Honest-i Didn't Know!

by Laptopwriter

Copyright© 2016 by Laptopwriter

True Sex Story: True story from my past. This happened to me when I was a young press photographer many years ago.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

As I’ve explained before, several of my stories are based in fact. Some are very close to the truth, some are loosely based on something that happened in my life, and others are pure fiction: however, the following story is completely and totally true—so help me!

It had been a little more than three years since being dumped by Tanya, my high school sweetheart. She was the girl I had planned to spend the rest of my life with. We spent the entire summer after graduation, planning our future. Then came fall and she was off to college. She wanted to be a teacher and I had no doubt she would make a great one. We said our tearful goodbyes with each of us looking forward to her return at Christmas vacation.

My interest was in photography. I had worked as the school photographer, shooting pictures for the school newspaper and yearbook. My work was actually noticed by the head photographer of the area’s largest newspaper and I had an offer to join their photography staff after graduation. Of course I jumped at it.

For a while I thought I had the world by the tail—then...

She couldn’t even tell me herself. She asked her mother to break the news. Tanya, the girl of my dreams, the person for whom my life was created, met someone else and I was history.

Obviously, I took it hard—very hard. For the next three years, although I flirted with a few girls and had an occasional date, I had no interest in another relationship.

One of the girls with whom I flirted was Debbie. She was a waitress at a little restaurant close to my apartment called Dunn’s Inn. Debbie was the cutest little blond hair, blue eyed creature you’d ever want to meet, and not even the ill-fitting green uniforms the waitresses wore, could hide her perfect figure.

On top of her physical attributes, Debbie had a great sense of humor and was always upbeat, personable and fun to talk to. Quite often I’d go in for coffee after work and we’d tell each other dirty jokes for a couple hours.

All the photographers at the paper worked a swing shift. We alternated between one day and two night shifts, the latest of which was from three-thirty to eleven-thirty. That was the one I was working one evening when I stopped in to spend a little time with my favorite waitress.

“Hi, doll,” I said with a grin as I sat down at the counter.

“Hi, handsome,” she replied, laying my coffee down in front of me. “Off work for the night?”

“Oh yeah, unless I get called out on a fire or something; other than that I’m all yours until three-thirty tomorrow afternoon. Why, want to do wild and crazy things to my body?” I asked with a flirtatious grin.

“I’ve been thinking about it,” she answered.

I responded with a chuckle, “Yeah—right.”

She ignored my skeptical comment and continued. “I don’t get off until two, though. You’ll probably be asleep by then.”

Now, we had, had similar conversations in the past. Of course, I always knew she was just kidding. For one thing she always had this cute little inflection in her voice when she flirted and then there was always her ever present big smile that brightened the whole room. As I looked up at her, it occurred to me that neither of those two traits were present. For just a split second I wondered if she was serious. Then reality set in.

Nah, I told myself. We’ve never even had a date; hell, I’ve never so much as bought her a cup of coffee. Besides, anyone who looked like Debbie could have any guy she wanted. Inwardly I felt foolish for allowing myself to believe her, even for a second.


“Well, what?”

“Will you be asleep by then?” she asked, keeping up the pretense.

I continued to play along. “My dear, I will be waiting with a bottle of wine, two glasses, and a very dirty mind,” I joked.

“You live at Kennedy Park apartments, right?”

“Yeah,” I answered.

“Here,” she said, laying a napkin on the counter along with her pen. “Write down your building and apartment number.”

This was starting to sound way too real to be part of our usual sexy banter. I did as she asked and gave her back the napkin.

She smiled and told me it would take her a few minutes to close out after work but she’d be there around twenty after two. I knew darn well she wasn’t serious. This had to be some kind of a new game she was playing. I was sure she’d come clean before long, and with a big laugh, ask me if I really thought I was going to get laid. Unfortunately, the place was pretty busy that night so we didn’t get much time to talk further. I left after about an hour of sipping coffee and steered the car toward home.

Somehow I made it to my parking lot but I didn’t remember the drive. My mind had been totally preoccupied with Debbie’s titillating proposal. I sat in my car for a few minutes and rehashed the whole conversation from the moment I sat down.

I know damn well she was playing with me, I told myself. There is no way I’m going to allow myself to believe she was sincere and wait up till three in the morning only to be disappointed when she didn’t show. That would be naïve and stupid.

Of course for a twenty-one year old, healthy, hormonal, male there’s always that voice that generates from deep inside; the voice of hope. Yeah, but what if ... what if she WAS serious. I knew I was being a fool but my heart started to beat with anticipation and my mind envisioned that gorgeous woman standing naked in my living room.

As I went over the conversation one more time in my mind I remembered saying I’d meet her with a bottle of wine. Shit, I cursed to myself, I don’t have any wine ... nor do I have any condoms.

I looked at my watch—five minutes to one. I still had time. There was a liquor store not far away that stayed open till two. Condoms, however, were a different matter. The nearest all night drugstore was a good twenty minute drive. That’s twenty minutes there and twenty minutes back, plus the time it took to get to the liquor store ... I also needed time to take a shower and straighten-up the apartment. Damn, I had to get going!

I still had that nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach as I started the car. I just know I’m going to feel really stupid later tonight, I thought as I headed off to get the wine.

By the time I got back to the apartment it was almost two. I stuck the bottle of white wine in the freezer then quickly tossed my clothes on the floor of the closet and high-tailed it into the shower. I normally like a nice long, steamy hot shower but that night I didn’t even wait for the water to warm up all the way. I was in and out in five minutes. I vigorously towel dried my hair before combing it into place then ran to my closet to pick out a nice shirt and pair of slacks.

I looked at my watch ... two-fifteen.

I sprayed a cloud of my favorite cologne in the air and walked through the mist like I had seen in a movie once. I ran out to the living room and straightened up a few things out there. I took one more quick look around to make sure I hadn’t left anything embarrassing laying around.

Another glance at my watch told me it was time ... two-twenty. Anticipating her knock at any second I removed the wine from the freezer and took two glasses from the cabinet. I popped the cork and took a small rubber place mat to lie under the bottle so it wouldn’t leave rings on my coffee table.

I took a deep breath and let it out with a small sigh as I sat on the couch to wait. I looked again, two-twenty five. I could almost feel my heart beat with every tick of the clock, tick-tock ... tick-tock ... tick-tock ... everything was so quiet.

That’s when the little voice in my head, this time the voice of reason, started to snicker at me. What a dope, it chortled. How can you be so stupid? Did you really think someone like Debbie would just come over and fall into your bed? She’s probably screwing her rich, good-looking boyfriend right about now and laughing her head off at you ... Just then there was a light knock at my door.

My heart now started pounding and my cock twitched at the thought of who must be standing just outside. It was still hard to believe. Can this really be happening? I asked myself as I literally jumped off the couch. All doubt disappeared when I opened the door.

“Am I late?”

There she stood with that radiant smile. Her golden blond hair gently flickered with the evening breeze. The outdoor lights reflected in her eyes like sunlight dancing on the aqua blue waters of the Caribbean. Her normally bad fitting waitress uniform looked much sexier with the top three buttons undone and the smooth white billowing tops of her breasts showed no sign of being encase in a bra.

“That’s okay,” I said, trying to sound suave and debonair, “I wasn’t about to start without you. Come-on in.” I stretched out my hand and she took it as she stepped over the threshold. I held on to her as I guided her to the couch. Only after she was seated did we let go of each other.

“I didn’t think to ask what kind of wine you liked. I hope this is okay,” I said, showing her the bottle of Liebfraumilch. From the way she glanced at it I got the impression the wine wasn’t that important. As I poured us each a glass I had a terrible premonition of Debbie jumping up and yelling, “April fools.” I stopped to think a second ... no, it was June, not April.

Debbie took a quick sip of her wine then set it down on the table. “Come here,” she said while slipping her hand around the back of my head. Gently she coaxed our lips together.

Okay, I was finally starting to believe it was actually going to happen. I set my own glass down, then wrapping my arms around that luscious body. I turned her around so her back was supported by the couch and leaned in for another kiss, this one with passion. I felt her tongue probing for mine about the same time I felt her hand come to rest on my extremely hard cock. We continued our mutual tongue tonsillectomy for a couple more seconds before she slid her body down to the floor, and while looking up into my face, started undoing my belt buckle.

All my previous doubts had disappeared and I was now mentally preparing myself for one hell-of-a-night. I laid back and closed my eyes at the sound of my zipper. When I felt her fingertips in my waistband I raised my hips. My cock was so hard it sprang to attention like a diving board as she removed my pants and underwear at the same time, then settled in between my legs. I gasped as I inhaled when I felt her tongue on my balls then glide up my shaft like she was licking a lollipop.

I still had my eyes closed as I felt her succulent lips surround the head and slide down the steel bar that had replaced my penis. I couldn’t help but groan in sheer ecstasy.

She must have sensed I was already getting close. Just as I was going to say something she stopped and looked back up at me with a big grin. “Why don’t we take this to the bedroom.”

I hadn’t seen her naked yet and I certainly didn’t want to come so soon so I readily agreed. I took her hand and led her to my queen sized bed then stepped around her and finished undoing the buttons on her uniform from behind. I brushed her breasts as I slid the ugly top off of her shoulders; they were soft and smooth but firm. She started to sigh as I pushed her hair up and kissed the back of her neck.

“Oooh,” she cooed as I reached around and gently pinched her nipples. I guided her onto the bed and pulled the atrocious green uniform pants from her long, shapely legs. I took my time as I removed her pantyhose and panties and made an erotic event of it.

There she lay, naked as the day she was born. I took a minute to just take in the sight. God, she was beautiful. I had no idea why this was happening but I wanted to know what I did to deserve it so I could do it again and again.

I quickly undid the buttons of my shirt and threw it on the floor. Reverently, I knelt at her feminine alter and tasted her divine nectar. I felt her hands on the top of my head as she squirmed and yelled out with euphoric delights. After only a few minutes she threw her legs over my shoulders and locked her heels together as her body tensed and screams of, “I’m coming,” must have alerted the neighbors to my oral talents. Her gorgeous long, shapely limbs violently squeezed my head with every wave of ecstasy that charged through her body. I knew next time I’d have my arms over her legs to prevent getting my head squished to death ... if there was a next time.

Slowly, Debbie’s deep and ragged breathing settled down. “Damn,” she wheezed, “You’re not bad.”

I smiled but by now my cock was so hard I was in pain. I was so thankful when she crooked her finger at me indicating she wanted me on top of her. I already had a couple condoms out of the package and laying on nightstand. I quickly slipped one on then, like a tiger stalking his prey, rose to my hands and knees and maneuvered my manhood within striking distance.

She had a naughty little grin on her face as she reached down, took a hold of my cock and guided it inside of her.

I swear I heard angels singing as I glided into the gates of heaven. Damn, she felt wonderful.

She was already arching her back and pushing her hips upward to meet my strokes. With both hands she reached up and grabbed the headboard of the bed so hard her knuckles turns white. I could see it in her face; this was a woman who loved sex ... craved it ... enjoyed it to the fullest. It was so exciting that before I knew it I was past the point of no return. I wanted to slow down and prolong things but there was just no holding back.

Every muscle in my body tightened, my eyes closed involuntarily, and with one last thrust and a grunt, I erupted so hard I prayed I didn’t blow the end out of the rubber. With eyes still closed, I was thrilled to feel Debbie coming at the same time. I could feel her thrashing beneath me, heard her screams, and the inner walls of her pussy clamped around my penis, milking it for all it was worth.

By the time I reopened my eyes and looked down, Debbie was staring up at me with a wild look on her face. Her breathing, like mine, still had not completely returned to normal. Unable to talk yet, we both just smiled at each other. I started to roll to the side but she grabbed me around the neck and pulled me down on top of her. She held me so tight I was afraid I was going to crush her.

Finally able to speak, she was my first concern. “Aren’t I too heavy?”

With her eyes closed again and a contented smile on her lips, she hushed me. “Shhhh,” she said as she slightly shook her head from side to side. It was easy to see, she was enjoying the moment.

I couldn’t help but grin. I was twenty-one and in the peak of condition. If she thought that was something, wait till round two, I silently boasted to myself.

Years prior, I had asked my older cousin for some advice about making love for the first time. He said to make it all about her. I always remembered that, and although this was not my first time making love, it was with Debbie. I figured the rule still applied.

She finally relaxed her grip from around my neck. I climbed up on my elbows to take my weight off of her and started planting tender little kisses all over her neck and chin.

“Mmmm,” she cooed with her eyes still closed, “that’s nice.”

I worked my way up and finally brought my lips to hers. Again she placed her hand on the back of my head and held me in place for the duration of the kiss.

“Stay right there,” I told her, then slipped off the bed and stole away to the bathroom. I took a clean washcloth and ran it under hot water until it was nice and warm then returned to clean her up. I sat sideways on the edge of the bed and slowly, sensually, and lovingly stroked the lips of her pussy with the warm, damp cloth.

“Oh God ... Jesus,” she cried, taking a deep breath. “Damn...”

My young heart swelled with pride. This beautiful creature was lying across my bed gasping with euphoric pleasures ... and I was the source of those pleasures.

When I was done I tossed the washcloth on the floor and leaned over to tantalize her nipple with my tongue. As I continued to tease the one orally, I reached over and rolled the other between my fingers. They were as hard as marbles and from the increasing volume of her passionate screams, I guessed very sensitive.

With a light, tender touch I let my lips start to wander southward. I heard soft murmurs of, “Oh God,” as I continued to kiss the silky smooth skin of this voluptuous woman. By the time I reached that sweet, young pussy I was almost hard again. I stuck my tongue as deeply inside her as I could and licked upward to her clit.

Debbie screamed something completely unintelligible as I closed my lips around the little bud and encircled it with my tongue. I felt her grab a fist full of my hair as I sucked the little button into my mouth and continued to twirl it around and around.

“Ooooh GOD!” she screamed again. “Oh Brent, fuck me. Just stick it in.”

Who was I to argue? I had been rock hard for several minutes already so I maneuvered between her legs and slowly guided it in.

“Yes, oh God, yes,” she screamed almost immediately signaling another climax for the blond goddess.

I slowed down until she started getting control of her breathing again then slammed my cock in to the hilt.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh Brent, oh God,” she continued with rapid-fire cries of carnal thrills.

Not only was she stone-cold gorgeous, but she was by far the most responsive woman I’d ever had in my limited experience. I had no idea what it was but I was sure I’d already broken my record for the number of orgasms I’d given a woman.

For the next twenty or so minutes, I altered my pace and the length of strokes, causing her to come again and again. Finally I could feel myself getting close. I tried to slow down again so I could keep going but Debbie would have none of that. She had her arms around my neck and was rapidly thrusting her pelvic bone against mine. She squeezed my neck and pulled me down tightly against her body as we both exploded in mind numbing, cosmic rapture. I could feel both our hearts pounding together and thought I might die right there, but if I did it would be with a big smile on my face.

It took several minutes for us to regain control of our breathing.

“Oh ... oh God,” she puffed, “I ... I don’t think I can take anymore tonight.”

Tonight? I wondered if that meant there would be other nights? It sure sounded like it. “Are you sure? I think I have a little left,” I bragged. Remember I was young and worked out at the gym whenever I could.

I saw her hesitate like she was thinking it over for a second. “No, no save it up for tomorrow night,” she said.

Damn, I thought, she’s planning another night already. This is going to be fun!

She was still breathing a little heavy. “Are you still on nights tomorrow?”

“Yeah, for the rest of the week; I go on days next Monday,” I replied.

“Okay, good.” Just then she noticed it was getting light in the room. “Oh my gosh, what time is it?”

I looked over at my clock on the night stand. “Almost five-thirty,” I told her.

“Damn,” I have to get home,” she said, jumping out of bed.

I really hated seeing her cover that body with that ugly green uniform again. I got up and threw on a robe while she got dressed then walked her to the door.

“Coming in after work tonight?” she asked.


She smiled, gave me a peck on the lips and told me she’d see me then. I watched as she got in her car and waved as she drove away. Damn, what a night, I told myself. I’d better get some sleep. I set the alarm for noon but I was so wired all I did was dozed on and off. I finally got up and got ready for work. I was dying to tell a couple of the other photographers about my night of total rapture but Dunn’s was a popular place. Several of the guys stopped in for lunch or dinner while they were working. I didn’t want to embarrass Debbie so I kept things to myself.

That night I was welcomed with a big grin as I sat down in Deb’s section.

“Hi handsome,” she greeted with a cup of coffee.

“Hi gorgeous,” I said, returning the greeting with an even bigger smile than hers.

That night our usual naughty banter took on a more personal tone.

“So how’s Brent junior tonight?” she asked while refilling my cup. “You think he’ll be ready for a repeat performance in another couple of hours?”

“Umm, let’s just say that it would be embarrassing for me to stand up right now,” I responded.

“Oh, sounds good to me,” she said, turning and wiggling her pretty little butt.

Sure enough, that night was a repeat of the night before. I wasn’t around much during the weekend and didn’t see her. The following week I was on days. She was still on the night shift so I stopped in for coffee about nine Monday evening. She told me she had Wednesday off. I wanted to do something nice and I asked her out for dinner. After all, she had given me two of the most exciting nights of my life, and except for leaving her a two dollar tip for a fifty-cent cup of coffee, I hadn’t spent a dime on her so far.

I was all set to make reservations at some swanky place but she said she’d rather we just had a pizza delivered; so, she came over about seven, we had some pizza, a little wine, and a lot of sex.

The following week I was on the earlier night shift. I didn’t have to be into work until two-thirty in the afternoon which allowed for another three nights of heavenly bliss.

This went on for a couple of months. Then one night Debbie added a new wrinkle to our playtime. As usual I answered her dainty, little knock a little after two. I got a peck on the lips as she walked in. I noticed something in her hand but couldn’t tell what it was. I also notice she seemed a little nervous.

“Whatcha got,” I asked as she took a seat on the couch.

“I ... ah, you got anything to drink?”

I had learned to always keep some white wine handy. “Yeah, of course,” I said, heading to the kitchen. I poured a little for both of us and handed her a glass as I sat down next to her. It was the first I got a good look at what she had. It was four long, silk women’s scarfs.

“Okay, I give,” I said with a grin, “what do we do with the scarfs?”

She took a sip of wine before answering. “You’re going think I’m some kind of pervert,” she said in almost a self-loathing voice.

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