A Gamble Worth Making

by beardreams

Copyright© 2016 by beardreams

Sex Story: A gamble not taken seriously gets paid.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Big Breasts   .

The towering trees stand silently, the breeze gently swaying their leaves as rain clouds approach. The trees silently watch as a couple walks amongst them, another story about to unfold beneath them, yet more secrets to be kept.

He was still in shock that they were there, he had defined the terms of the bet in jest, never expecting her to agree or follow through. The terms had been simple, they spend a day doing what the winner wanted, the loser wearing what the winner wanted, He had been certain that he had pushed to far, and yet, even after more than a decade of marriage she continued to surprise him. He looked over and saw her unease with the situation she found herself in, and the determination to continue on. He had offered repeatedly to return home with her, had told he had been joking, but she insisted on continuing. He had always wanted to see her in a bikini, and yet knew that she would never wear one in public. The bet had provided an opportunity, he had suggested they spend the day at an isolated lake, with her wearing a bikini. When he had asked what she wanted to do for their anniversary, she had told him that she had arrange for their son to stay with friends for the day and she was going to settle her debt. He still hadn’t quite believed it, He had dropped their son off at a friends house earlier that morning and had been stunned to return to his wife wearing a purple bikini under a white t-shirt.

As they approached the shore of the lake he looked over at his wife, appreciating the view that had changed little in the course of their marriage The flaws she worried about were eclipsed by the fact that she was the mother to their child, how could he find a flaw in the body that had nourished and grown the perfect child they had. He found himself becoming mesmerized by the gentle movement of her large breasts under her shirt as they walked, certain that the tight shirt she was wearing was providing more support than the bikini she had chosen. She excited him as much as she had when they first met fifteen years ago, He chuckles remembering how close they had been to not leaving the house, it wasn’t often that they had the house to themselves since the birth of their son.

Reaching the lake they work together to lay out the blanket they brought along. He sits on the blanket entranced by the movement under her shirt as she gets the lunch she had packed out. Sitting in the comfortable forest silence they eat lunch. As it starts to rain, He gets a mischievous look on his face, takes off his clothes, putting them in a bag to keep them dry and runs into the water calling out “Last one in is a rotten egg” tauntingly. His wife laughs, wondering if the 13 year old buried in her husbands psyche will ever go away. Standing up she makes certain her husband is watching before slowly peeling off her shirt and putting it into the bag to stay dry. She slinks down to the water, subtly emphasizing the sway of her breast, knowing she had captured his full attention. she wades out to her husband, wraps her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his hips, gently rubbing against the stiff member she knew would be there, then after teasingly licking his earlobe, pushes off of him and swims away. The couple continues to play in the water, casually teasing each other while it rains. Shortly the rain clouds pass and the couple returns to shore. After quickly drying herself she pulls her shirt back on, scowling at her husband intently watching her as she gets dressed.As she turns her back on him to get dressed, he walks up behind her and wrapping his arms around her begins nuzzling the nape of her neck.

While the couple was distracted, three bears walk out of the treeline having a discussion.
“But Papa bear, why don’t we just go get some fish from the river, we’re better than this?” Asks Mama bear
“I want me some steak” replies papa bear “And the banker will pay us in steaks for this job”.
“We should just eat them and show them what really happened to Goldilocks” Baby Bear interjects.
“Son, The Banker sent us to get his money, if we eat them he won’t get it” Papa replies
“Well can I eat at least one of them?”
“Both of you, Quit it!!” exclaimed Mama Bear “Why do you always have to antagonize each other like that”

While the bears argued the couple had become aware of them and scrambled into the trees in fear, the wet leaves wetting them again. When he glances over to ensure his wife was keeping up with him he realizes that as they ran, the wet leaves had moistened her t-shirt until it was translucent. He is treated to the sight of the doomed struggle of her bikini top as it attempted to contain her breasts. Her heavy breasts bounced with each step of their frenzied flight, each upward motion causing the top to cover slightly less flesh. Both breasts finally escaped the confines of her bikini top as he glanced over again, the sight of her bare breast through the translucent shirt distracted him and caused him to stumble, glancing off a tree and colliding with his wife. they scrambled back to their feet, hearing the roar of Papa Bear as he discovered they had fled, neither noticing that her bikini bottoms had become undone. As they continued running in panic the bottoms fell to the ground.

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