Many a Slip Twixt Testicle and Ovary

by Sterling

Copyright© 2016 by Sterling

Science Fiction Sex Story: The colonists for the new planet are all women, to maximize population growth and avoid the distraction of male rivalry -- all women except for the few dumb men whose special skill is sniffing fertile women and whose only job is to inseminate them. Yet back on earth before they left, there had been serious quality control problems. The women struggle to get pregnant.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humor   Science Fiction   Post Apocalypse   Harem   First   .

“What are we going to do, chief? We haven’t had a chance to do Quality Assurance on any of the new set of studs. We don’t know if any of them will work.”

“The program on engineering the studs has already delayed this project. The interplanetary spacecraft is complete, and they’ve started to freeze and load the colonists. There is absolutely no way that we can delay this again!”

“But ... But the entire mission --!”

“I’ve heard enough excuses! Find a solution!”

Dr. Frankincense reviewed his options. There were forty strains under development. The idea had been to find one that met the specifications fully and include several individuals. But last time around none of the strains met specifications. All had known flaws. But a dozen were pretty good and might work. He’d just include one individual from each strain and hope for the best. Or maybe two. The truth was, no one on Earth would ever know if it worked. The colonists wouldn’t reach their new home for hundreds of years. He and the chief and everyone else back on Earth would be long dead.

They’d keep the breeding program going for future colonization efforts. Surely they could fudge the records about this one. He and the rest of the team would be heroes. His heart also sank as he realized there was no time to update the instructions for the colonists either.

Fran woke up with what felt like the hangover from hell. Her memories came back to her slowly, in bits and pieces. She had left on a colonization effort to a nearby world, a desperate attempt to restart human civilization somewhere other than the dying earth. There had been no guarantee they would ever get to their destination or that every one of the series of vital steps would go according to plan. But apparently they all had, because she was alive. Alive! And with a group of others who had also survived the journey. They were on a new planet orbiting a new sun, and their opportunity was to start over and rebuild civilization.

When the dust had settled and they had taken inventory, there were 261 individuals, all between the ages of 14 and 25. They were all female.

The instructions on the subject of reproduction were of great interest.

“To lessen the chances of mission failure due to disaster in any one location, you must grow and establish new colonies within a few decades. Rapid population growth is vital to the success of the mission. As a result, you should all give birth to babies as often as human biology allows. Most of you should be pregnant most of the time. One reason the expedition is composed overwhelmingly of females of childbearing age is to allow rapid population growth. Another reason is that experience and scientific modeling suggest that the presence of men might also give rise to unhealthy social patterns as they would vie with each other for dominance.

“You do of course require males for fertilization purposes. Among your frozen cargo supplies are a few men who are tailored for the purpose at hand. At the appropriate time, within a couple weeks of your landing, you will thaw one of them. He will provide for your reproductive needs. Each of these men has been genetically engineered so he can easily determine by sense of smell when a woman is fertile. He will express his sexual interest in you at the appropriate time. All you need to do is submit to his advances. This won’t take much of your time, and you can focus your energies on all the other tasks you must perform.”

That was the basics of it. When you went into heat, the stud would arrive and breed you. Wham, bam. There were other details. In case one man didn’t perform his duties adequately, there were nine backups, though they noted that a single male should easily be able to service the entire female population. To prevent any scheming or politicking, the men were engineered to be intellectually very limited. This was also handy so if the women needed to refreeze a male he wouldn’t know enough to object. (One thing they had plenty of was energy -- a small nuclear reactor. The freezers would keep going indefinitely).

Then there was this: “One final characteristic of these males is that all of the babies they father will be girls. In the distant future, an antidote will be made available that can remove this feature and return their sperm production to normal, where they will father a roughly equal mix of girls and ordinary, normal boys. The specific formula is known only to the computers and will not be revealed until an appropriate time, many decades from now. Your men are engineered for a long life of full sexual potency, but it will still probably require two or three in sequence to provide the fertilization services for as long as required.”

The women valued love and sexual attraction, but they also realized that in the life on Earth that they dimly remembered, it was so interesting it was distracting.

Here they all needed to work hard and work together. Here they had to wear masks when they went outside and might end up living largely on algae soup for years to come. Their very survival was at stake. A lack of love and romance was nowhere near the top of their list of problems., and the entire dating and mating game would get in the way of their other tasks.

A mere 26 days after their landing, it was time to wake up the man. He would have sex with the fertile ones among them. Who was fertile?

All the women and girls were under strict instructions to track their periods, but it doesn’t take much to mess up women’s cycles. Prolonged freezing and waking up in a new, hostile environment were plenty. So initially, at least, they all had to be ready to be bred at any time. Some of the younger girls were virgins, and, as per instructions, “Sexually experienced women should instruct the less experienced on how to prepare themselves so as to not present any obstacle to the mating act.” Dildos were not included among their supplies, so fingers had to do.

Within the spacecraft pods that had been turned into buildings, space was at a premium. The concept of “bed” was far in their future. When night came, mats were spread on the floor of their work areas. The women slept side by side on these mats. Could there be any privacy for mating? The toilet cubicle was judged to be too small. It seemed doubtful.

They started Alan thawing on Monday morning at 8am and they knew it would be at least a few hours before he would be awake enough to do his job.

“Where am I?” said a hoarse but deep voice. He could at least talk.

Fran had been left with his unzipped “body bag” in one of the smaller rooms. She was sitting on the floor working on her tablet, and now she turned. One qualification for her job as wake-up companion was she was having her period. That should guarantee that no compulsion to mate would interfere with his waking up.

“Hello, Alan,” she said. “You’re in a strange new place. All of us are. But it’s fun and exciting.”

“Oh,” he said, but didn’t ask more. He gradually sat up and drank.

“I gotta go,” he said without shame. Fran produced a small bucket that had been set aside for that purpose. He worked his dick through his fly. Fran got her first look at a penis in a long time. Somehow it looked pretty special. There had been no time for sex in the last few months back on Earth either. He shook his dick to get the last few drops of pee off and stuck it back inside.

He drank more, ate what she offered, and stretched his muscles. She helped him stand and walk. He got around independently within an hour, if a little unsteadily.

Alan was six feet tall, dark hair, brown eyes, square jaw. A closely cropped beard. A pretty appealing body. Profuse pubic hair, and ... were those balls bigger than usual? They sure looked big to her.

Fran judged he looked ready.

“Want to meet everyone else?”

“OK,” he said.

Fran pressed the intercom spot on her tablet and said, “Alan’s coming out!”

There were 35 women in this particular building that day, occupying 6 main rooms, and there was tense whispering as the door opened.

When Alan appeared, he said, “Oh!” and began sniffing. His nose was pretty efficient, for within a few seconds he had steered himself into an adjacent room and zoomed in on Yvonne, sniffing her crotch. There was a big bulge in his sweatpants.

“I guess you’re first!” said a woman nearby.

“Um, OK,” Yvonne said. “What do I do?”

“Well, start by taking your pants off! And lie on the floor!”

When she’d done that, Alan took control. He pulled his own pants down to his knees to reveal a stiff penis, and he mounted her. He aimed his cock with his fingers and pushed in hard.

“Ow,” said Yvonne softly.

“Unnnh, unnnh, unnnh,” said Alan in his deep, guttural voice as he burrowed his cock a little deeper with each thrust. Ten seconds after initial entry, he said, “Aaahhhhhh!” and a second later he pulled out and sat on the floor beside Yvonne, breathing heavily.

Yvonne murmured, “This is pretty embarrassing!” as she got up and retrieved her own underpants and sweatpants and put them on.

“Hey, you’re leading the way ... We’ll all have our turn I guess...”

“So, Alan, how was that?” asked Fran. “You done that before?”

“No,” he said, grinning. Soon he was sniffing.

The 35 women had all stopped what they were doing and gathered around. Maybe 20 had seen some of what had happened.

The women fell back as he got up. His nose rapidly zoomed in on the crotch of Beth. Yvonne was 22, but Beth was a 14-year-old virgin.

“Uh-oh,” she said.

“You know what to do,” said Fran.

Beth said, “Could you all go away!”

“Yeah, give her some privacy,” said Fran, and the other women reluctantly went back into other rooms, out of sight.

Fran kept watch, however. Beth stepped out of her pants and panties.

Alan immediately got down on his knees in front of her and glued his nose between her legs.

“Oooo! Aaahhhh!” he said. He had not put his bottoms back on after mating with Yvonne. His cock was soft, but as Fran watched it began lengthening.

“Let me get down on the floor, OK?” said Beth.

But Alan paid no attention. Beth’s back was against a wall, and he held her there. With his left hand he lifted her right thigh and buried his nose more deeply between her legs in her pubic hair.

“Rub yourself so you get wet at least,” called a woman who was peeking around the corner.

Beth moved her fingers down and began a rapid motion on her clitoris. He didn’t object as it didn’t interfere with his sniffing.

Now his cock was stiff again.

Fran came closer and said, “Alan, let her get down, it will work easier.”

But Alan paid no mind. He now stood up and nuzzled his cock tip in where his nose had been. But Beth was shorter than he was and the angle was all wrong. He tried to hold her open with his fingers and push, but of course it wouldn’t go in. He humped strongly but his cock was not inside.

“Arrggghh!” he yelled in frustration.

Fran said more forcefully, “It will all work, just give us a second,” pushing him aside.

When Beth was released, she quickly slithered to the floor and lay on her back, legs spread wide.

Alan immediately lay down on her and held her pussy open with one hand and aimed with the other.

He surged in.

“Aww, shit!” cried Beth under her breath.

“Oooo, nnnnnhhhhh!” growled Alan.

Beth shot an accusing glance at Fran, who was close by. She realized other women were peeking around the corners. “Yeah, get back everyone.” She too disappeared around the corner, figuring that once Alan was in, the rest of the mating was up to him.

From around the corner she heard the guttural sounds of his desire and pleasure. Perhaps because he had come just a few minutes earlier, he kept thrusting away in Beth for quite some time.

But it was still less than three minutes later that they heard an increased urgency in his grunts and then an unmistakable sound of release and satisfaction.

“How’s it going?” asked Fran softly.

“OK,” sighed Beth.

Fran went in and found Alan once again sitting on the floor beside Beth, looking totally satisfied as his slick cock slowly shrank.

Beth had turned away and was pulling her panties and pants back on.

“Maybe time to rest,” said Fran, helping Alan to his feet and ushering him back into the room where he’d woken up. With the door shut, he should not be enticed by any odors wafting up from the crotches of the other women.

She let him out again two hours later.

Gail caught his interest in time to turn around, drop her pants and present her rear end. Alan figured out doggy style just fine. In fact he liked it better and from then on when he found a girl in heat he turned her around and did her that way. It became the standard. If the women were going to get an impersonal fucking, better to use the more impersonal, animal position for it.

Rather than passively waiting for Alan, wondering when he might suddenly appear and demand a mating, some of the women liked to be more in control. When it was anywhere near the middle of the month, those women presented their crotch to Alan first thing in the morning. If he mated with them right then, they’d be free the rest of the day.

All their habitation pods were within a mile of each other, so it was an easy matter to lead Alan from one to the other day by day. Sometimes he’d sniff a girl and say with a leer, “Soon. I’ll get to you soon.” So the girl would be ready the next day. And while he was intellectually limited, Alan’s memory for geography and fertile pussies was pretty good. He’d said “soon” to one of the girls in the farthest building. Winds were up the next day so they figured they’d keep Alan closer in. But he remembered the “soon” girl, and insisted on going up there and mating with her. A couple women accompanied him, of course.

They couldn’t afford to have Alan sleeping in his own room by himself, so he lay down with the others. And sometimes a woman would wake up to Alan trying to roll her over. Getting the idea, she’d manage to get up on hands and knees so he could fuck her from behind. It was no big surprise for others to wake in the night to the sound and sight of two humans doing it doggy style a couple yards away.

They encouraged Alan to walk around naked on the bottom, and he didn’t mind. There was less in the way when he developed a sudden and intense urge to fuck and went to mount. The women could also easily tell when he was ready to do it. Sometimes he was just curious. He took to sniffing women’s crotches a lot, even when his cock was limp. When it got stiff, there was usually someone right nearby he wanted to breed.

The mating seemed to be under control. Alan was doing his job. Two weeks went by, and he’d gotten to about 71 of the women and girls. Averaging five a day. They figured the ones he skipped maybe hadn’t ovulated that month. It was OK that he wasn’t on track to get to everyone. They didn’t actually want 261 babies born within a month of each other!

However, Beth got her period, and then Yvonne. Another half dozen women got their periods, in roughly the same order he’d mated with them, 14 days after fertilization. He seemed to have the right time of month. What was going wrong? Experienced women knew he was ejaculating because they could smell the semen.

It looked like he was an ineffective stud. That would never do. They waited a week, to see if perhaps he was having a start-up problem. Then they waited until he’d inseminated the second woman in an hour, relaxed and happy.

“A shot to keep you healthy,” said their doctor Colleen.

“Ow,” murmured Alan as the needle jabbed. But within minutes he was out. His beard had been growing -- no shaving supplies here yet. They did a rough trim before packing him up. They followed the procedure and put him back in the freezer.

Bob was 5’8”, with brown hair and brown eyes. He didn’t seem to understand language and he didn’t talk at all. But he took hints as to what they wanted him to do and he was toilet trained.

As he approached May, his dick started getting hard. Maybe it was a little below average in size, they later agreed.

“This can’t be right,” she said, “I’m having my period.” She started walking away, thinking maybe her smell was confused with someone else nearby.

But Bob was stiff, he followed May, and he wanted May. When they tried to hold him back, he got angry.

“Let him, I guess,” said May. When her panties came down they saw in the crotch a thick cloth pad dark with period blood. No paper products around here -- they re-used the same stained cloth pads over and over.

As his cock surged in, more blood surged out. Fifteen seconds of violent thrusting later Bob groaned and relaxed, and bloody genitals separated.

Julie wasn’t bleeding when he got her, but she had cramps. Her period started six hours later.

Bob’s sense of smell was excellent -- he was just smelling the wrong thing. That would never do.

Charlie was blond, with blue eyes and a light brown close-cropped beard. Six foot two and notably lean.

After they released him, he went straight for Linda, who quickly turned and presented her naked rear end to him for the taking.

He mounted and began thrusting. The only problem was his cock was still floppy. He didn’t make any attempt to insert it, but it wouldn’t have worked if he had. He pushed away hands that tried to intervene and kept humping with enthusiasm. After 15 minutes he pulled away, breathing hard.

“Did he get a good whiff?”

They pushed his face forward towards Linda’s rear end. He sniffed deeply, but his cock stayed limp.

“Maybe if we play with it?” suggested Fran.

Her hands went in to caress and stroke. He held still and smiled. But no matter how much they stroked he stayed soft.

After ten minutes, he mounted Linda again and started humping with enthusiasm, but once again his floppy cock just bounced against her pussy.

They got him away from Linda and brought him to another building. He sniffed Anne with enthusiasm and mounted her from the rear and humped away. But his penis remained small and limp.

Several women had experience with giving head from the old days and tried what boyfriends back on Earth had liked best. He smiled patiently and took what was offered, but no luck in producing an erection. Missionary style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl -- nothing. When he was on his back, sticking a fertile crotch right on his face -- nothing.

Daniel was chunky. Not fat, but chunky, roughly 5’9”. Curly brown hair and brown eyes.

Megan’s pussy attracted him, and as he sniffed and smiled, his cock got hard. The women watched with renewed appreciation -- Charlie had taught that a stiff cock wasn’t something to take for granted. When it was erect, it was thick.

Daniel got it into Megan and began humping. Alan and Bob had typically lasted around 10 seconds if they were fresh, maybe 2 minutes if they’d just done another girl within the past hour. Daniel kept humping. Minutes went by. The thick cock kept thrusting in and out. At 15 minutes Megan said, “I gotta admit, this is feeling GOOD!”

“Try a squeeze?”

They could tell she’d succeeded when Daniel got more excited and thrust harder. But still he didn’t finish.

At 45 minutes Daniel was sweating profusely. He’d seem to get more excited, then go back to regular humping. His excitement built once more, and then finally he groaned and held himself deep for several seconds before withdrawing. It looked like he’d done it! He’d gotten further than Charlie. But it had taken 49 minutes of fucking.

Daniel was exhausted and lay down to rest. He ate and drank. Four hours later he got up to wander, found Callie and started in on her. At 5 minutes Callie said, “Hey, I’m going to take advantage. He’s thick and he keeps going!” She reached her fingers in and rubbed herself lightly as Daniel pounded into her from the rear. Within a minute Callie gasped and then, panting, lay her front down on the mat. Her butt stayed up in fuckable position, and Daniel kept fucking it. At 45 minutes Daniel’s thrusts got slower, and then he pulled back and sat on the floor, panting.

“I don’t think he finished,” said Callie. The others agreed. After a quick discussion Callie left. They hoped that Daniel would recover after some rest, and her alluring odor wouldn’t help.

The next morning he seemed refreshed and in another building he found Diana. Having heard of his difficulties, she presented herself in missionary position, hoping that might help him. He hesitated but accepted that flavor of invitation. After ten minutes of holding himself up like a gentleman, he let his weight down on Diana, while down below he kept fucking away. Diana toughed it out for a while, but she was having trouble getting enough air. A couple women reached in under his chest to take some of Daniel’s weight. After half an hour he rolled off. But his cock stayed stiff and they all agreed he hadn’t come. After a couple minutes he tried to get up and mount, but then lay back again, clearing exhausted.

“Why don’t you ride him?”

“Good idea!” said Diana.

As she impaled herself he looked on with interest and then smiled.

He kept smiling as she lifted and pressed down, lifted and pressed.

“Anything wrong if I try to get off?” said Diana.

The women agreed there was nothing wrong with that. As her four companions watched, she moved with intensity, grinding a bit when their pubic hair was mashed together. Two minutes later she gasped again and again and let herself down on the smiling Daniel.

After a few seconds of her not moving, he began humping upward into her.

Figuring he’d had his rest, Diana pulled off and presented her butt.

Daniel went at her doggy style, panting. They were all quietly rooting for him to finish, and 15 minutes later he twitched and moaned. He’d managed it!

They got him resting comfortably in a corner and soon he was asleep.

Daniel always lasted a long time, and a fair number of women took advantage to give themselves orgasms. Lucky Wendy got one just by him doing her from the rear, with no hands. She had another shuddering release. And another. She confessed that she’d always been able to come pretty easily. And his thick cock helped. He didn’t manage to come inside her, however.

On average, he managed to come roughly once ever other day. Then it was just twice a week. They didn’t know if he was making the women pregnant, but it wasn’t a very fast pace. They decided to try having two men awake at once.

When Eric woke up he found Irene quickly, did her from behind, and delivered his load in ten seconds. But then he stayed by her side, looking at her tenderly. Eventually they coaxed him away. He sniffed Alexa and his cock got stiff, but he wouldn’t mount. He found Irene again, mounted her and gave her another load. He napped by himself briefly, but when he got up he went looking for Irene. When she went to bed, he insisted on lying down beside her, cuddling her.

“Could you, uh, leave me alone?” she asked.

Eric was one of the ones who didn’t understand language. He didn’t move.

“Looks like Irene has a boyfriend!”

“Yeah, I guess so. Might be called sexual harassment in the old days. Physical chemistry is pretty good, but his personality ... uh...”

The others laughed.

A few minutes later Eric wanted Irene again, so she lay back and he was delighted to do her missionary style, gazing lovingly into her eyes for the 25 seconds it took him to come.

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