by Bondi Beach

Copyright© 2016 by Bondi Beach

Erotica Sex Story: This is a one-act play in a single scene. The story arc, from wake-up to orgasm, is a short one, but if you like cocksucking and blowjobs and deft character development, plus a build-up and climax (as it were) and resolution, this story is for you.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Oral Sex   .

Dave told me afterward he was on his way to the bathroom that morning when by chance he overheard me and Tom. By chance? Sure. “It’s either fucking or fighting,” he said. “You can’t always tell.” More nonsense. For starters, I wasn’t saying anything because my mouth was full of Tom’s fat cock. I suppose there might have been a slurp or two because, hey, I’m putting my all into this, you know?

There was some heavy breathing from Tom going on then, maybe a, “Yeah, like that!” and I barely noticed when Dave opened the door and stepped into our room. A little brush of air on my bare butt, and I felt it cool between my legs I was already so wet, but that’s it.

It had all flowed together that morning. I was in the warm fuzzy place between sleep and waking where I knew I had to get up, I had a million things to do, but already summer was warm on my bare skin and who wants to abandon that?

My eyes were still closed and I’d thrown my top sheet back and my hands had begun to wander a little, but before I got started I heard the toilet flush and water running in the bathroom sink. When I opened my eyes Tom stood beside our bed. He was half-hard already and I knew what he wanted. I wanted it, too.

I sat up in bed and moved to face him and tucked my feet under me. I feel small that way. I’m pretty tiny in the first place and I like it when Tom and Dave make me feel even tinier. I feel protected. It’s even better when they impose themselves and make me submit to their unbridled male lusts. Look, it’s a game the three of us play, OK? Outside of the game I’m no sub. I defend myself, the guys know that. It’s no problem, believe me. Besides, I have teeth.

I pressed my nose against Tom’s belly. He smelled of sleep. A hint of sweat, maybe something else I couldn’t identify but my brain knew what it was, Tom smelled like a man. There was another thing. Christ, in a second I realized the garlic he’d chopped last night was still on his hands this morning, under his nails, maybe. As he cupped my cheek in one hand and dragged his other palm across my face, I felt each callus when he touched my mouth with his fingers and traced my lips.

When I sucked one finger his cock stiffened against my breast. My hair is long and it brushes my back almost all the way to my butt. Easy to grab, and Tom leaned down then and took two handfuls and stuck his nose all the way in and sniffed. Shampoo. The guy loves my shampoo. Probably a little sweat, too, but he didn’t seem to mind.

Without a word he straightened up and pulled my face to his dick. “Jane,” is all he said. He was in a hurry. I wasn’t.

I barely touched him with three fingers. His cock isn’t all that long but it’s round and thick. I don’t know about other girls but with me wherever he puts it he fills me. He gasped when I ran the tips of my fingers, barely touching him, over that little rumply good spot on the underside.

His balls are wrinkly and rough and Tom loves it when I drag my fingers or even my fingernails across them. I can tell by the way he gasps and draws a breath and holds it. I’d embarrass him if I said he lets out a whimper or two sometimes, but he does. I’m looking for the easy way up the mountain here, at least for now. It’ll be the long way around, kind of, but I’ll get him all the way there, he knows it. Let’s be honest, along this part of the journey guys all sound pretty much the same, but he’s my Tom and I like hearing it from him.

I leaned in to nuzzle his balls and inhale. He smelled a little of sleep, of sweat, maybe, and that made me wetter. He smelled like a man, I said that. He smelled like Tom. “Fuck,” he said when I mouthed one testicle. “Umph,” he added when I pressed a couple of fingers behind his balls against his prostate. He was nowhere close enough yet for that to trigger him, but I had a game plan here and I wanted to give him a little taste of what was coming. Hell, I was so wet and frothy myself now I wanted to interrupt the whole thing and sit on his face and give him a big taste of something good, but I’d save that for later, along with a couple of other items.

He’d released my hair after his sniff earlier but now he grabbed another two handfuls and pulled. Not too hard, we’d had some words about that, with Dave too, but hard enough to pull my cheek against his cock. He aimed for my mouth except I turned my head at the last minute to land him hot and stiff against my cheek. After a second I turned back a little and took him in all the way to the root. Like I said earlier he’s not super long, but he’s not too far from beer-can thick. He’s a mouthful for me.

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