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Incest Sex Story: Steve find his first love then his grand daughter then his lost daughter.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Father   Daughter   Grand Parent   Pregnancy   .

My name is Steve Johnston. I’m 57 years old, 6’3”, athletic and still have most of my hair. I run my own computer consulting firm. My income is more than adequate for my needs and my ongoing investments assure me a comfortable retirement.

I own a home in a nice community just outside of a college town. You might think that this would lead to some fantastic sexual adventures but my needs are met by some good friends a few nights and weekends a month.

All things are subject to change and it started with a phone call. It came in on my private line from an unknown number.

“Have you seen Sarah?” Barked a harsh female voice. You get used to wrong numbers in a college town.

“I don’t know Sarah. You must have a wrong number.” I said politely. Then I hung up.

The phone started to ring again and I let it go hoping the caller would give up. No such luck. I finally answered it.


In the next fifteen minutes five calls came in which I ignored.

“OK, who are you calling?”

“I’m calling you Steve.”

“Who is this?”

“Joan, your wife.” I hadn’t heard that voice in over twenty years.

“Who is Sarah?”

“Your granddaughter you idiot. If you hear from her tell her to call home or else. GOODBYE!” I didn’t know I had a granddaughter.

In college my friend John wanted to date a very hot girl. She wouldn’t go out unless her roommate had a date also. I was drafted.

Joan was drop dead gorgeous and highly intelligent. Six Foot of Ice Queen. On the third date we went to a party. Joan drank some spiked punch and we all were drunk enough that I spread her legs and filled that beautiful pussy. No response. It was like fucking a corpse. I finally busted a nut in her but I told John that was our last date.

John and Mary had a conversation and then we headed back to the girl’s apartment. We helped Joan to her bed then when we were leaving Mary gave John a long kiss and turned to me. “I want to thank you for trying.” She laid a kiss on me that curled my toes then led me to her room and screwed my brains out.

After that night John, Mary and I were a constant threesome. It wasn’t love just friends with benefits. We were all hetero but we experimented with as many ways two guys can enjoy one girl as we could think of. Double penetration was dropped after several awkward attempts because Mary didn’t care for anal. Almost anything else was on the table; well, on the table, on the couch, on the bed, on the floor. She preferred one on one and she could wear us both out while possibly enjoying the sex more than we did. This lasted for three months then Joan announced she was pregnant.

Being somewhat old fashioned and chivalrous I married her. Being pregnant she said, no sex. Two months after the birth of our daughter I insisted on at least two nights a week. She just handed me some lube lay down and spread her legs and said, get it over with.

After three years it was down to once a week, at four years it was down to once a month. My hand was a much better lover than my wife. At ten years I had to leave.

I loved my daughter Karen. She was my pride and joy. Joan hired a nanny when she went to work. The only love Karen received was from me and her nanny. She would cuddle up next to me or on my lap if she could. Joan just looked away.

When Joan made partner in her law firm she earned twice as much as me. She told me I needed to start pulling my weight. I just walked out the door, didn’t even pack. I finally stopped a thousand mile later.

I found work with a company that sold and service computer systems. Consulting with a lawyer I learned that even though she earned more than me divorce would probable destroy me financially. Getting custody of Karen would be a hard fight that I would most surely lose.

I always sent cards and gifts for holidays but was blocked from direct communication. After four years my cards were returned, “Moved no forwarding address”.

Well, life goes on so I moved on with my own, building a new future. Eventually I bought the company expanding it to cover multiple states. The company became my life. After fifteen years I was burned out.

I made a good profit when I sold the company which I invested for my future.

Traveling around with no companion was a very lonely life, so I looked for a place to settle down.

I found a house in a nice neighborhood. It was larger than I needed but would make a good investment. Living alone in a big house with no friends isn’t much of a life.

I decided I would cook dinner at home but I needed a few groceries. While shopping at the super market I notice a woman with a classy confided look, she looked a little younger than me but I decide to take a chance. By the time I made up my mind she had disappeared down another aisle. I went from aisle to aisle looking. Almost ready to give up I was grabbed and spun around. There she was. She wrapped her arms around me and planted a kiss on me that shook my world.


“I’m glad it’s you, or this could be very awkward.”

“Mary??” I was totally blind sided.

“Come on Steve, dinner at my house.”

We strolled around the super market chatting as though we hadn’t been apart for twenty five years. Mary added items to the cart load until she was satisfied.

I followed Mary to her house and we worked together in the kitchen to make a wonderful dinner. Later we sat over a glass of wine and told each other about or lives.

Mary had earned several degrees but had never found the right man to settle down with. She was now the Dean of Students at the college.

I told her of my life with Joan and my daughter Karen that I still miss. After that I gave her a ‘Cliff Notes’ version of my last twenty five years.

Standing up Mary walked around the room and struck some sexy poses. She may have been almost fifty but she could pass for a classy forty. Then she started to strip. Her body was ageless. Even with only a pair of lacey panties she still had the class most women shed with their clothes.

“Do you remember the night you told John you were done dating Joan?”

“I will never forget that night.” Then she took my hand and led me to her bedroom and fucked my brains out, again.

In the morning I awoke with her warm body cuddled next to my right side. I felt the best I had in many years.

“Steve I can only give you a B- for last night.” She said with a serious look on her face. “You’re out of practice. It’s going to take a lot of tutoring to get you up to an A but I think we can do it.”

Mary is a good tutor. She gives me an A now days. I’ve always given her an A+.

We get together about twice a week and some weekends. Movies, dinners, even operas. We’re the plus ones for many things. We have grown close over the years and I often wish I had chosen her instead of Joan.

A few years ago Mary asked me if I would escort one of her friends to a dinner. Becky was thirty five years old and a comfortable motherly type. She had had two bad marriages and was not looking for another. We got along well and I became her go-to as an escort once or twice a month.

Mary was going out of town for three weeks to do some seminars. She told me if I needed anything to give Becky a call. Mary and I talked on the phone ever other night. After the first week I wished she was back.

“I really miss you.”

“What’s the matter? Do your feet get cold at night?”

“My feet and other harder things.”

“I told you Becky would take care of you.”

“I really need you in my bed.”

“Becky won’t mind and neither do I.”

“Are you trying to dump me?”

“Of course not. Just keeping you warm until I get back. I’ll call her and send her over. Oh bye the way, she doesn’t mind anal occasionally.”

Becky’s body is as comfortable as her personality. She is now a regular in my bed once or twice a week. I don’t feel about her the way I do about Mary. Mary is happy that I keep her friend happy.

A man cannot ask for much more in life.

Life was going great until I received that phone call.

The next morning I received a message on my business line.

“Dad, this is Karen. Call me back on this line at two o’clock. I don’t want Joan to know I called you.”

My little girl. How could I talk to her? Did she feel like I abandoned her? If I have a grand daughter she must be married. I had no choice. I made the call.


“Karen, this is Steve.”

“Daddy, thank you for calling. I love you and I’ve missed you so much.”

“I love you to. I was afraid you would hate me for leaving.”

“I’ve lived with Joan. I know why you had to leave.”

“Honey, what can I help you with?”

“I got this phone so I could call you without Joan finding out. Have you heard from Sarah?”

“No. I just found out about Sarah when Joan called. What’s a little girl doing running away?”

“Dad, I can’t talk any longer. I’ll call you tomorrow. Sarah’s not so little, she’s eighteen. I love you. Bye.”

Thinking about that conversation I realized that if Sarah is eighteen she must have been born when Karen was only sixteen. Now I had a million more questions to ask.

The next day we were able to talk longer. Karen told me about her life. At first she thought I would come back for her. She knew I still loved her from the cards and gifts I sent. At fourteen when they moved and she didn’t get any more cards she became rebellious. Joan clamped down with an iron hand.

Karen sneaked out when ever she could. When she got caught Joan squeezed harder. At fifteen Karen sneaked out one night and went to a party. It was mostly older kids but at six foot tall no one questioned if she was old enough to drink.

Being drunk she didn’t resist much when she was led to a bed room and the boys all took a turn or two fucking her tight pussy and ass.

She woke up naked on a park bench. Her blouse and skirt were thrown on top of her as an after thought. Cum dripped from every opening. Panties and bra missing she struggled into her remaining clothes and was able to get home and cleaned up before Joan found she was gone.

Two months later she knew she had to tell Joan. She was pregnant. The storm that ensued was fierce. Karen thought Joan would make her have an abortion. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that. Instead Joan told her she would have to suffer through the pregnancy and raise the baby herself as punishment for what she had done.

At sixteen she had her baby by natural child birth with no drugs to ease the pain. Joan made sure that they both had every thing needed for their physical health. Emotional health was never considered.

As Sarah grew the love between them was all that kept them going.

Karen was able to accumulate a small amount of cash over the years and when Sarah turned eighteen she gave it to her and told her to run. Joan interrupted the conversation and Sarah was gone before Karen could explain how to find her grand father.

Karen was sure he would take care of her but now she was gone into a world she had never learn to live in. Joan was angry and Karen was worried.

We talked more over the next couple of weeks and got to know each other again. I kept assuring her that Sarah would be all right but we still hadn’t heard from her.

One day in the middle of our conversation I heard shouting. The phone went dead. Even though I tried to call back over the next week I relieved no answer. Finally I received the ‘this number is no longer in service’ message. Now I had two girls to worry about. I would garb the phone whenever it rang but to no avail.

A week later I answered the phone to a strange voice.

“Hello, grandpa? This is Sarah.” I had never been more excited to receive a call.

“Can you come and pick me up at the airport?”

“Of course, just tell me which flight.” We made arrangements. I could hardly wait to meet my grand daughter.

I was a little early but I find watching people interesting, young girls especially. In a college town with students coming and going it makes coed watching almost a sport.

With several planes arriving and departing the terminal was crowded. I had never seen Sarah but Joan and I were both tall and blonde and Karen was well on her way the last time I had seen her. I figured I should be able to spot Sarah. There were several tall blondes but none that really caught my eye.

One short brunette was catching ever male eye in the place. She was probable only 4’6”, wide shoulders with muscular thighs but her most outstanding assets stood out like twin mountain peaks. It wasn’t so much the quantity as the quality. I instantly popped a boner. I think every living breathing man in the area had one.

Finally spotting Sarah across the room I began to make my way through the crowd. The little bomb shell was right in front of me making her way in the same direction. Progress was slow and I got more than one view straight down her shirt. She wasn’t as big as she looked from other angles. Her breasts stood apart and were perfectly shape. No bra was used or required. I got even harder.

I was almost to Sarah when a couple greeted her and called her Jacky. They were obviously her family.

I almost tripped over the bomb shell. She turned around to face me.

“Are you Steve Johnston?”

My tongue was as stiff as my cock. All I could do was nod.

“I’m Sarah.”

She threw her arms around my waist. Because of the height difference her head barely came to my chest. Her tits hit me below the belt. They squeezed in and landed on each side of my stiff cock. It was like I was getting a tit fuck from my sexy grand daughter.

I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t speak.

“I figured you would head this way. She looks just like mom, she pointed at the tall girl, she’s beautiful.”

We were in the car on the way home when I could finally talk coherently.

“I’m sorry Sarah.”

“Don’t be sorry grandpa. I shouldn’t have ambushed you. Sometimes my tits speak for themselves. Joan says it’s good I have them because no boy would have me because I’m short, fat and ugly.”

“You are very cute and sexy. Any boy would love you.” How could Joan be so cruel? He noticed she didn’t call Joan grandma.

When we got home Mary was waiting to greet us and help Sarah settle in. They went to lunch and shopping together and were becoming the best of friends.

Mary told Sarah about our relationship and Sarah hugged her and said I’m glad you’ve been here for grandpa.

I was having a hard time with my emotions when Sarah was around. I loved her as my grand daughter but my hormones were telling me something else. Sarah had a little tummy and she started to exercise to tone and flatten it. That made her ever more appealing. Mary often received the benefit of my enhanced sex drive.

Sarah and Mary discussed the problem. Sarah saw me as her grand father but also her knight in shining armor. She loved her grandpa. She was ready to give Steve her hero anything including her romantic love and her sexy young body.

It had been a leisurely Saturday afternoon. Steve had given Mary six great orgasms while she had emptied his cum twice. After laying in each others arms for ten minutes Mary got up and walked over to the window. Sarah was in the back yard exercising. She was modestly dressed but her breasts still caught attention. Maybe it was time to bring the sexual situation to a head.

“You know Becky is leaving. Maybe we should find a good replacement for her.”

“Mary I don’t need anyone but you. You always worry about me but you’re plenty of woman for this old man.”

“You seem to handle both of us okay. Come over here.” When Steve was close enough to see out the window Mary pointed to Sarah. “Look at those tits. Wouldn’t you love to fondle them?”

“She’s my grand daughter. I love her but not that way.”

“She loves her grandpa too, but she’s in love with Steve. Haven’t you noticed? Given a chance she’d be in your bed in a second. It’s you with the hang-up.” Mary moved around behind Steve. “Those tits are waiting for you.” Mary reached around and stroked his cock. Even after a long afternoon of love making he was hard again. Steve eyes were locked on Sarah as she exercised.

Moving in front of him Mary bent over and ground her bare butt into his stiff prick. She knew where his attention was as she guided him into her willing pussy. His reaction was sudden and powerful. With animal lust he hammered into her, still looking out the window. Mary had to brace herself to keep for being pushed through the window.

“Ease up Steve.” She gasped. Her own excitement was rapidly building. The savage pounding she was taking brought her over the top for a massive climax.

There was no slowing down for Steve. He pounded even harder driving himself as deep as he could go. His lust was driven by his grand daughter with her sexy tits his main focus.

Mary wasn’t moaning now she was almost screaming with her own building heat. Steve was growling as he increased his pace. He was mauling her tits with the vision of Sarah in his heated brain.

Mary screamed as her orgasm over took her. Her weak knees could no longer hold her. Steve grabbed her hips to keep her on his spasuming cock while roaring out his triumphant climax.

Both fell to the floor still locked together. Their animal lust still drove their twitching bodies.

Finally spent they lay gasping as Sarah rushed into the room.

“Are you okay?” she asked in fear, looking at the two naked lovers on the floor.

“We’re okay. I’ll talk to you late honey.” Answered Mary. Steve was still too overwhelmed to ever reply.

When Mary was able she helped Steve to the bed. Collapsing with him she slept. When she awoke her was watching her.

“Mary I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. That was the most intense sex I have ever had. I don’t know if I could survive that to often though.”

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” She looked down at her breast where the bruises were starting to darken, then down to her hips to see the same.

“These will heal.” After a pause she added. “That pretty much answers my question. You will have to be more gentle with her or you’ll rip our little girl apart.”

“I can’t, she’s my grand daughter.” He noticed she had said ‘our’ little girl.

“I think you need to realize that Sarah is in love with Steve. She needs her grandpa but she also needs Steve. Let that rattle around in your brain for a while. We need to get cleaned up and I need to talk to Sarah.”

Mary talked to Sarah and told her what had happened. She wanted Sarah to be sure of what she wanted and expected. Sarah was quite excited that Mary was willing to share Steve with another lover. She knew that the relationship with Becky was ending soon as Becky was moving. She also knew that Becky was never a lover just a sex partner. Over the next few weeks they worked out a plan to put Sarah into Steve’s bed and Steve into Sarah.

It had been over a month since the first incident of savage lust. Mary had used similar techniques to bring about extremely lustful situations. She was hoping to teach Steve how to control his emotions adequately. Knowing that the two people she had come to love deeply would eventually come together. She was trying to control the situation so that neither would be damaged emotionally or physically.

Mary had become a mother, sister and girl friend to Sarah. She had also accepted the fact that they would be sharing Steve as their sexual partner and lover. Steve was the one she needed to prepare now, Sarah was ready to consummate the relationship. Mary was still worried about backing Steve into a corner he was resisting so strongly.

It was a Saturday afternoon when she decided it was time to complete her plot. Mary had brought Steve to four climaxes. The thought of what was ahead had given her at least ten tremendous orgasms.

They were lying on the bed when she gave Steve a lover’s kiss and told him to take a shower. While he was in the shower she quickly changed the linens on the bed.

After a good shower Steve lay back on the bed. Mary gentle stroked his limp cock.

“Mary I haven’t got the energy for another round.”

“Even if you had Sarah’s perfect tits in your mouth?” She felt a stir and knew this was the time. She had left the door ajar so Sarah could catch her signal. Sarah move in and brought her breasts to his face placing a nipple in his mouth. Mary slowly brought Sarah’s hand to his cock and turned control over to her. Leaving the two of them together Mary made her retreat. She hoped his heart could take the stress.

Two hours later when Mary returned she saw Steve sleeping with a smiling Sarah cuddled on his left side. The mutual cum leaking out of the well used pussy told her that her plan had worked.

When Mary heard the shower running she prepared dinner. Sarah came into the dinning room. There was a smile on her face and she looked emotionally complete.

“Mary I think our man needs his sleep.”

“How did it go?”

“First he fucked me hard. I’m glad you prepared me for that. Then we talked. He loves you so much Mary. He cried and said he could never do anything that would hurt you. We cuddled and then he made love to me ... twice.”

“Is he still alive? That’s seven time in less than six hours. He’s no teenager you know.”

“Mary he loves us both, but you he doesn’t ever want to lose.”

“He won’t Honey, I feel the same about him.”

When Steve awoke the next morning he felt rested. Mary was cuddled naked under his right arm with her head on his chest. Sarah was cuddled up naked on his left side with her head on his shoulder. How could any man feel happier than this?

Becky had moved and Sarah had taken her place in his bed. She always cuddled up on his left side. When he asked her why she told him the right side was for Mary and she never could replace her or their love for each other.

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