A Couple Play a Sexy Game

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2016 by mysteria27

Erotica Sex Story: Emily and her husband play a sexy game together.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   .

Emily and her husband enjoyed playing sexual games. Emily went out of her way researching games on-line. She had found a game on-line that she wanted to play. She texted her husband with the details. He texted her back and told her he was looking forward to their night together.

A few of Emily’s friends’ husbands all had affairs. She didn’t want that to happen to her and her husband. She liked to keep the spice in their bedroom. She always tried to do things that would keep her husband interested. She loved sex and would do anything that he wanted to do. Most of her friends would never have anal sex with their husbands. Emily would always let her husband enjoy anal sex.

If her husband wanted to tie her up, Emily would do it. If he wanted her to have sex with a woman, she’d do it. She loved her husband so much and never wanted him to stray. She always worked out in the gym and kept her body looking good. Most men wanted to be with Emily. She knew how that excited her husband. It was very important to always look and feel good.

Emily wanted to look hot for her husband. She wore a dress that her husband had liked. It was her red short and very tight mini dress. Underneath she wore her red lacy bra, red panties, red garter, and her thigh high stockings with the stiletto shoes that he adored. She did her hair and her make-up. She walked over to the standing mirror to admire herself. She knew her husband loved red lipstick and she put some on.

She walked downstairs to the kitchen to grab some wine and two glasses and put them on her dining room table. She was looking forward to playing the game. She lit some candles and put on some soft jazz music. She waited for her husband to come home.

At around nine o’clock the door opened. Emily rose from the couch and walked over to greet her husband at the door.

“Hello, Tommy!”

“Emily, you look amazing.”

Tommy approached his wife and they shared a deep and passionate kiss. Their tongues danced in each other’s mouths. His hands held her at her waist. He held her very tight. He whispered things into her ear which made her giggle. He appeared to have a very horny face on. He was licking his lips looking at his sexy wife.

“Let’s start the game,” Tommy announced.

“There are six dice. You need to roll at least one six to be safe. If you don’t roll a six, you need to remove one item of clothes. Whoever is left with the most clothes on, wins.”

“Those rules seem easy.”

Emily rolled the dice first. She rolled three sixes and was safe. Tommy took the dice and didn’t roll a six. He had to remove one piece of clothes. He took off his suit jacket. Emily took the dice and rolled again. She rolled one six and was safe again.

Tommy rolled the dice and didn’t get a six again. He took off his tie. Emily and Tommy were giggling while they played the game together.

“I suppose lady luck is on your side.”

“Seems to be,” Emily giggled.

Emily poured the wine and walked to the kitchen to get a cheese platter. She put the platter on the table. Tommy took some cheese and a sip of wine. He rolled the dice again. Again, he rolled no sixes. He took off his pants. Emily was giggling and took another sip of her wine.

It was Emily’s turn and she rolled the dice. She didn’t roll a six. She stood up and removed her dress.

“Holy hell! Emily, you look so hot. I just love you in red.”

“Easy fella!”

They both giggled and Tommy rolled the dice again. He didn’t roll a six and he stood up and unbuttoned his shirt.

Emily was cracking up because she seemed to be the lucky one tonight. How about we double the stakes. If you don’t roll a six, you must remove two items of clothes.


Emily rolled the dice and didn’t get a six. She stood up and removed her panties and her bra. Her nipples were hard and standing at attention. Tommy licked his lips. He wanted to suck her nipples so badly. She looked absolutely beautiful without her bra. Her pussy was shaved and looking especially hot.

“Jesus! Emily, you’re so hot. I love when you shave your pussy. Fuck!”

“Come on, big boy. It’s your turn.”

Tommy rolled a six and was finally safe. He handed back the dice to his wife. She didn’t roll a six. She took off her garter and was going to start taking off her stockings.”

“You know you look really hot like that. I love when you just wear your stockings and shoes. I’d love a blowjob now.”

“Don’t you want to finish the game?”

“No! I want my wife to get on her knees. Finish undressing me and suck my cock. My dick is so hard and needing my wife’s hot and wet mouth to blow me.”

Emily stood in front of her husband and helped him get undressed. She got on her knees and opened her lipsticked mouth. She wrapped her mouth around his hard cock and massaged at his smooth balls. She fed more and more of his cock down her throat. He smiled at her and played with her long black hair. She looked up at him while she gave him head.

Emily made all kinds of sucking and slurping noises while she blew at her husband’s cock. He was so excited and started to move his hips and pump his cock further and further down her throat. She made popping noises while enjoying his hard cock.

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