A Bag Full of Surprises

by Uwantwat

Copyright© Roland Blythe 2017. All rights reserved

Erotica Sex Story: A quirky little tale I wrote years ago for some good friends. They liked it so I hope you will too. Basically, a lady doing things alone and then with another.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Fiction   Cheating   Revenge   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Size   .

This story is the result of a conversation between myself and a friend and the names have been changed to protect the innocent-I hope you enjoy it.

Tara was tired of the daily grind of her manager’s job, but with the state of job market in her town she knew her options were limited. Oh, her boyfriend was kind, but he wasn’t due back from his business trip until the following night, so he wasn’t there for her.

The day had been horrendous, Tara’s immediate superior had called her into the office and proceeded to dress her down. Telling her it was her fault one of Tara’s staff had messed up and leaving it to her to sort it out.

Thanks bitch!

Pulling into the driveway, Tara noticed a bag by her front door. Strange, she thought, I wonder what that is. After parking the car in the garage, she checked the mail, picking the bag up before entering the house. Tossing the mail and bag down on the kitchen bench top, her heart sank as the phone rang. She knew it would be her mother making her daily call.

Sure enough it was Mother, 30 minutes later she managed to get off the phone, then quickly pouring herself a glass of red wine. Making an easy meal was next on the agenda, while sipping the wine and stirring the stir-fry in the wok, Tara started to relax a little.

After the meal had been eaten, the plates were in the sink and another glass of wine poured, she remembered the mail and the mystery bag. Most of the letters were the usual bills or offers that she didn’t need, however one was a surprise.

Stating, she had won the bag after her entry had been drawn and it was hoped she would enjoy the contents. It was a complete mystery as she just simply could not recall entering any competitions recently.

After another wine, the idea of a bath appealed, taking the bag with her she started running the faucets and then opened the bag. Tara found there were 3 boxes and the first one out was embossed with a fairy light.

Intrigued, she opened it and found a series of small lights with the instructions to place them around her bath. Also there was a small vial of bubble bath lotion. The lotion smelt lovely so she poured some into the bath. Suddenly, she thought I will put the lights up, making her feel a lot better.

Going back into the kitchen she got the last of the bottle of wine and took it back into bathroom. The lights were casting a beautiful glow on the bubbles in the bath, putting the glass down she undressed.

Naked, she stepped into bath and laid back and felt the magic of the warm water seep into her tired body. Reaching for the wine glass, she sipped, letting the wine roll over her palate before sliding into her throat.

It was so decadent, lying there sipping on wine, lights casting the room in a certain ambiance, the warmth of the water, the smell of the bubbles; all combined to make Tara forget the troubles of the day.

Twenty minutes later, she had finished the wine and the water was cooling, so with some reluctance she left the bath and dried herself. Slipping into a robe, she decided to paint her toenails and fingernails in a vibrant shade of red.

Tara loved having her nails painted, it made her feel sexy, along with the lovely, relaxing, bath she had just taken the feeling between her thighs was starting to heat up. Entering her bedroom, she sighed, before returning to the bathroom to retrieve the bag from the ledge where it had been placed.

Sitting on the side of the bed, she took the next box out of the bag. My goodness, she thought, this box is much bigger and a lot heavier than the first one. Nothing was printed on the box. With a lot of curiosity, she opened the lid and gasped, when she pulled out a long, thick vibrator.

Tara had had vibes before but none like this one. It looked to be around 10 inches long and the thickness of a beer can. It was huge, but the thing that set her senses fluttering, along with a flood of wetness in her pussy, was the colour, it was black.

Dropping it onto the top of the bed covers, she paced around the room before picking it up and sliding her hands up and down the shaft. Well, she tried to get her hands around the girth but the toy was just too thick.

Muttering to herself, she suddenly dropped her robe onto the floor and she laid down on the bed. Finding the switch at the base of the machine, she turned it on. Glancing at the speed settings, she gave a cry of surprise, she counted 8 speeds. Her mind was in turmoil, but she noticed her pink nipples had hardened, they were like rigid points, sticking out begging to be fondled.

Suddenly, she ran her tongue up and down it coating the shaft with saliva before popping the head into her mouth, not without some difficulty due to the girth. Taking it out of her mouth, she turned it on and started to rub it over her breasts at first, then between them. It looked like a huge black cock was tit fucking her.

Her moans were getting louder by the second, her body starting to heave as the sensations began to course through her. Her nipples were as hard as they had ever been and her pussy juice aroma was flooding the room with its’ unique smell.

Sitting upright, the pillows were quickly arranged, she laid back down with a pillow under her arse. Picking up the black toy, turning it on, she ran the tip up and down her pussy lips. She let it rest just above the top of her shaven cunt, she thought it looked so erotic the black against her pale white skin.

Flexing her knees, she raised her pussy higher on the pillow and slowly rubbed the end against her wet opening. The feeling was making her so horny, she had to try and take it up inside her wet hole. In all her life, she had never taken anything remotely the size of this, so it was with some trepidation, she pressed the head at the entrance and started to push it up inside of her wet hole.

The walls of her passage slowly spread as it invaded her, creating a feeling a little bit of pain, along with an incredible feeling of fullness. When she had worked about 3 inches in, she switched it on to a higher speed, the result was amazing.

Her juices were flowing from her wide open pussy, hips bucking as she tried to get more inside. Inch by inch, the thick invader made its relentless way up her until her hand touched her wet lips.

Her head reared up, she had taken it all. She laid back down and seemed to fall asleep, but in a few moments she pulled it back out of her, around half its length and then pushed it back in fully. A steady in and out motion followed and her hips were rising in unison, her cries were getting louder and her spare hand started to pinch one of her turgid nipples.

She came, no, this was not a normal cum, her screams of joy were something to behold, her breathing was ragged. Her body lifted off the pillow and was rigid as she peaked. She continued to work the toy and changed speeds again, she came over and over.

Finally, she pulled the toy out from her pussy with a loud PLOP. Her pussy was gaping widely as she shut it off. Flinging the pillow under her arse to the floor, the toy fell from her grip as she slumped in exhaustion falling asleep.

The next morning, she got up, went to work, where she totally ignored the bitch who had made all the trouble for her the previous day.

Nothing bothered her that day, she felt so relaxed, even though a little sore. In fact, she thought the black monster was still up her when she moved the wrong way. One of her co-workers noticed she was limping at one point and asked her what was wrong. Tara replied she had twisted her ankle.

That night, she was back in her bedroom taking out the third box from the bag when her boyfriend got back from his trip. He walked into the bedroom and she leant over and pulled his zipper down and swallowed his cock.

Jumping back, he laughed and said I see you have found the bag. Tara stopped what she was doing and asked him what he meant. He just smiled and said I was always lucky at winning competitions.

Then he just put his cock back to her mouth and she slid her tongue with the vibrating ring on it up and down his length.

Tara slammed the front door as she stormed into her home the next night. Her boyfriend, sitting on the sofa, looked at her quizzically before saying,

“Rough day Darling?”

“That slut bitch needs to be punched out, I’m so angry with her. So do you know what that whore did to me today?”

“Err no, I assume you mean Christine your bane at work, what did she do baby? Calm down Darling, your face is so red it looks like you are ready to commit murder.”

“Well she heard me telling the girls about that lovely bag I found and how much fun I had with it. She laughed, and told them I was telling lies.

‘Nobody would have a bag like that left on their doorstep.’

It has made me so mad at her, how can I get her back? I want her to grovel when she admits she is wrong.”

“Mnnnn, let me think but first would you like a wine? I have bought a bottle of nice Australian Reisling the man at the store recommended it to me.”

“Yes please, you are so kind to me Darling, are we dining in or going out for dinner?”

“Pizza will be here in five minutes, kick your shoes off and let me pour the wine.”

The pizza was eaten and the bottle nearly finished when he started to discuss his nefarious plan. When he had finished the telling, I smiled gleefully then hugged him.

It was another five days before it could be acted on, I had to wait until he was sent out of town on another business trip.

Meanwhile, I had started to sow the seeds by telling Christine she didn’t know what she was talking about. We very nearly had a screaming match in the lunch room but managed to control ourselves.

In the end I got her to agree to come over to my place when my boyfriend was away. If I was talking rubbish I would have to apologise to my fellow workers. We never did agree on what her penalty would be.

Christine followed Tara home thinking, I will finally show Tara up for being the bitch she is. Just because she is better looking than me, more popular than me, I hate her!

When she drove into Tara’s driveway, she went to lock her car but Tara stepped out of the front door and motioned her to park in the open garage. Getting out of the car, Tara told her to enter the house by the front door while she locked the garage,

“It stops the neighbours looking, dear.”

Christine started to fume at this, but did what she told. At the front door was a bag with Christine’s name written on it. She picked it up and went inside. Throwing it on the coffee table in the lounge she waited until Tara came back.

“So when did you buy this bag? Do you think I’m stupid? Did you think I would just accept it turned up while we were at work? I should leave right now, I know you are a liar.”

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