The Morning After My Son's Birthday

by lucyB

Copyright© 2016 by lucyB

Mother Son Sex Story: Drunken son gets in bed with his parents and ends up impregnating his own mother

Caution: This Mother Son Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Incest   Mother   Son   First   Pregnancy   Voyeurism   Hairy   son fucks his mother,son impregnates his mother,man watches son fuck his wife.

My wife, Annie and I have been married for just twenty years. I am forty-three years old and Annie forty-one. We have two children Shelly who has just turned twenty and Graham who is about to turn eighteen.

Annie is not a MILF nor a model or even a stick insect of a woman. After forty odd years and two kids she has become a wholesome woman some would say chubby but I say buxom. Her figure obviously isn’t the same as when I met her all those years ago, but I still love her and she me. We have brought our kids up as our parents did to us and though not perfect they are well mannered and caring kids. They have worked hard to get an education something more than their parents and we are rather proud of their achievements.

My story starts in the year of my sons eighteen birthday. In fact on the very day.

“Dad,” Shelly called, “Can you bring some more burgers for the BBQ, Uncle Jim has nearly run out?”

I wave to my daughter in acknowledgement and head for the fridge in the kitchen. In the kitchen was Graham’s best friend Gary, he has eyes for my daughter but Shelly thinks he’s a wanker and shows her disgust of him every time he asks her out. But that’s another story for another time.

Gary is a year older than Graham yet seems to get stupider every time he comes over to visit. “Come on Gary help me with the beers, I’ve to get more burgers for the BBQ.”

“Okay Mr Duke.”

“Take the twenty-four pack from the freezer while I get the burgers from the fridge.”

“You put the beers in the freezer Mr Duke, don’t they freeze in there?” Gary asked as he opened the freezer door and lifted out the beers.

“Sure they do Gary, but they won’t last long enough to freeze,” I replied closing the fridge door.

“What y’ mean they won’t last long?” asked Gary standing with a crate of beer in his arms.

“Why do you think Gary?”

He stood looking blank, there certainly wasn’t no one at home in that brain of his. He didn’t answer because he couldn’t, the question was too complex for him.

“Because ... we’re ... going ... to drink ... them ... all Gary,” I spoke slowly, then ten seconds later his face lights up as if someone had flicked a switch.

He smiles, “Oh, you got me there Mr Duke,” and starts laughing.

“Come on you dim bat let’s get out there and enjoy the party,” I said shacking my head in disbelief.

Gary follows me through the house asking, “Is it true you’re going to let Graham go to the pub tonight Mr Duke?”

“Well he’ll be old enough to go so yeah if he wants too.”


The party was a real success. We started it around mid-day and was expecting the relatives to be gone by six. I was hoping this would be the case, Shelly was out with her friends tonight and Graham, as expected, will want to meet up with his mates and continue with the partying leaving the wife and me to party on our own. For once, I was looking forward to having some quality time with her and maybe if she’s in the mood a little nookie as well.

Mid-afternoon saw the arrival of Annie’s sister Aunt Lucy. As she walked out onto the patio every male’s eyes fixed on that woman’s body. Even Granddad had to look twice to take in the sight.

Lucy isn’t her first name. It’s her second name and she has always used it all the time I’ve known her. Although Aunt Lucy has had two kids, both boys, and is three years older than her sister, my wife, she has managed to keep her figure through sheer strength of will. Unlike Annie, and as much as it hurts to say it, Lucy is a doll.

Everything about her oozes sex. With her long black curly hair that cascades over her shoulders, her 38c breasts, thin waist and legs that seemed to go on for ever. The way she stands and holds herself upright, straight of back. Her hips are wide but not too wide, seem to complement her breasts in such a delicate way that you are always looking at various different parts of her anatomy.

“Cor!” Davy gasped quietly as he looked at Graham’s Aunt Lucy, “Will you look at that man.”

Graham turned to look and saw his favourite Aunty talking to his mum. Graham smiled, “That’s my Aunt Lucy.”

“Well Aunt Lucy is one hell of woman,” spoke Davy while drooling, “Man what with y’ mum now I have to put up with y’ Aunt as well.”

“What about my mum?”

Davy looked slightly shocked at what he’d let slip, but he never stopped looking at Aunt Lucy, “Nothing dude, but will you look at her melons, they are fabulous.”

“Spit it out Davy, what about my mum?”

“Well if you insist,” he said shrugging his shoulders, “When I wank off she’s top of the list of fantasy woman.” Davy tried to be as straight as possible but he found himself mildly blushing.

“You wank fantasying about my mum?” Graham was shocked to say the least. He looked at his friend and thought about what he meant.

“You know bending her over and giving her one.”

“Jeez Davy, you must be sick!”

“Don’t be ridicules she’s a buxom woman, and I wouldn’t mind mounting her one day.”

“Well at least it’s a fantasy because there’s no way she’d open her legs for a nerd like you,” Graham smiled.

“You know that, I know that but there’s no law to say I can’t have an imagination.”

“Well just keep your hands to yourself, she’s my mum and if you ever try anything with her I’ll have to hurt you.”

Davy looked into his eyes and saw the look, “Hey dude, it’s a fantasy let’s keep it that way.”

Graham nodded and they both looked back at Aunt Lucy.

I caught up with Graham about an hour later and found him talking with Gary. As I approached I could see Gary was drunk. He was swaying gently while holding his class and trying to listen to Graham who had bent forward to say something in his ear.

“Cool,” he replied to what Graham had said, “Your family are great,” he slurred, “You know Graham you’re one lucky git, you know that don’t you?”

“Why?” Graham asked as he took a gulp of cola from his glass. He was smiling to himself as he looked at the state his friend was.

“Well let’s face it mate you have one hell of a sexy mum. I mean look at her she’s all woman she’s one fine milf that’s for sure.”

“And you’re and expert on milfs are you?”

I stood just off to one side of them and listened in. I was surprised my son didn’t notice I was there. I assumed he was concentrating on watching when Gary was going to fall on his face.

“No,” he slurred, “But I do know a sexy woman when I see one.” Graham gulped some beer and tried to balance himself before continuing, “You, you a while ago I thought I was seeing double when I saw your mum and another sexy lady. I could, you couldn’t ... I mean I didn’t realise there were two sexy woman at this party until you’re lovely sister told me the other lady was your Aunt Lucy.” He again gulped small more beer. He closed his eyes for a second and Graham positioned himself to catch him. But Gary had other ideas and regained his composure, “You have two beautiful woman in your family and I envy you. All I’ve got is brothers and a mum who doesn’t listen to me. But you, my mate has two and one of them has the biggest melons I’ve seen in a long time.”

I smiled to myself at the state Gary had got himself in knowing that tomorrow his head will thump so hard he’d wished he’d never been born. I also had my doubts that he’ll be joining Graham at the pub tonight.

Walking over to them I grabbed my son around the shoulders, “Hey birthday boy, you got a moment for your old dad?”

Graham looked up at me, “Sure Dad, what’s up?”

I saw the look of relief on his face as I took him away from his friend. We’d only gone four paces and we both heard the thump as Gary hit the ground, “Oh sod it!” Graham cursed.

“Looks like we’d better get this young man inside, he’ll sleep it off by tomorrow.”

“You’ve got to be kidding Dad, give him an hour and he’ll be up and about as if he’d never had a drink.”

“What do you mean?” I asked surprised with his outburst.

“It’s always the same with Gary. He drinks himself silly, passes out for an hour or so and when he wakes up he appears to be okay, not even a hangover and if the party is still going he starts all over again.”

“You’re kidding me, yeah?”

“Nope, you just wait and see,” Graham said truthfully, “I’ll be expecting him to be awake ready to go down the pub later.”

We carried Gary into the lounge and lay him on the couch to sleep it off. I was waiting to see if my son was right and Gary will be sober enough to go to the pub in the next hour or so.

Around five, the guests started to leave for home and the party began to wind down. By five thirty most of our guest had gone and I’d started to clean away the debris around the BBQ. Shelly and her mum were collecting the classes and taking them to the kitchen whilst party boy was readying himself for the trip down to the pub. Aunt Lucy was in the kitchen helping with the washing up. After wheeling the BBQ away from the patio I removed the grill and picked up the utensils and walked back towards the house. It was then I spotted Gary getting up of the couch. He stretched and saw me enter.

“Hi Mr Duke, I’m really sorry about me crashing out like that.”

I stood amazed at the young lad, he didn’t even slur his words and looked as though he’d just got up from a normal night’s sleep. “That’s okay Gary, but tell me how do you do that?”

“Do what Mr Duke?”

“Come on Gary, you were passed out drunk and hour and half ago. Now you look as though you’ve never even had a drink?”

“I don’t know Mr Duke,” he replied, “It just happens.”

I walked off into the kitchen shacking my head. Thirty minutes later I met my son in the hallway. He was all dressed up as if he were going to meet a woman.

“Who’s the lucky babe whose going to be holding onto you tonight son?” I asked smiling.

“There’s no woman dad, just thought I’d put the boat out a little.”

“A little, Christ son if that’s a little then what’s a lot?”

“Do you think I’ve over done it then?”

“Nah, just kidding son.”

“On the other hand,” Graham said, “You never know y’ luck.”

“Y’ sure don’t son and if y’ get lucky, be careful, you know what I mean.”

Graham smiled, “I know dad, I’m always prepared just in case.”

“Good on y’ son,” I looked at him. Our son now eighteen who’d believe it, soon he’ll make himself a man with some young girl and then start his own family, not too soon though, I hope.

“You have a good time son and remember don’t overdo it. Keep the booze under control and you’ll be fine.”

“Sure dad don’t wait up.”

“I’ll not be starting that caper that’s for sure.”

Graham winked at me and then opened the front door. Gary and Davy followed him out.

“Great party Mr Duke, thanks a lot for having me,” said Davy as he passed.

“Yeah, cool Mr Duke great food.” Gary closed the door after him and then there was silence.

Shit, there goes my son into the big wide world. I wonder what happens next!

For a good portion of the evening we continued to clean up the house until about eight we finally sat down with a glass of wine each.

Annie fell into her seat looking exhausted, Aunt Lucy fell in beside her, what a treat I had, when she fell so her skirt flew up and flashed her knickers. It only lasted three seconds but hey, what a delight that was seeing her white knickers taught over her mound. I think she suddenly realised that she may have flashed me as she looked at me to try and confirm it. I sat there looking innocent and tried my best not to reveal what I’d seen and she at the same time sat and crossed her legs. God Would I love to mount her!

It was Lucy who broke the silence that had descended over the lounge, “Looks like the party was a success?” she said to both of us.

Annie sat up saying, “I thought so too, the only comment I got was from Aunt Jessie who had a moan about the state of Gary, ‘the boys drunk Annie, ‘ Annie mimicked, ‘you should send him home to his parents, ‘ when I turned to her and said he doesn’t have any parents her face dropped. That’s the first time I saw your Aunt lost for words.”

“At least she speaks to you, she’s never acknowledged me in all these years, I don’t even get a Christmas card,” said Lucy.

“Yes I’m sorry about Aunt Jessica, she’s certainly the snob of my side of the family,” I said apologetically.

“Hey,” Lucy said, “Don’t apologise you can’t choose your relatives you know, what you’ve got you’re stuck with.”

We all laughed and I refilled our glasses. Our idle chatter went onto the night and before long it was about ten thirty when Annie, slouched back in her seat said, “Well I’m pooped, I don’t know about you guys but I’m going on up to bed.”

I looked over at Annie and could see she could hardly keep her eyes open. “Alright sweetheart I’ll finish my drink and follow you up.”

“You know where the guest room is Lucy so I’ll see you in the morning.” Annie started to climb out of her seat.

“I’ll say one think though guys, you two have great kids, both of them are going to break a few hearts in years to come. Your Graham is certainly turning into a handsome hunk.”

I smiled at her saying, “Well thanks Lucy, we’re very proud of both of them.”

Lucy went on, “If I wasn’t family I’d sure come on to him, he can get in my panties any day.”

“Lucy,” Annie scolded, “He’s your nephew!”

“I know, I know,” she replied looking at both parents, a wicked smile formed on her face as she continued, “You can’t blame me, he is a handsome young man and there’s no getting away from it. He’s going to have the girls eating out of his hands before he gets to settle down.”

“Yes, well, my boy isn’t like that,” Annie said in defence, “He’ll learn to show respect to all woman, and have good honest relationships with his girlfriends and when he finds the right one he’ll marry her and give us some grandchildren.”

I sat there listening to the two woman. Annie was going overboard with the mush and fairy-tale endings. She had this dream that her two kids were going to marry princes and they will love each other for ever more. Now I don’t condone dreams or anything like that but let’s face it dreams don’t come true. The reality of it all is that he’ll have to work hard, hopefully find the woman of his dreams get married, probably divorce lose his home, car and kids recover and get on with life. Harsh, yes but true. This is today’s society, the norm as they say. If you manage to stay outside the norm then you’re lucky.

“Hey Lucy, am I not handsome enough for you?” I asked trying to make it light hearted.

“Oh John, you’re the most handsome man I know,” she said seriously, “But you’re spoken for and therefore untouchable. However, your son isn’t spoken for and neither am I so he gets first try.”

“Damn you know how to really get a guy thinking don’t you?”

“Being married three times helps, you get to know men.”

“What you’re saying then is if I wasn’t hitched to your sister then I’d have a good chance of getting you into bed?”


“Hey big sister, he’s my man not yours so keep your little mitts off him,” Annie scolded her sister.

“Wow you’re not jealous of little old me are you little sister?”

“No I’m not jealous of you, but that don’t mean you can bed my man either, he’s mine and always will be.”

“Of course dear, I wouldn’t do anything to change your life and certainly wouldn’t bed your man,” she said sincerely, “I do have some morals you know.”

Annie yawn despite the excitement of our conversation got up from the couch, “I can’t keep my eyes open anymore so I’ll say goodnight. See you in the morning Lucy.”

“Goodnight sister mine.”

“Yeah I think I’ll hit the sack as well now. Turn the lights out when you go but leave the back door open for Graham when he decides to return home.”

“Of course, goodnight.”

I went to the bathroom, washed my face and cleaned my teeth. After taking a leak I entered the bathroom. As I undressed Annie asked, “You do think Graham will be okay?” Her voice was full of concern.

“What do you mean okay?” I asked as I removed my jeans taking my boxers with them.

“Well, it is his first time going to the pub, you don’t think he’ll go too far do you, not on his first time?”

“Annie what is it with you. He’s a young man we have to accept it like it or not.”

“I know but he’s still a boy.”

“To you maybe,” I replied getting into bed and cuddling up her, “He’ll learn one way or the other.”

“You don’t think he’ll get drunk do you?”

“I expect so, not intentionally but because he’s not used to it. We all went through it didn’t we?”

“Yes, I suppose your right.”

“I know I am, stop worrying,” I said, “I was the same. When I first went to the pub I was sixteen and got myself thoroughly smashed. My dad just laughed at me and my mum scolded me but I learnt even though it was the hard way.”

Annie fell silent. Our bodies grew warm and cosy. I moved my leg over hers and took a tit in my hand and gently caressed it.

“Don’t worry he’ll be alright. He hasn’t let us down yet has he, not like other boys we know?”

“No you’re right,” she agreed quietly, “Maybe I’m being overprotective.”

“Just a little,” I said as I moved my hand from her tit and ran my fingers through her dense pubic hair. I found her slit and gently pushed a finger between her minge flaps feeling for her clit. The little nub was soon under my finger and I gently stroked it up and down.

Annie groaned saying, “You feeling amorous sweetie?”

“Sure am I’m as hard as a rock.”

“I’m sorry darling but I’m exhausted can we do it in the morning?” she whispered.

I was immediately disappointed and with the erection I had frustrated.

“I’ll do it if you want sweetheart but I’m not going to be at my best because I’m so tired.”

It was then I realised that I was pushing my luck so I replied, “Okay, let’s see how you feel in the morning.”

“You’re a darling,” she continued to whisper, “I do love you John.” She then turned over onto her side away from me. I cuddled up behind her, spooning her body, and we promptly fell asleep.

Actually I didn’t know what hit me. As soon as I was only partially comfortable I was asleep.

How long I slept I don’t know but I woke just after two pm. I was lying on my back and I thought I’d heard a noise. The sound was something like a car door slamming shut and then the car drove off. I then realised that Tom was coming in. The back door slammed shut and I knew that he was safely home. I wondered what kind of state he was in but before I knew it I’d drifted back off to sleep.

Again I wasn’t sure of how long I’d slept but I heard a voice in the bedroom. Thinking I was dreaming I rolled onto my side away from Annie and started to drift off again when I heard Tom’s voice.

“Mum, I don’t feel very well,” he whispered obviously not wanting to wake me up.



Annie moved and groaned saying, “What is it?” By the way she was speaking I knew she hadn’t properly woken and was talking while still practically asleep.

“I don’t feel good mum, my head is spinning.” I could hear the slur in his voice and knew he’d probably had a belly fall and was drunk.

Annie groaned again. It was a groan of annoyance and she slowly rolled over facing me. Her arm went around me as she up close. I could feel her breast against my back. I wasn’t sure what she was doing as she never replied to Tom. But then she whispered, “Get in behind me and keep quiet, don’t wake y’ father.”

The bed then moved as Tom got into our bed behind his mother. I was a bit miffed at this as the kids haven’t been in our bed for years. Why on earth did Annie allow him to climb into bed with us? There were no answers for the time being but I was certainly prepared to discuss it with Annie in the morning. From then on I slept fitfully unable to have a proper sleep. I was waking up every twenty or so minutes according to the bedside clock while Annie snored like her life depended on it. For me though, sleep eluded me and whatever was on my mind I never discovered it.

Just after four I finally fell into a relaxing sleep and when I did wake the room was awash with sunlight and clock said ten after eight. I was lying on my side facing away from Annie and I could feel she was lying on her back, at least the snoring had stopped.

I tried rolling over onto my back and found Annie closer to me than I thought. We have a king size bed and she still hogs all the room. To compensate I rolled over onto my side facing Annie and it suddenly all came back to me. It seems I was just as tired as Annie and with that last session of sleep was deep but refreshing. As I cleared the sleep from my eyes I was suddenly greeted with a scene that completely shocked me.

There was my son sleeping off the booze he’d drunk last night, lying naked half on half off his mother while his right hand cup her left breast. His lower body lying on her thigh. During the night the bedcovers had slipped down the bed revealing most of their bodies. I could clearly see her left nipple trapped half way down between his first two fingers. Chuckling to myself I lay there amused at what I saw wondering what Annie would make of it if she knew. She was still sleeping, a gentle snore escaped her lips as her chest rose in time with her breathing. Still amused by it I suddenly saw Tom’s fingers clench around her tit. At first I thought it was Tom just moving in his sleep when he did it again. Then his hand move and he gently twisted her nipple with his finger and thumb.

Suddenly I realised Tom must be awake and was touching up his mum. I swallowed hard and as the implications of this crashed through my mind I suddenly felt my cock rise to this new development. I’ve had fantasies about Annie and other men but I had never approached Annie about these imaginations and never even pursued it in the bedroom, just kept it to myself. Now I am watching another man caress my wife’s breast here in my own marital bed and the man is my son!

My cock as I thought about disturbing him. However I was intrigued to see how far he would get so I lay still and watched.

Slowly I saw him move his body downward and as he did so the bedcovers went with him and gradually revealed his mother’s lower belly and just the whiff of black pubic hair. At first I didn’t quite catch on to what he was attempting to do. But as he moved so his erected cock came into view or part of it. His knob end stuck out between their bodies and I very quickly realised that he was positioning himself so that he could get his cock closer to his mother’s minge. Her legs were open, whether it was enough I don’t know but it looked as though he was intent on trying.

Annie moved in her sleep and Tom stopped and lay quiet. Annie sort of half turned towards me but only her upper body moved, while still a sleep she push her son off her lower body and turn completely on her side. The look of frustration on her face brought on another chuckle to myself as I realised Tom’s fortunes had been dashed.

Closing my eyes and thinking that it was all over I felt the bed gently move as Tom repositioned himself behind his mother. Upon opening my eyes I was staring at my wife’s right tit covered with her son’s hand.

Ten out of ten for persistence, I thought. My cock returned to full throbbing rigidity. With my mind now full of salacious thoughts of my son Tom doing things to my wife, his mother, and these things took on a whole new meaning. I was open minded enough to know that if I let this continue not only is it against the law of the land, morally wrong and forbidden, the prospect of watching another man screw my wife suddenly appealed to me and with this thought I felt my cock throb under the covers. But a nagging voice in my mind kept telling me our son shouldn’t do it. If it were to happen then it should be someone other than my son.

The whole scenario was so sensational I found not only my cock throbbing but my heart also. The pain in my chest from the powerful beat of my heart just thinking about another man take my wife was just so out of this world. I became eager, wanting to see more of what he could achieve. Then I thought, how much he could achieve if he had a helping hand.

No, I couldn’t could I?

I shouldn’t, it’s not right but maybe just a little. I really didn’t know what to do. The obvious was to wake Annie and it would end there. Instead I watch Tom take his hand away for it to disappear behind her. I immediately grabbed her left breast and started to twig her nipple.

I’m not sure what Tom was doing behind his mother I started to caress her body. I went for the other nipple knowing that it wouldn’t take much to wake if I kept this up. Changing tactics I moved my hand down to her pussy and ran my fingers through her course thick black pubic hair. It didn’t take long to finger her clit and that was when I started to get a reaction from her.

As I gently rubbed her clit so Annie opened her eyes. She smiled at me she had lust in her eyes as she whispered, “We can’t do it now Tom is in the bed with us.”

At first I just smiled back and continued to rub her clit. “Stop it John,” her voice still a whisper but she said it with meaning.

“Shush,” I replied and speeded up my caress.

Annie groaned as my finger worked on her love button and at the same time toyed with her nipple. Her eyes closed for a moment then they snapped open while her mouth opened in surprise. “Stop it, I think Tom knows what’s happening, he has a hard on!”

“It’s probably a morning woody,” I said putting pressure on her clit and moving my finger faster.

“John, you have to stop it, we can’t!” Her voice erratic as her body responded to my caress. “Please John, you have to stop now. His thingy is poking my bottom,” she still whispered.

I ignored her quiet pleas and again quicken the movement of my finger, “Oh shit, John please stop you’re going to make me come.”

Annie’s breathing got shorter as her pleasure grew. Her face blushed with her excitement and her eyes closed. It was then I saw Tom ease his head up to look over her shoulder.

Our eyes met.

Fear filled those eyes and I could see he was thinking he was in one hell of a situation. What I did next was something I will ponder on for the rest of my life but I made the decision and our lives changed forever after that morning. Why I made it I’ll never know for sure, but I did. I looked at my son and mouthed the words, “Go for it.” At the same time nodded my head towards his mother.

Tom’s eyes grew wide with surprise. For a few seconds I thought he was going to get up and walk out of the bedroom. I suppose in reality that was what I was expecting him to do. Any descent loving son would, knowing that their parents were ‘at it’, they would have the decency to respect their privacy. But Tom’s mind wasn’t functioning in a normal manor. He had a hard on that wasn’t going away soon. He had a woman, naked, in front of him, a woman on the verge of orgasm an orgasm produce by her husband.

Tom did something, I couldn’t see, but Annie’s eyes again snapped open, “Shit,” she quietly said, “John, his cock is sticking in me, it’s close to my arsehole,” her shock was evident in her voice and showed clearly on her face.

“Just let it happen sweetie,” I whispered my reply smiling, still working her clit and nipple.

“What y’ mean?” she asked still shocked but at the same time the pleasure from her clit was also bringing her to a climax.

“I mean let it happen, you know...”

“John, I don’t know what you mean,” she said her voice rising an octave, “God why won’t you stop. You’re going to bring me off here in front of Tom!”

Tom again did something and Annie gasped. “Jesus, John he’s close to fucking me. His cock is right at my entrance.” Her eyes suddenly fixed on me as I really started to frig her clit.

“Gone on Annie let him have you,” I said with my heart in my mouth. My heart was pumping ten to the dozen and my breathing was hard to keep under control. I stopped frigging her and pushed my finger further in, following the line of her slit and then touched Toms Knob end.

“Are you mad,” she gasped, “He’s our son!”

“Go on,” I urged her as my gut turned with lust, “Let him have a bit.” I had never been so excited in my life. Not even on the day I first had my first woman.

Moving my fingers back to her clit I started rubbing it again but gently this time. As I did I could feel my sons cock trying to make its way into his mother’s cunt. I could feel her slit was his cock pushed inwards.

“John please stop, let me up,” Annie gasped, “We can’t let this happen.” Annie tried to move out of the way by trying to sit up. As she did I moved in and kissed her. She kissed me back and gave a groan as she lay back. I followed keeping my lips glued to hers but my finger slipped away from her clit. She laid back deliberately lying on top of her son, breaking sexual contact with him. I could sense her relief when Tom’s cock slipped from her minge flaps. I still had my hand on her mound and started rubbing her clit again. Again she groaned as we continued to kiss.

My excitement was still well over the top and I desperately wanted to see her fucked whether it was Tom or any other man I didn’t care. The whole situation was one erotic moment a moment I wanted to last for ever.

At this time I really didn’t know how things were to progress as I continue to kiss my wife and finger her clit. Tom was now partially under his mum and unable to make any further advances towards her. As I kissed her I manged to pull her towards me in a passionate kiss, something that went unnoticed by Annie. This gave Tom the chance to slide out from under her.

Breaking the kiss I started licking her ear lobe, something she loves. As I did this I moved her down onto her back and I felt Tom move round to my side of the bed and knelt beside me. I managed a quick glance his way and saw him kneeling there whilst wanking his cock. He was fully erect and hard as a rock.

Burying my face into her neck I whispered, “Go on sweetheart let Tom take you, you know you’ll love it.”

“Stop it John, you know we can’t,” she whispered back. However, I felt her resistance had ebbed. Her voice wasn’t so forceful or even had meaning to it. So I persisted.

“Go on darling give him a treat.”


I indicated to her to open her legs by touching her inner thigh while diddling her clit, “Has he gone?” she asked. I was surprised as I knew he was kneeling right next to her. The earlier movements he’d made must have given her the impression that he’d left the bedroom and I further realised that my body was obstructing her view.

“I think so,” I replied while sucking on her ear lobe again she then obliged and opened her legs a fraction.

We kissed some more and I then pushed two fingers into her cunt, “God Annie you’re so wet,” I said amazed, “Has this got you excited?”

Annie pumped her hips up to meet my fingers as I finger fuck her, “Maybe,” she whispered as she arched her back slightly allowing my fingers to go deeper.

“Are you thinking of your son fucking you Annie?”


“Are you sure?”

“Huh huh.”

“I think you are,” I said, “I think you are. I think you’re wondering what his cock will feel like pumping you?”

Annie was silent. I continued pushing my fingers in and out her very wet cunt.

I looked at my son and mouthed, ‘get ready’.

“Now I want you to keep your eyes closed while I mount you because I’m going to fuck you rotten.”

Annie lay there as I pulled my fingers out and got up and shifted myself behind my son. Without saying a word I gently nudged Tom forward. He looked at me slightly puzzled and I indicated to him get on top. With a wicked smile he moved forward and as he did so I got off the bed. His movements disguised mine.

Annie remained laying on the bed with her eyes closed. She felt what she thought was me start to climb on top and she opened her legs and I watched as Tom knelt between them guiding his cock to her wet minge flaps.

With my heart in my mouth I prayed that she didn’t open her eyes before he had himself wedged inside her. Annie opened her legs further, lifting up her knees and letting them fall back exposing her cunt completely to her son. He lined up his cock and I saw his nob end touch her minge flaps, gave his cock a quick up and down movement and I saw her flaps rest on the top of his nob and then he slowly pushed his cock into her.

The look of bliss on my sons face was pure magic as he felt the warm wetness of his mother’s cunt engulf his cock. He then lay down on top of her and immediately started fucking her. As his head went down to her neck so her eyes suddenly snapped open and I found myself staring into her lovely blue eyes.

Her stunned expression was something I shall never forget. She looked at me firstly with horror then she seemed to relax and let it happen, she was fucking with her son. Her arms came up and went round him as his hips bounced in-between her open thighs.

My son had successfully mounted his mother, my wife, and was gently fucking her and it looked as though she was beginning to enjoy it. It was then that I noticed her hips rise as he thrust into her and I knew that he was shagging her true. Her face had become blushed with excitement and showing signs that if he can control himself he’d have her coming on his cock.

I stood back and took in the scene before me. What a sight it was, my wife on her back, legs open with her own son fucking her. It didn’t matter who, it could have been any man, what I’d wanted was to see Annie fucked and I was.

Then I heard it. It was her usual sign of impending orgasm. That gentle feministic ‘huh’ as the pleasure begins to build deep inside her. Then another and another. Quickly her sound was in time with his thrust into her. I could also see that Tom was getting close to his own climax and I found myself hoping that he’d bring her off before he loses it.

About this time I began to lose it myself. I stepped closer to the bed and looked down at my wife noticing that the blushing of her face had crept downward and was now on her neck and lower.

Annie’s’ eyes were still closed her breathing had increase another sure sign of how close she is to climaxing. Tom then moved up onto his hands and started to bang into her hard. The gentleness of his love making had changed as he neared his approaching climax. Annie’s head moved up and down to his thrust as did her tits with their erect nipples flop to and fro. My wife adjusted her own movements to accept her son’s powerful thrust into her cunt.

With me losing to my own lust I bent down and kissed Annie. At first she was shocked but quickly kissed me back our tongues dancing. Breaking the kiss I whispered in her ear, “Are you going to come?”

“Huh huh,” she replied between gasps.

“You’re actually going to come on your son’s cock?”

“Huh huh.”

“Do you like it Annie?”

“He’s doing me good,” she whispered.

“Is he?”

“Yes.” Annie sort of cringed, I don’t know why but then she groaned whispering, “Oh Christ!”

It was then I knew my son was about to bring my wife, his mum, to an orgasm. A sense of pride came over me as I looked at Tom as he banged away at Annie’s cunt, eyes closed in sexual bliss. I saw his own face start to screw up as his own climax was about to explode. Now I wanted him to flood his mother’s cunt with his spunk I wanted him to push his cock deep into her willing quim, force his nob head into her cervix and pump his spunk into her womb. What an ending to a perfect morning of sex.

That huh, huh that Annie does suddenly stopped. Her mouth opened as her back arched upwards while her body turn to the left. She gulped in air and held her breath as her body stopped moving altogether. Annie seemed to hang there in silent bliss as her body exploded in orgasm. Then she let go and breathed just as Tom pushed once then again and held himself deep inside her body.

“That’s it son spunk her, spunk y’ mother’s womb boy, give it to her,” I said with total unrestrained lust. My son’s body jerked, his arse cheeks clenched and clenched again as he unloaded his cream into his mother. Annie seemed to twist first one way then the other. Lifting her lower body right off the bed as she bucked in the throes of her climax. I’d never seem Annie come so hard before and she never has since. Slowly her body lay flat on the bed and she opened her eyes to look up at her son.

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