Jenny Is a Friend of Mine

by alan14

Copyright© 2016 by alan14

Sex Story: This story continues immediately after the end of Take Me Home and follows the story of Chloe, Jenny and Danny. Chloe and Danny grow closer, Jenny joins their life full time but when her former social worker becomes seriously ill Chloe and Danny are introduced to our old friends Amy & Gary, and from that point everyone's life changes.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   BiSexual   Shemale   Light Bond   Sex Toys   .

“Hey Danny, how you doing? That was a fucking top night last night. Here have a drink on me”

“Hi Jenny, thanks, I drank way too much last night, could I just have a glass of milk please.”

“No worries,” Jenny grabbed a pint of milk from the fridge, “still on me though...”

“Thanks, mmm that’s nice and cold.”

“So, what you going to do about the Chloe & Lorraine situation?”

We were sat on a sofa in the pub, I was the only customer late on Sunday afternoon, Jenny was the only member of staff, Mary was on the piano, noodling away at some Thelonious Monk tune. I had my milk, Jenny had a large Cheeky Vimto (blue WKD and port).

“Jenny, I’m in love with Chloe, it’s not just the sex, although as you know, that was stunning, we’ve just clicked. I’ve spent the last few hours at her house, just doing revision work. It was wonderful just being in her company, no sexy talk, no fooling around, just working, and it was like being with an old friend.”

“Was her mum there, because that would influence your behaviour I imagine.”

“She was there when we arrived, but she went out to the shops and left us alone. She clearly has no idea what Chloe was up to last night.”

“Have you met her mum before?”

“No, never. She’s had two jobs for the last few years, so hasn’t been able to attend parents’ evenings.”

“What’s she like? Her mum I mean?”

“She seems nice, looks like a 20 year older Chloe, still very good looking, with a nice figure. She brought us pizza and we ate it together, they’re both good company.”

“How do you think she’ll take her daughter having a boyfriend nearly as old as she is?”

“I don’t know, but she didn’t look at me in a distrustful way, she was very nice to me, and thanked me for coming around to help Chloe with her studies.”

“Didn’t she think it odd that you arrived with Chloe, and Chloe had been out all night?”

“If she did, she didn’t mention it. What are you getting at?”

“God, you are slow today. I think she knows full well what Chloe was up to last night, and why you arrived home together.”

“Shit. You’re right, I wasn’t thinking straight. Holy crap I hope this isn’t all a plot. What am I going to do?”

“It’s OK Danny, because I love you, like a sister you understand, err a sister who just slept with her brother and his lover, well anyway, I love you in a, oh fuck it, I’ll help you out, and I have just the solution for both your problems. Ohh customer, can you tend the bar while I make some calls. I’ll need your phone, just the address book, I’m not making calls with it.”

Numbly I handed her my phone and she dashed into the back office while I tended to the customers who’d just arrived. Mark the landlord appeared while I was serving.

“You don’t need to work for me to pay last night’s bar bill, just help my daughter with her revision and make sure your mate Andy is here on Friday...”

--”Will do Mark, Jenny’s just popped back to make some urgent calls I think, asked me to hold the fort.”

In the back office Jenny checked Chloe’s number on Danny’s phone and dialled it from the office phone.


“Hey Chloe! It’s Jenny, remember me?”

“Oh, Jenny. Of course I remember you, I could hardly forget you.”

“Err, Chloe, I’m not sure how to put this, but I’ve been talking to Danny, and he’s like, totally in love with you.”

“Wow, really?”

“Yes, really. So this is a little delicate. He’s been thinking things over, and he’s a little concerned about your mum’s reaction earlier. He’s thinking she should have been a little more suspicious about you being out all night, then arriving home with your teacher.”


“So, we’ve been talking it over, and he’s worried that your mum knows exactly what went on last night, well not exactly, I doubt she knows about me, but you get the drift. So he’s now shitting it that last night was some kind of scam.”

“Nooo! That’s not it at all. Yes, my mum knew about where I was going, but only because we tell each other everything. We’re very close, me & mum, ever since dad left I’ve had to look after myself a lot, because mum’s had to work hard to keep a roof over our heads. We’re very honest with each other. Mum understands about me and Danny, she fell in love with her teacher at school and had an affair with him for 5 years, from when she was 14. I shouldn’t be telling you this, don’t tell Danny, please. Just tell him mum understands and won’t tell anyone.”

“That’s OK Chloe, your mum’s secret is safe with me. Danny said she’s pretty hot by the way.”

“I kind of got the feeling he did, she’s still very good looking, and has a cracking pair of boobs. We can share most of our clothes, but her bras are too big for me.”

“Mmm, maybe I’ll look her up one day.”

“Thanks for understanding Jenny, you’re a good friend.”

“I’ve not got many friends Chloe, so I’d like to be yours, and Danny’s.”

“Me too Jenny, so what’s Danny going to do, have I got a chance with him?”

“Once I reassure him about your mum knowing what’s going on, and make another call, you’ll be set. Danny’s going to have a tough break with Lorraine though, they’ve been together a couple of years, and I think they were going to get engaged soon. So be gentle with him, take it nice and slow, and give him space.”

“I will do; will he call me tonight?”

“Not sure, I’ll ask him to call you, but he’s about to get a very angry call from Lorraine in about 10 minutes, so don’t call him, let him call you. Oh, and keep your distance at school, I’m serious, anything over-familiar will be noticed and Danny could be in serious trouble.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve only got another couple of weeks then we all go off on study leave, and much of the next two weeks is exam practice anyway, so I’ll probably be too busy to pester him or anything.”

“Just be careful, that’s all I ask.”

“OK Jenny, I’ll be very careful.”

“See you soon Chloe.”

Jenny cut the call, then checked Danny’s phone for Lorraine’s number, she dialled it from the office phone, prefixing it with 141 to block the caller ID.


“Is this Lorraine Szabo?”

“Yes, who’s that?”

“You don’t know me Ms Szabo, but I thought you’d better know that I saw your boyfriend Danny leaving a restaurant last night with a girl, they seemed quite friendly if you know what I mean.”

“What did this girl look like?”

“Well, I didn’t get a good look, but I know what you look like, and she definitely wasn’t you. Tall, dark hair, big boobs, so, well very different to you is all I can say.”

“Who are you?”

“Like I said, no one you know.”

--Jenny put the phone down and dashed back to the bar.

I saw Jenny rushing towards me, she was holding my phone out and it was ringing.

“Danny, this will be Lorraine, take it in the back, I just told her you were seen out last night with a tall, dark haired girl with big boobs.”

I grabbed my phone and headed for the office.

“What took you so long?”

“Sorry, I was in the kitchen and my phone was in the bedroom.”

“Where were you last night?”

“I was out in Lancaster.”

“I’ve just had a weird call claiming they saw you with a girl.”

“Who told you that?”

“Some girl called, wouldn’t leave her name and withheld her number, it wouldn’t be one of your students playing a trick would it?”

“How would they have got your number? Anyway, I went to the pub, then had dinner in a restaurant. I met a former student on the way out, we said a few words, then she went on her way. Maybe that’s who she saw.”

“Or maybe you’re full of shit. I’ve always had my doubts about you Danny. I’ll be around on Tuesday afternoon to collect my stuff, make sure you don’t come home till I’ve gone. I’ll post they keys back through the letterbox, I won’t be needing them again.”

The line was cut.

I went back out to the bar, poured myself a stiff drink and went around to sit next to Jenny.

“Well that’s a strange look on your face.”

“Lorraine just finished with me, but it was too easy. I think she’s got someone else and you just gave her the perfect reason to dump me. This is all very weird.”

“On a similar weird note. I was right, Chloe’s mum knew she was with you last night, and is totally cool with it. They have a close relationship, Chloe & Olivia, they tell each other everything. I’m kind of hoping not completely everything and she leaves me out of it, but Olivia will not give you away.”

“Oh wow, that’s great. You really are the best you’ve sorted me out in two phone calls.”

“Anyway, Mark’s back, so that’s my shift over, fancy walking me home, it’s more or less in the right direction for your place.”

“It’s in the opposite direction, and you know it, but I’m a gentleman, and I’ll walk you home.”

Jenny grabbed her jacket from the office and we set off towards her house, stopping first at the Tesco Express for milk, coffee and a few groceries.

“You want a coffee? It’s the least I can do after you’ve carried it home for me.”

“Why thank you ma’am, I’d appreciate a cup.”

Jenny lives in a tiny upstairs flat, one bedroom, kitchen / diner and a bathroom. Most of the flats in the area were student accommodation for the universities, I bet it gets rowdy in the evenings, but is very quiet in the morning.

“I’m really sorry about this Danny, but my flat is not designed for entertaining, there’s no sofa or anything, but we can sit on the bed, there’s loads of cushions, it’s really comfy.”

“Ok. I’ll behave if you will.”

“Oh you know me, I always behave impeccably...”

The bed was only a normal double, so we were pushed together by all the cushions. We were cozy. Jenny turned on the radio, Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour on 6 Music, quality stuff.

“Danny, do you think I’m pretty?”

“Of course I do, in fact I think you’re very pretty.”

“That’s nice, I feel ugly sometimes.”

“I’ve no idea why, there’s a lot of people I know fancy you. You’ve turned a few teachers down, and didn’t you date Becky Holmes for a while.”

“Mmmm, yes, she was very good in bed.”

“I’ve been wondering, did she know about you before she asked you out?”

“I think she may have guessed, like Chloe. She wasn’t surprised anyway.”

“So she isn’t a lesbian.”

“Oh she is, but she’s open to offers from either side.”

“You turned a lot of people down, why?”

“Because they thought I was a girl, and I suspect they would be less happy to see the contents of my underwear than Chloe was.”

“That figures. How do you know who’ll be receptive?”

“It’s kind of a gut instinct. I’ve only got it wrong once, and he hurt me badly. I’d just started working at the pub, I had to take a couple of days off, my face was a mess, no permanent damage luckily. Mark came round to see why I wasn’t able to come in, he went mental, he always knew about me by the way, and sent a club bouncer round to teach the guy a lesson. He spent a fortnight in hospital then sent me a letter of apology and £1,000 compensation. I passed the money to the Lancashire LGBT.

“So, anyway Danny, on a scale of one to ten, one being Anne Widdecombe and ten being Chloe, where would you put me?”

“Oh that’s a horrible question., and you know it. I’ll answer honestly, you are the equal of Chloe, you are both very beautiful, but in different ways. Chloe is very sexy, with a lush body, you are like a model, I thought so when I first saw you, and especially when I saw you naked. You have a wonderful figure Jenny, you should be proud of it and wear clothes that show more of it off. That’s the opinion of a male, girls may think differently of course.”

Jenny leaned across and kissed me.

“Thank you Danny.”

She kissed me again, this time she kissed me passionately. Our lips locked, she reached between us, unbuttoning my shirt, then my trousers. She massaged my chest, then moved her hands down, inside my pants.

“Danny,” Jenny mumbled, our lips still together, “I’m so horny right now. I need to fuck you, please let me fuck you.”

Now I had a problem, for a long time I’ve fantasised about being taken by a girl. Lorraine would never do it, but she was always a bit vanilla about sex, lights out, missionary position only, very occasionally she’d go on top or give me a blow job. Now though, I have a girl that wants to fuck my ass, but do I agree, my bum is still intact. God though, I’m horny, and my cock has had enough action for today, perhaps a good bumming is just what I need. But will responding quickly somehow expose my weird desires, will Jenny think less of me, will she tell Chloe? Oh shit.

My dilemma was solved by Jenny not waiting for an answer, whilst I was debating she’d crawled up the bed, opened her pants and pushed her cock into my face. I made the decision and opened my mouth.

The feeling is difficult to describe, her cock was still soft, the skin felt like the softest, most expensive calf-skin glove, as her cock hardened it was like the glove filling up. Now it was like a long fat thumb in the glove, soft on the surface, hard underneath. It was hot, and tasted a little musky.

I couldn’t help but gag a little as she reached her full length, she pulled back. I tried to think of all the nice things Chloe had done to me, hoping I could replicate them. I flicked the underside of her head with my tongue, trying to apply pressure with my cheeks. This was hard work, a skill. I don’t think I’ll do this again, but I’m glad I’ve done it.

“Oh Danny, keep doing what you’re doing, ohh I’m going to cum, do you want me to pull out?”

“It’s OK,” I mumbled as best I could.

Jenny started to thrust, to fuck my mouth, I could feel her cock reaching momentarily down the back of my throat, I concentrated hard to hold off the gag reflex.

Suddenly Jenny grabbed my head, holding me still, her cock grew another ½ inch in length and noticeably thicker, I could feel the veins pulsing against my tongue, she gave a grunt and I felt the sperm pumping along her shaft then out and down my throat.

As she pulled out I licked her cock clean, it was a little bit salty, but not unbearable.

Jenny pulled clear and kissed me, “mmm you taste of cock. I can’t believe you just did that for me. I thought you’d clamp your mouth shut.”

“To tell you the truth Jenny, I’ve long fantasised about being taken by a girl. I bought a strap-on for Lorraine but she flat out refused.”

“Ahh, if you enjoy this then I’m pretty sure Chloe will oblige, now strip.”

I jumped off the bed and stripped, Jenny stripped as well, then she told me to kneel on the bed with my face in the pillow and my arse in the air.

“Mmm, nice and smooth, I don’t like a hairy ass. This’ll be cold, but it’s absolutely necessary.”

I felt a cold liquid squirted into my crack, then Jenny worked it into my bum with first one, then two fingers. I felt my cock hardening as Jenny’s fingers hit my prostate, She noticed my cock jump.

“Oooo, you like that I see, I think I’ll play here for a while longer.” She took my balls in one hand, and continued to work on my prostate with two fingers of her other. I was in heaven, this was the most intense feeling I’ve experienced, and my cock was rock hard. I lost track of time, but all of a sudden I couldn’t hold back any longer and my cock exploded, a stream of cum landing on Jenny’s duvet.

I was panting, my breath taken away with the intensity and abruptness of my orgasm.

“Jesus Christ, I’ve never come like that before, with no contact on my dick. I didn’t think it was possible. Oh sorry about your duvet, there’s a bit of a stain on it now.”

“No worries, you can change it before you go.”

“Oh. OK, it was worth it.”

“Don’t be daft, I can change my own bedding, now, where was I. That’s right, I was about to fuck you rigid, like you did to me last night. I’ve prepared the ground so to speak, but this will hurt at first. There’s a bit of your ass that’s too narrow for a cock to enter, when I hit it, you need to relax or I won’t be able to get properly inside. I’ll be as gentle as I can be, I don’t want to put you off further experiments.”

With that I felt Jenny push her cock against my opening, it still wasn’t fully hard and I felt it flex as she pushed. I reached round and parted my cheeks to help, and she slid inside a little, then she held still for a while before starting with short strokes. I waited for the pressure as she hit the spot she mentioned, this took a minute or two, and during this time I felt her cock growing and stretching me further.

“Relax now, more, more, that’s it, I’m in, now we can start to enjoy ourselves properly.”

Jenny started with long, slow strokes, from the tip until her balls tickled my ass cheeks. Gradually she sped up, and I started to really get a feel for this.

“Do you know what Danny? There’s one advantage to fucking girls over boys, they’ve generally got curves you can grab onto for traction, hips and boobs, you skinny guys have nothing I can grab, I’m just going to have to hug you.”

She put her arms around me and really started to fuck me hard and fast. I was starting to get sore when she slammed into me one last time and I felt a few hot jets hit me, then Jenny collapsed on me and we both tumbled to the bed, getting our breath back.

“My shower isn’t as nice as the one in the hotel, but I imagine we’ll both fit.”

We did, just, it was an over bath shower, and the curtain stuck whenever you touched it with a body part, but we managed to clean each other. After we’d towelled dry Jenny went to make another coffee while I phoned for a curry. When that arrived we sat on the bed, trays on our laps, eating whilst listened to the radio.

“Chloe told me something, I don’t know if I should tell you, but it’s important for a couple of reasons.”

“OK, I can pretend to be surprised if it ever comes up.”

“Well, there’s a reason her mum wasn’t upset about her spending the night with you, it’s history repeating. Olivia had an affair with one of her teachers, from when she was 14 until she was 19.”

“Ahhh, it all makes sense.”

“Now this bit didn’t come up, Working on Chloe’s age, and her mum’s age, I’m guessing the teacher is her father.”

“How do you know Olivia’s age?”

“My mum went to school with her, she’s 4 years older than Olivia, so the maths works out. You see, my mum had an affair with a teacher, and I strongly suspect it’s the same one. He’s my father. I’m 22, 4 years older than Chloe.”

“Ahh. Things are coming clearer. Were you asking if I thought you were as pretty as Chloe because you share a parent.”

“Not really, I was just teasing you, but that’s a good idea.”

“How would we find out?”

“What’s the chances of me meeting Olivia, and us having a chat about school days, there’s a connection with my mum going to the same school.”

“Where is your mum?”

“I don’t have the slightest clue, she shacked up with some bloke, he tried it on with me, not realising I wasn’t quite as feminine as he thought, he tried to stab me, I kicked him down the stairs. I packed a bag and escaped out of my bedroom window. I was 14 and I’ve not seen her since.”

“I can’t say anything to that, fuck, you’ve had a tough life.”

“There’s no need to say anything, it’s all water under the bridge. Yes, my life has been shit at times, but it just means any friendships I do make are all the stronger.” She kissed me, I kissed her back. “Anyway, shoo, I’ve got to change the bedding, and you’ve got to get your beauty sleep for work tomorrow.”

I got off the bed and dressed. Jenny walked me to the street door with just a towel round her waist, her lovely boobs displayed to anyone looking.

“I do this just to wind the woman up across the road. It’s not my boobs that upset her so much, it’s my tattoos, they’re not ladylike she says, if only she knew. But I can’t tell her, she’d gossip to everyone and I’d be run out of town by a pitchfork wielding mob. Well, it’s been a pleasure, don’t be a stranger now, and next time bring that girl of yours.”

“Next time honey, you’re coming to my house, I have proper chairs, and a telly.”

We kissed one last time, then Jenny waved me off, I saw a curtain twitch over the road, so I waved at the neighbour as I headed off for home.

I didn’t like to mention it to Jenny, but I hurt like hell, it felt like my arse had be excavated and I’m sure I was walking funny. At home I ran a hot bath and sat in it until the water cooled, then I towelled off and went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep from worrying about tomorrow. I had no doubt that Chloe would keep our secret, but she might give the game away just from her behaviour towards me. I put the radio on and listened to 6 Music through the night.

At 5am I gave up trying to sleep, I got up and washed and shaved, then I popped round to the gym for an hour before heading off to work.

It turned out I needn’t have worried. First period was my Year 13 History class, then I was free for the rest of the morning, we were basically just doing revision sessions now for the last fortnight before the exams. The students just drop in and out and I cover the work they need to revise. Chloe was one of only three students to turn up, she sat in her usual seat towards the back of the class and acted as if nothing happened over the weekend.

Another student was troubled over the French revolution and Chloe offered to help her out, using the work we’d done together yesterday.

At the end of the lesson I packed my stuff and took off to my office to do some paperwork and get my heart rate back to normal.

30 minutes into my free period and there was a knock at my door, it was Chloe, what is she playing at?

I opened the door and in my best nonchalant voice I said “Hi Chloe, how can I help you.” I pulled her quickly inside and shut my door.

All rooms in the school have glass in the doors and we’re not allowed to cover the glass with posters for child protection reasons, basically exactly this situation. The rooms are soundproof though, again for child protection reasons, in case we are having private conversations about safeguarding situations.

“Sit down Chloe and don’t come any closer, we have to maintain a professional distance. What are you doing here?”

“Honest Danny, I wasn’t going to come, but I’m on a genuine errand. I’ve got a note from Mr Wilson, he’s being trying to ring you. He needs you to cover his next lesson, in like 20 minutes, he says you just have to sit there and watch the kids while they do a test.”

“OK, but please, call me Mr Hughes in school.”

“Sorry, you got me all flustered when you dragged me in, like I’d done something wrong. I don’t want to upset you.”

“It’s OK, I didn’t sleep at all last night worrying about today. The first period went fine, but you turning up here really worried me, but I’m OK now. It’s just stress.”

“Ahh, sorry. I promise to leave you alone for the rest of the day.”

“Listen, I’ve got a staff meeting after school, then I have a ton of marking to do that I didn’t get round to yesterday, for reasons I’ll explain later. If you want to, you can come round tomorrow night. No, not Tuesday, that could end in real disaster, Lorraine is collecting her stuff when she gets back tomorrow, actually, I don’t really want to go home at all until late tomorrow, fancy going to watch a film?”

“Oh cool, a date?”

“Yes, a date, a couple of drinks, a Chinese meal and a movie. You pick the film. Wednesday though, I need a proper serious grown up chat, then some fun afterwards, I promise, but we need to talk some things over.”

The rest of the day was fine, no drama at all. Tuesday was good as well. Lorraine sent me a text at 3pm saying she’d just got to the house and that I wasn’t to come home until she texted me again. I just replied with OK. Chloe texted me around the same time, which lightened my mood, the Dukes arts venue was showing Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, I texted her back saying we should meet at our usual spot at 6pm.

I had to drive home, but I didn’t need to actually go home as I’d changed in the toilets at work. I parked at the end of the lane, I saw Lorraine’s car on the road, and her brother’s van, shit, no way did I want to bump into that vicious twat, so I took the long way round.

Chloe was already in the pub, sharing the sofa with Jenny, they both had full glasses, so I got a pint of Landlord off Gerry who was manning the bar tonight.

“Good evening ladies, is there room for me?”

Chloe put her bag on the floor and they shuffled apart.

“Jenny said you had a chat yesterday, but she won’t tell me what about.”

“That’s the basis for our serious chat tomorrow night. Not mega serious, but it’s important, it can wait until tomorrow though, tonight is for culture. Oh while I remember, Jenny’s mum was at the same school as your mum, you’ve got something to ask Olivia haven’t you Jenny?”

“Oh yes, is there a chance the four of us could get together at some point. It’s a bit silly but important to me.”

“No problem at all, Mum doesn’t work weekends, so she could come to town on Saturday afternoon and we could meet for lunch or something.”

The evening was quite splendid, we had a very nice meal in the Golden Dragon, then we went to the art cinema to watch Joss Whedon’s extravagant home movie. We held hands and shared a bag of popcorn like a couple of teenagers, except I left my teens behind over 10 years ago.

I walked Chloe home, she invited me in for coffee, just coffee, her mum was watching TV. She didn’t seem at all surprised to see me. We chatted about Chloe’s school work and her the expectations for her upcoming exams.

“Well she needs an A and 2 Bs to get a place at Lancaster University, I can’t see a problem with that. If a disaster strikes and she misses that A in History, she’s got a couple of fall-back choices, that’s right isn’t it Chloe?”

“Yeah, Newcastle will take me with 300 points, which is 3 Bs, and Leicester will take me so long as I spell my name right, but I want to go to Lancaster, for a few reasons.”

Chloe gave me a look that her mum spotted, Olivia smiled at me, she knew just what those reasons were.

“Oh yeah mum, nearly forgot. Danny’s got a friend called Jenny, I guess she’s my friend as well now, she’s a lovely girl, really sweet. Anyway, her mum was at school with you, and she’d like to ask you something.”

“Oh really, what’s her mum’s name?”

“Ahh, we don’t know,” I answered, “Jenny is a very private person, all I know is her mum is four years older than you. I don’t even know Jenny’s surname. She’d like to meet up to have a chat.”

“I’m intrigued, yes, I’d like to meet Jenny, will she be around at the weekend?”

“She works most nights in the pub opposite Waterstones. So she said she’d like to meet up lunchtime, Saturday or Sunday, whichever works.”

“Saturday sounds good, shall we all meet at the Borough? I’ll book us a table.”

“That’s great, I’ll let her know tomorrow, now it’s time I’d better be off home. It was nice speaking to you again Olivia.”

“And you too Danny. Always a pleasure to see Chloe’s friends.”

Chloe walked me to the door, “I’m not in school tomorrow, I’ve got study leave, what time should I come to your house?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot you’re out tomorrow. I’ve got a department meeting until 5, come round about 6, I’ll cook something to eat. Don’t worry, the serious chat is only about our future, I just want to know where we both stand.”

I kissed Chloe, she kissed me back, we lingered together for a long time until we heard a small cough. We separated and said our good-byes, then I set of home.

I was about 200 yards from my house when I remembered Lorraine and the van. My phone was still on silent from the cinema, I checked the messages. Yes she’d texted me back at 9pm to say she’d finished. 6 hours, how much stuff did she take that needed 6 hours to clear?

I opened the door, her keys were on the mat as promised. That’s a start, although I doubt her brother needed keys to enter a house.

Walking through the house, the hallway was straight, most of my pictures were up, she’d taken a couple of Hopper’s that I’m sure where mine but I could replace them easily. The lounge was next, the TV and PlayStation were still there, and the pictures. My Hi-Fi was there as well. I opened the cupboards, my records and CDs all looked intact, but it would take a thorough search to check if they were all there. The bookcases looked a bit bare, but I quickly scanned and my favourites remained, including my first edition of Donna Tartt’s A Secret History.

In the kitchen half the pans seem to have gone, but the essentials were still there, although I noticed that it she’d taken the good pans, I panicked for a minute, but she’d left my Kyocera ceramic knives. The coffee makers were all present and correct, and my last bag of Blue Mountain. The fridge was full.

This was looking promising.

Upstairs, she’d emptied the bathroom of all her stuff, which was a relief, because there used to be hardly room for any of my stuff. The bedroom, ahh, this is were she spent her time. The bed was bare, completely, no sheets, duvet, pillows, nothing. I checked the drawers under the bed, yep all the bedding gone.

OK, she chose it all, but I paid for most of it. Looks like I’m using a sleeping bag tonight.

I checked the wardrobes, dreading that she’d attacked my clothes with a knife or something, but no, all my clothes were still in one piece.

My next thought was the “vengeful ex-girlfriend prawns in the trouser-cuffs” trick, but there was no tell-tale fishy smells.

I think I’d got off lightly to be honest, I rang Chloe.

“Hey, long time no speak Danny, what’s up?”

“Well, Lorraine has left me most of my stuff. The problem is she’s taken all the bedding, and I mean all of it. I’ve got a bed frame & a mattress.”

“Oh shit, what are you going to do? You could sleep here.”

“Thanks for the offer, but I’ll manage tonight, I’ve got a sleeping bag. No I was calling to say I’ll have to go shopping tomorrow evening.”

“Ohh, are you calling off tomorrow?”

“No, not at all, I was wondering if you wanted to help me choose some bedding. Have a fresh start with stuff we both like.”

“Seriously, you want me to pick bedding for you?”

“Of course, I’m serious about you Chloe, and this is the essence of what we need to talk about, just how serious we are.”

“Well I’m in 100%.”

“OK, I’ll come round for you, it’ll be about 5:30, then we go shopping, grab something to eat, then back to home.”

Wednesday dragged, filled mainly with reports, lunchtime detention duty, then the faculty meeting until 5pm. At 5:01 I was out the door and on the road to Chloe’s.

We visited a couple of shops on a retail park, and a Norwegian duck-down blend duvet that Chloe swore was the best in the world (also the most expensive in the shop), 4 down pillows, charcoal coloured 300 thread Egyptian cotton sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers all went on my credit card. I was surprised that Chloe went for dark grey bedding, but it did look good on the display.

We stopped in Asda on the way back for some food, Chloe picked an Indian meal pack that we can just throw in the oven, chicken jalfrezi and lamb bhuna, with rice & naan. I grabbed a few bottles of Kingfisher lager to wash it all down.

Back home Chloe popped the food in the oven and the lager in the fridge to chill, while I ran upstairs to change, as I was half way through dressing Chloe burst into the room with all the bedding.

“Oh sorry, I was going to make the bed up, I’ll come back later.”

“No worries, nothing you’ve not seen before. Just unpack the stuff first, I’ll help you in a minute.”

“Do you want me to iron everything first?”

“Iron bedding, no way.”

“Oh yeah, mum always irons the bedding.”

“How odd, do you have time, how long will the food take?”

Chloe checked her phone, “25 minutes, go get the iron & ironing board.”

Lorraine was never one for ironing, so they were still in the hall cupboard. I took them upstairs and set it up while Chloe unpacked one lot of bedding.

I spread the duvet out and fluffed up the pillows, they did feel luxurious.

Chloe was quick, she ironed the sheet, duvet cover and four pillowcases in about 10 minutes, we managed to make up the bed and admire it before the timer on Chloe’s phone told us the food was ready.

I plated up the food while Chloe found a couple of candles, set the table and poured two glasses of lager. She’s like Quicksilver or something.

The food was actually quite good considering its mass produced supermarket origins, and Kingfisher lager is always the perfect accompaniment to a curry.

While we ate we talked about the future, about how I was looking for a long term relationship, I’d been with Lorraine for 5 years, and I still had trouble understanding why she left so quickly, but as I spoke to Chloe about the past I realised that Lorraine and I had been drifting slowly apart. On the surface we were happy, but maybe underneath, not so much.

Chloe for her part was dead certain, she loved me, I’m almost 100% certain I loved her, which is bizarre to say, considering we were only 5 days into our relationship and prior to this she’d only been one of a thousand kids I dealt with on a weekly basis. One of the good kids, those that you take little notice of because they’re neither a pain in the arse, nor potential Nobel Laureates.

We were both sure she’d ace the exams, her last report actually predicted 2 B grades and an A. Given these grades she was certain to be accepted for the History and Archaeology course at Lancaster, so there was very little danger of us looking at long distance relationship, which despite good intentions almost never work.

We spoke about boys her own age and she was totally scathing, all they wanted was a blowjob and a quick shag, which is why she’d stayed well clear of them. Yesterday she’d phoned the lad who was supposed to be taking her to the prom and told him she wasn’t going.

“He actually sounded relieved, like he was glad he wasn’t going with the ice queen and now stood a chance of getting a shag.”

“If only he knew what he was missing.”

I cleared the table and started to wash the plates and glasses.

“Chloe, see the cupboard next to the TV? Yep, that one. There’s a bottle of Gentleman Jack, be a love and pour a couple of glasses.”

With a couple of stiff measures of Jack Daniel’s finest we ascended the stairs to the new bed.

Jenny put her glass on the bedside table and stripped off before jumping on the bed, “I like this bedding, it feels so soft, and it looks so much nicer now I’ve ironed it.”

“Yes, I agree, our bedding looks nicer ironed.”

“Our bedding, that sounds grown up. Makes me feel special.”

“Listen Chloe, I have something I need to tell you. I don’t have to, but I need to get it off my chest.”


“Well, on Sunday after I left your house I went back to the pub for a drink, Jenny was working, we got chatting and she asked me to walk her home, so I did, and she asked me up for coffee, I ordered a takeaway, we got to fooling around...”

“And you fucked her, that’s OK, she’s our friend and I don’t mind, as long as you spend more time with me.”

“Ahh, that’s not quite what happened, she fucked me.”

“What! Oh wow, seriously! How did that happen?”

“We kissed, that’s as far as I meant to go. She told me she was getting horny, and she wanted to fuck me. The exact wording didn’t register at first, but when I opened my eyes her big cock was in my face, and, well, the rest just happened.”

“That’s just a blowjob.”

“No, we went the whole way.”

“Oh wow, that’s so cool. Did you enjoy it?”

“During the act I guess so, she fingered me first and I came, that was just so intense. The actual anal sex hurt at first, but then it felt really good. After a while I began to get sore, she took ages to cum. I’m sure I was walking funny all the way home.”

“I’m so glad you’ve told me this, because it proves you will be totally honest with me.”

“I can be even more honest, it fulfilled a fantasy I’ve had for ages, I’ve wanted to be taken by a girl. I even bought a strap-on for Lorraine, but she flat-out refused to do it.”

“The bitch, I’d jump at the chance to roger you, it’s only fair, you do what I want, I do what you want. Do you still have the strap-on?”

“Yeah, it’ll be in the bottom drawer over there.”

Chloe positively jumped off the bed in a rush for the drawer, like the contents would run away before she got there. She pulled open the drawer and dug through my t-shirts until she pulled out a leather harness with a dildo attached.

“Mmm, this looks like fun. It’s never been used? Seems such a shame.”

“Don’t get too excited, it won’t be used tonight either, I’m not up for more of that action for a while.”

“Awww, spoil sport.”

She brought it to the bed and continued to examine it.

“Is this dildo bigger than Jenny?”

“I’m not sure, Jenny’s cock is slimmer than mine, but a bit longer.”

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