Sister's Sacrifice

by Totzman

Copyright© 2016 by Totzman

Incest Sex Story: Emilia loved her brother more than anything. After making passionate love to him, she is brutally raped and murdered by his enemies.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Romantic   Fiction   Horror   Incest   Brother   Sister   MaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Snuff   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Slow   Violent   .

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story is a fantasy. The character of Emilia is a real person with a very extreme fetish. This story was written for her enjoyment. Many readers will not share this particular fetish and may find it shocking or offensive. If extreme rape and murder do not appeal to you, please do not read any further.

This story does not have a happy ending. This is a story of a very violent and tragic crime. The real life Emilia enjoyed this story very much. Maybe you will too.

Emilia’s heart skipped when she saw his car pull in front of her apartment building. She immediately ran to the door, stopping in front of the mirror as she passed it. Her brown hair was tied in a ponytail as it usually was, but she adjusted it until it hung just right. She smoothed her hands across her skirt before she made her way to the door and awaited his knock.

When she heard it, she opened the door with a relieved smile.

“I’m so glad you made it!” she declared, wrapping her arms around her brother. He returned the embrace with only a fraction of the enthusiasm.

“Thanks for having me,” Thomas said, and dropped his luggage dejectedly to the floor.

“Ooh, let me get that for you.” Emilia picked up the fallen suitcase, and carried it off to her bedroom.

Thomas staggered to the kitchen and collapsed into a chair at the table. He perked up at the smell of frying beef emanating from nearby.

“Did you make...”

“Burritos! Your favorite!” Emilia said, quickly returning to the room. With a plastic serving spoon, she scooped the frying meat into a tortilla, sprinkled it with shredded cheese and rolled it up. She placed the burrito on a plate and placed it in front of her exhausted brother.

“Em, you shouldn’t have.”

“What do you mean? My twin brother is staying with me for a whole weekend! Of course I’m going to pamper you!”

She rested her hands on his shoulders and gently massaged his back and neck. Thomas sighed.

“I’m just-” he stopped, and changed gears. “Thanks, Em.”

“You’re welcome.” She giggled.

Thomas took a bite of his burrito and looked around the apartment. “Where are your roomies?”

“Oh, Katharina’s on vacation, and Leonie’s staying with her parents for the holiday. It’ll be just us two for the weekend!”

Thomas shrugged. “I suppose that’s good.” He took another bite of his dinner.

Emilia kneaded his tense muscles and rubbed her thumbs up and down his spine. She’d hoped Thomas would have been in better spirits than this, even in spite of the circumstances.

“So, how’s Sarah?” Emilia asked.

“Good,” he answered quickly. “She called me right before I got here. She’s safe. They’ll never find her.”

Emilia sighed in relief. The thought hadn’t escaped her that her brother was fearing for his girlfriend’s life, but the knowledge that he would be staying with her for an entire weekend had somewhat monopolized her thoughts. She considered that perhaps it was time to show a bit more sensitivity to his situation.

“Do- do you really think he wants to hurt Sarah? I mean, for real? I mean, it’s possible he just wants to scare you, right?”

Thomas dropped his fork.

“Em, I watched Krause cut a man’s hand off for fuck’s sake. And all that guy did was steal from him. Krause is in prison for life because of me. Yes, I really think he’ll hurt Sarah just to get back at me.”

Emilia edged away from her brother, already regretting trying to make him feel better.

“Okay. I believe you. Just remember, you can stay here as long as you want. I want you safe, too.”

Thomas pushed his plate away from him.

“I’m done,” he said.

Emilia looked at her brother’s mostly uneaten burrito with disappointment.

“Okay. We’ll have leftovers for tomorrow.” She took Thomas’s plate and wrapped it up before placing it into the refrigerator.

The siblings spent the evening on the couch watching a movie, but to Emilia’s dismay, Thomas checked his phone every five minutes for texts from Sarah. She rested her head upon her brother’s lap, enjoying the warmth of his body while he tapped away on the phone he held just above her head.

“What’s she saying?” Emilia finally asked.

“She just texted me the address where she’s staying. I want to go visit her tomorrow.”

Emilia sat up. “You sure that’s a good idea? What if they’re following you?”

Thomas scoffed. “If they’re following me, they’d have broken in here by now. Krause’s men probably assume I’d be going with her.”

Emilia knew that should have made her feel better, but she made a mental note to double check the locks on the doors before she went to sleep that night.

When the movie was over, Emilia got up, and Thomas proceed to inspect the couch for comfort.

“So, does this couch pull out, or do I need to sleep on it as is?”

Emilia laughed.

“Don’t be silly! You can sleep in my bed!”

Thomas shook his head. “No, I don’t want to displace you. It’s your bed.”

Emilia shrugged. “Let’s sleep together then. There’s room.”

“If- you want.” He thought for a moment whether there was anything wrong with sharing a bed with a woman who was not his girlfriend. Surely there was no problem if the woman was his sister, right? There couldn’t be.

“Okay. If you don’t mind.”

Emilia giggled. Not only did she not mind, she was positively elated. She hadn’t slept in a bed with her brother since they were children. As far as she was concerned, the two of them were far overdue.

As they prepared for bed, Emilia pulled the sheets down as Thomas removed his shirt. She tried to divert her eyes, but felt her gaze drawn towards his well-sculpted muscles. Despite his thin frame, he’d certainly built himself up nicely with his years of kick boxing.

Thomas slid into bed as Emilia changed into a silky nightgown. He had to admit, his sister was pretty. Like Sarah, she was thin and fit. He tried not to stare at his sister’s body too much as his thoughts drifted back to his girlfriend.

Emilia turned out the bedside lamp, and the siblings rested their heads upon their pillows. Before long, the pair was fast asleep.

She wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but Emilia awoke with surprise. Something was touching her. Thomas’s hand was on her hip. Not just resting there. He was gently rubbing her there. Slowly, his hand was gliding up her hip and down her thigh. Then back up again. Up her nightgown.

She froze. She didn’t know what he was doing, or why he was doing it. She just knew that she enjoyed it.

She could hear Thomas moaning behind her. Sensually, his voice hummed, while his fingers worked his way underneath her panties and he gently caressed her bottom.

“Ooh, Sarah,” he mumbled to himself.

Emilia stayed quiet. Thomas was asleep. He didn’t know what he was doing. But Emilia would not stop him. She lay completely still, even as Thomas tugged on her panties and slowly edged them downwards.

How far would he go? Emilia had heard of sleepwalking, but she’d never heard of anyone sleep sexing. She’d heard one should never awaken a sleepwalker. She assumed the same had to be true of a sleep sexer. She lifted her abdomen off the mattress to better allow her brother to peel off her panties. He worked them down to the middle of her thighs before she lay her bottom back upon the mattress.

His hand creeped across the front of her thigh, and then to the inner side, where his fingers gently grazed her labia.

Emilia’s heart raced. She’d imagined her brother doing this to her countless times throughout her adolescence. Now it was happening. He didn’t know he was doing it, but it was happening nonetheless. She couldn’t stop him. She was far too excited to interrupt his activity now.

Gently, his fingers worked their way between her labia, and he softly rubbed her clitoris. Emilia rested her hands on her breasts and gently squeezed them while she enjoyed what her sleeping brother was doing to her.

His fingers were becoming wet with her juices, and it still didn’t stop him. She wondered in that brief moment what would happen when he awoke. Would he know this had transpired? Should she stop him now before things go too far?

She couldn’t. It felt too good. And she hoped he wouldn’t know a thing when he awoke.

Faster and faster he fingered her privates. Emilia’s breathing quickened. Softly, she moaned, louder than she intended. She hoped she wouldn’t wake him.

“Ooh, Sarah,” he repeated. Emilia hoped she was not doing anything to alert her brother’s unconscious mind that she was not Sarah. She lay as still as she could, but his fingering was driving her to orgasmic pleasure.

She moaned louder, and Thomas only fingered her faster. Her body shook, and she pulled her nightgown down so her breasts were exposed. Sensually she squeezed her small mounds and pinched her nipples as she felt her excitement grow.

“Sarah, Sarah, Sarah...”

“Ooooohhhhhh,” Emilia emitted a loud moan, and Thomas jumped with a start.

“What?” he snapped.

Thomas’s eyes went wide with a horrifying realization. His hand lingered on his sister’s privates for a split second longer than he knew he should have, before quickly ripping it away. He sat upright.

“Oh my God,” he said.

Emilia quickly put her breasts back into her nightgown, and sat up beside him. He looked at her in horror.

“Did I-”

He didn’t finish his sentence, but Emilia replied anyway with a nod. Thomas went silent.

“Why didn’t you-” Thomas began, but didn’t finish that question either. “I should go.”

He got out of bed.

“Thomas, no!” Emilia said, and got out of bed herself.

She followed him not to the door, but to the window, where he simply stood with his hands rested on the windowsill. He stared out into the night wistfully.

Emilia rested her hand on his back; trying not to let her marvel at how warm his body was show. She hugged him tightly.

“Thomas, I’m sorry. I just- couldn’t—”

“I was the one that did it, Em. I dreamed I was with Sarah. But that while I was playing with her, she turned into you. And I didn’t stop. Why would I...”

“You feel it to?” she asked.

Thomas slowly reared his head to face his sister. “This isn’t normal, is it?”

“Who cares what’s normal?”

Thomas stared at Emilia, letting his eyes wander up and down the curves of her body. He felt his penis swell with excitement. How could this happen? How could he feel this way- for his sister?

“Oh, fuck it,” he said, and embraced her. He pressed his lips against hers, and kissed her passionately.

Emilia melted in his grasp. It was happening; something she’d imagined thousands of times, for years, was finally coming to fruition. She gave herself to him without restriction.

He pushed her onto the bed and was on her like an animal, aggressively rubbing his body against hers. She wrapped her legs around his waist and the pair rubbed their genitals against one another through their clothes.

“Oooh Emilia!” Thomas cried, and hearing her name from his mouth sent her into a frenzy. She rubbed against him harder, feeling the front of her panties becoming soaked with her juices.

Thomas grabbed her nightgown and pulled it over her head, and quickly snatched her undergarments until his sister was naked. She pulled his boxers from him, and soon afterward his erect member was inside his quivering and aroused sister.

“Ooh, Thomas!” Emilia had pined for this moment for years. She’d never imagined it would happen. But her brother was inside her, in the most intimate way possible. She writhed and rubbed against him, savoring every moment of the experience.

Juices flowed from her privates. She’d never become this wet for any man before. Her heart raced a mile a minute while she gyrated her pelvis against her brother’s body.

“Oh! Oh! Harder, Thomas! I need this!”

Thomas felt his mind go blank. The knowledge of what he was doing; the very realization of this act simply could not set in his mind. All he knew was how good it felt. Something about this felt right, in the middle of his thought that it felt wrong.

“Oh my God,” he moaned. Emilia was wetter than Sarah had ever been. No woman’s body had felt this pleasurable for him before. He felt his body and mind weaken with each thrust inside his sister. “Oh my God, I want you so bad!”

“I want you too!”

Thomas kissed her lovingly. He kissed her lips, her cheeks, her forehead, and eyelids. He kissed every square inch of her face and continued to thrust inside her with raw passion.

“Oh my God you’re so beautiful!” In the past, he’d said those words to Sarah countless times. He’d never said them to his sister before. Not like this. But something inside him told him it felt right.

Emilia squirmed about. She writhed with pleasure upon each thrust her brother made inside her. Her heart beat faster, while adrenaline surged throughout her body.

“Ooh! Right there, Thomas!”

Emilia grabbed the bedpost with one hand and squeezed it as she felt her pussy constrict around his member. Thomas moaned at the sudden pressure around his penis, and he felt himself rapidly approaching his climax. Emilia found herself enamored by his moan. Her excitement boiled into a crescendo, and she felt herself explode with pleasure. She let out a loud wail, and her writhing, wiggling body broke her brother above her. He erupted inside her and felt his very human essence drain out of him and into his squirming sibling.

They stared into each other’s eyes. Slowly, their breathing returned to normal. Shaking, Thomas pulled himself from her, and sat on the edge of the bed without a word to say.

“I love you so much, Thomas.”

“I love you, too,” he whispered. He didn’t move from where he sat. Emilia leaned forward, just to give him a warm hug. He added, “this can never happen again.”

Emilia felt her heart shatter. She grabbed his face and looked pleadingly into her brother’s beautiful blue eyes.

“I’m in love with Sarah,” he said. “She can never know about this. Promise me.”

Emilia choked out an incomprehensible sound, and a tear dribbled down her cheek.

“Emilia. Promise me,” he repeated.

Failing to hold back her tears, Emilia nodded and buried her face in her hands.

Thomas let out an exasperated sigh. “Sorry I did this to you.”

Emilia shook her head. “No! Don’t be!”

Thomas paused.

“You’ve felt this way for a long time.”

Emilia said nothing.

Thomas rose to his feet. “I’m going to Sarah’s. Right now. I hope you understand.”

Emilia sniffled. “If she’s the one you love, go to her.”

Thomas stopped cold. A feeling of dread took hold in the pit of his stomach. Something told him not all was well.

“Did you hear that?” he asked. She did. The sound of footsteps in the next room.

“One of your roommates come back early?” he asked. Emilia shook her head. “Get under the bed. Don’t make a sound.”

“We should call the police!” Emilia whispered.

“Where’s your phone?” Thomas asked.

Emilia grabbed it from her nightstand.

“Crap! I forgot to charge it!” she said, staring at the blank screen. “Where’s yours?”

“In the living room. By the couch.” Thomas slipped into his boxer shorts and carefully tiptoed towards the door.

“Thomas! What are you doing?” she whispered.

“Just get under the bed.”

“I’m not letting you go out there alone!”

“I can handle it! Now get under the bed before they find you!”

Reluctantly, Emilia crawled underneath the bed, not bothering to get dressed.

Thomas slowly edged the bedroom door open and peered down the hall. The apartment appeared empty.

“Stay put,” he reminded Emilia, and stepped out of the bedroom. Frantically, she counted the seconds he’d been gone from the room; praying for his swift return.

Thomas gently crept down the hallway. With each step, he stopped for just a second and listened. Each time, all he heard was silence. He could see his phone, just a few steps away, resting on the end table next to the couch. He took a step towards it.

“Don’t move!” A figure hiding behind the couch jumped to his feet and pointed a pistol at Thomas.

Thomas put his hands in the air.

“You know why I’m here,” the gunman said. “Where’s the girl?”

Thomas said nothing.

“Tell me where she is, and I’ll make it quick.”

Thomas stared down the barrel of the gun. Even with his kickboxing training, there was little he could do against a firearm.

“Down the hall,” Thomas said, lowering his head.

The gunman looked down the hallway. As he did, Thomas drop kicked him square in the chest. The thug gasped, and clutched his ribcage with his free hand as Thomas spun his body and roundhouse kicked the thug again square in the forehead.

The thug fell to the floor, dropping his gun to his side. Thomas quickly grabbed the weapon and planted his foot square on the intruder’s neck, pinning him to the floor. The thug gagged.

“You alone?” Thomas asked, examining the pistol.

“No, he’s not,” a voice from behind him said. Thomas felt the barrel of another pistol on the back of his neck. Thomas froze. “Drop the gun, and slowly, put your hands in the air, and take your foot off that imbecile’s throat.”

Thomas contemplated taking the second thug down as well, but knew getting the upper hand at this range was a lost cause. Begrudgingly, he did as the second thug asked.

“Why don’t you have a seat, Thomas?” the second thug suggested. Thomas stared him in the eye. He was older than the first thug, well into his forties, professionally dressed, with jet black hair separated by the onset of male pattern baldness. He glared into Thomas’s eyes with vindictive malice.

Thomas grabbed a chair from the kitchen and sat down.

“She’s not in the bedroom!” a third thug said, emerging from down the hallway.

“It’s not a big apartment. We’ll find her,” the second thug said. He sat in a chair across from Thomas, while the first and third thugs bound the young man to the chair with rope. The second thug lit a cigarette.

“I don’t believe we’ve been introduced. I’m Stefan Muller. These are my colleagues Peter and Martin.”

Thomas recognized Stefan’s name as Krause’s closest confidant. The police informed him during Sarah’s relocation that they strongly suspected Muller of being the man running Krause’s crime syndicate now that the top man was behind bars.

“If you haven’t guessed, we’re here because you’ve caused my employer Mr. Krause quite a bit of trouble, getting him locked away for life and all. He asked us to repay the favor by treating the love of your life to one night of excruciating hell. We’ll beat her. We’ll bleed her. We’ll ravage her tight young body any way we please. And best of all? You get to watch. You’ll see everything we do to her. And we won’t put a scratch on you. Only her.”

Stefan erupted into hysterical laughter.

Thomas broke into tears. “She’s not here. She’s in hiding. I don’t even know where she is!”

Stefan flicked the ashes of his cigarette onto Thomas’s bare chest.

“That seems a bit unlikely to me. We did just hear a woman having a screaming orgasm when we arrived.”

Peter and Martin laughed.

“So where is she, Thomas?” Stefan asked. “Where is the lucky girl?”

“Not here! I was watching porn! Sarah’s in another town!” Thomas stared desperately at Stefan, and prayed his sister could keep quiet.

Stefan simply smiled, took to his feet, and walked towards Thomas until their faces were centimeters apart.

“We’ll find her.” Stefan said assuringly. Thomas gulped.

“Muller,” Peter said. Stefan turned to look at his partner. “Looks like the guy’s phone.”

Peter said it loudly, loud enough that Emilia could hear it. She was hiding in her closet; she’d sneaked in and carefully hid herself behind some hanging clothes well enough that Martin hadn’t seen her when he was searching the room.

Panic overtook her. She knew Sarah’s address was in one of the messages on that phone. They would see it, and they would find Sarah and kill her, and Thomas would be heartbroken.


Stefan walked towards the couch and picked up the cell phone. Flipping it on, he searched through Thomas’s text messages.

“Well what do we have here? A new message from Sarah. Let’s she what she has to say...”

“I’M HERE!” Emilia shouted.

Peter and Martin immediately raised their guns.

“Get her out here,” Stefan said, tossing the phone disdainfully on the couch.

Thomas went into a panic. “That’s not her! That’s just my sister! Sarah isn’t here!”

“I suggest you don’t open your mouth again,” Stefan said, sharply.

Guns drawn, Peter and Martin treaded down the hallway towards Emilia’s bedroom. They paused just outside the doorway.

“Come out!” Peter demanded.

There was a moment of silence.

“Promise me you won’t hurt him!” Emilia shouted.

“Bitch, if you don’t get your ass out here he’s getting a bullet through each one of his balls!” Martin screamed.

“I’m coming out!” Emilia said.

The bedroom door creaked ajar, and Emilia stuck out both of her empty hands for the gunmen to see before lightly kicking the door fully open.

Peter and Martin’s jaws dropped at the sight of the gorgeous 22-year-old brunette standing stark naked in front of them.

“Do- do you want me to come out?” Emilia finally asked.

Dumbfounded, the two gunmen nodded, and backed away to allow the frightened girl to follow them out to the front room. Stefan stood in the center of the room with his arms folded.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“I’m Sarah,” Emilia said.

“Are you now?” Stefan asked skeptically.

Emilia nodded frantically.

“Turn around for me, Sarah,” Stefan said. “Let me get a good look at you.”

Her hands still in the air, Emilia turned in a circle, while Stefan, Peter, and Martin examined her naked body.

“You have a beautiful body,” Stefan said. “A bit skinny for my taste. Your breasts certainly aren’t the most impressive. I think Thomas could have done better.”

Emilia stood frozen in place, trying not to let the offense she took at the insult show.

“Still, that won’t stop us from having fun with you. You know we aren’t just here to kill you, right, Sarah?”

Emilia felt her pulse rise. Stefan took a step closer to her. Thomas broke into a scream.

“Emilia, tell them the truth! You’re not Sarah!”

Stefan turned towards Thomas. He stepped towards him and stared him in the eye.

“Thomas, do you really expect me to believe this girl- this naked girl- who claims she is your girlfriend, is in fact your sister?”

Thomas nodded frantically.

“I’ll tell you what, Thomas. If that’s true, then we have two beautiful women to kill, don’t we?” he grinned.

“NO!” Thomas screamed. “Please don’t kill her! She has nothing to do with this!”

“I’m going to ask you this only once, Thomas. Who is this naked girl in front of you right now?”

Thomas sputtered. He looked at Emilia’s pleading eyes. Stefan, Peter, and Martin’s eyes bored into him.

“Sarah. She’s my girlfriend Sarah,” he said finally.

Stefan chuckled. “That’s what I thought. Lie to me again, and you’ll be very sorry, Thomas.”

He playfully slapped Thomas on the cheek and walked back towards Emilia. He eyed her body up and down once again.

“Tell me, Sarah. Have you ever been fucked in that sweet little ass of yours?” Stefan grabbed Emilia’s bottom and squeezed it. Emilia did not flinch, but simply shut her eyes.

“Soooo firm,” he added. “Do you have any lubricant?”

Emilia nodded.

“You’d better go get it. It will go much easier if you do.” He turned to Peter. “Go with her.”

Peter walked with Emilia down the hall to her bedroom. With his gun barrel pressed to the small of her back, he stayed mere steps behind her as she approached the nightstand beside her bed. Her hands shaking, Emilia retrieved a bottle of gel from the top drawer. Peter snickered.

“Not such a good girl, are you?” he asked.

Emilia knew she wasn’t. Countless nights she’d used that lubricant to finger herself while fantasizing about being romanced by handsome men- like her brother.

Peter nudged Emilia back to the main room.

“She’s got a whole bottle of this stuff!” Peter said excitedly. “We’re gonna have quite a party with this chick.”

Stefan smiled knowingly at Emilia, and snatched the bottle of lubricant from her hands. “Bend over that couch.”

Emilia stared up at Stefan defiantly.

“Make me,” she said.

Stefan walked over to where Thomas was seated. He aimed his pistol at Thomas’s testicles.

“Bend over the couch or Thomas loses his balls.”

Emilia stared into Thomas’s trembling eyes. His body shook in fear within the confines of his ropes. He stared back at her as if to say, “I’m sorry.” Emilia bent over the couch. She kept her legs straight and pressed together to preserve her modesty. Even so, she could feel the lustful gazes of Stefan, Peter, and Martin on her backside. Thomas’s phone rested on the couch cushion just within her reach. If she could just grab it...

“Spread those legs for me, nice and wide.”

Emilia opened her legs as wide as she could, quietly sobbing to herself as she imagined how she must have looked to her her brother. Stefan walked behind her and stuck his finger up her anus.

“Oh, that is tight!” he exclaimed, plunging his chubby digit in to the third knuckle and wriggling it around. “You’re an anal virgin, I can tell!”

Emilia cringed under the feel of Stefan’s finger violating her tight orifice. While it was true she’d never had anal sex, she had some experience with objects entering her that way. She was not too fond of the experience and didn’t expect this to be much better.

“All right, let’s get this party started!” Stefan exclaimed, and plucked his finger from Emilia’s ass. He smacked her butt cheek, hard, enough to make her wince, and he promptly unzipped his pants and lubed up his penis with Emilia’s gel. “You’ve got quite an ass on you, baby girl,” he added, admiring Emilia’s exposed mounds.

“Please don’t do this!” Emilia whimpered.

Stefan shook his head. “No, that’s not what you say. You say, ‘do what you want to me, Daddy.’ You got that?”

Emilia said nothing. Stefan drew his gun, and pressed the muzzle against her labia.

“I said, do you got that?” he repeated.

Emilia nodded.

“Do what you want to me, Daddy,” she said.

“I will, baby girl, I will. Now say ‘please fuck my pretty little ass, Daddy, ‘ Say it.” He squeezed the barrel of the pistol against her pubic mound, harder.

Choking back tears, Emilia said, “please fuck my pretty little ass, daddy!”

“That’s my girl!” Stefan said with glee. He stroked the gel up and down his penis as he said this, as he grew more and more erect. “Now say, ‘please fuck my tight, sexy little ass, Daddy. I didn’t wear any panties today, just for you!’”

“Please fuck my tight, sexy little ass, Daddy. I didn’t wear any panties today, just for you!” Emilia repeated, choking on tears.

“No, you didn’t, baby girl. No, you didn’t. And now I’m going to fuck your little ass. And you’re going to keep calling me Daddy while I do, or I’m going to hurt your boyfriend. Understood?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Emilia said.

“Good girl.”

Stefan holstered his weapon, and plunged his lubed cock inside Emilia’s tight ass, and she cringed in discomfort.

“Ooh, that’s it. Right there,” Stefan moaned. He pumped his cock in and out of her, grabbing her hips for support.

Thomas cried softly to himself as he watched his sister’s forced sodomy in front of him.

“Leave her alone!” he screamed. “Stop it!”

Martin cracked Thomas across the jaw. Thomas whimpered softly.

“Yeah, that’s right. You just keep letting Daddy fuck your tight little ass,” Stefan said, as he continued to pump his cock in and out of her.

“Oww! Please stop!” Emilia cried. The burning feeling in her bottom got worse by the second with each thrust of Stefan’s cock inside her.

“No, no, baby girl, that’s not what you say,” Stefan said.

“Please stop, Daddy!” Emilia cried.

“That’s better. But we can’t stop yet. I want to hear you yell ‘more Daddy, more! Fuck me harder!’”

Emilia swallowed. “More Daddy, more! Fuck me harder!”

Stefan complied with her coerced request. “Say it again!”

“More Daddy, more! Fuck me harder!” Emilia repeated.

Stefan grabbed Emilia’s ponytail and yanked on it, hard.

“Say it again! I want to hear you say it every time I pull your hair!”

“More Daddy, more! Fuck me harder!” Emilia repeated.

Stefan yanked on Emilia’s ponytail.

“More Daddy, more! Fuck me harder!” she screamed.

Stefan moaned in erotic pleasure. His cock pulsed inside Emilia’s tight anus. He turned to Peter, who stood nearby watching.

“Go get a pair of her panties. Now.”

Peter ran down the hall while Stefan continued pounding Emilia’s tender bottom. He yanked Emilia’s hair again.

“More Daddy, more! Fuck me harder!” she cried in compliance. Stefan moaned when she did. Peter returned with a pair of red panties from Emilia’s room.

“Got ‘em,” he said.

“Wrap them around your dick and jack off into them,” Stefan said.

Peter seemed all too happy to comply with the command. He unzipped his pants and wrapped the panties around his cock as he watched his partner continue to sodomize the helpless girl.

“How do you like that, baby girl?” Stefan asked.

Emilia sniffled. Stefan yanked her hair.

“More Daddy, more! Fuck me harder!” she said.

“Louder,” Stefan said, and yanked her ponytail harder.

“More Daddy, more! Fuck me harder!!” She said, louder than before.

“I’m not feeling it,” Stefan said, and yanked her hair again. He pounded her ass even harder.

“MORE, DADDY MORE! FUCK ME HARDER!” Emilia screamed. She stared back at Thomas’s cell phone. She just had to wait for the right moment.

“That’s it!” he said, satisfied. He pumped away happily into Emilia’s ass. Peter continue jacking into Emilia’s panties, until finally he burst into them.

“Ahh yeah!” Peter exclaimed, holding up the garment with one hand while his semen dribbled from the panties to the floor.

“Well, that didn’t take you very long,” Stefan muttered. “Stuff them into her mouth. Baby girl is going to lick them clean and swallow every drop of your cum. Aren’t you, baby girl?”

Emilia nodded. “Yes, Daddy.”

Peter walked to the front side of the couch and placed the semen soaked panties in front of Emilia’s mouth.

“You heard the man,” Peter said.

Wincing, Emilia stuck out her tongue and lapped up the dripping cum.

“How’s it taste, baby girl?” Stefan asked.

Emilia took a breath.

“It’s yummy, Daddy,” she whimpered, cringing at the unpleasant salty taste. She continue sucking the semen from the silky material until Peter stuffed the garment completely into her mouth.

“Don’t spit it out. Daddy wants that in your mouth until he’s finished fucking your little ass.”

Emilia nodded.

Thomas yanked on his ropes with all his might, but found they wouldn’t budge. He would have moved heaven and earth to save his sister from this treatment, and felt his soul crumble upon the realization that he could not even move from the chair which he was tied.

Stefan pumped in and out of Emilia’s ass, faster and faster. Emilia’s whimpers grew louder and more desperate, which only seemed to excite Stefan more. Her nostrils whistled upon being her only way to breathe. Emilia let out a scream of agony, and she felt her rectum fill with Stefan’s cool cream. He let out a long sigh while Emilia wiped her tears.

“Oh, YES!” Stefan exclaimed, as he withdrew his dripping cock from Emilia’s behind. “All right Martin, your turn!”

Martin stared at Emilia tentatively.

“Can- can you guys hold her down? So I can choke her?”

Stefan burst out laughing.

“Sure, Buddy! Whatever you need!” He grabbed Emilia’s ponytail and she took one last pleading look at Thomas’s cell phone before being ripped away.

“Let’s get her on the kitchen table. Help me Pete.”

Stefan and Peter stood on either side of Emilia as they each grabbed one of her arms and one of her legs and pulled her into the kitchen. Emilia didn’t bother resisting as they picked her up and placed her face up onto the table.

“She’s all ready for you, Martin!” Stefan said. “Ooh! Don’t forget to make sure Thomas has a good view. Wouldn’t want the guest of honor to miss the show!”

Martin laughed as he spun Thomas’s chair around 180 degrees, so he was facing the kitchen table. Stefan and Peter pulled Emilia’s legs apart, giving Thomas a clear view of her open pussy. He cringed at the sight.

Martin excitedly dropped his pants and mounted Emilia, but not before wrapping his hands around her throat.

“Tell me how you like this, bitch,” he whispered in her ear.

Martin grinned wickedly, and squeezed Emilia’s throat. She gagged and gasped for air, but Martin did not release his grip. She struggled and writhed about, but Stefan and Peter held her firmly in place.

Martin squeezed Emilia’s throat with all his might. She spat out the panties, drenched with her saliva, but Martin stuffed them back in. Chuckling, he removed them again partially from her mouth and stuffed them into her nostrils.

“Those panties come out of your mouth again, I’m jamming my thumb in your eye, you got it, bitch?”

Emilia nodded.

Martin choked her again, and as his penis grew more erect, he slid it effortlessly into her pussy. Emilia gasped for air, but didn’t dare spit the panties from her mouth.

“What’s wrong bitch? Getting hard to breathe?” Martin screamed as he pumped in and out of her.

Emilia nodded frantically and the men laughed.

“Well get used to it, babe! It’s only gonna get worse!”

Martin thrusted in and out of Emilia’s pussy while keeping his hands locked around her throat. She struggled to inhale every tiny pocket of air that managed to seep through her panty-clogged mouth. The more Martin thrusted in and out of her, the more out-of-breath she became. Soon she grew dizzy, and felt her consciousness slip away.

Suddenly Martin released his grip and snatched the panties from her mouth and nose. Emilia let out a long gasp. The men laughed ass she inhaled deeply and fully upon finally being able to breathe again.

“Here, have some of this!” Martin said, and withdrew his cock. He spurt semen onto her stomach and breasts, making her squeal when the cold liquid touched her skin. “Aww, yeah!”

Martin wiped his cock, dripping from the head with aftercum, onto Emilia’s thigh. He and Stefan turned to Peter, who watched quietly.

“Well, Peter, want to have a turn with her?” Martin asked.

Peter trembled. “Um, well...” he began, then added, “can I fuck her- after- we kill her?”

Stefan and Martin burst out laughing. Emilia and Thomas screamed. The laughed and laughed. When Stefan’s laughter finally died down, he said, “sure thing, friend. How about we get the saws out now?”

Peter let out a guilty smile.

Emilia screamed. “NOOOO! NOO! Just shoot me! Please just shoot me, don’t cut me up!”

Stefan made a sawing motion with his wrist and chuckled. “Sorry, Sarah!”

Peter hurried out of the apartment and shut the door behind him.

“I’ve go to take a piss,” Stefan said. “Martin, keep an eye on her.”

Martin kept his gun trained on Emilia as Stefan made his way to the bathroom. He licked his lips as he watched the frail girl cower on the kitchen table.

“Sarah,” Thomas moaned. “Run. Get out of here.”

Emilia looked at Thomas confused. Martin looked at Thomas and grinned.

“She’s not going anywhere, Thomas. And neither are you.”

“Martin, listen to me. This place is wired. The cops can hear everything. You and Stefan aren’t walking out of here.”

Martin laughed.


Thomas shook his head.

“You let us go now, I’ll tell them you helped us. They’ll go easy on you. Maybe no jail time.”

Martin aimed his gun at Thomas’s head.

“You think I’m stupid? They’d have shot their way in here by now.”

Thomas felt blood rush to his head. He struggled to think.

“You don’t believe me? I’ll even tell you where one of the microphones are. Check the lamp behind me. Look underneath the shade. They’re coming. Any minute now.”

Martin looked at the lamp skeptically. He knew Thomas was likely lying. Still, there was little the incapacitated hostage could do if he were to check. Just to be certain. Martin looked at Emilia.

“Don’t you move,” he said, holding out one finger.

Emilia looked far too terrified to move a muscle as it was. Carefully, Martin stepped towards the lamp. As he passed Thomas’s chair, the restrained student nodded to his sister, as if to say, “now.” Alarmed, Martin spun around to see Emilia hadn’t moved from her spot on the table.

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