Training Sessions

by AurelianB

Copyright© 2016 by AurelianB

Mind Control Sex Story: If a man cooks or cleans up the house, their girlfriend will look at their friends and say "He is so well trained". This story is for the women who use that phrase. Oh yes, she ends up with big tits.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Body Modification   .

Sarah swiped the alarm on her iphone next to her bed and stared at the ceiling, planning out what she had to do for work that day, enjoying her few moments of solitude before the start of a frantic work day. James stirred next to her, and moved over in bed over to cuddle with her, putting his arm over her stomach. It wasn’t long before his hand started drifting up to her breast. Annoyed, she grabbed it and pushed it back down to her stomach. After five years of marriage, James still tried occasionally to start something in the morning, but he should have known that it wouldn’t go anywhere. It wasn’t long after her marriage that she re-baselined their relationship, ensuring that James understood that their twice a week sex they had before marriage was too much for her. She would be the one to decide how much sex they would have and when they would have it. And she preferred it only once or perhaps twice a month. Maybe. If she was in the mood.

After her shower, Sarah stood in her large walk in closet, looking over her clothes, trying to decide what to wear for the day. She chose a conservative blouse and skirt, so she first slipped on her unobtrusive B cup bra and then buttoned up her shirt turning left and right, making sure that everything was perfect. She was proud of her thin, tight body, her short well manicured brown hair that stopped just below her ears, and her pin perfect clothes. Topped off with a jacket, it sent the precisely correct message that she was someone to be reckoned with in the corporate world.

Sarah saw James walk into the closet and reach to give her a hug. She stopped his arms from encircling her, and presented her cheek to him for a kiss, not wanting to mess up her make up. She had met James after she had finished her MBA. They worked worked in different buildings on the same block in the CBD, both working for management consulting firms and had met at a work function. The work was long, but well paid. Sarah was particularly successful and managed a team of consultants targeting the financial industry.

“Can you pick up some food and make dinner tonight?” she asked him. “I need to work work late on a really tough project with the team.”

“Sure. No problem.” He acknowledged.

Sarah smiled back. He was well trained.

That evening, when changing for bed, Sarah opened her drawer to get out her cotton night shirt that she liked to sleep in, and saw a satin nighty lying on top. She didn’t recall ever purchasing it and lifted it out to look. It was sleek, satiny blue, and looked comfortable. Shrugging, she lifted it over her head to put on, and then turned in the mirror to look at herself. It was a bit loose on the top, but otherwise, fit quite well. Her vision blurred for a moment, and then she turned a final time, noticing how the nighty perfectly showed off her C cup breasts. She climbed into bed, allowing James to give her a light peck on her cheek and went to sleep.

As she lied in bed the next morning, she felt James begin to move his hand up from her stomach. She felt a slight stirring of desire, and so allowed James to move his hand all the way up and fondle one of her breasts. She felt her nipples harden, and surprisingly, found herself getting a bit turned on. James was encouraged by her lack of blocking movement, and proceeded get up on his elbows and kiss her on the neck then move down to her breasts. It wasn’t long before he was on top and thrusting. It was more comfortable then usual - even pleasant, and after a few minutes she had a mild orgasm. Jeff finished up and laid on top of her for a moment. Kissing him briefly, she wriggled out from underneath him and got up to have her shower and get dressed.

Sarah stood in her closet, trying to decide what to wear for the day, and she noticed a matching top and skirt that she didn’t recall purchasing. Lifting up the top, she noticed that it was a bit lower cut than normal, and certainly more daring than she was used to wearing, but she shrugged her shoulders, deciding it was time to let loose a little. She grabbed a bra and put it on, frowning a bit when she did so because her breasts hung loose within it - maybe she had accidentally purchased the wrong size? Her vision blurred a bit and came back in focus, when she realized that she was wrong and, in fact, the bra fit well. She finished dressing by donning the blouse and turned back and forth in the mirror, admiring how the blouse nicely showed off her large D cup breasts and how her bra shaped them perfectly. It felt good to look good and if you had it, you might as well flaunt it. She popped on some dark panty hose, a rather daring short skirt, three inch heels and she was ready to go. She was still a rather junior consultant at her company, but she worked hard and she knew her work was appreciated by the team lead. Her shiny, shoulder length brown hair, narrow waist, and large bust, nicely displayed with deep cleavage by her blouse, kept her noticed by the clients.

James walked into the closet to get dressed, saw her, and walked on over for hug. She leaned into his hug, pressing her breasts up to his chest, and gave him a quick kiss on the lips before disengaging. James was a terrific husband, they had met four years ago after he finished up his MBA and he had started working for a consultant firm down the road. At the time, James was married to another consultant, a woman with short black hair who came off as being a bit severe and proper looking. Sarah spied James in the corner, waited until his wife was occupied with a client, and then moved in for the kill. Sarah was wearing a mildly revealing dress at the time, and she used it to her advantage, brushing close to him as they chatted and lent in to him to give him a good view of her cleavage. Men being men, it wasn’t long before she had extracted a lunch date, which was followed up by another lunch date, which was followed by up a tryst at a local hotel. A divorce followed and James and Sarah were married shortly thereafter. It was a good marriage. James was a bit too interested in sex for her liking, but she managed to keep it down to a tolerable once a week on Saturday evenings.

“If I pick up food on the way home, can you cook dinner tonight?” she asked him. “The project I am on is relatively easy. Honestly, I think that they have me on it because our clients are all male and they like working with me.”

“Sure. No problem.” he acknowledged with a smile.

She smiled back. He was so well trained.

After dinner that evening, Sarah grabbed the top item out of her drawer for bed and she held it up frowning a bit. It was a silk teddy that she didn’t recall buying, it must have been a gift from her husband that she didn’t recall, but she shrugged and slipped into it. At first she thought it was a bit loose in the top, but as she turned back for forth in front of the mirror, she realized that it fit better than she first thought, nicely displaying her prominent DD breasts. She shook her upper body and was pleased to see her breasts sway back and forth pleasingly. This was something that James would like and she shivered deliciously at the thought. She crawled into bed and they had a bit of play in bed, but she really wasn’t up to it so she fell asleep after a few minutes.

The next morning, Sarah lay there, staring at the ceiling waiting for James to wake up. When there was no movement, she grabbed one of his hands and moved it onto her breasts. The movement both woke him up and presented a direct signal of what she wanted. Jeff began began manhandling her breasts and sucking on her nipples, sending shivers of excitement down her body. She felt herself get really wet and she grabbed his head to give him a fierce kiss on the lips, maneuvering his body so that he was on top of her. He straddled her and played with her nipples a bit more, his penis teasing her down low. Not being able to take it any more, she reached down, lined his penis up perfectly, and rammed him inside her. She felt her desire spike and she bucked up and down.

“Harder, harder. God, James, keep it coming!” Sarah panted as she thrashed her head back and forth.

The rhythmic pounding kept Sarah on edge for a couple of minutes and she orgasmed strongly. James came a few thrusts later, and then laid on top of her for a few moments. Sarah loved the feel of James’ body mashed against her breasts and she sighed deeply. After a few more minutes she got up to shower and get dressed. She enjoyed this twice a week morning sex and James certainly seemed to enjoy it also.

Inside her closet, Sarah’s gaze went immediately to a low cut, dark blue dress hanging in the middle of her other clothes. It looked perfect for the day, so she reached in her cupboard and grabbed a bra. It was a pushup bra - it felt strange when she first put it on, but slowly turning in the mirror, she thought that the combination of E cup breasts held up by a push up bra presented a truly amazing sight. She slipped on the dress feeling it conform to her narrow waist, wide hips, and tightly enclose her huge breasts, leaving a gaping cleavage and mostly bare skin at the front. She slipped on some sheer stockings and spiky four inch heels.

The outfit was perfect - mindblowingly sexy and it showed off her assets in a way that left little to the imagination. Her long brown hair, reaching midway down her back, pleasingly framed her daring dress. Sarah looking forward to teasing her boss by bending forward in front of him and walking with enough sway to cause her breasts to bounce back and forth. This allowed her to keep a lock on her job as admin assistant at the consulting firm. They loved to have her bring in the food and drinks during meetings with clients, at least as long as the clients were male, and she would move slinkily around the room, pouring water making sure that she brushed up against them with her breasts as she reached around to put the water on the table.

Her job was at a consulting firm just a block away from James’ company. They had met at a corporate Christmas party three years ago. At the time, James had been married to a sexy consultant at a rival firm. As Sarah walked in the door, James caught her eye immediately. Sarah was dressed for sex, wearing a tight black dress that barely held in her swaying tits, the ultimate in sexy but slutty secretary couture, and she had boldly walked up to him as he was talking to his friend and standing next to his wife. It was probably her tits swaying back and forth that caught his eye, but he certainly had no problem palming the piece of paper with her name and number on it as she greeted him. When he called the next day, she arranged for him to meet up at her apartment where she was going to ‘cook lunch for him’. She was wearing only a slinky teddy when he showed up, and hot sex was the only lunch for the day. He was divorced a month later and she managed to turn this ‘lust at first sight’ into a healthy marriage. There were many smart competent women at his office and she only had her high school degree to her name, but she did have her body and large enticing assets up top to keep his attention. There was something to be said for sex once a day to keep a marriage going, and Sarah certainly bought into this philosophy.

James came into the closet to get dressed and his expression brightened considerably when he saw her, as it always did when she was dressed this way. He walked over to give her a kiss and she stepped into his embrace, giving him some tongue and wrapping her leg around his body. His hands came up to grab her breasts and she felt a huge spike of desire. She broke the kiss but held him close, whispering, “Keep going, Tiger.” He started tweaking her nipples and within a minute she had an orgasm while standing there, only keeping herself upright by holding onto her husband’s arms.

“If you pick up some food on the way home, I will be happy to cook dinner tonight. Maybe we can finish it off with a good time in bed,” Sarah said, leaning toward him to show her cleavage as she straightened her clothes.

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