The Slap of Exacerbation

by Marduk

Copyright© 2016 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A reunion with a past associates leads to a sexual satisfaction but one that also leads to rejection, leading to the introduction of another male to share the hot and cold periods of this available woman - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Revenge   MaleDom   Gang Bang   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   .

Rick had just finished giving his bike a wash and oiling the mechanism for the ride that morning had been through a bit of mud; he was just wiping off a bit of grease when his mobile gave the text signal. It was rare for this to happen now and the only time it did was to announce and advert or to advise him that a medication was due. ‘Wonder what car firm or business has a new product. I’m buggered to know where they got my number from’, he muttered as he picked the phone up, opened it for it was in ‘lock’ mode and gave a grunt but when he opened the message he just shook his head in disbelief. The massagers name was in code, just the first letter of a name followed by a number. ‘Fuck me’ he muttered as he opened the message, it was short almost abrupt. “I would like a coffee”.

“Eliz”, he snapped. “So you would like a coffee well I would like a fuck”. He didn’t text that but he certainly thought it for this was the woman that nearly three months before had ended a rather satisfying arrangement for she had found someone else and had texted with that information and would appreciate no further communication from him. ‘I could tell you to fuck off’, he muttered for although he hadn’t found a companion on a sort of an available timetable, like she had been he did have other names of willing women in the file of his computer plus their photo. However, Eliz in the time they had been together had been equal to any woman that he had known, boy did she know how to fuck and when she sucked him his teeth had almost rattled so to just dismiss her was not on the agenda; he texted back. “Sounds great, where and when for if in the coffee shop we had been going to I could ride around”. A few minutes passed and then came the reply. “Same shop”. “Be there in about twenty minutes”, he replied. Her next text was just one word “Ok!”.

He didn’t have to be a genius to notice that Eliz was either down in the dumps or was in some difficulty. She hadn’t been a great dresser, in fact her wardrobe wasn’t great and many a time he had thought she was scruffy, he never mentioned it for without clothes she was quite desirable and his association with her during those months had always ended with her nude and a smile of satisfaction on her face, what she wore was really none of his business. However, now what she was wearing told him and whoever took notice that things were difficult and she was scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

To start of conversation after all this time was a bit difficult for he couldn’t tell her that she looked great but he did say he was delighted to have her text him and to be having a coffee with her after such a long break. They chattered, really nothing in particular but the one thing that he did notice was that she played with his fingers and didn’t pull away as had happened in those last days of their association. “I’ll walk you back”, he said as he paid the bill. Walking and steering the bike made holding of hands difficult, however, on reaching her unit she didn’t object as he locked his bike up and followed her into her, now rather messy lounge room. Why she had contacted him hadn’t been questioned but he may as well find out if she was ‘in the mood’ for he didn’t want to be reconnected just so she could get a free coffee.

She was adding another dirty cup to an array that existed at the sink; he came up behind her and cupped her tits. She gave a grunt but didn’t erupt into hostilities and it took seconds to know she was braless, a situation that he appreciated for he loved the wobble of her tits. He pushed up her blouse so he could maul the naked tit while unzipping her slacks, enabling him to slip under them and under the elastic of her panties and into the hairy growth at her groin; she made no objection either vocally or physical as her slacks and panties were pushed down so she was naked from the waist down. Fingering her and mauling a tit was great but if he wanted to fuck her, something had to give so he could free his now very interested cock. He kept mauling her tit, squeezing and pulling the nipple but now he was free to drop his trousers. “Bent over”, he muttered as he pushed her against the table. “You know how it is done, get your bum nice and high”. Not a word passed her lips as he ravished her ‘doggie’ style, only grunts came forth, getting more pronounced as he slammed his cock up to his balls in her accommodating cunt.

He blew with a thrust that nearly moved the table. “That was great Eliz”, he said. She didn’t pull up her slacks or panties and didn’t redo her blouse, her tits wobbled and it wasn’t till she spoke that he noticed the tear running down her cheek. “Is that all I am good for Rick, just to fuck?” This comment did take him back and it was a minute or so before he responded. “No Eliz you have more to offer but I don’t know what your association has been like over these past months, but just by a casual observation it must not have been great”, he paused before continuing. “When we were together you were taken out to meals, upmarket coffee shops, to the movies and even a picnic. Sure sex was part of that association for on the very first evening I was here for tea you sucked me off on that very lounge and took pleasure in manhandling my balls. We fucked whenever the opportunity arose, either in the bedroom or the shower, either before or after. I doggied you in the hallway and I can’t number the times you sucked me dry. I like you Eliz but it was your constant ‘changing course’ that drove me almost up the wall, for after an enjoyable evening you would then text me to tell me to either ‘fuck off’ or ‘get fucked’; you just couldn’t make up your mine so when you broke it off I was relieved, disappointed, but glad”.

She stood, stunned for it was so different to the previous relationship she had broken off with Rick for, she was abused and assaulted. She was almost gang raped and then when all had been satisfied she was dumped and in the proceeding weeks just let herself go over the edge of the cliff called ‘don’t care’. Now she cried and he took her and held her, not only to give comfort but also to enjoy the softness of her body and also to push his limp cock against the heavy growth of hair at her groin, knowing that eventually it would harden and, hopefully to again shove it up her inviting crack.

He stayed the night, helping her with the washing up and doing a bit of housekeeping as well for the unit was rather messy. It was getting onto midnight when they retired, first for an enjoyable suck; he loved the muscles of her mouth working on his prick, drawing the essence of his balls till he gave the thrust that emptied them into her willing mouth. Later they fucked, slowly, each enjoying the rhyme as she rose and fell to take his erection to the very depths of her sex.

Unlike Eliz who didn’t have an agenda he had to leave and maybe it was for that reason the next day he got a text with those familiar words ‘get fucked’. All he could do was just shake his head but he now questioned whether she was mentally unstable for she had always been on some medication but there was something wrong, maybe the wrong medication or maybe she was slipping tablets but it was her unpredictable manner that had got him so annoyed. He texted back, ‘You get fucked too Eliz you stupid cunt’.

Her reply didn’t come immediately but when it did it was an apology, the same as it had been on other occasions. This he accepted and suggested a coffee at the club he belonged to but to keep sex on the agenda ended the text with ‘I won’t try to take your panties off, just coffee’. I should be with you in twenty minutes’. There was no reply but she was waiting when he rang the doorbell, she had changed although the dress wasn’t that great of an improvement, she had at least applied make-up and done her hair, so this time he could comment for just those small item had made her attractive; she smiled following his nice comment and all the way to the club was very chatty; it was like the old Eliz from earlier days.

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