Why Don't You Fuck Me?

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2016 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: How a young exchange student's request can alter a life.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Pregnancy   .

“Mister Tony, why don’t you fuck me? I was told American men are hot for young women like me. I work hard to learn English. I work hard to learn good fucking. I want to thank you for sponsoring me for this trip.”

I was rather surprised, to say the least. I had put up money to pay expenses for a Russian college girl to spend the summer at an American university. I am single so some friends of mine provided room and board.

Galina had been here a week and kept asking to spend time with me. It was Saturday night and I took her to dinner. We went back to my place, at her request, and had some vodka. After a couple of shots, she popped the unexpected question in the title of this story.

“Galina,” I said carefully, “I didn’t bring you here for sex but just as an act of international kindness.”

She smiled and replied, “But I have no boyfriend here. How am I supposed to take care of my female needs? Do you not think I am attractive?”

Oh shit, did I ever! I am 73 years old and to have a buxom, dark haired hottie ask that was a no-brainer. I quickly replied, “You are lovely!”

She stood up and took off her clothes, then came over to me and gave me a wet kiss. Her hand checked out my response.

“Oh, you DO like me.” She took my clothes off and started sucking my dick which was already partly ready for action.

She mounted me as she exclaimed, “I am very horny. It has been two months since I fucked.”

That thought, and my lengthy celibacy, got me off before she could get hers. I pulled out and went for the Y. She squealed in delight as I tongued her clit and sucked her love petals. “Russian boys don’t do this much. Thank you! Thank you!”

She stopped by every day to get laid and wished it could be more often. She arranged with the host parents to stay overnight with me on the weekends and I struggled to keep up with her. A trip to my family doctor for some male medication helped quite a bit.

We talked a lot as my happy cock recovered. The government was very concerned about the declining population so birth control was difficult to come by. She got an implant on the black market which cost her some pussy time for the vendor. Fucking was fun so she didn’t care. Her physical beauty was a commodity to trade.

There had been lots of boyfriends her age and a few older guys who could take her on special vacation trips. She was in love with no one, so pussy visitors were all for fun or profit.

I asked her if she had met any guys her own age in her college classes. She had and they asked her for dates but she felt beholden to me. I reassured her that I was not possessive but would like to know about anything that happened. She kissed me fervently and gave my dick an enthusiastic thank-you.

She only dated other students on weekends when she was staying with me. That kept it hidden from her host parents, but more importantly she came home to my house after them. I got lots of hot wet pussy when she arrived and slipped into my bed. She loved going out and having fun, fucking her date, and then sharing it all with me. Sunday was our exclusive time. She worked on class work while I recovered from what her wonderful pussy did to my cock.

She also stopped over during the week, as her schedule allowed, so her hornies, and mine, didn’t build up too much.

All too soon the summer was over. Galina cried bitterly on our last night together. She loved me as a lover and a friend, no matter the age difference. She would apply again the next summer.

We kept in touch regularly. She even sent me pictures of her Russian boyfriend’s cock in her crotch. Unfortunately her birth control failed and she wanted to get an abortion. That was very difficult under the current regime.

By the time I arranged a student visa and she was able to travel, she was past the point of aborting and was reconciled to being a mother.

Who’da thunk it? Here I was, a great grandfather, shacked up with a pregnant girl my granddaughter’s age. I hadn’t had pregnant pussy for 50 years, at least. And, in spite of the huge age difference, we were falling in love with each other.

Her sex drive fluctuated a lot as her gestation proceeded. When I wasn’t enough she hooked up with one of her previous lovers. At my request she brought him to our house part of the time and I got to watch my first live sex. That did resuscitate my willy for fresh silky seconds!

When this guy graduated, Galina didn’t want to hook up with another young guy. She had another idea. “Your friend Michael, he is not getting any pussy?”

She was referring to my best friend at church. He was in his early sixties, physically fine but his wife was not. My hottie knew that he was probably horny but not out looking.

I invited him to stop by for a beer. When he did, we sat on the back porch, which was quite private. Bringing us our second brew, Galina casually sauntered out stark naked, boldly displaying her enlarging tits and seven-month swollen belly. Handing Michael his beer, she asked her famous question, “Why don’t you fuck me?”

Michael almost dropped the can and looked back and forth from her to me. We were both smiling and I was nodding. She knelt down and fished out his rising pecker and began sucking and licking it. Resistance was futile.

Wordlessly she took his hand and led him to the second bedroom, nominally hers. The door was left open and I listened and peeked in during the next hour. I saw three different positions and I could hear that she was having a good time. But then, she ALWAYS had a good time with a guy. I heard them shower and Michael looked sheepish when they returned to the porch.

I grabbed his hand, “It was her idea and I want you to enjoy what I’m getting all I can handle of. And she felt bad that your hardons were going to waste. Isn’t she great?”

He nodded, still in a bit of a daze, kissed her and left. I was recovered from our early afternoon screw so got to feel my friend’s juice inside my loving sweetie. She told me his cock curved the other way from mine so it rubbed her differently. He was sex starved, so she’d love to do him regularly. Was I OK with that?

I held her face between my hands and said lovingly, “You don’t have to ask me for permission to do what you want with your own body.”

She said back, just as lovingly, “I know. But I always want you to be OK with it.”

He managed pussy visits several times a week and later became godfather to our little boy.

My kids and friends were rather shocked at my decisions regarding this young woman, to put it mildly. Especially because she was pregnant. Many knew I had a vasectomy forty years earlier. The big family reunion was a month before Galina’s due date so my daughter, who was the most supportive, helped me arrange a simple wedding during the occasion. And yes, there was a prenup although my kids were very successful on their own anyway.

My century-old father, with his younger wife, just shook his head but accepted it gracefully. When the others met my fiancé they got to like her much better, as often happens. Her English kept getting better but there was no doubt she was of Russian background.

Her two older lovers both fucked her as much as we could right up to her delivery day. We got blowjobs until her pussy was declared back in service. Michael had a vasectomy too so it was full cock ahead. We could nurse on the tit that baby wasn’t using. She was a happy, fulfilled female.

In order to keep her student visa, Galina enrolled in three classes at a nearby college. She made friends with a couple of other students her own age which I thought was a good idea. She would need them if anything happened to me.

One young woman, Kaitlyn, was a single mother with a baby close in age to ours. Tommy was a math major who had been studying Russian. He had the reading and writing down pretty well but wanted to get conversational fluency too. When he heard my wife’s accent he introduced himself and made a request. She needed help with math so that worked out for both.

These three spent quite a bit of time together between classes and began coming over to the house. Kaitlyn would bring her baby. Tommy would shoot the shit with me if they were busy with mommy stuff. He was a good kid, a bit nerdy like myself at that age.

Tommy began asking Galina to events at the college that I wouldn’t enjoy. He was always a gentleman but I noticed my wife’s increasing passion when she joined me in bed after those times, not that she was ever anything but eager.

When Michael and his wife moved to be closer to their kids, I wasn’t surprised by Galina’s next request one night in bed.

“I am missing Michael and I would like to have sex with Tommy. He is very nice and a good friend. I still love only you, don’t forget. He is a virgin and I want to teach him, but I will enjoy it too, as you know. What do you think?”

I told her that I really appreciated her telling me her feelings and I could understand them. I would feel better if it happened only at our house and no more often than she had been banging Michael. No overnights. Also, she would have to get on birth control.

She agreed to all and we got her fitted with an IUD. Now to tell Tommy of the great gift he would receive. We invited him for dinner on a Saturday night. After dinner we adjourned to the back porch with a cordial. I opened the subject with, “Tommy, you have become a good friend to Galina and me too. She has a very special question for you. We have talked about it, just so you know.”

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