New Arcadia - Marcie's Story

by Jehoram

Copyright© 2016 by Jehoram

Erotica Sex Story: A woman who knows everything about sex explains New Arcadia's free-love activities to a visiting scholar, fucks him, and then hands him off to her daughter for more fun. Like the other New Arcadia stand-alone stories, it's a transcription of an interview.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   Polygamy/Polyamory   Safe Sex   Masturbation   Small Breasts   Public Sex   Nudism   .

Welcome to New Arcadia! I understand that you’re writing some sort of paper on us. Well, I’ll help you in any way I can, but of course this is all going to be off the record, so to speak. You’ll change the names and locations, right? I mean, we don’t feel that we’re doing anything wrong, but most of the New Arcadia resorts are against the laws of their localities. So we have to be careful.

What is New Arcadia? It’s not a cult, it’s not an idealistic commune, and it’s not political. Basically it’s a club for fucking. And a school. That’s just as important; in fact, it’s even more important in some ways. We believe that fucking enriches your life, and that a lot of fucking, with a lot of people, enriches your life even more, and that no matter how good we get at fucking, we can always learn more about it.

All of us are here because we love to fuck, we love to have different partners when we do it, and we love to give others sexual stimulation and satisfaction. Our membership consists of people of fourteen years of age and up, but there’s no upper limit. We have people in their eighties who are still fucking on a daily basis. As for the kids, they usually don’t start penetrative fucking until they’re around sixteen, but they still get plenty of sex before that, as you know.

Nudity is a big part of our thing, because we like the feeling of going without clothes, and it’s important for other people to see your state of sexual arousal. With guys, that’s pretty obvious, but a woman displays a lot of “where she’s at” by her body language, her skin tone, and her breathing, and the aroma of her pussy, and that’s so much easier to sense when she’s naked. And it also makes it easier for us to touch ourselves and play with ourselves to keep us aroused. A tickle of my clit does wonders for my frame of mind! And, of course, we greet each other by fondling each other’s genitals, and that’s kind of hard to do with clothes on!

My husband Herb and I weren’t the ones that started this chapter, but we came in early, and now we’re the senior members here. As you see by my gold wristband, I’m a Guide, so people all look up to me for sexual instruction. I’m pretty good at it, or so I’ve been told. The instruction, I mean. We’re all pretty good at sex, even the teenagers. I guess you’ve found that out already.

I see that your cock is limp, and I’m smelling a bit of pussy on you, so I guess you’ve been fucked in the last half-hour. Let me lick it a little ... Louise, right? No, I didn’t see you with her! I recognize her taste! When she was starting her Lesbian training, we were fucking a lot, and I got to know it pretty well! And I taste it on my husband’s dick all the time, since they’re regular fuckmates. I know the taste of most of the women here, and if it’s somebody I know well, like Louise, I can sometimes tell where she is in her cycle, and what she’s been eating, and who she’s been screwing. I can usually identify jizz when it’s straight out of a guy’s dick, too, but it gets more complicated when I’m cleaning up a lady’s cream pie, especially if she’s got the jizz of two men in her, which is actually normal around here. In fact, I’ve got the jizz of three men in me right now, and I’ll have three or four more before the day’s over.

Let’s lay down here, on my towel. I want to show you a few things that I know how to do with a man’s penis. I’m going to stroke the underside gently as we talk ... little strokes, right at the base of the cap. If I do this right, you’ll get half-hard again and keep it that way for a while. That’s what we call being “in the Zone.”

One of the things that’s different about us is that the whole dynamic of sexuality is changed. For instance, when you’re talking with an attractive woman you don’t know very well, there’s always an undercurrent going on. You’re wondering: does she fuck? Will she fuck me? What do I have to do to get her to fuck me? Most men think that they’re masking those thoughts successfully, but they’re not, and girls can read them as soon as they’re old enough for the guy to start looking at their tits instead of their faces. From the moment you laid eyes on me, that’s what you’ve been thinking about me, isn’t it? I thought so!

Well, you can stop wondering, because I’m going to tell you right up front that we’re going to fuck. Before this hour is up, that dick of yours will be rock hard, and I’m going to have it up my cunt, and it’s going to be squirting your jizz into me! And in the meantime, you don’t have to hide your arousal, you don’t have to pretend that this sexual undercurrent doesn’t exist. Around here, that’s the baseline. And I don’t have to hide it, either. The thought of fucking you arouses me, and I’m going to enjoy that arousal! As I’m playing with my nipple right now, I’m imagining your mouth sucking on it, or Louise’s, or Herb’s, or somebody else’s ... whatever image turns me on the most at the moment.

So if part of your sexual thing is “the thrill of the hunt,” well, you’re not going to get much of that here. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. Some people like to hunt for their food, and other people like to garden ... planting a seed and watching it grow into something they can harvest and eat. We’re more like the supermarket, where you already have your meat and veggies neatly packaged. Our job is to teach you how to cook them, to prepare meals that satisfy your hunger and delight your palate. That’s what New Arcadia is all about.

Where to start? Well, Herb and I used to be swingers, and we loved the fucking, but there was always felt that we were just scratching the surface of what we could do. And then somebody gave me this book called “Return to Eden,” about New Arcadia and the Gregorio philosophy, and something clicked. “We’ve got to find out more about this,” I told him. We’d already been experimenting with Tantric sex, but none of our partners was really into it.

The New Arcadia chapter here was in its infancy, but there were all kinds of people who were interested in taking sex to the next level. It’s all about libido control, really. And education. We’d already started to appreciate the importance of edging, prostate massage, the G-spot, stuff like that, but our old swinging group wasn’t really interested in that. It was heavily male-dominated, and the guys just wanted to get their rocks off with lots of different people. Not that that’s bad, but we felt there was more. And we always had the feeling that these people really didn’t have much in the way of real sex education when they were young, and they were spending a lot of time unlearning what they did know.

Let me try to bend your cock now. See? It’s still too soft to stick out, so I’ll stroke it once in a while, to help it along. It’s nothing to worry about; every man’s refractory period is different. Feels good, doesn’t it? It turns me on, too! Cock skin is so silky-soft. Now where was I? Oh, yes. Learning.

What really sets us apart, and gets us in trouble with the law, is how we treat kids here. You’ve already talked to a few of them, I know. They can explain it better than I could, really. But our whole philosophy is based on two things. First, they’re sexual beings, and they deserve all the orgasms they can experience, just as we all do. They don’t have to be ashamed of it. It’s what nature has programmed their bodies to do. Second, they need education on their sexuality, the same way they need education in all the other aspects of life that they’ll encounter.

When they come here, a lot of the girls don’t really know how to masturbate, and the boys don’t know how to control their libidos for maximum effect. I mean, some kids figure it out on their own eventually, but why not teach them the right way from the beginning and coach them as they learn? That’s how people get better at sports, right? Well, fucking is a sport here. Or an art, like music or drama. And as a Guide, I’m one of the coaches, and it’s my job to train them to be the best lovers they can be.

Look at those two teenagers with the red wristbands over there, the ones masturbating each other. See how Jimmy’s paying attention to Peggy’s clit while he sucks and tongues her titties? And how she’s playing with his boner just like I’m playing with yours, keeping him just this side of an orgasm? They have to be taught that. And that’s what we’re doing here. And we’re also teaching them to take it slow, and let the moment last. They know that they’re going to be cumming, so they’re not in a hurry to get there, at least not yet. They’re making love to each other, and learning to pleasure each other, not just getting their rocks off. Let’s watch them as we talk.

We’ve found that with a little education, their sex lives are vastly improved. They’re more confident, less fearful. When girls on the Outside ... not New Arcadians ... have their first fucks, it’s always a little scary and sometimes painful. There’s no reason for that. With Gregorio training, she’s had enough fingers and dildoes up her vagina to know that her first fuck’s not going to hurt.

And a girl who’s fucking for the first time has already had hundreds of orgasms. She’s jacked off guys and sucked their cocks and seen them jizz, and tasted it, too. I don’t think there’s a girl over fourteen here who can’t tell the difference between cum and pre-cum, just by the taste. Jizzing is just normal. It’s what guys do. By the time my daughter Heather was initiated into womanhood, with full fucking privileges, she knew what the sperm of every man here tasted like. Even her father’s! Especially her father’s, since he gave her those first lessons in cock-sucking! She also knew what every girl’s pussy tasted like, including mine, of course!

George -- that’s Louise’s husband -- is really getting a reputation here with the young girls. He and Louise are two of our most prominent hebephiles. Do you know that word? H-E-B-E-phile. It’s a person who gets turned on by pubescent partners. He sure does have a thing for slim hips and bare cunts and little titties, that’s for sure! He’s been working with Peggy for a while now. I don’t know how he does it, but he can take a shy girl who’s never had an orgasm and work with her, and she just blooms sexually. A lot of it is giving her his body as a playground, and letting her explore it at her own pace, learning what his dick feels like at the various stages of arousal. When the girls have their first orgasms from a guy, it’s usually by his tongue and fingers. They trust him that much. When a girl gets her first cock up her cunt, the odds are pretty good that she’ll ask for George’s.

And the boys? There’s this taboo on the Outside about boys seeing other boys with boners, you know. They can see each other naked under some circumstances, like with communal school showers, but that’s all, and only when their cocks are limp. Some boys on the Outside break that taboo with circle jerks, but they’re told that it’s “wrong” and so there’s some shame mixed up with that. They also have a lot of anxiety about the size of their boners, and how they measure up to other boys.

Now most boys, they’ve figured out how to masturbate by the time they get here, but it’s always been something they do privately and alone. And in a hurry, because their instincts are screaming at them to get off quickly, and because they don’t want to be discovered doing it. That’s fucked up. Don’t you think so?

But here, they don’t have to hide their erections. As soon as a boy comes here for the first time, he’s going to get a boner almost as soon as he gets naked, because he sees all these naked people around him, and they’re feeling his cock as he’s feeling their cocks and tits and pussies. He sees boners everywhere, of every size, in every state of hardness, on every guy. He knows that there’s a wide range of sizes, just like there are with a woman’s tits, and it’s all good. He’s told that he can jizz whenever they want to, in front of anybody, and nobody’s offended. And he plays jizz games with the other boys, as they get to know their bodies ... who can shoot more, who can shoot further, and so on. You know ... boy stuff.

In fact, that’s what gives them an incentive to hold off cumming. They learn that the longer they tease themselves without cumming, the more cum they’ll produce, and the farther they can shoot it. So there’s some peer pressure to start learning to control themselves.

Sooner or later, they see the older boys showing off how much control they have over their libidos, and how appreciative their sexual partners are about that, and the younger ones want to have that kind of control, too. They’ve been told, from the moment they arrived, that the best sex comes from knowing what their partner’s state of arousal is, and synchronizing their own arousal to it. They’re expected to know how to get their partners off with their fingers and tongues before they can use their dicks on them, so they don’t make the association with sex that most men do on the outside, where it’s all about shoving your dick inside your partner and cumming and then falling asleep.

Ah, your dick is getting harder now! It’s a beautiful dick! I Love the way it curves! I definitely want to feel that inside me! Let me keep stroking it just a little bit. We want it hard enough to stick out, but not too hard to bend. That’s one of the basic things men learn here. Louise is good at teaching the young men. In fact, she’s in training now to be a Guide. She’s Herb’s apprentice. His dick is in her every weekend nowadays, like I said, and that’s fine with me. And it sort of works out, because George is my apprentice, and he’s balling me every time he comes here for the weekend. In fact, I promised to fuck him later this afternoon, to see how he’s doing with the “Waldheim Stepped Orgasm” technique I taught him last week. Don’t let me forget!

Well, I’ve talked about the boys. The girls are a bit different, in that most of them haven’t had a real orgasm when they arrive. So their training is mainly about letting them get to know what their bodies are capable of. Abby, who’s one of our senior Guides, is usually in charge of that. She has masturbation classes every weekend, and all the girls attend. Some of the older women do, too, particularly the “black band” ladies who have had some sexual experience but haven’t had the Gregorio training yet. That’s what Louise was doing when I first saw her, on her very first day at New Arcadia. It sure was a sight to see a grown woman play with her very first G-spot dildo right along with girls half her age!

That class is usually one of the first things that people see when they come here. All those girls on their backs, with their legs spread apart and their young wet cunts on full display, playing with their clitties. All those cunnies are so lickable and inviting! Some guys have told me that they’ve cum just from the sight of it, and I believe them. It gets me horny, too!

It’s all low pressure, where the girls get acquainted with their nipples and their clitties, and the nipples and clitties of Abby and the other girls, and learn what their patterns of arousal are. She gives them dildoes to excite their G-spot. And that’s another thing. We’ve found that the more a girl plays with those areas ... G-spot, nips, clits ... the more sensitive those areas become. And larger, too. You’ve probably noticed that already with the girls’ nipples around here, how they all stick out. And clits, too. When they get sucked hard five or six times a day, well, they get bigger. See the size of my clit and my nips? That’s what twenty-five years of New Arcadia will do for a girl! And they’re like that all the time, not just when I’m aroused. But they do get harder when I’m horny, like now!

It’s a real experience for a girl to come here. She takes off all her clothes, maybe for the first time in public, and shows the world her naked body. And everybody tells her how beautiful she is. She can compare her body with everybody else’s, and she sees that hardly anybody is shaped like fashion models or athletes, but everybody is beautiful just the same. She sees boys and men looking at her and getting horny, their dicks getting fatter and stiffer, and she starts to feel the power of knowing that she made it happen. She doesn’t have to worry about whether her tits are big enough, or her butt is round enough, or she’s fatter or skinnier than the ideal. She knows right away that she’s desirable, that she can turn guys on.

And from her first day here, she’s touching and getting touched. You’ve experienced the “Gregorio Grope,” where people fondle other people’s cocks or cunts by way of greeting. She’s invited to do that, too, and she gets to feel a guy’s balls and cock for the first time, maybe the first cock she’s ever seen, and feel it get harder in her hand. She feels a man’s touch or a woman’s touch on her pussy, and she feels another woman’s pussy and tastes it on her fingers. Her natural curiosity about these things is satisfied right away. More often than not, by the end of her first weekend here, she’s already seen a cock jizz, and maybe given some boy her first handjob or blowjob. That’s the beauty of it ... everything’s right out in the open. There’s no mystery, no wondering about what a cock looks like or does. And she knows that she’s in total control of the situation. She’s perfectly safe, because we have strict rules about protecting her from unwanted advances.

But the main thing the girls learn is that they’re in control of their bodies and their sexual response. They don’t have to rely on other people to get off, and they don’t have to fuck if they don’t want to, or fuck people that they don’t want to fuck. That knowledge gives them a self-confidence that the girls on the Outside just don’t have at that age. When they’re comfortable with masturbation, then Abby turns them over to George. Or maybe Wendell, another of our hebephiles.

Let’s look at those kids again. Jimmy’s just learning how to finger-fuck. Louise is teaching him. She tells me that he’s got the basics down, and I think she’s right. It looks like Peggy’s on the brink of an orgasm now. I can tell by how she’s shut her eyes and stuck her tongue out; she always does that when she’s close. Isn’t that cute? She’s getting better at cumming when she’s wanking, and now she’s...

Oh, there she goes! See how her belly just fluttered? And how her legs kicked? Isn’t that a beautiful sight? Jimmy’s trying to keep it going with his finger-fucking, but he’s lost her rhythm now. Oh, well. He did fine, just the same! And see how his cock is leaking? He really needs relief. Oh, she sees it. She’s grabbed it, she’s stroking it, a little too fast. Slower, girl! That’s it! He’s ready, he’s on the edge. A little squeeze now just below the cap, like George showed you how to do. That’s right...

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