A Study of Relational Parings

by Mystic47

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Fiction Story: He was proofing and editing the Graduate Student's thesis about devieant sexual behavior.

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In this study it is determined that most (87%) of consensual incestuous encounters do not begin as intended or planned acts but rather as a culmination of circumstances that put the related pair into intimate situations that develop into sexual occurrences. This is mostly true of sibling incest where the male and female have more time together than with others of the opposite sex. (Homosexual or same sex incest was not a factor of this study as it is an extremely small percentage of related pairings.)

The closer in age that the siblings are, the greater the (opportunity?) for intimacy, this statistic is borne out by the higher number of sexual meetings between fraternal twins, that is, when one sibling is male the other female. As the age difference between the pair increases, the incidences of incest decrease until beyond a span of 3.4 years in age separation, intercourse between siblings is almost non-existent, then mostly occurs well beyond puberty or the teen years. Table 1)

I would look at the Tables and Attachments after I finished reading the 48 pages of the report.

In order to keep within a specific breadth of relationships it was decided to focus on siblings, (brothers and sisters) that were sexually active with each other. For future studies there are many variations of kinship that can be investigated (Cousins, parent/child, uncle/niece or aunt/nephew). This researcher did interviews and made use of questionnaires (Attachments 1, 2, and 3) and no participant was under the age of 16 when the incest occurred which means by law each partner was a consenting adult.

She had been working on this study for months and considered it done.

It was discovered that once the related pair initiated an incestuous relationship the frequency and intensity of pairing is not dissimilar than the occurrence of sexual activity by an unrelated couple. Of the total subjects studied only eight, four pairs, experienced sexual contact fewer than four times. It would be safe to say that once the sibling barrier had been breached, the couples fucked their asses off (Table 2).

The last sentence startled me. I looked at the grad student and her smile betrayed her, she found my shock amusing. This was her dissertation for her graduate degree in Reproductive Science and she asked me to proof read her paper. Being a Language Arts major she felt I would be able to edit and correct the grammar and flow of her work. “That last sentence is pretty graphic, it brings up some fairly bold images.”

“Yeah, I’ll probably change the verbiage it but it conveys precisely what I learned from my study. Brother and sisters who start fucking get it on hot and heavy for about 18 months before they stop.”

“You put that in here somewhere?”

She regarded me thoughtfully, “On page 34 I think, cessation of intercourse usually happens after one of the two moves away, out of the family home.”

“That implies that most of the people in your study started an incestuous relationship while they were in their late teens then stopped when somebody flew from the nest.”

“That’s it exactly,” she agreed, “most of my subjects started screwing their sibling when they were between 16 and 18 then stopped when one of them left the house. I wrote that in there somewhere.”

I said goodbye then left her sitting in the cafe booth and went back to my little flat, taking her rough draft with me. I spent the next three days reading, editing, making margin notes on her paper. She wasn’t going to be happy with all the redaction, it meant she would have to rewrite or reword much of her study, but in the end she would have a good dissertation to defend.

58 of 81 pairs studied indicated that their first intimate encounter was not intercourse but an accidental interchange between the two that had strong sexual foundation such as the inadvertent discovery of a brother or sister in the bath or shower or another situation where the person was nude and the other saw and reacted to that nudity. Other intimacies included unintended touching of private body parts and in seven cases, a kiss given to a partner that turned out to be the sibling (this occurred at parties where a game involved kissing). 15 couples said that they began though dialog about sex or sexual situations such as one seeking advice or knowledge on intimate matters from the other(This was most common between older sister/younger brother match-ups). Eight couples started a relationship through a dare or a bet with each other and in six cases, one of the pair observed the second in a physical relationship with a different partner. (They caught the sibling fucking someone else). The final three twosomes offered no reason, excuse or cause other than they got aroused for each other and consummated that arousal. 59 of the pairs interviewed admitted that they had used alcohol or a narcotic substance prior to the onset of intimacy. (The use of intoxicants is further discussed in Section 4)

I called her to tell her I was done with the first draft and she came over to pick it up “What do you think?”

“It’s good, why did you pick sibling incest as a topic to study?”

“Because when I was growing up I knew two girls that were screwing their brothers and one who was diddling a cousin. All three of them professed to like what they were doing so I decided to find out if they were freaks of nature or if other brother and sister teams felt as they did.”

“Why did they confide in you?”

“They wanted me to join their exclusive little clique, it was a taboo sex club and they tried recruiting other girls. They knew I have a brother and all three of them told me I would enjoy it.”

I sat back and looked into her blue eyes “Why didn’t you?”

“It crossed my mind, I almost gave in to temptation when I was seventeen but I didn’t.”

I smiled at her “Ever regret that decision?”

She cast an embarrassed look my direction, “Maybe once,” she paused, “or twice” she admitted modestly.

The majority of first sexual concourse between siblings was routinely a hurried, unsatisfying encounter that left both feeling embarrassed, guilty or even depressed. Of the 81 women queried, 47 of them were virgin before their brother and they had sex. Of the men, 32 were new to sex. In the majority of partnerships (62 of 81) the brother was the same age (twins) or the older sibling. Only one woman older than her brother was chaste before the incestuous relationship began (Table 2).

Once past the initial convergence and the pair became more comfortable with each other, pairing increased in frequency and intensity as they grew more involved. Even in instances where one or both of the siblings had outside sexual interests the two might keep up a long term relationship. (51 couples met regularly even though one or both were dating others. (Table 3)

I went to her apartment to pick up the second draft. “Some of this is really specific, brings up a lot of fantasies. Some guy is going to read this and wonder why he wasn’t fucking his sister in high school.”

“Like you?”

“Let me finish doing the editor stuff then I’ll actually read it, maybe then I can answer that.”

My own sister is just 11 months younger than me and now that I think about it, was really very attractive when we were in high school. While I played sports and with girls she was more studious, more academic and didn’t show a lot of interest in boys until she was 17 or 18, her last year in school. We never talked about private stuff and she kept secrets to herself most of the time, rarely letting me know she even knew anything about sex. We did have a close relationship, just not intimately close.

As I read the study about incest I realized that she and I fell into the major category of siblings that had a sexual relationship with each other. I was older, but not by much. I was sexually active, she wasn’t. We had a close family relationship in a home where intimacy could have been easily achieved. She was pretty and had a sensual young woman’s body while I was not unattractive to girls. We were both daring, inquisitive and always seeking new and exciting things to learn or do. According to the paper I was reading that was the perfect recipe for incest. I idled my mind, thinking of the possibilities and wondering if I’d missed some opportunities. I’d never given much credence to fucking my sister but that paper made it sound almost normal, a natural expansion of my relationship with her. I wondered if she ever seriously thought sexually about me. I resolved to ask her one day.

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