Whose Seed?

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2016 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A young woman sets up "lottery" for her womb's seeding.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Fiction   DomSub   Polygamy/Polyamory   Pregnancy   .

Karin was a romantic. Karin was a slut. Herein lies the dilemma of this tale.

After years of soaking up romance novels, Karin finally had her buttons pushed the right way and in a candlelit boudoir, had her “flower pedals plucked”. It was dreamy and she indulged twice a week after that with the man of her dreams. When that romance faded she’d go back to reading until another Prince Charming could open the gates to her semen receptacle.

The pattern lasted for a couple of years until this last “dream lover” told her, after leaving a big load of semen inside, that he was moving away “tomorrow”. No sweet sad parting. No asking her to marry and follow him into the sunset. No “We’ll meet again someday.” Just a “It’s been fun. Bye!”

She was sobbing, the maiden wronged, on a bench in the little garden of her apartment building when she was approached by the older man who she’d seen many times in the hallway. Now “older”, to her, meant thirty-five.

He was solicitous and skillfully got her to unburden her heart. Building her emotions to a minor frenzy, he offered her some libation, brandy in a snifter of course, and kept it properly filled.

By then they were in his living room. He gradually reduced the lighting as the unaccustomed alcohol showed its effects.

Suddenly the mood changed. With her emotions aching with the void and angry at the same time, Alan smoothly moved in to domineering mode. She was unable to put up her usual defenses and fell into a subjugated state. She was just letting things happen, not too unlike following a romantic “script”.

But there were no romantic intentions here. Alan gave orders, she followed them. She stood up and still as he undressed her. No protest; no reactions. He led her, compliant, to his bedroom. She knew what would happen in his bed, but just followed.

There were no kisses while he stripped and fondled her body to get acquainted with it, put his uncircumcised erection in her mouth and ordered, “Suck it hard!”

She wasn’t too skilled at that since it was not usually done in her novels.

When he worked his cock into her “cunt”, as he was referring to it, and the slipperiness reminded her that her departed lover had put it there a relatively short time before, a switch inside her got flipped. She was now a “slut”. Never before had she “made love” with two different men even weeks apart, let alone hours!

When Alan heard her murmur that, he knew she was his. Her demeanor changed and she began pushing back and writhing as he skillfully stimulated her with mouth and cock. When she felt his seed spray inside she shrieked in orgasm. Sex had never been like this!

He sent her home naked in the hallway. She sat on her toilet and felt his seed dripping out, then used it on her fingers for another orgasm.

The next morning, after a night of erotic dreams, she was mortified as she sipped her coffee. Her emotions, wildly tapped the night before, were still confused. It had been a horrible and wonderful day. But was she ruined? Could her life ever be the same again?

Work demands kept her busy during that day but, shortly after she got home and started on some wine, Alan knocked on her door. There was a brief moment of panic, then she got somewhat of a grip and acted polite. She offered him some wine too.

In the past, after the first copulation, the man was supposed to use words of admiration and adoration. None of that from Alan. After a little polite conversation as he finished his wine, this almost stranger pushed her to her knees as he unzipped his pants. “Suck it hard!” he ordered. The soft shaft filled quickly even with her uninspired efforts.

When it was full, he pushed her back, roughly pulled off her shorts, and equally roughly ate her. She came quickly, a surprise! He moved up quickly and rammed his cock into her “cunt”, as he would always refer to that “place of love”, and began taking his pleasure. Again, she was startled at her body’s reaction, feeling her own lubrication flow and the tingling start.

She came twice, hard, before he dumped his juice inside, pulled out and made her clean his shrinking cock with her mouth. Damn, her previous lovers never wanted that! It was nasty and made her shiver with a combination of disgust and delight. Did her body want more ravaging? It kind of felt like it, she thought as she sat, partly naked and dripping semen, drinking more wine after his curt, “Thanks, bye.”

He told her to come straight home from work and be naked ten minutes after her arrival with door unlocked, Monday through Thursday. She felt powerless to disobey and would be shivering slightly as the door opened, his pants were dropped and he entered her in a different position each time. He expected her to be lubricated as well so he could go straight to the powerful ramming of his long and thick cunt-filler.

Sometimes a few words were spoken, but usually the only sounds were carnal. She now orgasmed as he entered, another midway through the ten-minute pounding, and again as his seed flooded her cervix. She would sit, exhausted as he pulled up his pants and left. He never got naked or kissed her.

Online research shed little light on this strange sex-life. She recognized that she was some sort of sex-slave though. She could escape, but the intense multiple orgasms had a grip on her, like a drug.

She resumed going to the church of her childhood. Not sure what she was looking for, it gave a bit of normalcy. Maybe her soul needed saving?

On the weekends she would sometimes see Adam, alone or in the company of various women, usually older than herself. He would barely acknowledge her presence if he noticed her. Her loneliness was reinforced by sexual need and she often jilled herself, eager for Monday.

A young man, Colin, from work had noticed a change of mood and tried to befriend her. He was the romantic sort, actually younger than she, and that struck the previous chords so she looked forward to conversing, finally having lunch with him a couple of times.

Emboldened, he asked her for dates and she finally accepted a Saturday night concert outing. Her reluctance, of course unknown to him, was her new self-image as a slut, not fit for “good” men like him.

His persistence paid off, though. Two Saturdays later, the combination of his polite romanticism, eager expectations, and her built up lust got his hands on her body. Her defenses broke down quickly and, an hour after entering her apartment, he was entering her “wicked” vagina.

He didn’t leave after his cock spurted! Some romantic snuggling got him two more vigorous rides and she had a single orgasm with each, matching his. As she lay beside his sleeping body, she felt a strange mixture of good and wicked which was more satisfying than either alone.

She fixed a simple breakfast after they showered together. He asked her out for the next Saturday, which she accepted, kissed her goodbye and departed. She got ready for church.

Sitting in the pew, she thought she detected whiffs of semen from her crotch. Colin was the biggest cummer of her small sample, and he’d done it three times.

During the coffee social, James, another peer who she had spoken to several times, got extra friendly, culminating in a date request. Friday was a church event so she accepted.

This had been an interesting weekend, that’s for sure. After a scarcity of dates, now there was a plethora. Did her subjugation to Adam give her an aura?

Monday after work was the usual orgasmic ravishing but with a difference. After his usual rough, demanding, and multi-climactic copulation, he actually talked to her, although more “at” her. “I’ve seen you with some boys. I suppose you’ll want to be slutty with them too, but you’ll not forget what a real man gives you. I’ll be here tomorrow as usual.” The Friday event was nice and she turned her head so James kissed her on the cheek as he returned her home. She did agree for the next Friday night.

Saturday night with Colin extended until Sunday morning when he made the assumption of intercourse, and she wouldn’t be impolite. He felt good inside and out anyway. When she chatted with James after church, she was acutely aware of her recently used pussy. There was enough time from Adam’s Thursday morning pounding until Colin’s later Saturday couplings that she could separate them in her mind. This was getting much closer.

The trend continued. Friday night with James was more fun as she relaxed and they had a chance to click more. Somehow he picked up on her submissive streak and got himself invited in and offered a drink. Once that ball got rolling it ended up with his balls bouncing off her buns. His youth let him keep going after they both came and make her ride him to more jollies for each.

He got a more fervent goodnight kiss and she curled up in her well-used bed to adjust to this new situation. Now three men between her legs! But they all felt so good and she didn’t want to say no even though there was some reluctance or discomfort about all three but in different ways and only when they weren’t in her presence.

Saturday night’s screwing happened, of course. Between the actual bangings, when she could assess more calmly, she felt like a slut but even that made her pussy tingle a bit too. This was a conflicted young woman, torn between romance and lust.

James was in lust too. Friday night was only his second, and by far the best, piece of ass he’d ever gotten. He homed in the somewhat penitent Karin and she had trouble refusing his Sunday dinner invitation, not wanting to be alone with herself that afternoon. He drove and to her surprise, took her to his residence, not the restaurant she assumed. He’d prepared a dinner and wanted to show off a bit. There was plenty of time during the final preparations for her to imbibe quite enough wine to get tipsy.

The food earned her compliments and she noticed how he appreciated them. A “thank-you” hug was neatly elevated to a sensual one with kisses as the lubricant. When her clothes were coming off, our hottie got a bit worried about another lubricant that had been copiously left right where she knew James was headed.

Sure enough, he put his head between her legs and began what they both enjoyed, but he quickly stopped. Raising his head, he stated, “You taste distinctly different than before we made love on Friday. More like after.” Indeed, he had performed cunnilingus both times.

Karin just shrugged her shoulders as nonchalantly as she could manage, her secret discovered.

James pressed, “It’s been too long to be my leftovers so it must be someone else’s. How long?”

Karin was asked for a direct reply so she said softly, “This morning.”

James surprised her by laughing, “It’s OK. You’ve made no commitments to me. I just like to know things. I get some other nookie too but nearly as nice as yours.”

Well, that made her feel a little better so she asked, “Do you still want me?”

Getting up on his and knees, she could see his substantial erection hanging below him and pointing directly at her, right in front of two big balls in a swinging, hanging sack. He chuckled as he said, “I didn’t go to all this trouble to just eat pussy. You’re damned right I do, fornicating wench or not.”

“Oooo”, she thought, “I like being called a wench better than slut.” She pulled him closer and tasted her crotch juices as she kissed him while he was seeking her pink, semen-juiced target.

The tension between them resulted in the best coitus yet, boisterous and furious. When two climaxes each had temporarily sated the lust, James wanted to talk.

“In the spirit of disclosure, I am bedding a married woman a few times a week while her kids are in school and her husband is at work, so I can’t call the kettle black, as the old saying goes. She is the first and only for me but I hope you think she taught me well.”

Karin gave him a quick kiss before she replied, “I’ve had quite a bit more experience than you, enough to know that you are pretty good. All I will say for now is that I have a regular date for Saturday nights who usually stays over.”

James countered with, “I’m just going to consider that as getting you warmed up for me on Sundays. That also means I’ll have to work harder Friday nights. I will bring my toothbrush on our next date.”

“Damn, he’s presumptuous,” thought Karin, but without protest, “I guess I opened myself up for that one.” Then she chuckled at the words she’d used. “No, I’m not laughing at you. I just had a funny thought. Too hard to explain.” Those words elicited another giggle. Sex was really permeating her life now.

They screwed again and, after he left, she drew a bubble bath to enjoy with a glass of wine. She looked down at her body. It was becoming a damn playground! How many more “kids” could it handle?

At least she had five nights a week to herself. How did women live with a man around all the time? But most housewives, from what she read, and heard in conversations, got only a fraction of the male attention she did. If it wasn’t illicit fornication, was it as exciting? Maybe that’s why that wife was committing adultery with James. It would be interesting to talk to her.

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