Megan - The Co-workers Secret Job

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: He lusted after Megan at his office but saw her as untouchable until he found her working at his local rub'n'tug. There he engaged her in a massage that soon turned into a full-on fuck session.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Interracial   White Male   Oriental Female   Size   .

“Hey mama, you got any new girls?” I asked the old lady who was the owner of the Asian rub’n’tug shop that I frequented on a semi-regular basis.

“Oh yes ... yes ... nice pretty little girl” she responded enthusiastically. She knew that I paid well for the services that I wanted.

“She’s legal age?” I asked just to make sure. Some of the girls look very young, and one had been underage I found.

“20... 20 years old ... nice little tits and tight ass” was her response. She was really trying to interest me.

I gave her offer some thought.

“Ok ... sold. Send her in to me” I told her as I made my way to my favourite room at the back of the establishment. I was trusting her ... because I knew that she only employed very pretty girls.

On entering the room, I stripped off and headed into the shower where I enjoyed the hot shower. I’d had a frustrating day at work and this session was going to help me unwind.

My boss was a prick, and took greatest delight in throwing all his problems at me. On the other hand, the petite Asian girl Megan just batted her eyelashes at him, and he just ignored her, leaving her to surf the Internet most of the day.

She ignored me despite my attempts to engage her in a conversation. That made me so mad, and I had many a nasty thought that involved me fucking her little Asian pussy with my monster cock. I’m a big boy, 6ft 4ins tall, 120 kg, and with a fat 11 inch cock.

I stroked my cock, wanting to make a statement to the new girl when I entered the room. She should be in the room waiting for me - naked. The owner was well aware of how I wanted to meet the girl who would be massaging me, and giving me a hand job to end the session.

I had a full hardon, so I turned off the shower, toweled off and headed into the room.

“Fuck me” I growled when I found her standing naked next to the massage table.

It was Megan.

My day has just improved enormously.

“Oh fuck” she gasped. Not sure if it was the reaction to seeing that her customer was me, or it was the reaction to my enormous cock.

I walked straight over to her, until I could reach out and touch her - which I did. I cupped her little tit in my big hand. She tried to retreat but was prevented by the massage table that was behind her.

“Well ... well ... look who we have here”

She stuttered and stammered, trying to find the words to explain herself and extricate herself from this situation. My hand on her tit, and the tweaking of her little nipple was keeping her off balance.

“Let’s get started” I growled picking her up and placing her on the massage table where I laid her out on her back.

“I’m going to massage you first” I told her.

“But ... but...” she complained but I silenced her with a glare.

“Mama will not be happy that her new girl is offending her best customer. Your ass will be out of here very quick if you are.”

That silenced her.

I picked up the squeeze bottle that contained the massage oil and started by squirting some on her small tits and tummy. With oil available, I started to spread it across her smooth skin whilst she looked on in horror as I massaged her.

“Relax. We have all the time in the world.”

She gave me a questioning look.

“Yeh. When I’m finish then you will be too. No one will disturb us for hours”.

“Oh shit” she murmured as I spread the oil, one oily hand caressing her tits and nipples, with the other hand slipping down between her thighs to run my fingers across her little pussy lips, delving between them with my middle finger.

“Don’t” she gasped just as I teased her clitty.

I flicked her clitty for a while before burying my finger in her tightness. I worked it in and out, fucking her tight canal slowly.

“Oh ... oh ... oh fuck” she moaned. My fingers were doing an amazing job on her, pushing her towards an orgasm.

I bent down, bringing my lips to her nipples where I licked and sucked them whilst continuing to finger fuck her.

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