Halloween Ending

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2016 by Jack Spratt

Romantic Story: Grant's life changed drastically when he lost his parents. He, unfortunately, lived the majority of his life without the benefit of female company. He was shy, but a chance job in Karate, gave him confidence. One of his students, Jasmyn, made his life worth living. This is their love story!

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Interracial   Slow   .

Special thanks to JIM7 2016 for his expertise in editing and proofing.

My life hasn’t been what I’d envisioned for myself as a young teenager. I was fortunate to have loving parents who provided me the with the best they could. But in an instant, an intoxicated asshole took them both away from me, the result of a horrendous car crash. Shit, I was still in high school! It was rough. My only living relative, an elderly aunt, lived five states east from me, in a small city in Montana.

After the funerals, I had no choice but to go live with my aunt in the city of Abbotsville. She was a nice person, but we had nothing in common. She was seventy-six, a spinster, and a ‘reborn Christian.’ Her life revolved around religion and her church. With me at eighteen, and having no interest in religion, there was a ‘great divide.’

My parents had small insurances policies. Their wills provided my aunt with a monthly payment that took care of any extra expenses. My portion of the insurance money allowed me to complete high school, but it wasn’t enough to provide tuition for college or university.

Abbotsville was new to me. I had no friends, but it wasn’t much different from Trouville. I hadn’t been the center of attention there, either.

My name’s Grant W. Dow, nineteen years old and unattached. As I mentioned, being unattached had nothing to do with the move to Abbotsville. I’m not a chick magnet, just the opposite. My aunt’s house was close to a very large community park, and was three blocks from a large high school that offered courses very similar to those I had been taking in Trouville. I fit into the class without notice or ceremony, a few of my classmate introduced themselves, so I did have a few options for company at lunch. Unfortunately, none were female.

I was fortunate to find part-time employment at a Martial Arts Training Center teaching Karate. They wanted a jack of all trades. Fortunately, I was a quick learner, and performed my jobs well. When my tasks were completed; the Sensei, Gord Evans, encouraged me to train with the other paying students, which I did. It gave me the exercise I needed, and kept my mind off my shitty life. Over time, the job gave me the confidence I lacked. I began to feel good about myself. After a month of training, Gord took me aside and gave me a compliment.

“Grant, you may not realize it, but you have a natural talent for Karate. Most of the students have to practice continually to become proficient; but you, after a couple of demonstrations of a move, are able to complete it with confidence. You are very fortunate. Hell, if this keeps up, you will soon be able to instruct.”

I knew I could perform the moves without difficulty, but to be recognized by Gord? Wow! That was a feat in itself. I continued to progress, and advanced much quicker than the students who had started with me.

Part of the training was to make your body do what your mind never thought it could accomplish. The stress and strain of the workouts became easier. One of the best things that happened was my self-assurance at school. Instead of being a follower when things happened, I found myself with others in the front. It wasn’t a challenge, but instead of being the last to enter a class room, following like a sheep; I was the first, or second. That doesn’t sound like much to most people, but having been a follower my whole life, it was a helluva change!

What didn’t improve, was my interaction with the better sex. Girls/women seemed to avoid me. There were a number of very interesting girls in my class, but I had yet to make an impression on any of them. At least, I now had a group of male friends that actually made a point of talking to me. My school friends found it interesting that I was actually training in Karate. Every day I was answering questions. That actually made me feel good. I was doing something that was of interest to others.

Several months passed, and just like Gord had indicated, I was now teaching novices the basics. I was no longer the ‘Jack of all Trades.’ There is a new guy doing the Joe-Jobs. When time allowed, Gord took the time to show and practice with me. We went over some moves in Karate that weren’t in the curriculum. Many were self defense types of moves, but some were more aggressive if the self-defense fell on deaf ears. It was surprising what a few quick practiced moves could do to an opponent.

Gord had another surprise for me: a new Gi. The one I’d been using was a hand-me-down from one of the other trainers, who’d been very close to my size. The new one fit perfectly, and I looked great in it.

School was great, but I still need funds for college. The money I was earning for teaching Karate was good, but it would never be enough for four years of college. If I actually got accepted for a college education, there was a good possibility I would have to quit Karate due to the time needed to study. It would seem that I was between a rock and a hard place; but, not to worry, as I didn’t have the money anyway.

To tease myself, I did obtain catalogs for all the colleges in the area. One was five blocks from my aunt’s home had my dream course. It was technical course that would provide me with stepping stones to a number of high tech careers. It was a dream.

My aspirations stayed with me, always in the back of my mind. I’m now full time with Gord. It is going well, not the same thing for my sex life. Nada, zilch, nothing; but I can still dream.

I never mentioned that I buy lotto tickets. They are mimicking my sex life. If all things happened as I planned, I would have won the lottery, gone to college, married the home coming queen ... Yeah, sure. Not happening.

However, things can change, and sometimes they change for the better. Last week, I spent my usual two dollars on a lotto ticket, and the first prize is a million. It would be nice. What I did was to check my losing numbers, before giving the government another two dollars. This week, I didn’t get my usual flash: ‘This ticket is not a winner, try again.’ There was a flash of three colors. The first thing I thought was that the stupid scanner was broken. So I waited in line until the clerk was free.

“Would you mind scanning this ticket for me, the counter scanner didn’t work.”

The clerk, looked at me like I was a pain in the ass, but did scan my ticket. Whatever he was now reading on the screen had changed his demeanor, as he was actually smiling.

“The counter scanner is actually working. The flashing colors means you have won a prize.”

Great I thought, a free ticket!


He handed me my ticket, a confirmation slip, and a pen. He also gave me what looked like a business card.

“Sign your ticket, right now. Then go to the address on the card to claim your prize. They’re only open till five-thirty, so you have just two hours to get there.”

The confirmation slip’s info floors me! I’ve won one hundred and twelve thousand, two hundred and twenty one dollars, and fourteen cents! I’m in shock, then in the background, a voice was calling me.

“Hey, buddy, you’d better get your ass in gear! As I said, the office closes in two hours, unless you want to wait ‘till tomorrow.”

Waiting until tomorrow was not an option, in my mind. I was moving. It took twenty minutes to walk to the state’s Lottery office. After proving who I was (which is crazy! I don’t have to prove who I am to buy the ticket, why do I have to prove who I am when I win?), I finally left with check in hand. An hour later, the funds were in my bank account, safe and sound. Hell, I must have been running on adrenaline! When my mind finally caught up to my actions, I realized I had funds in my account that would be more than enough to provide for the cost of my education. That’s a big plus in my life. That evening, my mind took me through all kinds of scenarios. Why, I had no idea. Waking in the morning, my bed looked like it had been through a war.

Two things are givens: I can afford school, and I can continue at the Martial Arts Training Center, which is now my substitute family. I spent a lot of time training novices and in my spare time enhancing my ability with all intricate moves of advanced Karate. My Sensei, Gord, actually enjoyed demonstrating his skills. Because I’m a devoted student, I picked up each new move quickly. My skills improved with every new move.

“Grant, I can’t believe how easy it is for you to master all the moves I have introduced to you. Hell, the rest of my staff are not close to your abilities. Would you be interested in teaching an advanced course?”

“You’re kidding? You think I’m qualified to teach Advanced Karate?”

“On paper; no, not yet. We have to get you into a competitive tournament, so you can be graded. That’s something I can’t do on my own. There are a few coming up, where you can get graded. I know you are ready.”

“What about the advanced course?”

“I was thinking of starting a new one, just for women. There are at least sixteen females that are showing a lot of promise. I can let it be known that I’m considering the course, and see if there’s any interest.”

Over the next two months, Gord never brought up the Advanced Course; so, I assumed there was no interest from our female clients. Many of the novices, both men and women, want the basics. It helps them build confidence. I can confirm that notion. Karate has done me a world of good. It hasn’t help me meet women, but it has instilled confidence. After my last class I was headed for the showers, but Gord waylaid me.

“Grant, you got a minute?”


I follow him into his office. As always it looks like a hurricane had hit it. Gord couldn’t be considered the neatest person in the world. I had to move a pile of files from the only chair, other than Gord’s.

“What’s up, Gord?” I asked as I sat.

“I would like you to head up the Advanced course, starting this Thursday. I have seven women interested.”

That hit me out of the blue, after two months of wondering.

“I thought it was a dead idea!”

“No, it just took a little longer than I anticipated to get the women finally committed. Three are married, one of them told me it took a while to convince her husband she should join. When she beat him three times in a little friendly competition, he relented. All have similar stories, but all the ladies are very interested in improving their ability with Karate.”

“I’m your man! Do you have a course line to follow?”

Thursday was a success. What surprised me was the intensity of the students. They were there to learn. During the exercise, we had to pair up. Since there were seven students, I had to make up the eighth. She was a beautiful ebony goddess. She looked more like a model, than a Karate student. Her name was Jasmyn Fyffe. During our interchange, she proved many times she was there to learn. By the time the class ended, we were all panting from exertion.

Over the next month, not one of the girls dropped out or complained about the work load. I introduced everything Gord had taught me. Once that was done, we as a group improved our understanding of the moves, and what made them work. I had to admit, these girls were good. One thing I did enjoy was Jasmyn. She became my partner at each practice. During breaks we actually sat together, and I learned more about her.

She was twenty, and was going to a very upscale College. It was way out of my financial realm. Her father was head of one of the major industries in Abbotsville. As she divulged each facet of her life, I quickly got the feeling I was way out of my league, just talking to her. So, I enjoyed her company when I could. I nearly asked her for a date, numerous times; but never got the courage. She looked good in her Gi, but it couldn’t compare to her in civvies. Jasmyn had a body that wouldn’t quit. Her wardrobe was chosen to accent her body’s features, of which she had many. Her buttocks were calling for my caresses. She was well formed, and her jeans, slacks or pants cupped every feature. They all accented her butt crease. Just looking at her had me panting.

It did come to pass. The courage to ask her to join me for coffee did happen. The surprise was she actually accepted. The really great thing was, we had to leave the building. Gord did not allow coffee or tea in the building. Fruit drinks or vegetable drinks, though, were fine. For the unenlightened souls that had the gall to open a sugar loaded soft drink, Gord quickly had them by the short and curlies, while he explained in detail the failings of drinking liquefied gunk.

Our first coffee actually surprised me. I didn’t act like a dunce, and we actually carried on a conversation. I told her my story about how I ended up in Abbotsville. She reached over and grabbed my hand in an expression of sympathy. Just the fact that we were holding hands, resulted in a very engorged John Thomas. He, and I, had no experience with beautiful girls, actually any girls. Jasmyn told me about her family. She had one sister, Avery, two years younger than she was. Of course John Thomas, figuring he was on a roll, wanted to meet her. I really enjoyed Jasmyn’s company. Then a shock, as I looked at the other guests in the coffee shop, I noticed to very impressive men watching our table. It wasn’t just a passing interest for them, each time I looked their way they were looking back. I was concerned.

“Jasmyn, I think we are being watched. There are two men back there, that haven’t taken their eyes off of us.”

Jasmyn, looked behind herself, then back at me, and laughed.

“Sorry, Grant, I should have mentioned it. Those two dummies are my personal bodyguards. Daddy has them follow me everywhere. I’m at the point, now, of not even noticing them.”

“You have bodyguards, even at school?”

“The school I attend has security you wouldn’t believe. There are cameras everywhere, and uniformed guards roam the school and the grounds. The students are all from very influential families, so all the students take the bodyguards for granted.”

Boy, was I out of my league! I finally get a girl to have coffee with me, and find out she is untouchable.

“Do they know about me?”

“Daddy had you investigated when I started my classes. Actually, he had all the staff investigated. He is very cautious, and really is paranoid about kidnapping. I have my two buddies over there, and I’m driven everywhere in a stretch limo. You should see the looks I get when I go to the mall.”

The more Jasmyn revealed about her life, the shittier I felt.

The good thing was, Jasmyn didn’t let her financial worth interfere with her life. We had lunch three or four times a week. I kept wishing, but nothing changed our circumstances. Now that I knew about her bodyguards, I made a point of looking for them. They were always there. Sometimes they’re walking in front of the building; other times, they just sat in the front seat of the limo.

After each Thursday’s workout, all the students usually showered before putting on their street clothes. I usually locked up Thursdays, as Gord enjoyed an early evening with his family. I had a small desk in the equipment room, where the extra mats were stored in a pile. It reminded me of a pile of mattresses. I would listen for the last student to leave the building, then I’d secure the building and leave. But today was different. Jasmyn didn’t leave, she came looking for me.

“Jasmyn! You surprised me. Do you need something?”

Her smile has John Thomas excited. She surprised me as she closed the door.

“Jasmyn, what is going on?”

Her scent was killing me, and John Thomas couldn’t control himself. There is no way Jasmyn won’t notice him. I have never been so hard in my life. My next surprise was Jasmyn’s grabbing my hand and having me stand in front of the mats. Then she pushed against my body, making me lose my balance. I flopped like a fish on the mats. She was now on top of me. Her breasts were pushing against my T-shirt, and I could feel her nipples drilling into me. Her pubes are doing a Cha-cha on John Thomas. She felt so good! When she kissed me, that did it.

“Jasmyn? What?”

“Shut up, Grant, and kiss me! We have forty-five minutes before my bodyguards will get curious.”

So kiss we did! My hands were all over her body. Her bottom, which I’d watched from afar, was just as soft and warm as I envisioned. I ran my finger up and down the crease, feeling her very prominent rosebud.

Jasmyn hadn’t let up on massaging John Thomas with her pubes, so I started taking liberties. Pulling her blouse out of her jeans, my fingers found her bra clasp. Somehow I managed to unhook it. Jasmyn actually rose so I could grasp her ample breasts. Her nipples were large and hard. All I could think of was how soon could I get my lips on them. Everything was new to me. Jasmyn lifted her body, her smile told me she liked what I had done. I’m still in shock that it had gone this far. Somehow I was looking at a chocolate colored nipple, as it moved towards my lips. It was now in my mouth, and I enjoyed it! Surprising me, Jasmyn was still rubbing John Thomas. Then my fly was lowered. Jasmyn’s cool hand grasped my shaft. The feeling was indescribable. I don’t know how I kept from cumming!

Jasmyn lifted her body upwards, as I watched. In seconds, her slacks were at her ankles, and then they flopped to the floor. She lowered her lacy white thong, and revealed my first ebony pussy. Her pussy was clean shaven, and moist. I really didn’t know what was happening. She indicated that I could touch, and I did! The moisture surprised me. It was opaque and slippery. I didn’t know why, but I brought my hand to my nose and then licked my fingers. What a haunting taste! Jasmyn’s eyes were shining, as she moved her pussy towards my mouth. My natural reaction was to stick out my tongue, which ends up in her slit. Her pheromones fill my nostrils. I had never felt like this, ever! Jasmyn grabbed the back of my head, and pulled me to her pussy. My tongue was mashed against her clitoris. I was doing something right, as her body trembled, and her moans got louder. Then I felt a flood of essence from her opening. It seemed to pour out!

I had great difficulty trying to ingest the volume. It ran down my chin. Then Jasmyn surprised me again. She climbed back onto the mat, and straddled me. I watched as she grasped John Thomas, and lowered her body onto him. What a sensation! Her vagina seemed to grasp John Thomas’s girth! Jasmyn lifted her body upwards, then slammed it down. There was no way I would last with this sexual assault.

“Jasmyn, why?”

“Because I want you, and I know you want me. Right now we are just a boy and a girl, doing what I wanted us to do for a long time. You feel right in me. My daddy wants me to prepare for some son of an industrial leader, to marry in my class. That’s not what I want!”

With that comment, John Thomas ejaculated the ejaculation of all time! Four or five very strong and large quantities of very active sperm flowed deep into Jasmyn’s willing womb. I had never felt anything like it.

I was in a dream world when I heard,

“Grant, I have to go. I love you.”

She gathered her clothing, and I watched her beautiful naked ass disappear out the door.

The next day I realized I didn’t even know where Jasmyn lived. Gord’s records weren’t any help, as it listed Jasmyn’s address as a large office complex downtown. It was one of her father’s holdings.

Thursday, she didn’t show. I asked the class if anyone had heard from her, but all answers were negative. It appeared I was the only one she got close to. That night I did a computer search on the Fyffe Family, I got hundreds of hits, none of interest to me, and nothing referring to Jasmyn. I searched Jasmyn personally, and got two hits, one where she won a spelling contest a number of years ago, and the second one was an article dated a week ago, in a gossip column, intimating Jasmyn was involved with another socialite, the son of well known family also loaded to the gills.

Over the next two months I continued my search for her, I kicked myself daily for not getting her cell number! All the numbers I found were answered by machines or voices that wanted to know who was calling. I was decimated.

Life went on. Schooling and my job kept my mind off Jasmyn during the day; however, every night in bed, I relived those moments in the equipment room. For me that was the highlight, of my life. A girl actually told me she loved me!

Every time I saw a group of young women, my heart would take a leap, only to be disappointed. My mind had her bodyguards watching her movements, 24/7, with instructions that Jasmyn was not to be left alone.

Life goes on, and mine was without Jasmyn. My Thursday classes continued, but by without Jasmyn, I no longer had a partner. The current course was to end next week. Gord advised me a new group of twenty three woman would start two weeks from now. I did enjoy working with the women, and the new group would hopefully take my mind off Jasmyn.

My life did change a bit. One of my co-instructors invited me for a drink after work. It became a ritual. He was surprised when I refused a beer, and had a ginger ale.

“Mark, I never have enjoyed beer or liquor. I’ll stick to ginger ale.”

“You don’t know what you are missing, Grant.”

Over time we were joined by three other instructors and, at times, Gord joined us. The bar was small, and was the watering hole for a number of office buildings close by. Being early October, our bar had Halloween decorations everywhere, including the urinals.

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