of water began to grow, it was obvious that the river was further up the trail, yet the overgrowth here grew thicker until we walked down sharply onto the dry riverbed. The main river was further over and I took several photos of the sun glinting off the water. I also found a small waterfall running over the edge of the bank and into a pool and then it flowed over and into the river proper. With a slow shutter speed, I got a nice shot of the water looking like soft white cotton running over the stones, nice.

Turning around I saw Lisa had decided to move on, following the trail to our right and taking us across the small stream and now followed the river with it being on our left. The path was easy going and well used, we covered a lot of ground in a short time. In addition, the path was gently ascending.

We followed the river for a good thirty minutes when the trail turned right and made a sharp rise upwards. As we turned I looked back over my shoulder, back down the trail. It was all clear it looked as though we were the only people in the woods. I stopped for a second feeling the solitude and the quietness of it all – it felt really good. I looked back once again, scanning through the trees when I suddenly saw one of the men who was sitting on the bench back at the stream.

I moved on and caught Lisa up. We walked on still ascending the side of the hill. After a while, I wanted to find out if they were still following so while walking I took my camera out of its carrycase and then stopped standing sideways to the path and pretended to adjust the settings.

As I did this, I look back the way we had come. There they were trying to hide behind a large tree.

Again, I walked on and caught up with Lisa.

“Blimey John how much further do we have to go?” asked Lisa as we came to a large clearing. Here the trail went straight on. However, there were some steps cut out of the side of the hill, these looked freshly laid. I knew straight away that we had to go up the steps.

“Don’t know sweetheart, but the way is still up,” I replied pointing to the steps.

“Bloody hell I’m knackered,” Lisa exclaimed, “All this climbing is making my legs ache.”

I looked at her to see the sweat on her brow.

“How much further do you think it is?”

“Don’t know, the map doesn’t tell us either. We’ve done a fair bit as it is do you want to turn back?”

Lisa thought a moment, “No we’ve come this far, let’s go on. I know I’m tired but I am enjoying it,” with a smile, she turned and started up the steps.

There must have been a hundred steps because by the time we got to the top we were both panting. We both stood at the top catching our breath. Lisa took a few steps away breathing rather heavily, “God, that was hard work,” she exclaimed between gasps of air and looking further up the path.

While trying to get my own breathing under control I actually looked back down the steps to get some idea of how high we’d come. I found a view over the trees looking across the wood. I thought about taking a photo only to see the two men coming up the steps.

Forgetting the photo, I joined Lisa, her face was still red from the exertion of the climb but she smiled and we went on.

Thoughts went through my mind: thoughts of exposing Lisa to those men. I’ve had these thoughts before and tried to get Lisa to do things but she wanted nothing to do with it. For many years, I’d wanted to her to dress seductively or show a stocking top here or a part of a breast there. This always made me horny as hell but in the end, the ideas remained a fantasy. Nonetheless, there was now an opportunity to try something and try I might.

As we walked away from the steps I was trying to formulate a plan, nothing realised so I just stepped in front of her and took her into my arms.

“What are you doing,” she grumbled.

Her voice almost made me stop, but I went in and kissed her. I gave her a warm soft kiss, and as I was doing this, I looked back towards the steps. Sure enough, the two men came into view, their heads just above the last step. They were watching us kissing. I never said anything to Lisa, just kept kissing.

She liked the kiss and gave a quiet moan of pleasure when I put both hands on her arse. My own lust was getting the better of me and I took things a step further. As I kissed her, I gently raise her skirt high enough to expose her knickers to the two men. From their position, they had a good view of her covered arse. Then after a few seconds, I dropped the skirt, grabbed her hand and, giving her no option but to follow me, walked on. I didn’t want her to see those men; all hell would break out if she did.

“Blimey what was all that about?” Lisa asked.

“Nothing, I just fancied a kiss that’s all.”

“You haven’t kissed me like that for years?”

“Is that so,” I replied, “Well maybe it’s about time I started doing it more often.”

“I’m up for that, Christ John if you kept that up you’d have got me wet.” Lisa smiles warmly her eyes full of lust.

Now I hadn’t seen that look for a long time and wondered if I’d started something I was going to like.

We followed the path both sides were full of overgrowth. It was only a short section and as it came to end, I made my next move. I stepped in front of her and kissed her again. As I pulled her in close, so she pushed her mound again my groin. This was a sure sign from Lisa that she liked what I was doing.

A few seconds into the kiss, I put my hands on her arse again and straight away lifted her skirt up at the back and held it high. I was exposing my wife’s knickers to the world, more specifically to the two men who were now hiding behind some of the overgrowth. Brazenly I lifted the skirt slightly higher so that they got a real eyeful of her.

Again, I broke away.

Lisa seemed reluctant to let me go. She never commented about me raising her skirt, and I’m sure must have felt the cooler air on her thighs.

We walked on.

The path was rising again and was taking us ever higher. It narrowed and we ended up walking in single file. I looked at Lisa’s arse as she walked ahead; knowing two strangers had just seen her knickers and bare thighs. It was exciting to know that she knew nothing of it. I wanted more of the feelings in my cock, driven by that muscle hanging between my legs and lust filling my brain.

After a while, I turned to her again, pulling her to me and kissed. This time though she was ready and pulled away to looked at me questioningly.

“What... ?” I asked smiling.

“What’s got into you?” she asked her face puzzled. She looked away down the path to see nothing then looked back at me.

“Nothing’s got into me. All this fresh air is making me feel horny that’s all. Just wanted to kiss you, don’t you want me to?”

“Don’t be silly. I don’t get kisses like that these days. I’d better make the most of it.”

“It can be arranged you know,” I replied taking her hand and setting off again.

I was beginning to enjoy this. I had a semi hard on knowing I’d exposed my wife’s arse. I was practically shacking with lust and the feeling churning over in my stomach gave me one huge sexual high. My mind was full of explicit details, images of Lisa standing there holding her skirt up exposing herself to strangers. It was obvious the kisses were doing their job of making Lisa horny and if I could get her up there in the clouds, I might be able to do more.

Periodically I looked back over my shoulder and found the same two men following us. Again, I took her into my arms. This time she eagerly responded to my advance and pushed her tongue into my mouth.

Lisa groaned, this told me I was on the right track and she was becoming hot I maintained the kiss and at the same time looked back along the path. I didn’t waste any time and place my hands on her arse and lifted her skirt.

This time while holding her skirt up I put my hand down into her knickers and squeezed her cheek, taking a firm grip of some naked flesh.

My heart was in my mouth when the two men appeared walking towards us. They continued to walk closer until they were just twenty feet away and stopped not bothering to hide this time.

Lisa liked what I was doing to her and I became bolder. As I caressed her arse cheek, I tried to gently slide her knickers down. My heart beat hard in my chest and it hurt, it felt as if I’d done a marathon but her knickers were having none of it so I gave up, removed my hand, and let the skirt fall back into place. I broke the kiss and taking her hand moved off again.

Lisa was panting with desire; her face was flushed red; she was on a sexual high of my making and would soon want release.

Lisa didn’t look back, thank God, as the men were plainly standing there watching. We continued to walk hand in hand for a while longer and then Lisa looked back down the path.

I waited anxiously her response and when nothing came I looked back to find the path clear. The trail we were on was relatively straight, you could see right back to the steps, and yet there was no one there. In one respect I gave a mental sigh of relief as Lisa was still unaware of what I’d done, on the other hand I felt a bit deflated, now that they were gone I couldn’t continue with the show.

“You have got me all hot and horny John,” she said as she moved forward due to the path narrowing further.

“Have I?”

“Yes, you bloody well know you have.”

“So what do you want me to do about it?” I asked.

“I don’t know wait until get back to the cottage I suppose.”

I looked back once again just to make sure, and no, they weren’t following us anymore.

“Can you smell the wild garlic?” Lisa asked completely changing the subject.

“Yes, it’s what keeps the mozzies away.”

“Good job, I’d be bitten to death by now!”

“We could always have a bit of nookie here in the woods,” I suggested, wondering what sort of response I was going to get.

“I don’t know about that; I mean what if someone were to see us?”

“If you’re that horny I don’t think it’ll matter if we had an audience.”

“Yes it would. I don’t want people to see me having sex. Besides they might want to join in.”

I chuckled, “Well they might, and it could be fun,” I replied, “Let’s face it you’re one hot lady if it were me I’d want to shag you.”


We negotiated some very steep steps and then a path just as steep. I looked about to see we were nearly there, I could see the structure through the trees just above us.

Here the woods gave way to the overgrowth. Brambles, fern, small bushes and saplings were all vying for the same piece of ground.

Lisa walked on a few yards and stopped, “The path leads up but it’s all overgrown,” she was looking up at the building and went on, “It doesn’t look much.”

I stood next to her and looked up and had to agree with her, “I’ll go and have a look, might as well since we’ve come all this way.”

It was just a tower. One side looked over the wood while the other farmland. The place looks like a medieval ruined castle tower with two entrances, large arched doorways that stood opposite each other. While windows looked out at various angles across the wood and farmland in the middle of the tower sat a stone dais or bench to sit on. Put there for you to rest after the strenuous walk to get there.

I took a couple of photos and then Lisa appeared. She stood in the doorway and I took her photo.

Lisa entered, “God that was a walk and a half wasn’t it,” she said as she went to the bench and sat, “I’ll sleep tonight that’s for sure.”

“We’ve got to get back to the car don’t forget.”

“Yes I know but at least most of it is downhill.”

I put my camera into its case and set it down beside the bench where I joined Lisa.

“It’s not that impressive, is it?” she asked after a short silence.

“No, but it wasn’t supposed to be, sweetheart. Look at it this way, they are just points of reference while out walking, exercising, so you have a place to aim for rather than just walking aimlessly about the wood. Makes the walk a little bit more interesting I suppose.”

“Well exercising is what we’re getting today.”

I pulled her close and kissed her, Lisa pulled away and looked at me, “You going to kiss me like you did earlier?” she asked quietly almost hesitantly.

“I might, do you want me to?”

“It was nice. You haven’t kissed me like that for years.”

“Haven’t I.”

“No and I’ve thought about it, it’s more like before we were married.”

Typical, women always have the memory!

“I’m sorry about that maybe I should make up for lost time.” I leaned in and placing a hand on the back of her neck pulled her close and kissed her like before. Lisa groaned sliding her tongue into my mouth. She put a hand on my thigh and gently caressed me. My lust was growing again. The thought of shagging Lisa here in the folly really got to me. I put a hand on her tit and gently kneaded the soft flesh.

Again, I heard a soft groan of pleasure. A good sign I was getting to her.

My cock grew and there were a million butterflies buzzing around in my stomach as I moved my hand from her tit to her thighs. I then put my hand up her skirt and massaged her mound.

Another groan of pleasure, she didn’t move my hand away either.

This was it. I was going to fuck my wife out in the open. Something we’ve never done before. Somehow, Lisa had let her inhibitions go, maybe it was my kissing, I’d like to think so, or maybe she just liked the idea of doing it out in the open, who knows. Yet there I was slipping a finger under the hem of the leg of her knickers and touching her sex.

Boy, was she wet.

My finger glided over her sex lips with ease. I found her clit and gently rubbed it sending shivers through body. Then I managed to work my hand into her knickers and slid two fingers into her extremely wet cunt. Lisa was that wet that my fingers just slipped in up to the hilt in one.

Lisa open her legs giving me much better access, so I started to finger fuck her there on the bench for anyone to see. However, I had other ideas. Taking my fingers out of her cunt, I stood up pulling her up with me. She stood there looking at me her eyes full of apprehension, her face flushed with sexual excitement.

“Turn round, Lisa and bend over,” I quietly ordered.

She did.

I took out my cock and lifted up her skirt. I slipped her knickers half way down her thighs then pushed into her. Hell, she was hot and really wet. My cock, like my fingers, slid into her cunt like a red-hot poker through butter, it was to the hilt gently but swiftly, God did she feel good.

Lisa groan in ecstasy.

I was fucking her out in the open in a public place. Lisa was moaning, then all of a sudden she pushed back against me, “Oh yes,” she gasped, “I’m going to come, don’t stop.”

It hadn’t even been a dozen thrusts, “You going to come on my cock Lisa?” I asked.

“Huh huh, I’m nearly there!”

I continued to fuck her when movement caught my eye. Looking to my left, I saw through the window a man. He stood in the window watching me thrust into my wife with a huge grin on his face.

My mind was in turmoil. All of a sudden, I began to realise that we could be in a precarious situation if things got out of hand. However, my lust was in control and drove me on. I slowed my pace and gently thrusting into my wife while I evaluated our situation.

For a long time, I’d visions of watching Lisa take another man. I’ve never masturbated over it but I’ve certainly thought about it while shagging her. The more I thought about our situation the more I wanted to take this opportunity to realise my fantasy.

Would it work?

Do I allow this to go further, I thought, as my lust formulated a plan?

What would Lisa do if I called him over?

The visions in my head were so overwhelming. I could picture it as my hunger for this voyeuristic scenario pulsed in my brain. With lust in control and my head swimming with sexual expectation, I looked over to the man and signalled to him to be quiet and come over. At the same time, I gently continued to thrust my cock into my wife’s cunt.

He came and stood beside me.

That’s when my heart sank.

The man was a tramp. He was possibly in his late fifties. But who could tell with his long messy ginger beard that had small pieces of past meals still stuck to it. He smiles at me then turned to stare at where my cock kept disappearing into Lisa.

Then the smell hit me like a sledgehammer. The tramp smelt as if he’d just walked out of a cesspit. He knelt close to Lisa’s arse and took a closer look at my cock sliding in and out. Getting up he took his cock out and started wanking, it was slightly longer than mine but not by much. He never took his eyes of her hairy cunt and we both could see her wetness on my cock.

I stood there fucking Lisa and thought about getting out of this predicament I’d now got myself into – I mean a tramp!

However, I drew a blank on this one, either way I was going to get in the neck.

My lust, though, was still in control. I still wanted to see my wife fucked. To make my fantasy a reality a real-life experience.

It was then Lisa made a groan of pleasure and started fucking back at me. Then her body shook her knees bent several times bouncing up and down. Then her legs went ridged as she came on my cock, her first climax outside the house – bloody fantastic.

With my heart in my mouth I took my cock out of her cunt and rubbed it a couple of times along her slit. Lisa moaned in pleasure as her orgasm slowly subsided

The tramp never took his eyes of Lisa’s hairy cunt. Both of us could see the wetness on my cock and Lisa’s bushy minge, I stood back as I grabbed the man and pulled him over to stand were I was standing.

The transition was quick and it appeared Lisa hadn’t noticed. The guy stood there looking at Lisa’s exposed hairy arse unsure of what to do next. I realised that if he didn’t do it now Lisa would think I’d finished and stand up.

I quickly leaned in and whispered into his ear, “Go on shove it in her – fuck her.”

Still looking over his shoulder, I watched as he placed his cock between her minge flaps. There he waited for a few seconds with the tip of his cock just inside her. I could clearly see her pubic hair caressing his cock and her inner flaps resting on his nob end, then without further ado, he slid into my wife.

All the way he went until he started to hit her thighs.

Although I couldn’t see I knew he had his cock deep in Lisa’s cunt and up until then she still thought it was me. He then pulled slowly back while looking directly at me, we made eye contact and I knew this was for my benefit as he then shoved straight back in with some force.

Lisa gasped; I’d never fucked her as hard as that before.

The man was fucking her. I was finally watching a complete stranger fuck my wife. I knew nothing of him not even his name yet here he was with his cock up her cunt fucking her.

What a sight.

Taking a few steps back I watched my lovely wife bent over and holding onto the bench for dear life. This stranger, tramp, was banging away at her cunt. The angle was perfect I could see his cock going in and out and her cunt lips sliding along his shaft.

Then Lisa moaned. Great, I thought, he might bring her off. She was now pushing back on his cock matching his thrusts. I leaned in and whispered in his ear again, “Keep going you might bring her off.”

He grunted and continued to fuck into her cunt.

At that moment, she blurted out, “Yes, don’t stop John, I’m nearly there darling!”

Darling, she really thinks it’s me fucking her; my God this is bloody fantastic. The tramp, hearing this speeded up. He started to pound her cunt for all he was worth. Lisa was now moaning constantly and pushing back in time with her lover. It must have got too much for her because Lisa then called out, “Oh John, John I’m coming.”

I moved quickly and stood beside the smelly tramp as Lisa groaned in pleasure. Again, she bent her knees several times; a dance of sexual release, then her legs went ridged as the orgasm exploded in her womb.

The tramp continued to pound away at her minge. Lisa went silent, her head down and her hair flying everywhere. I looked down at his thrusting cock to see his shaft covered with Lisa’s come.

“John!” she said in surprise, the surprise was all mine as I wasn’t expecting that, “You’re going to bring me off again!”

She still thought it was me banging away at her cunt. My heart missed a beat as I realised that my fantasy had become reality.

“Oh John,” she cried. She gasped and started to pant, and then she started that little dance again. Her legs went ridged and she came, “John I’m coming, oh you lovely man.”

I could actually see her muscles in her thighs ripple as the climax crashed through her body.

The tramp was like a machine, relentless. He had now kept the assault on her cunt for nearly ten minutes. Then he gripped her hips and thrust deep into her cunt, pulled back and thrust hard again this time he held himself deep inside his cock head possibly stuffed up into her cervix.

I saw his eyes roll in their sockets and his body convulse, I knew he was pumping his spunk directly into her womb.

“John,” she sighed, I can feel you.” She groaned in ecstasy, “Oh shit, I’m coming again!” Once again she did her dance and then her body shook with the force of her orgasm.

As Lisa’s body absorbed the force of her climax so the tramp eased out of her well used cunt. He stepped back and I saw a ring of white foam at the base of his shaft. I quickly took his place as the tramp wondered off.

Lisa then stood up, the tramp hadn’t quite left the building; I quickly turned her round and we kissed. She pulled away and looked at me saying, “If you’re going do me like that every time we’re out in the wood then that’s fine by me,” the smile on her face told me she had enjoyed our little adventure.

Lisa then pulled up her knickers and smoothed her skirt down.

“We did have an audience though,” I revealed.

“We did?” Lisa asked perplexed, “Who?”

“A tramp,” I replied mentally smiling to myself.

“Oh God, how much did he see?”

“I’m not sure, I didn’t spot him until we were really into it, but I’d say he saw quite a bit.”

“You mean he actually saw us doing it?”

“Yes I suppose he saw nearly everything.”

Lisa’s face blushed, “Oh my God he actually saw us,” she was shocked and it showed but then I saw that inquisitive look in her eye.

“Come on,” she said, “I want to go back.”

“Okay,” I replied and grabbed my camera. We set off for the journey back along the way we’d come.

We walked in silence for a quite some time. It was obvious Lisa had something on her mind and I wanted to know what it was.

The session we had up in the castle had left me a little bit frustrated as I hadn’t come. I couldn’t tell Lisa that as her knickers were probably soaking up the tramp’s spunk as we walked.

“Good session back there wasn’t it?” I asked Lisa.

“Huh huh,” she replied somewhat subdued.

“That tramp, you know, probably didn’t see that much but he sure did know when you came,” I revealed as we walked along the path.

“He did?” she responded.

“Sure you were really enjoying yourself,” I went on knowingly, “The way you came off on my cock was just a dream.”

“Was it?” she asked keeping her head down and not looking at me.

“You know it was, Lisa that was our first time out in the open and you came good, didn’t you?”

For a couple of minutes, she remained silent then said, “Do you think he saw my sex?”

“Don’t know, he was on the other side looking in through the window, if he was there long enough then I’d have to say he got a good look at your minge and arse.” I lied as I didn’t know how much he saw before I asked him to join us.

“Oh do you think he saw my face?”

“Possibly not then because of your hair but if had been following us then I suppose he must have.”


“So what’s worrying you Lisa?” I asked trying to get a glimpse of her face only to find her rich black hair was covering it.

“Nothing really, just that I can’t stop picturing this tramp watching us do it.”

“It’s something I can’t get out of my mind either.”

“It is, why?”

“Because my imagination takes the whole scenario one step further,” I hinted.

“And what’s that?” she asked bravely.

“To let the tramp see us up close and possibly let him touch.”

Lisa gasped, “John you wouldn’t, you’d let a stranger another man touch me?”

“Sure, and if I thought I could get away with it I’d let him fuck you as well.”

“John... ,” Lisa stood there mouth agape in shock

“Oh come on Lisa you’ve been pumping me with questions for the last ten minutes. You’ve been thinking about it haven’t you, go on admit it.”

“No I haven’t John. I’ve been worried about how much he saw of us, that’s all.

“Yes you have you liar admit it,” I pushed, “You were wondering what would’ve happened if I let the tramp come close. You were wondering what it might be like to have another man thrusting into you.”

“I haven’t John I was only wondering about how much he saw that’s all. Now you can put those wicked thoughts away.”

“I know you were Lisa, that’s why you kept your head down so that I couldn’t see your face.”

“Stop it John I’m not like that though you wish I was,” she added.

“Okay have it your way, come on let’s keep going.”

We continued to follow the path back down until we got to the bottom and the river, following back along the river we came across another folly, one we’d missed on the way up.

“Shall we go up and see it?” I asked.

Lisa looked up and through the overgrowth, “Might as well,” and headed for the steps leading up to it. I followed; again, I was looking at her arse as we climb the steps. This time though I knew another man’s spunk was up inside her dribbling out into her knickers. That thought had my cock twitch and grow erect.

At the top, I looked at the map, “This one’s called Fishers Hall,” I said to Lisa.

It was a quaint round building with ivy growing up from one side and spreading across the stone. I took several photos here as the building in its solitude was quite romantic.

We entered. There was no bench in the middle of the room. Lisa walked round the building looking out of the arched windows, no glass that had gone a long time ago. She stopped at one and leans forward and rested her arms on the window seal and looked out through the trees. “You can just see the river from here. I suspect that in the old days you could see nearly all the river.”

“I suspect the trees weren’t so tall back then,” I said standing behind her.

Lisa had her back to me and I was looking over her shoulder when I looked down at her arse again. The knowledge that she had another man’s deposit inside her made me want her, my cock grew fully erect. I moved in close, putting my arms around her and placing my chin on her shoulder. I whispered in her ear, “How about another session, sweetheart?”

She could certainly feel my cock against her arse. “Again,” she asked quietly.

“Yes, let’s do it again.”


“Why not, it’s as good a place as any.”

“What about the tramp?”

“What about him, if he returns I’ll let you know. Then see what happens.”

“I don’t know John,” she said hesitating, “Watching’s okay but what if he wants more?” I heard the fear in her voice.

“I don’t know either. Let’s see what happens. He’s probably long gone by now,” I surmised yet hoping he’d wanted another bash at her cunt.

I ignored her fear and caressed her right tit and at the same time gently pushed my cock into the flesh of her arse.

After a couple of minutes doing this and keeping to the same position I moved my other hand down and then up her skirt to her fanny. As I placed my hand on her mound I could feel the wetness of her knickers. This set my heart beat racing as I knew that the wetness was caused by the tramp. Bringing both hands down to her thighs I pulled her knickers half way along her thighs and then placed my hand on her sex.

Fuck was she wet. All round her cunt was soaked with slimy spunk. I could feel it matting her pubic hair to her thighs and minge flaps. Two fingers slipped into her cunt with know resistance what so ever. The feeling was exquisite.

I took out my fully erect cock that felt like it was about to explode with being so hard. My mind was full of lust and my lovely wife was going to be the one I was going expend it on. With my cock in my right hand I slammed it into her cunt.

Lisa’s head came up in shock, “Arg!” But because she was so wet she felt no pain, it was just the suddenness of it all that caused her to cry out. My cock sliced into her cunt hole to bottom out straight away and I then started to fuck her.

Lisa was moaning as soon as I started to get a rhythm going and she was gently pushing back against my thrusts. Looking about the building, and through the windows into the woods I look to see if the tramp was watching us but he was nowhere to be seen.

I eased back and started to enjoy the fact that my cock was awash in the tramp’s spunk. The feeling of his spunk and the warmth of Lisa’s cunt was exquisite. The sensation felt from my cock was something I wanted to last forever. It was fantastic.

“Your cunt feels really good today Lisa,” I said to her as I gently eased back and forth. I wanted this to last so I maintained my gentle rhythm all the while I was looking for the tramp. I began to concentrate on Lisa’s gooey cunt. The feeling from my cock being in her well used cunt was out of this world. It’s extremely hard to put into words what I was feeling at that moment. If you were to imagine putting your cock into a tube of warm double cream you’ll come close to what I was feeling, I sure didn’t want to take it out anytime soon.

“You feel good too,” she replied

I wanted this to last so I maintain a steady gentle rhythm. Lisa was quietly moaning, she met every one of my thrusts into her body with gentle back pushes and I think we were both on cloud nine and wanting it never to stop.

“I think we’re being watched Lisa,” I whispered.

She stopped pushing back but I maintained my rhythm.

For several seconds, she didn’t do anything except breath. Then she spoke, “Can you see him?” she asked.

“Not yet, just thought I’d seen someone outside in the bushes.”

“Oh,” she said as I continued to fuck her. Lisa made no attempt to move. She just stood then bent over with her arms on the window seal. By this time, I was close coming and I really wanted to prolong this session for as long as I could. I slowed down, Lisa hadn’t resume her pushing back either so it made easier for me to control myself.

Then I really did see movement from the corner of my eye. Turning I saw the tramp come into the building treading quietly.

My heart skipped a beat as he came up to stand beside me.

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