Shared Kitten

by DarkMystic

Copyright© 2016 by DarkMystic

Romantic Sex Story: Kitten's fiance shares her with Daddy

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Light Bond   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

You were tied spread eagle to the bed. Naked, gorgeous, beautiful. A fine misting of sweat covered your body and soft grunts escaped your lips as you are pounded. Your fiancé is between your thighs, his hands holding your thin waist as he pulls your pussy onto his cock over and over again. Your eyes are closed and you thrash your head from side to side. He looks up and sees me, standing there, behind your head. Watching you, admiring you, WANTING you!

He invites me closer, tells me that your mouth is available. Your eyes snap open at his voice, and you crane your head back to see who he is talking to. Your body begins to flush with exhibitionistic embarrassment but then you realize that it is me. The most beautiful smile lights up your face. You look upon me for a few moments, grunting in time to Huntley’s lovemaking. You open your mouth and barely slide your tongue out. Enticing me, inviting me. Your words are filled with lust and longing, but also spoken in the little girl voice you know I love so well. You look me in the eye and say;

“Please, Daddy”.

I step forward. My hands caress the sides of your head. Grasp onto your ponytails, as I slide my rigid cock into your mouth.

Oh, My, God, your mouth. Heaven can only wish that it could feel this sublime. Your mouth, gently sucking, trying to get more than just the tip that I have allowed you. Your naughty tongue, swirling around the head. You make little disappointed pouty sounds until I take a step forward and let you have a little more. You groan your approval and the vibrations that makes against my cock almost have me cuming right there. But, I grasp hold of both your ponytails instead. Holding them tightly enough to pull them slightly from your scalp. You let out a small keen of pain and pleasure and I take the cue to begin fucking your mouth.

Your body is being rocked back and forth between us. Incoherent sounds, moans of desire and satiation, vibrate against my cock as I thrust deeper into you. No longer fucking your mouth, I can feel myself in your throat. I make sure to pull almost all the way out to allow you a split second to breath before burying my cock in your throat again.

It is too much for you. The double stimulation from the two men who adore you most in the world overwhelms you and you crest into orgasm.

The vibrations on my cock from your moaning as you came were exquisite torture. I tried hard to regain control, to delay my orgasm. I wasn’t done with you yet. My control almost slipped after you finished moaning, as you began to swallow over and over using your throat to massage my shaft. I could feel your tongue snake out and cares my scrotum, bidding it fairwell as I pulled my swollen cock from your throat.

Huntley was much in the same state as I was, though he was finding it a bit harder to hold back and looked up to me.

“Let’s switch”, he said.

I chuckled as I nodded in agreement. As if your wicked tongue and mouth would allow the poor boy any respite. I walked around your perfect body, my eyes taking in your every curve, your every line. The soft swell of your breasts, the smooth declination of your tummy. The outline of your muscles and bones brought out in sharp relief by your tight flesh.

Your thighs, soft and creamy. I cannot prevent myself from sliding my fingertips across the expanse of your inner thigh. I small indulgence that brings a shiver of longing through your body. Your center, dripping with your oils. Your lips, swollen with need, with desire, with hunger. Your clit, peeking out of its hood. My mouth begins to water. I see that he was able to restrain himself and not reach culmination inside of you. But it matters not. The presence or absence of his spend is trivial before my need to taste you. I spread your legs and descend upon your thighs with my mouth and lips.

My first taste is of your sweat. Salty and musky behind your knee. My lips kiss their way closer to your center. Tongue leaving a trail, mapping my way to the very essence of your femininity. You are pulling at your bonds, words muffled by the shaft of your lover as you try to angle your hips closer to my kisses, to bring your pussy closer to my mouth.

I sense your need and delay. Detour around your mons to your belly button. Small sounds of disappointment and need escape from around your fiancé’s cock. He is steadily, but slowly stroking in and out of your talented, wicked mouth. His brow wet and furled with concentration. You are not making it easy for him to hold back.

I spiral down your taught midriff, heading back for your folds. You are dripping your essence and I skip down for a quick taste. A quick cheat that causes you to gasp and squeal simultaneously.

Oh, but your taste. Ambrosia could not be as sweet. Dionysus could not imagine anything more intoxicating. But I hold back. Anticipation is the most exquisite form of torture. For the both of us. I lick your swollen lips, suck them into my mouth one by one. My hands, never idle, have been roaming up your slender form. Now they have made their way to your heaving breasts. Gently cupping them for a moment, I savor the feel of them in my hands. Their plump perfection. Then my fingers begin to work on your nipples.

As I gently nip and pull at your inner lips, my forefinger traces around your nipple. Using my nail every third or fourth trip, I scratch at the peak of your breasts. Your whole body is undergoing spasms now. Your core, trying to get more stimulation on your breasts and your hips, trying to drive my tongue deeper into your soft moist folds.

I can hear you suffering, impatient with desire. Your whole-body trembling, jerking against your bonds. You make pitiful mewling noises around the cock in your mouth and manage to push it aside with your tongue for a simple refrain of wanting and need.

“Daddy, please?”

I pinch and pull on your nipples as I suck your clit hard into my mouth. Your whole body goes rigid as you peak. Sweet juices run out of you into my mouth and my tongue whips back and forth over your clit, licking up your juices and heightening your orgasm with sensation.

As your orgasm ebbs, I bring my left hand down your luscious body and drive three fingers into your pretty little pussy. My left hand no longer pinching and pulling at your nipple, but still worrying the sweet bud with sensation. My right hand now inverted, stroking the top of your inner walls looking for your spot.

A hitch in your breath confirms that I found it. Not letting you come down too far from your culmination, I stroke that special spot in your altar, as I suck hard on your clit again. My hand on your breast pulling on your nipple. The spring tightens as you wind your way back up to another orgasm.

The deliciously naughty things that you are doing to your fiancé have finally taken their toll as I hear him grunt in release. Knowing that your mouth is getting filled with his love, I redouble my efforts. Trying to make you peak with him.

The stimulation to your G-Spot proves your undoing. You pull at your restraints trying to curl up into a ball as you shriek with pleasure. Your body jerks twice, three times as the power of your orgasm overwhelms you.

When you can catch your breath, you notice that you have two erections poised to enter you. You curl up your tongue and playfully tease the underside of the cock resting on your mouth. Your grin widens as you open your eyes to see the look of pleasure you are extracting from his tumescence.

You feel the second erection slide up and down the lips of your tight, wet pussy as I gather your dripping juices onto it, preparing to enter you.

You look down your sleek body at me, smile that adorable crooked smile of yours and once again ask, “Please, Daddy?”

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