My Daughters Co-workers

by unclemick

Copyright© 2016 by unclemick

Incest Sex Story: Daughter comes to live with dad and greatly improves his sex life.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   High Fantasy   Cuckold   Incest   Father   Daughter   Rough   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Water Sports   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Size   Hairy   Big Breasts   .

My daughter Tanya came back to live with me when she was 18, I guess her mom was too strict on her. Her mom and I had divorced a couple of years ago and I lived in a different state so I hadn’t seen her in 2 years. When I did I immediately noticed how nicely she had filled out. She was dark haired and pretty like her mom with a nice slightly plump figure and bubble butt with big tits.

When we got home and she settled into her new room, we had a long talk and caught up on each others lives. I was surprised at how easy it was to talk to her, we still had our close bond. She told me that she drank and smoked now and asked if I had any beer. I got us a beer and we continued to talk. She asked me if I was going to treat her like an adult and I told her that I expected her to get a job and pay me $200 dollars a month. $100 would go for room and board and I would save $100 each month so she could get a car. She was ok with that and wanted to know if she could come and go as she pleased and stay out as late as she wanted. I told her she could but I expected her to act like an adult. Then she caught me off guard with “can I have a boy stay the night”. I didn’t know what to say and she was challenging me with her eyes so I said “within reason”.

The next day she went to the employment office and they sent her to an enterview and she got hired immediately. The job was telemarketing and I figured it would do until something better came along. She liked her job and said she was the only girl working there. As time progressed, she kept talking about one boy a lot. His name was Arron and he was black. He came over quite a bit and always brought some beer and was respectful. One night we all drank a lot and they were kissing and rubbing each other so I turned in and within minutes Tanya came in my room and asked if Arron could spend the night. I said your an adult so do what you think is right and she left. As I lay there I could hear them talking and thought to myself that I shouldn’t of given her the room next to mine. I heard my daughter tell Arron that she had never had a black one and then she said “and I ain’t had one that big either”.

Things got quiet and then Arron said “oh God your mouth is so hot” and I could even here the slurping sounds my daughter was making. It went on for a long time until Arron told her he wanted to eat her pussy. I could here them changing positions and then Arron said “man you’ve got a hairy pussy” and when he said that, I thought of her moms hairy pussy and how it was always wet and ready to fuck. Tanya started moaning and talking really dirty and telling him to give her that big black cock. He must of shoved it in all at once because she screamed and kept saying “its to big, its to big, pull it out” but Arron just said, “you’ll get used to it”, and just kept pumping it to her. She was breathing hard and raspy and repeating “oh God, oh God, oh God” and then the headboard started bumping the wall and I knew he was fucking the hell out of my daughter and it turned me on. I was on my back and my cock was hard as a rock and I was jacking it off in time with them. She moaned between breaths how much she loved his big cock and balls and how she wanted him to pump her full of his black cum and then make her lick his cock clean. All of a sudden the headboard started banging the wall and my daughter was just repeating “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” when Arron said “here’s your cum, bitch” and my daughter said “I love feeling your big hot cock shoot in me” “I can feel every hot spurt”. I was busy trying to be quiet while my cock was shooting the biggest load of my life all over my belly, my sheets and both hands. As we all lay there calming down, I heard Arron ask her if she thought her dad had heard them and she said “if he did, I bet he jacked off to it”.

The next evening Tanya came in and sat right next to me and said “I know you heard us fucking last night because I could hear two headboards banging”. She went on to tell me that he was the biggest cock she had ever seen and were all black men that big. I said yes, a little more so than any other race. Then she said, “I’m glad you enjoyed it too and left.

After that Arron was over a lot and they fucked a lot, and I jacked off a lot. Sometimes Arron would bring James and Eric, two more coworkers who were also black. Tonya was “buddy buddy” with James and Eric but I didn’t think she was fucking them. One evening they were all drinking a lot and getting touchy feely, and since I couldn’t join in I went to bed in hopes it would go further.

Thirty minutes or so later I was laying on my back, stroking my cock and listening when my door opened and my daughter said “dad, are you still awake” and I swear she was looking straight at my cock while I pretended to be asleep. I didn’t say anything and she shut my door but not all the way. I lay there for a while and then I heard voices near my door and my daughter said “lets do it right here in the floor”. One of the other guys said “what if your dad catches us” and she said “I think he likes hearing it”. I could here them spreading a blanket and getting ready so I crept over and looked through the door crack my daughter had left me. She was on her back with her legs wide open and her hairy wet pussy was facing my door. She was raised up on one elbow while stroking Eric’s fat cock and sucking Arron’s. Arron’s cock turned out to be even bigger than I expected, a good 9 inches and very fat, Eric’s was also fat and about 7 inches, and I couldn’t see James at all. Arron pulled his hard cock out of my daughters mouth and came around and drove it all the way in her pussy and started fucking the hell out of her. She was moaning and making a lot of noise and Arron told James to shove his dick in her mouth.

When he came into view I was impressed, his cock was huge and thick and very hard. It swung from his crotch like a log and he slapped my daughter in the face with it several times and she was moving her head from side to side trying to get it in her mouth. Finally he asked her “do you want to suck my big black cock, tell me bitch”. She was moaning and humping back against Arron and she looked so horny as she begged “please let me suck it, I’ll do anything you want, just let me suck it”. With that James grabbed her willing head and pulled her mouth onto his big cock until she started gagging then he eased off and then he choked her with it until she was desperate and then he eased back out so she could breath. She kept looking at him so lovingly as he fucked her mouth all the while getting punished by Arron’s big cock for sucking other men’s cocks. Arron was pumping my daughter like crazy and all at once he shoved in, moaned loudly and started pumping his cum into my daughters willing pussy. When he was finished, he pulled his wet cock out of her and told James “shes all yours, I just lubed her up for you” and James wasted no time mounting her.

She said go slow as James rammed his whole cock all the way in her dripping pussy. He started fucking her like he was trying to hurt her and she seemed to be loving it. Eric had her by the hair and was fucking her face. James had her legs bent way back and had his 10 inch log going all the way in and all the way out and my daughter looked sweaty and pale and you could hear the cum pistoning out of her pussy. James hollered “get ready slut” and sank all the way in my daughters already soaked pussy. I could see his big balls spasm as he pumped load after load of hot cum in her. When I looked at my daughter, she had passed out. Eric was jacking off over her face and said “watch this” as he shot his big load of thick white cum all over her face and tits. James pulled his big messy cock out of her and they all took turns wiping their cocks on my daughters sweet face. When they left I locked up and tried to wake my daughter. When she didn’t respond I started licking the cum from her tits and face and then I started licking her cum coated, swollen, hairy pussy and boy was it hot and full. When I got her cleaned up, I covered her up and went to bed.

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