The Firefighter's Wife

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2016 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: Brotherhood has many advantages. How an older guy helped out a younger newlywed.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

Traci was a fox. They were just moving in next door and I went to help mostly because I wanted an up close looks at the shapely body barely covered by thin hot weather clothes.

I’m retired and have lots of things to do. But not too many to miss eyeballing a pretty girl. Speaking of girls, I have a lady friend, Eva, who is about my age. Her body and hormones are in good shape, as are mine, and we get together once or twice a week to screw. Occasionally there is a social event that goes along with that but it’s not essential. We’ve been getting it on for a couple of years. I don’t know for sure, because I’ve never asked, but I think I’m not the only one dipping in her delightful honeypot. Doesn’t really matter to me because I’m not sworn to exclusivity either.

Anyway, back to Traci. Her husband Rod had just been hired by the municipal fire department. He’d been a volunteer ever since he was legal and had just completed all his training. They’d just gotten married after dating for a long time and splurged on a house down payment rather than an expensive wedding and honeymoon.

Since they’d barely gotten their possessions into the house, cooking was not realistic so I took them to dinner. Traci said she’d pay me back with home cooked meals when she could. Sounded good to me!

When I found out Rob’s career I congratulated him as a retired volunteer myself. In spite of the big age difference that bonded us. We swapped war stories for a while until Traci complained. I think she was anxious to get laid.

Rod was on regular day hours for a short orientation then he got assigned to a station shift. That meant 24 hours at the station and then 48 hours off duty. It takes wives a while to get used to that kind of work schedule. Traci invited me over for dinner the first night Rod was gone. She was from a fairly large family and the house was too quiet.

The next time I saw Rod I mentioned what a good cook Traci was. He laughed and said that was why he married her. I said, “Sure it was!”

I had noticed that from my guest bathroom window high above the tub I could see right into their master bedroom. They hadn’t bought curtains yet so when there was light I had a good view, especially with my binoculars. Traci didn’t seem to like clothes very much which gave me some great views of her luscious body. Just as I figured, when Rod got home from the overnight shift they headed for bed right away. What a great show since it was too warm to need covers. It became more difficult to make my cock behave when I was near that hottie.

The next shift night I was invited to dinner again. After the meal Traci said, “I need a favor from you if it wouldn’t be too much trouble.”

“Just ask,” was my reply.

“I don’t like staying here all by myself in this empty house. Could I sleep in your guest bedroom when Rod is on shift? I’ll treat you to dinner those nights and bring my own sheets.”

I appeared to ponder this request for a moment and replied, “I guess that would be OK but once in while my lady friend will be here. Sometimes she stays all night. Will that bother you?”

“Oh no. I’ll stay out of the way.”

My dirty mind thought, “Wish you’d join in!”

At bedtime we both showed up in robes in the family room and I offered a glass of wine. We visited for a while and said goodnight. She left at seven AM to get ready for Rods homecoming a half hour later. I watched the great greeting he got and jacked off as they screwed.

The next shift night was a fuck buddy night and when I told Traci that, she invited her to dinner too. Eva and I retired to my bedroom at nine and she left at ten.

Traci was in the family room with some wine when I kissed Eva goodbye at the door. She smiled and said it sounded like we had a good time so why did she leave so early? I told her that she sometimes did that and I guessed she had another date.

The young wife’s eyes got big and she blurted out, “Doesn’t that bother you?”

“Why should it? We don’t have any commitment and besides it’s HER body.”

“Well I guess...” was all Traci said and we changed the subject.

In the wee hours there was a terrific thunderclap followed shortly by two more. My bedroom door flew open and a trembling female body was pressed firmly against my back. “HOLD ME!!!” was shouted in my ear. I rolled over to face her and realized we both slept naked. Her arms and legs were tightly wrapped around me so my rapidly growing erection slid between the separated thighs and up against her outer pussy lips.

The storm blew past quickly and her trembling settled down. I whispered, “This is real nice. You don’t have to leave.”

In the dim light I could see her smile but she gently extracted herself. “If I wasn’t married I wouldn’t. Let me help with the problem I caused.” She bent over and gave me a great blow job then went to her room.

We had coffee before she left then next morning. Traci thanked me for my comforting and hoped she hadn’t offended me. I smiled and said, “I’ll take that kind of thank you anytime!”

She went on to tell me that she’d had intercourse with only one guy before Rod. Her talented mouth kept boyfriends out of her pussy pretty well.

I asked, “Did they return the favor?”

“Not very often. Even Rod hardly ever does that.” I filed that away for the future.

Every third evening we got better acquainted. No more nude cuddling unfortunately but still good company. Finally, Traci, under the influence of more wine than usual, confided, “I’m not as innocent as I might appear, you know.”

“What do you mean?” I responded.

Her voice was a bit slurred, “The sex I had before Rod was with an older guy I babysat for. He taught me a lot. Because of that I appreciate older men. I’m not really afraid of thunder. I just wanted to feel your body because I’m not used to sleeping alone anymore.”

I laughed. “Why you rascally broad! You had me fooled. You can sleep with me anytime. Of course I’d love to screw you senseless but that is your call completely.”

She leaned against me and said, “I didn’t know if men your age could even get it up so I was thrilled to hear about your fuck buddy and feel your erection. I want to get it all the way on with you but just have to make it OK with Rod. That’s my challenge.”

The next “shift night” she spent in my bed. She blew me and I ate her to a rousing climax. And again in the morning.

That went on for a while as Traci tried to get Rod’s approval for fucking the neighbor. One twist was one night when she asked me if I enjoyed the view from my bathroom window. I played dumb and she punched me. “I’m was on my back and I saw some movement in your window while Rod was screwing me. I’ve checked it out and you have a pretty good sightline to our bed. I’ve been trying to make the show extra good the last few times. Have you enjoyed it?”

I looked sheepish, “Busted! But yes, I’ve never seen better even in videos. And never live before. You are gorgeous and sexy. Thanks!”

The next time together Traci said that she was going to try a double barreled approach with Rod. First, she would complain that he knew she needed to get laid every day and that I would be a “safe” partner. Secondly, she would say that I seemed very horny and needed a good outlet. She had never mentioned Eva and as far as we knew Rod was not aware of her. So a “mercy fuck” would benefit both of us. She would also remind him that he’d had a lot more experience before marriage than she did.

Speaking of Eva, Traci said she’d like to take me au natural. I’d have to use condoms with Eva though. I told her that one woman at a time was plenty at my age and I’d cut Eva loose. I then asked her if she could handle two simultaneous sex partners. She smiled and said that had worked just fine before. She was still banging her older man when she began dating Rod and didn’t give him up until Rod got real serious. There was a year overlap. Rod had never asked for details although he knew she had sex before him.

Persistent pussy power paid off and Traci couldn’t wait for our dinner ritual. She barged into my house right after Rod left for his seven am shift and slid into my bed, searching for my pecker, exclaiming, “Where’s my mushroom headed plaything?” You can bet I woke up quickly. She fondled me a bit until I was hard enough then swung her leg over me and engulfed my rod in one stroke. I got even harder.

She smiled at me and began moving up and down slowly and sensuously. She knew that I could guess why her pussy was so silky wet this morning. “It feels like you are enjoying this. I sure am. I’ve never had two men in a row before. It’s great!”

Before long her twat contained even fresher semen and she climaxed too. I had to pee really bad so she accompanied me to the bathroom and aimed my softening peter then surprised me by cleaning it as she sat on the toilet to drain her parts.

We talked at breakfast and she asked if she could stay here all day. Of course I agreed and she stayed naked too. We fucked every time I could get hard, so by the time she left the next morning I’d laid her more times than Rod had on any day of their honeymoon.

I watched as the hottie fucked the daylights out of an extra stimulated husband a short time later. She waved to me discreetly when she could and texted me each time they headed to bed. That happened several times throughout the day. She reported that her pussy got sore before Rod’s horns were clipped enough, so he got blow jobs after a while.

Rod and I were sitting out in the yard enjoying some good beer a couple of days later. He turned to me and asked if Traci was taking good care of me. I smiled and said we were taking good care of each other and I really appreciated her presence. He asked because she was so horny when he got home from work. I grinned and said that women who are getting good sex seem to want more, not less. So I guessed I was doing a good job and he was benefitting.

Rod said that it was reassuring to know that she had company while he was on shift and sharing her was taking a little getting used to. He thought that she had another lover when they were dating but never knew for sure. He had been with a fair number of women, a couple of whom were happily married so that helped. He said that she was sure right about one thing ... she had enough pussy for both of us. As long as Traci was happy he was OK with the arrangement.

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