A Surprising Hello

by Marduk

Copyright© 2016 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A old female friend reappears who had been a successful sexual companion, a reunion begins but with conditions - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Swinging   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Size   Big Breasts   .

A Surprising Hello Harry was deep in thought, it was just over three weeks since he had returned from a trip down the rivers in Europe; he was having a coffee when his thoughts were interpreted by a female voice. “Hello Harry”. He turned and for several seconds tried to recognize the woman, finally it clicked “Cathy” he said. The surprise in his voice made the woman smile. “You didn’t seem to recognize me”, she said as she sat down.

“I was deep in thought”, he replied and then automatically asked her if she would like a coffee, she accepted the offer and while the order was attended to the chit-chat commenced. “It is nearly a year since we broke up”, he said. “That is a lovely neckless you are wearing and your hair style and colour has given you a very youthful appearance”. She laughed for she knew this man and how he always called a spade a spade; political correctness was a ‘red rag to a bull’ as far as he was concerned and she knew he must have struggled to say the right thing to her that wouldn’t be classified as offensive for she knew that she had hit the skids since they had broken up and her appearance and clothing would indicate that, especially to him who had known her fairly well.

“Thank you Harry”, she said. “I appreciate that compliment, now what have you been doing over these past months; are you still married for I know it wasn’t a good relationship?”

“No Cathy”, he said. “I separated some months ago. I’m not divorced but we both live separate lives. I think the wife got the best end of the stick for I’m still responsible for all the house bills, she even tried to make me responsible for her personal accounts but to give the solicitor his due; he did think that was unfair. However, it gave me the freedom I desired and I went on the European cruise down their rivers which she had refused to part=take in, so on the whole I’m satisfied.

The coffee arrived. “Have you met anybody else?” She asked as she finished the coffee. “Not since coming back”, he replied. “I did meet a very obliging woman on the cruise who was not only good company during the day but a very able companion at night”.

She smiled “So you fucked her”, she said.

“Yes, virtually every night after I met her. She made it clear that is what she wanted. If I remember during our time you made it clear that you wanted sex. However, I doubt that you haven’t crossed that bridge since we broke up”. Again a grin crosses her face. It wasn’t a grin of satisfaction but one of hurt and despair. Sure she had spread her thighs and been in the ‘doggie’ position but mainly to get sufficient finances to keep going. However she had to give an answer. “I haven’t missed out Harry”. She then changed the subject and put the conversation back in his court. “However, what are your plans now that you are free?” she asked. His mind ticked over; was she asking so an arrangement, like before could be put in place which was fine for a while and then fell apart, something he didn’t want a repeat of? “I’m meeting a friend from up North this evening for dinner”, he said. “Her name is June. I have known her for many years, long before I met the wife for she was a young woman in the youth club I belonged to. We have kept in contact, she is married but she had been obliging and I hope that is still part of her agenda”, he concluded. Cathy was silent for a few moments. “I gather you mean sexually obliging?” she said.

“Yes!” he replied. “Some years ago I was up North and she drove me to the airport and in the general conversation we got talking about oral sex. I asked her if she had done it and she replied in the positive manner and I told her that I thought it better, in some situation to an actual fuck. She was silent for a few minutes and then asked if I would like her to suck me off, such a request had only one answer. She pulled off the road and for a good ten minutes sucked me over the abyss and after she had taken a mouth full and spat it out and wiped her mouth she said that I beat her husband for like me her husband always emptied his balls while she was sucking. Yes Cathy I hope we can continue that arrangement after the meal tonight”, he concluded.

“I must be off”, she said. Then paused and asked “Is your mobile number the same?” He gave nod. She then gave a wave and departed.

June arrived at the restaurant almost at the same time as he did. “I came by taxi”, she smiling said as they embraced. “It has been awhile June, but you look stunning. How long are you down for? You did mention it was a business visit but I’m thrilled that you have managed to slip this dinner into your agenda”, he said as they were shown to a table. She cocked her head to one side. “I was hoping that it wasn’t only dinner that you had in mind. I have my first business appointment at ten in the morning. I’m free for the rest of the night”. He smiled as the waiter arrived and took their order. “Your place or mine?” he asked.

“The company has paid for my suite, it is a very nice suite, certainly a nice place for a long and enjoyable fuck, naturally after I suck your cock for I still recall you sort of enjoyed your cock in my mouth and I enjoyed the deluge that you emptied into it”, she said with a grin. The dinner was enjoyable but the thoughts of ‘what came after’ was very much on their minds for the departure from the restaurant wasn’t at a run but a controlled and deliberate walk.

“Your company treats you well if this accommodation is any evidence”, he said as they entered the suite. She put her bag down and began to undress. “Fancy a shower?” she asked. The bathroom is ‘state of the art’ as well. All he did was give a moan of appreciation for this was the first time he had observed her totally naked. “Fuck you are attractive June”, he said as he followed her into the bathroom. “Well you have had a show, so now what about me?” she giggled as he stripped. Getting an erection was no effort and as it arched upwards, zeroing onto that heavy growth of hair at her groin, it was her turn to give a moan of appreciation and lick her lips. “I think this night is going to be very rewarding”, she said as she gripped his throbbing cock and pulled him into the shower cubical.

Her giggling was vary contagious and shortly he was also in a fit of giggles as they soaped each other up, making sure that the sexual areas were given the most attention. “Fuck!” He gasped. “This cubical is big enough, bend over you randy cunt so I can doggie fuck you. My cock is so hard that it hurts”.

“Your poor cock is all hard”, she said with a giggle but turned and obeyed and as he rammed it home, she gave her vocal response of pleasure. He fucked hard, ramming it home, up to his balls with every thrust; pushing her against the sides of the cubicle, while squeezing her tits and pulling her nibbles. He gave the thrust that emptied his balls as the water poured over them. She stood up, water poured off her hair, but all the soap was washed away. “If that is an entree to what you have in mind; I doubt if I will be getting any sleep. That was the nicest fuck I have had in a while” she said. As they dried each other she was delighted that his balls refilled so fast so by the time they hit the bedroom, he was erect again. She slipped down and closed her mouth over it and while he held and worked her head, like a piston she again took him to the edge and as his balls exploded, she took him over and into the abyss...

By morning it was an effort to get up; for in reality the only sleep had been from exhaustion. Both were in a lather of sweat and it was only the shower that made them feel as though they could face another day. They had breakfast in the restaurant. Her account didn’t include a companion, he paid for that and although it was an upmarket price the circumstances that had led to him being in that restaurant made an expensive breakfast pale when compared to the pleasures of the hours before. “If you come back up North”, she said as he bit farewell. “Give me a ring and if you have a female companion we could have a foursome”.

“That ... that sounds like a ‘swinger’s term”, he said.

She smiled. “It is. We are swingers but it is a very private do, no more than three couples and only with friends. We ... we fuck each other every two weeks. We love it. So Harry the invitation is open, just buzz me”. With that they exchanged a conservative kiss and she hailed a taxi and departed.

A day or two passed and although Cathy had appeared after a year he really didn’t think much about her. He had observed her state, her appearance and her dress and he knew that something was wrong for she had always been well groomed and well dressed. He had just returned after shopping when his mobile rang. “Harry!” Came a strained voice. “It is Cathy I had a fall; could ... could you come to my place?” His answer was what she hoped for, for she knew of her circumstances and knew he would have noticed the decline in herself and could easily told her to ‘fuck off’. She gave him her address, if one wanted to call a low market mobile home in a low economic caravan park a home, that was it.

He arrived, there was no expression of shock; he took her situation in his stride. “What happened?” he asked.

“I slipped as I was coming in”, she said. “I landed on my hip and grazed my arm”.

He examined the graze. “That just needs a good wash with soap and water now is your hip bruised?” he asked. She pushed down her slacks and in so doing her panties as well so it wasn’t only the bruise area that appeared but a heavy growth of unruly hair at her groin. “I would suggest you have a shower and then apply a cold pack to the bruise area, an a shower will also wash your arm”, he said at the same time rubbing that heavy growth of hair. She didn’t immediately get up; she lingered and just gently began to spread her thighs, giving him space to play ‘chop sticks’ on her cunt. “We fuck now or after your shower?” he asked as he continued to ‘finger fuck’ her. She licked her lips and with her tongue darting out stammered. “We ... we fuck now”. He just gave a nod as he removed his trousers, pushed her blouse up and lifted her bra, revealing two nice tits that he had always admired. He pushed his cock into the lips of her cunt and shoved and Cathy rose to accommodate that ravishing erection as she had so often done before.

“That was fucking nice Cathy”, he said as he helped her up. “You were always a nice screw and the year away hasn’t dimmed your response. She removed the roughed up clothing and together entered the shower cubical. He didn’t comment about the difference of the shower when comparing it to the one in the suite where June had stayed. Whether Cathy would object to the fact that he had serviced June didn’t enter his mind for it was none of her business anyway. He applied antiseptic to her graze and gave her the cold pack for her hip. “Give it about ten minutes and then take it off”, he said as he put a towel under it so it wouldn’t wet the bed. “Do ... do you have to go?” she asked in a rather hesitant voice. “No I don’t have to Cathy”, he replied. “I live alone now”. Seconds passed before she made the suggestion that was already circulating in his mind following her first query. “Would you like to stay? I would feel more comfortable if you were here”. He smiled as he removed the cold pack.

“The bruise is noticeable but it isn’t as bad as others I have come across” he said. “I won’t suggest we go out for tea, but how about we order a pizza. They do deliver”. She sat up with a bit of a struggle for the bruise did hurt, the funny thing about it while they fucked it didn’t seem to bother her; the pleasure of his cock was far more noticeable than the injury.

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