Class Episode 01

by JiMC

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Humor Sex Story: Young ladies, welcome to the first day of Mr. Milner's Sex Education class, complete with demonstrations and silly advice.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Teenagers   Reluctant   BiSexual   Humor   Vignettes   Oral Sex   Petting   Teacher/Student   .

Hello, class. I’m Mr. Milner, and this is the first day for your sex education class. Now, I can see a few of you giggling nervously because you’ve all been led to believe that sex is something taboo, secret, or even naughty. It’s my responsibility to instruct you that “sex” isn’t something that you do. Rather, it’s something that you are. Now, this is an all-girls school, so I would expect that most of you are of the female gender. Yes, you may laugh at my jokes. I use them to help break the ice.

What’s that ... excuse me, your name? OK, Miss Dawson, what’s your question?

Yes. This is a mandatory class. If you do not pass it, you will not be able to advance to the next grade. Flunking sex education isn’t something you want to have on your permanent record, so I expect you to listen carefully, and fully participate in the syllabus we have for you.

OK. If you are going to ask questions, please state your name, both first and last name, please.

Yes, Miss Martin. I did use the word “participate.”

What do I mean?

Well, there will be demonstrations, and I will be requesting volunteers. People that participate in these demonstrations will be showing more willingness to learn and their marks will be reflective of their desire for participation.

Yes, Miss Faraday. There is definitely a strict school dress code. However, for obvious purposes, the rules are relaxed here in this class. And you will find your uniforms where you left them on the pegs near the entrance.

Now, as I look upon the lot of you, I notice a lot of similarities. Choice in fashion, for instance. Most of you are wearing plain white panties and bras. Miss ... Excuse me, your name? Miss Samuels, thank you. Miss Samuels has chosen a thigh-high stocking set with matching garters and no panties. And excellent choice, my dear, but it might be a bit outside the school code. Just be thankful we don’t have any panty inspectors. Yes, that was meant as a joke. Miss ... Yes, you in the back corner ... Miss Jones has chosen not to go with a bra today. I believe that is also in violation of our school dress code, but as I said, we are a less formal with the dress code in this class. Please, Miss Jones. You don’t need to keep your hands up like that. There, that’s better. No, I don’t think they’re too small. People mature at different rates. Your cute little buds may soon grow, although some women never get that growth spurt.

Let’s take Miss Martin. As many of you can notice, despite the fact that Miss Martin is wearing a pale yellow bra, it’s obvious that she has a nice pair of boobs. Yes, you may use the word “boobs” in this class. I’m not too formal. You can call your own whatever you want to, but you must be respectful of others. If you talk about your fun bags, jugs, hooters, or Winnebagos, then go right ahead. But let’s use the nicer terms for those of others. Miss Martin has nice boobs. Please demonstrate for the class. Yes, Miss Martin. Right here ... Yes. Now ... Don’t be shy. Everybody here has seen boobs before. I just wanted to use you as a demonstration. There. That’s nice. You may put the bra on your desk. Now come up here, and you as well, Miss Jones.

Thank you.

Now, as you can see, boobs come in all sizes. Large, as demonstrated by Miss Martin. Please, bring your hands down so everybody ... there. Thank you. And there are small ones, typified by Miss Jones. Now notice that there are differences not only in size, but in their shape. Miss Martin’s are pendulous, which is typical of larger breasts. My dear, what size cup? A “C.” You might want to try a larger size. Those definitely look like “Ds.” And Miss Jones ... I thought so. An “A” cup. What is commonly referred to as ... anybody? That’s right. A training bra. Yes, Miss Jones? Oh. Yes, some girls can be mean. I see. I don’t think the school will punish you much for not wearing one if people make fun of your size.

See, class. Miss Jones is demonstrating a problem some people have when others are not respectful of them. Calling them “tiny little cupcake hooters” is demeaning, and I do not want to hear that said about anybody in this class, unless you are referring to your own. Understood? Thank you.

Yes, Miss Martin? I see. Yes, girls with larger breasts also get teased. I can definitely imagine the words they use. Wow, really? I never heard them referred to as “refrigerator boxes” before. Yes, people can be cruel. The important thing to remember is that there is no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to breast size. Good things come in all sorts of packages.

Now, if we take a closer look at Miss Jones. While she has a much smaller rack than Miss Martin, her nipples are nearly twice the size. You’ll find that there are about the same number of nerve endings on every breast, so girls will smaller breasts tend to be more sensitive because the nerve endings are closer together.

Mind if I demonstrate? You can see them growing when I tweak them just a little. Now, when I do the same to Miss Martin, you will see they also get excited, but not to the extent of those of Miss Jones. Oh, my, Miss Jones. You’re all flushed. Yes, I can see they’re very sensitive. Thank you for demonstrating. You may return to your seats.

No, Miss Martin. You don’t need to put your bra back on. You’ll find that I don’t mind nudity in this class. In fact, during some of the demonstrations, it will be hard to avoid.

Now, I’ve demonstrated breasts, and there will be more lessons on them specifically. You can read about them in the syllabus if you wish, but as I said, we’ll have plenty of time for hand’s on experience.

Now, who can tell me the sexual organ most associated with males? You over there. Thank you, Miss Potts. The penis. That’s right. There are many informal names as well. “Dick” happens to be popular. “Cock” is a bit more vulgar, but you may use either in this class. What is it’s purpose? Thank you, Miss Sharpe. Very insightful. It does have multiple purposes. “Pissing and fucking” might be a vulgar way to put it, though as I said, I don’t mind vulgarity in this class unless it is used to demean others.

Since we don’t have any class members that are sporting a penis, I guess I will have to be your demonstration model. This is my penis. Now, right now, it’s a little under the average size for a male my age. You don’t need to snicker. When it gets excited, it will be a little above average size. Miss Potts, can you come up here to help? Thank you.

Now, the penis, or cock, is similar to a woman’s nipple in that it can get erect. In fact, that’s where we get the term “erection” from. Yes, Miss Potts. Just touch it. Squeeze it a bit, rub it. That’s it. While you’re doing that, I’m just going to unfasten that clasp back there. Fine. Let me slip this over your shoulders. Nice boobs, by the way.

As you can see, my cock is starting to react to Miss Potts’ attentions, just as she is responding to mine. As I tweak her nipples, she’s stroking me. Very good, Miss Potts. I take it you’ve done this before? Really? He must be some special uncle! We’ll talk about incest in a later class, and I hope you can relate some of your experiences with this uncle then.

OK. Now that my cock is hard ... you can stop, Miss Potts. Yes, you did a very good job. Now that it is hard, class, it is ready for penetration. I’m not going to be demonstrating that at this time, you didn’t need to turn so red, Miss Potts. However, since you’re already up here, we can demonstrate something else.

Class, if you notice, there is a visible wet stain at the bottom of Miss Potts’ panties. No, dear, don’t get embarrassed. It’s completely natural. Nobody really thinks you peed yourself. This is merely a reaction that females get when they get sexually excited, and I think that Miss Potts found it a bit stimulating when she was rubbing me. Please, allow me to return the favor.

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