Baby Conceived in Church

by nyjints2004

Copyright© 2016 by nyjints2004

Erotica Story: A married couple in need of a baby goes to Church to have one.

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fiction   Wife Watching   Pregnancy   .

Tom Swan looked at his wife of ten years next to him inside of their car as he drove home from the doctor’s office. “Darling, I think your mother is right.”

Mary looked over at her husband. “You’ll let me do it?”

Tom had no choice. The doctor basically let them know what he is shooting blanks. They have been trying for the last year. He had to admit that he is having fun doing it but no baby has been conceived. “Yes. Tell your mother, we will go her way.”

Mary moved a hand to him and squeezed it. “Thank you so much. I love you.”

“I know. I love you too.” Tom nodded his head. He loved her so much that it might almost kill him inside.

He looked at her smiling knowing this is the best way for her to get pregnant. He didn’t like the way that her mother would do it.

Tom wasn’t too shocked when they got home, Mary called her mother right away and talked to her for almost an hour about it.

Opening a bottle of beer, Tom looked at Mary, as she got off the phone. “I guess your Mom is excited.”

Mary chuckled softly. “How about over the moon? She is starting the preparations for it. She will be calling back.”

“I bet she will.” Tom shook his head.

Mary sat down next to her and hugged her. “I love you, honey.”

Tom took another sip from his beer bottle.

It was the longest couple of days for Tom. He was kept in the dark with the plans to get Mary pregnant with child.

Tom spent most of his time in his wood shop working on a special project. He had plenty of time to think of the possibilities that Rose is thinking for her daughter.

After taking a slow sip of his glass of whiskey, Tom sanded his project. The baby will be getting a homemade crib built by him with love even through the child will not be biologically his own.

“Sweetheart, can you come up!” Mary called from the top of the stairs.

He knew Rose was in the kitchen with Mary. He gulped down the rest of the stiff drink before heading upstairs. He needed the liquid encouragement. He yelled up to her. “Give me a minute!”

Two minutes later, Tom stepped into the kitchen to find his mother in law and wife waiting for him. He reached over and kissed Rose on the cheek. “Hi Mom.”

Rose placed her hand into his and squeezed it. “Darling, thank you for letting Mary to do this.”

Tom nodded his head slowly. “What is planned?”

Rose looked over at Mary and nodded her head. “My daughter will be going to a special ceremony at the church to give her a child.”

“So she’s going to get a blessing.” Tom stared at his wife’s mother. “I don’t think that would help.”

“There will be some blessings and other stuff.” Rose smiled sweetly to him. “I really can’t get into it.”

Tom looked at his mother in law then to her daughter/his wife. “You won’t explain to me about it.”

Mary looked sad when she nodded her head.

Over the next couple weeks, Tom saw very little of his wife and mother in law. Tom kept working at his job and downstairs in the basement working on the project. He tried not to think about anything that was happening.

Mary came home late on Friday evening. Tom looked over at the clock on the night stand. It was close to one in the morning. She was out with her mother and a couple women from the church.

Mary stepped into the bedroom and looked at him, while he was pretending to be asleep. He opened his eye a little bit to watch his thirty year old wife strip out of her outfit. She pulled her blouse and bra off. Tom’s eye opened more to see her nipples are hard. What did she do with her mother?

Slowly Mary pulled the skirt down to the floor and again Tom’s eye widened at the sight. She wasn’t wearing any underpants and she is shaved off her pubic hair. What happened to her underpants and her pussy?

She slipped into her nightgown and laid down into the bed next to him. She snuggled up to him and placed an arm over him. He closed his eyes as he heard her softly snore. What happened tonight?

The next morning during breakfast, Tom asked her what happened the night before but she only told him that he will find out tonight at the church.

He shook his head. He noticed that her nipples are hard always. She said he will find out at church why she had hard nipples, shaven pussy and no underpants.

She asked him to be at the church by six in the evening. The services will beginning shortly after his arrival.

Tom can’t wrap the idea of what kind of services would this be. He watched his wife head out of the house after giving him a quick kiss on his lips and she told him that she loved him and couldn’t wait to see him at the church.

The rest of the day, Tom stayed in their house knowing that Mary was at her mother’s house getting ready to go to the church. He spent the day watching television and drinking some of his whiskey. He didn’t want to think about what is going to happen.

A little before six in the early evening, Tom pulled his car into the church parking lot. He noticed the lot was half full. He never thought this was going to be very serious at the church.

A few minutes later, he walked into the church. He was met by an elderly man. He is dressed like a priest. He offered a hand towards Tom. “Welcome Tom. We are honored to have Mary.”

Tom nodded his head only.

“Mary should be with us shortly. Rose is a proud mother.” The gentleman informed him.

He already knew how good of a mother that Rose is. He thought of her like his own mother.

“Come with me.” The pastor turned and walked towards the front of the church.

Tom followed the gentleman down on of the side aisle towards the front. He noticed immediately of the many people sitting inside of the church. He recognized a few of them being on Mary’s side of the family. There was no one from his side of the family.

The pastor brought Tom to the front row and he pointed to the row. “This is your seat. When Rose comes up front, please give her a kiss and help her to her seat over there.”

Looking in the direction that the Pastor was pointing, Tom noticed a large chair to the side.

The music started to play another song and the people rose and turned to look at the back of the church. Tom rose to look also.

Looking towards the back of the church, Tom saw Rose standing in the doorway. His sixty year old mother in law looked amazing standing there. She is wearing a pink dress that shows a lot of leg and her breasts.

He has never seen as mouth leg better. He has only seen her calf. He knew she had ample size breasts but never seen them.

Rose walked down the center aisle of the church and stopped next to him. She moved her heD towards him like she was going to whisper something but instead. She kissed him on the lips and it wasn’t the normal peck on the lips. This was a deep tongue down the throat kind.

Tom broke off the kiss and let out a breathe. Rose smiled to her. “That was nice.”

Tom was speechless over the kiss.

“Bring me to the chair, darling.” Rose softly spoke to him. She offered her manicured hand.

Tom looked at the hand and took it. He escorted her the short distance to the chair. Rose turned to her. “Thank you. Now escort your wife down to the front.”

Tom walked to the back of the church and turned the corner. She stopped dead in her tracks. He is looking at his wife of fifteen years like it was day of their own wedding. She is wearing a white gown that stopped a couple inches above her ankles. She is wearing five inch white heels instead of the flats she wore at their wedding.

Tom raised his eyes towards her face covered with the white veil. She has a thick layer of red lipstick on her lips. She looked so sexy in the wedding gown.

Mary smiled to her. “What do you think?”

He slowly nodded his head. “I don’t know what to say. You looked so good.”

Mary smiled. “That’s what we want to hear.”

Tom mentally shook his head. “We?”

“Mom, myself, and some of the church ladies.” Mary informed him. “I need you to walk down to the front and do everything they tell you.”

Tom didn’t know what to say, he simply nodded his head as he offered his hand to her.

Mary lifted her manicured hand to him. Tom noticed the long red fingernails. He couldn’t believe how hot she is looking.

He walked her down to the front of the church. She walked very slowly in the tall heels. He was rock hard at vision of his wife doing one of his fantasies. She is wearing tall high heels.

They stopped at the smiling pastor in front of everyone. The pastor smiled to him. “Lift the veil and kiss the bride.”

Tom turned to his wife and lifted the long white veil off of her face. He lowered his lips to her lips to kiss her. They kissed for a long moment.

Breaking off the kiss, Tom heard his wife tell him that she loved him. He nodded his head. “I will always love you.”

“Tom, please take a seat.” The pastor smiled to him.

Breaking away from Mary was hardest thing for him. He sat down as Mary stood in front of everyone waiting.

Tom watched the older gentleman stepped up to Mary. He smiled to her. “Please answer a few questions, Mary.”

“Yes.” Mary smiled to him.

“Are you here with free will knowing what is planned?” The pastor asks.

Tom had no idea what was planned. He heard Mary say yes.

“Will you do whatever is asked of you even things that could upset your current husband?” The pastor asks.

“Yes.” Mary nodded her head.

“Current husband?” Tom was confused over that. She looked over at his mother in law and saw the pride in her eyes.

“Are you willing to receive another man’s baby conceived the natural way?” The gentleman asks her.

Tom listened and watched his wife say yes. He knows this was going to be happening. His wife will be having sex with someone and having their baby.

“Would you like to meet your baby’s father?” The pastor asks her.

“Yes.” Mary nods her head at the same time as Tom nodded his head.

“Please meet, Cody.” The pastor waved his hand towards the back of the church.

Both Mary and Tom turned their attentions from different spots to the doors as they open.

Tom blinked his eyes twice. A very tall man with blonde hair standing in the doorway wearing a robe that is half open showing off his chest. He looked like a Greek God.

Everyone watched as the gentleman walks down to the front of the church. He stepped up to Mary and moved a hand towards her. He takes her hand and lifts it to his lips. He kissed it. “Nice to meet you.”

“Me too.” Mary stared at him with awe in her eyes.

“Damn.” Tom softly swore to himself.

Two women step up to Cody and remove the slash and open the robe up. Everyone saw his naked body.

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