Jennifer: First Sodomy - Cover

Jennifer: First Sodomy

by EazinAlong

Copyright© 2020 by EazinAlong

Fiction Sex Story: The corruption of Jennifer, a 22-year-old sex governess, continues under the direction of Charles Mansker. She was hired to be the Manskers' sexual play thing and to train their children sexually. She doesn't disappoint, but she does almost everything else. The title is a big clue.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   mt/Fa   Mult   Teenagers   Coercion   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Sharing   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Small Breasts   ENF   Nudism   .

This is a sequel to “Jennifer: Sex Governess,” which I recommend you read first. Once you’ve read that delightful and erotic nine-chapter story, the sequels aren’t in any particular order. Enjoy?

Jennifer took a last look in the mirror before leaving her suite to join the Manskers’ dinner party.

Sarah, the maid, was over looking over Jen’s shoulder to help. Jen, a 22-year-old sex governess, wore a sheer white blouse, a short straight-line black skirt with a slit on the side, comfortable pumps, and nothing else. Her breasts and nipples were visible through the blouse.

Jen’s tits were little 34Bs, and some cleavage was visible with an extra button undone on her blouse.

Sarah, a Nordic-looking 18-year-old, had helped Jen bathe and dress, including a fresh trim for her pubic patch.

Before Jen dressed, she lay back on the bed and opened her legs for Sarah. The maid inserted a plastic egg in Jen’s love hole, as instructed by Charles Mansker, the head of the household and their mutual employer.

Now they wordlessly assessed the young woman’s image in the mirror and thought Jen looked hot.

Jen was always nervous in these moments. She didn’t know what was planned, but she expected the evening to be sexual and kinky. She foresaw being debased and having her limits stretched under the guidance of Charles, but she didn’t know how it would play out.

But the suspense caused anxiety beforehand.

“I guess it’s show time,” Jen said, sounding more confident than she felt.

“It will be wonderful,” Sarah predicted.

Jen was afraid of what might lie ahead, even though she expected that she’d be sexually exploited. Charles Mansker, a suave 6-footer in his late 40s, was deviantly dominant. Jen knew this might not be easy.

She sucked in her breath and strutted toward the door to the hallway. She opened it, walked to the elevator and descended to the main floor. Now it was a few dozen steps down the main hallway and to the door of the library, where a party was gathered to begin the evening.

Jen timidly stepped around a corner, framing her in the doorway and suddenly in full view of everyone at the dinner party. Several heads turned, and the conversation slowly ceased. They were staring at her.

“This is Jennifer, everyone,” Charles said. “Isn’t she lovely? Come over here, my dear.”

Jen timidly walked across the carpet to within a couple of feet of her employer. She stared at him, and he stared back.

“Jen is the sex governess for my children. She’s smart and well-educated, and she has a fondness for young sex partners. So she’s here to molest my children for a year or two while we take advantage of her in any manner we want.”

Jennifer blushed as the nature of her responsibilities and her depravities was revealed. It sounded perverted to be a sex fiend for children, but she knew it was true. She loved to spend hours on end while the three young Mansker boys used her pussy for their pleasure. It was arousing to see their fresh, smooth bodies with their teenage dicks twitching and leaking.

They would mount her one after the other until the boys were exhausted, each having been required to lick her sex orifice clean and give her an orgasm before he could use it next.

She sometimes rejoined the family naked and with the boys’ cum leaking down her legs. She would sit with her legs open and her lewd sex on display for their parents to admire what the boys had done to her.

Often Mr. Mansker would fuck her while the family watched. After he finished, he would leave her bent over a table with her cunt leaking, inviting everyone to walk behind and witness her indecency.

The patriarch continued introducing the guests. In addition to Charles and Amy Mansker, there were two couples and two unattached men. Their ages seemed to range from 30 to 50. The men varied from extremely handsome to so-so. One guy had long hair and a bit of a paunch; he looked sort of like a professor. The women were both slender; one had huge tits, and the other was average.

Everyone else had a glass in hand. Robert, the house manager, asked Jen what she wanted to drink and disappeared to prepare it.

Small talk resumed with much of it focused on Jen. Where did she go to school? What was her major? Where was she from?

The sex governess, slim with 34B breasts, answered their questions and conversed with aplomb and erudition. Her intelligence and personality were one of many reasons she’d been chosen by the Manskers, in addition to her willingness to be sexually corrupted.

Robert returned from the butler pantry with Jen’s drink on a tray.

Before she could take her glass, Charles spoke. “Jen, unbutton your blouse so everyone can admire your little boobies.”

Jen blushed at the command. Her pussy involuntarily clenched the plastic egg in her love tunnel. She hesitated and looked at the floor. She wasn’t accustomed to exposing her breasts like this.

Slowly and without lifting her gaze, she raised her hands to open the top button with one hand. Then the next and finally a third until her blouse was completely unbuttoned but still hiding her twins.

“Pull your blouse open and show everyone your sexy little tits,” Charles instructed. “And please lift your head; look us in the eye proudly while you expose yourself.”

The combination of fresh air and sexual arousal made her nipples rock hard when she pulled back the curtain and showed her mounds to the guests. She surveyed the onlookers and saw they were all staring at her bare nubbins. Her face flushed again, and she closed her eyes to cope with the embarrassment of them staring at her little tits.

“Your drink, Jen,” Robert said while extending the tray toward her. It was just in time, she thought. Robert stared at her boobs while she picked up the glass and subtly took a big sip to begin calming her nerves.

“Just think about how sexy she looks with a couple of underage boys attached to those tits and sucking as if their lives depend on it,” Charles chuckled. “She goes out of her mind when they do that, and if a third one is sucking her clit, she explodes like a volcano.”

Jen’s embarrassment soared again, and she hoped her boss would quit telling such lurid details about her intimate behavior.

“My boys make a game of trying to keep their lips locked on her nipples while she’s cumming. Sometimes they come off because she squirms so much.”

The patriarch moved behind her and reached around to cup one of her cupcakes. “They’re very sensitive, aren’t they, Jen?”

“Yes,” she said softly, ashamed to acknowledge such personal information.

Charles pinched the hard nipple. “And do you like to have them pinched?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Is this arousing you?”

She wanted to melt into the floor instead of answering the question, but she didn’t have that option. “Yes, sir.”

“Do you like to let little boys suckle on your tits?”

“Yes, sir,” she muttered.

“What else do you like to do with boys?”

Oh, no. This was going too far. She was speechless, but Charles pinched her nipple so hard that it hurt and forced her to answer.

“I like to suck their dicks.”

“Is that all?”

A pause. “And let them fuck me,” she finally admitted.

“So you’re a slut for teenage boys?”

He’d finally cut to the chase, and she had to confess.

“Yes, sir.”

“Do you like to lie back and spread your legs for them?”

Why did he have to be so graphic? “Yes, sir.”

“Do you show them your sex hole in the hope they will use it to gratify themselves?”

“Yes,” she mumbled.

“Speak up, Jen. Don’t be shy. Our guests are here to appreciate your sexuality. They want to know about your desires and your kinks before they use you. Your kink is adolescent boys, isn’t it?”

“Yes, that excites me very much.”

“Do you ever suck one while another one fucks you?”


“Several times a week, I suspect. Do you like to swallow boy cum?”

“Yes, sir,” she said meekly.

“What age was the youngest boy you’ve ever fucked?”

Please don’t go there, she thought. After she paused for too long, Charles pinched and twisted her nipple harder than before.

“He was 12.”

“Twelve?” Charles was surprised. He didn’t know this about Jen.

“How old were you?”


“How did this happen?” Charles inquired.

Jen flushed again while everyone stared at her. “His mother asked me to take his virginity. She paid for a hotel room for the weekend, and we did it there.”

“How lovely,” Charles exclaimed. “Did he even have pubic hair?”

“Yes, sir. A little bit.”

“And could he spurt?”

“Yes, sir.”

“How many times did he fuck you that weekend?”

“I lost count. Eight, ten ... maybe a dozen times.”

“Did you suck him and do other things to encourage him to keep fucking you?”

Jen smiled a little at the memory. She’d sucked his 4-inch dick to hardness countless times that weekend. Plus, she’d masturbated for him, showered with him and stuck a finger in his 12-year-old bottom to massage his prostate ... all to good effect. “Yes, sir.”

Charles chuckled. “Well, this is a part of your story I hadn’t heard. Very hot. Was his mother pleased by your efforts?”

“Yes, sir, she said she was. She wanted him prepared for seducing girls his own age. I did my best.”

Robert, the handsome African-American house manager, replenished beverages while Charles discovered some of Jen’s secrets. Jen had drained her first drink. She was starting to relax a little, even though her embarrassment continued. Her libido was inflamed by her humiliation and by Charles’ attention to her tit.

The party host massaged the other tit briefly and then his hand went lower. He reached beneath her skirt and slid his finger into her slit. She was sopping wet, and he described the liquid state of her sex to his guests while he toyed with her clit. “This little vixen is quite randy, folks. She’s wet enough to take a football team ... especially if it’s middle schoolers.”

Everyone laughed at Jen’s expense, but she felt a frisson of embarrassed pleasure at the idea.

“Jen, your glass looks to be empty. Why don’t you give it to Robert for a refill?”

She accepted the suggestion, leaving her hands empty. Her love canal was still inhabited by the intrusive egg. Charles removed his fingers from her slit. “Please lift your skirt so everyone can see what a beautiful pussy you have.”

Jen pursed her lips, closed her eyes and froze. Her body trembled as she thought about Charles’s instruction. She wanted to seem professional and dignified before these refined people. Instead, he was humiliating her.

She slowly put her hands down to the hem of her skirt and lifted. She felt like a shameless little girl as she exposed herself.

When she opened her eyes, everyone was staring at her sex. It was as if the rest of her had disappeared, as if her education and dignity meant nothing and she was reduced to this humiliating presentation of her private lips. Her lightly tufted vulva had more social prominence than she did.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Charles asked, and the guests agreed. “To employ a cliché, it looks good enough to eat. Jen, tell everyone, do you like to eat pussy?”

Damn him and his invasive questions. And he already knew her answer for his one. “Yes, sir.”

Remembering how much a similar question revealed earlier, he asked, “What’s the youngest pussy you’ve licked?”

“She was 11.”

“Another virgin sent to you by mother?”

“No, I was 11, too. We fooled around on a sleepover.”

“Had either of you started puberty?”

“No, sir.”

“So you were both naturally hairless down there?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Does it excite you to think about licking that 11-year-old slit? Did you cum together?”

“Yes and yes. We did a 69, and we both came.”

Jen gripped the egg tighter.

“Do you like to lick my 15-year-old daughter’s pussy?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Would it turn you on for her to shave it so you can lick a bare pussy again?”

Oh, no. Jen hadn’t thought of shaving Brianna. A ripple of excitement shook her body. “Yesssssss.”

“Would you pretend she was 11 while you licked her?”


“Or younger?”

Jen flinched in response to the question. She squinted to hold back tears of shame. “Yes,” she exhaled. “I would.”

Robert returned with her refilled beverage, and Charles allowed her to drop the hem of her skirt.

Jen’s cheeks and upper chest were flushed with a mix of embarrassment and sexual excitement.

Robert distributed eight small remote controls among the guests.

“Tell everyone what’s in your pussy, Jen.”

“It’s a plastic egg thingy. I don’t really know. I didn’t see it very closely before Sarah put it in.”

“Is your pussy wet? Does that make it harder to hold the egg in?”

“Yes, sir,” she said while clamping down with her Kegel muscles to keep control.

Jen wasn’t going to volunteer the information, but the egg in her sex sheath was raising her sexual tension significantly. She was continuously aware of its presence and had to bear down constantly to hold it in.

Charles held up his remote control and said, “Jen, that egg in your pussy can vibrate. One of these remotes is in control, and the others are fake. But no one knows which is which. We’re going to play a game and try to figure out which of us is holding the remote that controls your egg.”

The slim 22-year-old closed her eyes and gulped. At that moment, she was jolted by the first vibrations as someone pressed the button on a remote.

“For the rest of you, you’ll quickly figure out if you’re holding the active remote. Please keep the secret to yourself. The game is for the rest of us to guess who’s making Jen’s pussy vibrate.”

“Meanwhile, I imagine that quite a few of our guests are aroused like I am. That might not be a comfortable way to eat dinner. Jen, please kneel so the men can use your mouth to relieve our sexual needs.”

Gesturing to the eldest guest, Charles said, “Would you like to go first?”

“I’d be delighted. Hearing and seeing this lovely wench has me straining.”

Robert put a pillow on the floor for Jen’s knees. The egg in her pussy went off again as she knelt, causing tremors that made her unsteady until her knees reached the pillow.

The guest who would use her mouth first stepped forward, his cock pushing at the front of his zippered slacks. He stood before her, and Jen realized it would be her task to withdraw his prick for him.

The egg vibrated and interrupted her train of thought, but she reached again for the man’s pants. She unzipped him and reached into his boxers to remove a turgid, 7-inch penis.

“It’s hardly a little boy’s dick like you prefer,” the man chuckled, “but maybe you can find some satisfaction anyway. I certainly expect to do so myself.”

Jen cringed as he cavalierly mentioned her kink.

The head and shaft of the circumcised cock were red, and the tip was leaking. She grasped it with her hand, opened her mouth and began to service it.

Jen loved to suck cock. She was 13 when she sucked her first one ... a 15-year-old boy she was crushing on and his friend for good measure. The simple act of nursing on a dick was thrilling for her. The rush of power when he came and then the sweet taste of cum when she swallowed were exhilarating.

She was happy to have this cock in her mouth, too, but it was humiliating to do it with her tits out and in front of an audience of strangers, including the man’s wife. Still, she sucked as if it was her only source of protein.

The egg vibrated again -- longer this time -- and sent another jolt through her body, disrupting her rhythm on the dick she was sucking. Robert passed among the guests with hors d’oeuvres and fresh cocktails.

“My God, she’s a little slut,” one of the women remarked, earning several murmurs of assent.

“She should be giving lessons,” one of the men said. “I’ve known hookers who couldn’t suck that well.”

Jen shrank a little inside to be compared to a prostitute, but she didn’t miss a stroke on the cock. The egg vibrated for several agonizing seconds, and she shuddered while continuing to milk the penis into her hungry mouth.

The beneficiary of her attentions gently put his hand on the back of her head and groaned. She felt his cock begin to pump and knew his ejaculation was imminent. As the first spurt entered her mouth, the egg began vibrating again and didn’t stop.

Jen desperately wanted the man’s cum, but her hunger for semen was competing with the orgasm that was about to rip through her body. She kept him in her mouth for five or six spurts and then collapsed into convulsions as the egg vibrated without mercy.

She rolled onto her side and shook while moaning loudly. The orgasm was beyond her control and seemed to last forever. She shed every pretense of dignity while writhing and moaning on the floor for their amusement.

Finally, the egg stopped and she slowly regained her composure. She was lying in the after-glow of orgasm while everyone at the dinner party stared down at her. The room was silent; she felt ashamed. Her tits were still exposed, and a few guests could see up her skirt to her wet slit.

Charles gestured to another of the male guests, who stepped forward for Jen to service. While she sucked the second cock, the conversation was about who had the button that controlled the egg in her sopping twat.

The field of possibilities narrowed as they eliminated one person after another. They passed a marijuana pipe among themselves.

She wasn’t gripping the shaft this time. The man had one hand on each side of her head and was holding her still while he fucked her mouth. She had no control. Her oral cavity was merely a vessel for him to gratify himself. Her only job was to keep her lips wrapped around his prick and prepare for his effusion.

She could tell his prostate was beginning to pump before he groaned. He pulled out at the last minute and sprayed his semen onto her chin, down to her chest and onto her 34B titties with their rigid nipples. Pulse after pulse erupted to spray her with cum.

As soon as he’d zipped his pants and stepped aside, another dick was in front of her. She opened his pants to find an 8-inch uncircumcised cock leaking profusely. She slid the foreskin back and fell to her task eagerly. Jen wanted this cock in her mouth, and she wanted to swallow another load of cum. Focusing on the cock helped her forget her humiliation.

The 22-year-old sex governess felt wicked and depraved as she orally serviced cock after cock, leaving her chin and her chest splashed with semen. The third man erupted and sent a delicious load of cum down her throat.

The fourth man had already unzipped himself. He stepped forward and shoved his penis into her mouth. He held the back of her head with one hand and thrust in her mouth like it was a wet pussy. His cum went straight down her throat and then the vibrating egg sent her to the floor again, twitching and moaning with abandon.

Charles, as host, went last. His cum tasted familiar and comforting to Jen when he spurted into her throat. She thought of his three sons and their cut, cute dicks.

When the men were finished using Jen’s mouth, it was revealed that the person with the active remote was the wife of the first man Jen had sucked to completion. She had made Jen writhe and flail in orgasm multiple times with the vibrating egg while the lithe 22-year-old demonstrated unlimited capacity for sex and, especially, sucking cock.

Jen felt further humiliated that another woman had caused her to behave in such an undignified manner before so many strangers. She remained kneeling on the floor, her blouse open and cum splattered on her face and chest. It was the most undignified moment in her life.

Upon a signal from Robert, Charles announced it was time to adjourn to the dining room for dinner.

Jen wasn’t sure whether she should follow until Amy Mansker, the hostess and the mother of Jen’s teenage charges, said, “Come along. We have a special seat for you.”

The sex governess rose. Her legs were unsteady and her obscene appearance compromised by semen, but she gained her balance and followed Amy to the dining room with no expectations.

The dining room had been rearranged. The large dining table was pulled toward one wall, and all of the dining chairs were along one side plus one on each end. It evoked da Vinci’s painting of The Last Supper.

On the open side of the table, an armchair from the living room was set back a few feet and faced the diners. It seemed more brightly illuminated than the rest of the room.

Jen knew that chair was for her. She blanched at the idea of such a vulnerable position, even without sexual considerations. It was like a perp at the police station facing a gallery of inquisitors. She shuddered slightly at the scene and subconsciously feared the worst.

Charles and Amy guided the guests to their seats, where green salads waited. Once everyone was at the table, Robert, the handsome house manager, served wine. Jen hung back, unsure of what she should do or when she should sit.

As Amy sat, she looked up at Jen, smiled and said “you should sit here” while gesturing to the armchair across from the diners. Jen felt a sense of foreboding as she contemplated the chair.

“Before you sit down, Jen, please undress,” Charles added. “Let everyone see your beautiful, fuckable body.”

After all the guests had seen so far, this was a small step to Jen. She figured she might as well undress, so she shucked the blouse, unzipped the skirt and took it off, and handed them to Robert.

Lacking any precedent for how to sit in this situation, Jen sat primly on the front edge of the armchair with her knees together and her ankles crossed. Her hands were in her lap, as a proper lady would do, leaving her tits and cum-soaked chest on display.

No one said anything to her while they began their salads. She felt self-conscious, but all she could do was sit with her little cum-drenched boobies on display. The exhibitionism was somewhat exciting, though, and her pussy was still wet from the cocks she’d sucked during cocktail hour.

After several minutes, Charles restarted the conversation, but not the way she might have wished. “Jen, tell my friends about your masturbation.”

“What do you mean?”

“For starters, we want to know about your adolescent sex life. At what age did you begin masturbating?”

Long pause.

“I was 11, sir.”

“Lovely. So you’ve been playing with your hot little pussy for half of your life, haven’t you?”

“Yes, sir. I hadn’t thought of if that way, but I suppose so.”

“Were you having orgasms at 11?”

Jen blushed at the memory of her prepubescent explorations. “Yes.”

“Did someone teach you to masturbate or did you discover it on your own?”

Jen hesitated. This was supposed to be a life-long secret, but it seemed that nothing could be secret any more. “Someone taught me, sir.”

“And who was that?”

“A neighbor.”

“How old was she?”

“She was in college.”

“How did this happen?”

“We were at the condo pool together. Just the two of us. We were talking about boys and stuff. She asked me if I knew how to have an orgasm.”

Jen remembered the day well. She’d felt so mature discussing boys and dating with a college girl. When the girl asked the fateful question, Jen wasn’t completely sure what an orgasm was.

“I said I wasn’t sure, and she asked if I wanted to go to her condo for her to teach me. I said yes, and that’s what happened.”

Mrs. Mansker stared at Jen’s legs hiding her sacred place. “Don’t be so modest, Jen. Open your legs so that we can see your hot little treasure.”

Blushing again, Jen sat squarely in the chair and spread her legs, showing everyone across from her at the table her wet sex channel. Her brown pussy hair was fine and sort of straight. It was trimmed into a neat triangle like a girl in early puberty. Her labia opened when her legs did, and the diners looked at the interior of her sex while they finished their salads. Her pink clit stuck out.

“What are some of the unusual places that you’ve played with yourself?” one of the guests asked.

Jen realized that she would have to reveal more of her secrets. She gulped. “In my sleeping bag at a sleepover. On an Amtrak at night. In a restroom at a restaurant.”

A smile crossed her face at the memories.

“You’re quite the masturbator, Jen,” Charles said. “I still wish we could see your charms better. Lie back and hook your legs over the arms of the chair.”

She briefly felt a twinge of reticence, but Jen scooted her bottom down and opened her legs the way her dominant employer wanted. The result was an obscene display of her pleasure place. She blushed to show it all so clearly, but it was turning her on to be so indecent.

“Oh, look at her sex hole,” said Amy Mansker, the mother of the house. “You should see her when she’s gripping a dick with it. She’s a natural.”

Jen wasn’t sure whether to be proud or embarrassed.

“Stick a finger in your hole,” Charles said.

Jen was grooving more on the humiliation and loss of control. She slipped her left middle finger into her wet cunt. The 22-year-old slowly pumped in and out, removing the digit occasionally to suck it seductively.

“Rub your clit,” Charles said. “Make yourself cum.”

Jen hadn’t expected to go that far, but she was at fever pitch. It was the only logical conclusion, and she needed it. Without removing her left hand and its invading finger, she put her right hand down, moistened it in her own juices and began to rub her love button for everyone’s amusement.

It was turning her on to be so brazen. She quickly found the right rhythm and manipulated her sex pearl with experienced skill. The result wasn’t surprising. She looked them in the eye. Her sexual temperature continued to rise, and the uninhibited feelings were magnificent.

She wanted to cum. She wanted for them to see how depraved she could be. She wanted them to see her cum again. At the moment, she felt free of all inhibitions. Her inner slut was on display, and it was thrilling.

The slim 22-year-old tried to maintain eye contact with her audience, but her passion became so great she could no longer keep her eyes open. Her head lolled back as she continued abusing herself with two hands. Her bare 34B tits were heaving as her chest rose and fell.

She was subtly thrusting her hips as if an invisible lover was pumping her with his cock. Her orgasm became inevitable. Jen knew it was going to be a wild one with eight adults staring at her while she pleasured herself.

The first couple of shock waves were gentle, but then a tidal wave slammed through her groin and she screamed. She kept her legs slung over the arms. Her body twisted and turned as she chased every measure of bliss. Her fingers were still working hard.

The orgasm subsided, but then the forgotten egg in her pussy vibrated again. She felt another orgasm coming, and it slammed through like a freight train. She screamed again, the muscles in her abdomen clenched, and she shredded her dignity before the licentious audience. Her clit was too sensitive to continue, and her little brown pubic patch was matted with her juices. Her nipples were as hard as pebbles.

Regaining her composure, she looked at her audience sheepishly. “I guess I got a little carried away.”

The diners weren’t disappointed, for they had enjoyed her brazen show immensely. All of the cocks were hard and the pussies wet. Several of them commended and complimented her. Everyone saw in Jen a wanton little hussy who had no shame once she was exposed, and they loved it.

She floated in the after-glow of her cum, her legs still spread wide and her pussy leaking copiously.

“Young lady, you can step out and freshen up, if you like,” Charles said. “Meanwhile, we have a special dessert presentation for our guests. You’ll rejoin us later.”

Sarah stepped over to help Jen stand and walk naked from the room. Several pairs of eyes looked covetously at her tight bottom as she departed.

Robert, the house manager, effortlessly removed the chair that Jen used to exhibit herself, and Sarah returned to clear dishes from the table. With the chair gone, an unfolded futon was front and center for the guests.

A door opened on the right, and the Manskers’ 15-year-old twins walked in side by side. They were fraternal twins, but the similarities were clear. They both had sandy blond hair. Brianna’s was a little longer, but it still didn’t reach her shoulders. They were both clear-skinned with pink cheeks.

Sarah served dessert while the dinner party stared at the children.

“I believe all of you have previously met Brandon and Brianna,” Charles said. “Tonight they’re going to share something special with us.”

The twins stepped into the room somewhat bashfully. Brianna was wearing light makeup and was dressed in white -- a robe, stockings and slippers. Brandon was wearing a blue velvet robe and matching blue house shoes.

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