Wild Child

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2016 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: Growing up in the wild like an animal is how I began. Years later I am asked to return to the forest and follow kidnapers. Only it is not as it seems as more enemy join them and following becomes a hunt to find and save the girl.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

For as long as I could remember the forest has been my home. I was always moving and now, I looked at the strange things in a strange clearing. The ground was very hard like a rock and animals walked or ran on two legs. They made funny sounds and calls and even chased me. I was waiting for the brightness to end so I could explore.

I spun at the hint of sound and tried to leap away. Strange vines caught me and I struggled and roared and fought to get free. One of the two legged things appeared and I knew I was going to be eaten. I fought harder and suddenly the creature bent and a mist sprayed into my face. I coughed and choked and gagged and then everything went dark.

That was how I was caught, they say I had been living in the forest for at least seven years. They did not know who my parents were or where. I was placed in a cage at first as they tried to tame me and make me learn to understand. That finally came with a neural net and a AI interface.

I was twelve when I was caught and it was a year before I was freed from the cage. They considered me safe or at least not wild. I had a room in a large building where men and women watched over me. I was caught after my first escape and after my second. The neural net taught me faster and safer than anything else they could use.

I was sixteen before I started helping others as part of my treatment. The building I lived in was a large hospital. For another two years I learned and adjusted and finally the emergency came. The brother of the head of the hospital was a senior constable. There had been a kidnaping and men had escaped with the girl into the forest.

For some reason the sats were not working correctly. I had moved my bed to the roof a year before and then added plants. I stared at a bird and shifted as I stalked closer. The roof door opened and the bird leaped into the air and I sighed while watching it. I turned to glare at Dr Able and his brother. He grinned as he walked towards me, “catching dinner again?”

I moved towards the large pots of bushes around my covered bed, “I was hoping to.”

He followed, “the food in the cafeteria is better for you.”

I snorted as I went through the bushes, “that is not food.”

His brother laughed as he followed and I sat on my bed. They looked at each other and constable Able took a breath, “we need help.”

I looked at him as I thought of yet another patient I would have to feed. He looked around, “we have kidnapers that have taken a little girl into the forest outside the city of Derg. We have a few hunters and even a tracker but you came out of that area. I was hoping you would lead a couple of men after them and bring the girl back.”

I looked at him and tried not to show my interest, “you want me to go back into the forest to hunt the men?”

He nodded, “and bring the girl out.”

I stood, “yes.”

An hour and the fast flyer was dropping to the ground close to a large group of people. Once it was on the ground I opened the door and got out. The smell of the forest hit me as I looked around and two men and a young women walked to me. To one side was a crashed vehicle the kidnappers had been in.

I moved towards it as one of the men cleared his throat. I ignored him and leaned into the vehicle and sniffed. I closed my eyes and let the scents separate into people. I stood and turned to look at the forest, “four men and one girl.”

The older man cleared his throat, “do you know who I am?”

I glanced at him before I started for the forest, “no.”

The other man and the young woman hurried to catch me as I went around the people. I searched the bushes as I continued to walk and one of the men in the group called out. I walked between bushes and knelt to look at tracks before I stood. I began to trot and heard several people yell or call out.

The man and woman stayed behind me as I slowed and sniffed before I continued. When we reached a creek I sniffed and growled as I stepped into the water. I turned to walk in the water and watched the banks. It was several hundred meters before I saw the track and smelled the men again. I began to trot and the woman caught up and grabbed my shoulder.

I shifted away but she followed and I stopped moving. She smiled, “you need to talk to us.”

I glanced at the man and looked at her, “why?”

She blinked and caressed my cheek, “if you lead the pack how will they know what and where to go if you do not tell them?”

I frowned, “I do not lead a pack.”

She gave my cheek a pat, “you do now.”

I blinked and looked down at her breasts before I smiled, “tempting thought.”

I turned, “the men are taking turns carrying the girl. They have been in the wild before and are using paths the animals make.”

I started moving, “that is their mistake. They are predators and the animals that make paths are not.”

They followed as I went back to a trot. I slowed when I heard a transport approaching and turned to look for it. The man and woman followed my look and finally the transport went over us. I shook my head, “they were flying to low.”

I glanced at the trail and in the direction of the setting sun, “can you follow in the dark?”

The man shook his head and the woman caressed my should, “walk.”

I looked at her before I nodded, “there is another stream they are heading for.”

The sun was almost gone when we reached the stream. I looked both ways and then walked in and started up stream. I moved slow as the two followed me. It was an hour before I stopped and the man grumbled. I glanced at him and whispered, “men are near, many men.”

He shifted and I turned to cross the stream. I was moving slower as I stepped out of the water. I sniffed and searched the darkness as I slowly began to stalk away from the stream. The men fired blindly through the forest and I dropped to the ground. The woman did to but the man stood and pulled a weapon.

He never got to use it as he was hit in the head. He dropped and I began to crawl and the woman followed. It was awhile before I paused and the men had stopped firing. I stood and looked around and sniffed as the woman came to her feet. I touched her arm, “stay.”

I slipped into the bushes and crouched as I began to stalk my prey. Before I had been caught I had always avoided humans. Now they were something I was going to hunt. I heard them talking long before I saw the first. There had to be at least twenty men in the group as I pulled the long bladed knife I had been given.

The man searching the forest only looked out and never to the side or back towards their camp. I slipped around and came to my feet before I shoved the blade through the back of his neck. I caught and held his body as it jerked and spasmed while dying. I lowered it to the ground and then slipped away and into the shadows.

The next man was watching the stream as if he could not look away. It was the last thing he saw as I shoved the knife through his spine and into his brain. I lowered him and moved away and then held still as one of the men started calling a name. Finally they were crowded together and I heard the frightened girl as they started moving.

I returned to the woman and touched her arm and she jumped and spun, “shi...”

I shook my head, “two are dead and they are moving. We will rest and follow when the sun rises.”

I sat and shifted before I laid back and she sat beside me. It was quiet for awhile before she spoke, “my name is Gloria.”

She shifted, “they say you lived here.”

I sighed and moved to her and turned her onto her knees. I yanked and tugged and she wiggled and pushed her pants down, “you should ask.”

I felt her pussy, “I am called Kin and you should not speak.”

She twisted, “why?”

I held her and pushed my pants down and sank my cock into her. I closed my eyes at the warm wonderful feel, “predators will hear you.”

She pushed back and her pussy clenched and I groaned and began to fuck her. I used long strokes but buried my cock completely each time. A couple of minutes and her head and shoulders were down and I was planting my cock firmly. She shivered and kept pushing back while her slippery pussy kept squeezing.

She jerked and spasmed and I heard her muffled moans. I began to fuck her hard and kept it up for several minutes. I shoved into her and held her as I gushed sperm. She pushed back and her pussy constantly clenched to milk the cum into her. When I was done I pulled out and fixed my pants. I helped her with hers and then laid beside her, “thank you.”

She sighed, “next time we do it a few more times.”

I smiled, “yes.”

It was not long before her breathing slowed and I knew she was asleep. I relaxed and listened to the forest around us before I finally slept. My eyes snapped open just before dawn and I growled as I rolled to my feet and yanked out my knife. The large predator shifted and I moved towards it while still growling.

It backed away and then spun and fled and I relaxed and looked at the woman still asleep. I knelt and woke her and she looked around, “what?”

I smiled, “you should wash.”

She sniffed, “why?”

I pulled her up, “you smell like sperm and a predator was thinking of mating with you.”

She grinned and patting my chest, “yeah.”

I pointed to the tracks and she gasped, “it...”

I rubbed one of her breasts through her blouse, “wanted to mate.”

I caught her hand and pulled her after me, “come.”

I found the creek by following the smell. She stripped as the sun began to rise and I watched while she washed. Seeing her body made me want her again but now was not the time. Once she was dressed I led her to where the camp had been. Scavengers were already tearing at the two bodies.

We started following the trail but I watched ahead for traps. Humans are not like other animals and I was being careful. I began to trot and only slowed a few times to pick berries. Gloria really liked them but I knew we would need real food. Three hours and I stood and sniffed and looked around.

I touched Gloria and moved off the track we had been following. I pointed and whispered, “wait there.”

I moved forward and then began to crawl. I saw one of the men watching the trail and holding a remote for the metal thing by the trail. I checked around and stalked closer, I struck before he knew I was there and stabbed my knife through his spine. I lowered him as his body spasmed and yanked the knife out.

I moved back into the bushes and crept forward until I saw the new camp. I looked at the young girl to one side as she hugged a dirty pack. I moved back and crawled around while the men talked of just killing her. They kept saying fuck someone named Porter and he was not paying them enough.

I crawled out behind the girl and my eyes flickered and searched as my knife cut through the rope tying her to a tree. I put the knife away and shifted until I was squatting. I struck, one hand covering her mouth and the other grabbing and lifting her. I backed around the tree and between two bushes as she struggled.

I turned and shifted my grip as I started moving away, “stop struggling.”

I went straight out before I looked around and uncovered her mouth, “no noise.”

I turned right and followed a line of bushes while still carrying her. I heard the men shout and set the girl down and caught her hand. I pulled her after me as I turned more to the right and then stopped and looked around. I sniffed and growled at the musky scent and went left around the bush with a large hole under it.

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