Kathy Kums Kleen

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2016 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Woman can't resist one man's booty call her whole life.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   .

Like most of us, she never forgot that first time. Lying in the back seat of his father’s Mercury, first feeling fingers and then the bulbous head of his cock rubbing on and in that place that was supposed to stay undefiled until a wedding night. How the short sharp pain was followed by an amazing glow as sensitive tissues were stretched and stimulated by that amazing rod that was firm on the inside and soft on the outside. How it had made a hot wet feeling deep inside twice before leaving an empty place that was still tingling.

All summer, at every opportunity, the amazing thing happened again. She was beginning to seriously date, that summer before her senior year, but if Ron called, she’d break one with another guy to be with him. He was the only one she let give her that special thrill though.

In the fall she got a part-time job and also got that new thing called “The Pill”. How she’d avoided pregnancy that summer she didn’t know. But now she could explore more of what Ron had started. Very selectively she invited more lovers who she thought had something special to offer. These quickly became older as she discovered the benefits of mature men. They knew more about what they were doing and weren’t too quick on the trigger.

As she went through college she was usually opening her thighs to one guy or another, but not like a slut. More like serial monogamy as she honed her criteria for a spouse and “interviewed” likely prospects. The only significant deviation from this pattern was spring break in her junior year when she accompanied a boyfriend she was living-with, to see what cohabitation was like, to Big Bend park and shared a room and pussy with two of his buddies as well.

Even that was part of a plan, wanting to experience group sex. It was fun but never again. She now knew her sexual capabilities much better. They had been impressed but she never dated any of them again and moved out on the boyfriend.

In the Fall, Kathy was seriously looking for spouse material for a post- graduation wedding. Just like the storybook. Now she’d play it coy and cool with guys who were husband prospects while keeping a discreet pussy-filler on the side.

Richard was the best she’d found. From a wealthy family, he was polished socially and his swim team participation made him buff too. At Christmas break he finally got into her pants and did a decent job, she thought. He’d make nice babies too.

About two weeks before the wedding, Richard stopped over at her apartment unannounced. He had a key and let himself in. A few seconds of listening told him that Kathy was getting nailed. He moved quietly to the couch and waited. From the familiar sounds, she was almost at her peak.

She walked out naked. The man with her was already dressed and was introduced. He wasn’t surprised when Richard neither rose or shook his offered hand. He left with these words, “You are getting a terrific wife. Appreciate her!”.

There was silence as she went and peed. She came back, still unclothed and asked, as she had often before, “Would you shower with me?”

He tried to not look at the rumpled bed as they went to the bathroom and started the water. Too many conflicting memories there. Kathy acted rather nonchalant, as if nothing unusual had just happened as she washed him. His penis rose with her ministrations just like it usually did. He wondered, fleetingly, what would happen next?

The way she wrapped her arms around and kissed him after they dried each other signaled that she wanted the usual coupling too. His several days old desire began to override his shock and disgust. Her body felt the same on the outside, and when she’d pulled him into her special place, it felt just like it did when they had multiple romps in a single session.

He spurted quite soon and she wouldn’t let him withdraw. “I want you again. That was very good, you know. I love you.” That last statement threw him into confusion but her clasping vagina got him going again and he pounded her with a strange combination of passion and anger. She was more aroused than he could ever remember and urged him on with words and body motions.

They collapsed together and didn’t speak for a while. Kathy broke the silence with, “That was great. I hope we can do it that way more often.”

That set Richard off, he raised up and snarled, “Does it take another cock in you first to get your slut jollies?”

She didn’t give an inch, “You can call me a slut if you wish but I’d bet you never had a piece of ass that good in your life.”

He had no answer for that so she continued, “Let’s get a drink and talk, OK?”

When they were propped up in the scene of the “crime”, Kathy said, “I’m glad you found out. I didn’t want it to be a secret any longer. When Richard tried to interrupt, she shushed him, “Just listen for a while then I’ll take questions.

“He was my first lover and we have been having sex ever since I was seventeen. Through my dating around, longer-term relationships and even living with a guy my Junior year of college, he had been irregularly in my pants. We have a tradition though of screwing on our birthdays. That’s why you and I couldn’t get together until later on my last one. I was in bed with him in the afternoon. You noticed how hot I was that night too.

“I don’t love him. It is animal magnetism or something like that. Purely sexual. I don’t understand it except enough to know he and I could never marry but also can never stop getting together. I didn’t mind keeping it a secret from my boyfriends, but you are about to become my husband and that wasn’t right. So here it is. I’m not going to stop even if it means we don’t marry.”

Richard had been sitting stock still, listening and absorbing. He spoke quietly, “I’ve jacked off to stories about shared wives but never put myself in that place. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t get violent when I discovered you. And why I fucked you so furiously. Yes, that last time was raw fucking like I’ve never done before either. I need some time to absorb this. I’ll come back tomorrow night and let’s pick up this discussion again.”

She kissed him and said simply, “I love you!” He didn’t respond, just turned and left.

Richard’s mind raced for the next twenty-four hours. His sleep was broken with dreams and he masturbated twice when erotic thoughts kept him awake. He tried writing down a list of pros and cons in accepting this situation. That didn’t help decision making except for his thinking through some of the parameters.

His thoughts were still somewhat disarrayed as he was seated at dinner with his beloved. Yes, she was till that. Not the same beautiful and loving creature in his mind that he had proposed to. The things about her that had attracted him in the first place and caused his feelings to deepen to the point of wanting her as a life partner were still there, after all. There was just this new element of her not being completely “his” that had rudely intruded. Maybe THAT was the thing that was sticking in his craw? How to discuss that though?

After dinner they sat on the couch. Kathy asked gently, “What have you been thinking and feeling?”

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