Done Voluntold Me!

by corsair

Copyright© 2016 by corsair

Science Fiction Sex Story: Science fiction set in Thinking Horndog's Swarm Cycle Universe late in Year Four. Tom tells how he was recruited years before.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Hypnosis   Slavery   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   MaleDom   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Size   Body Modification   .

Conference Room Four again! My instructions were to show up nude with Fenster, a European wolf, and to use the main doors. Sometimes I’d use a transporter pad set in one of the walls and I even literally dropped in from the ceiling once—but those stories can be told later. I speculated with Fenster on why Georgia had summoned me to Conference Room Four at precisely four. That’s 1600 Arc Dios time.

Fenster did a wolf snicker and told me I was drawing stud duty. He was correct. When I entered, Georgia was there along with two nude kneeling women—and a Russian Blue cat named Miz Gunga Troll—Troll for short! The cat turned her emerald eyes on the wolf and vocalized.

“It’s okay,” I said, and the cat launched herself at me, purring and meowing wildly when I caught her and cradled the cat in my arms. Good thing that Troll had been declawed or she would have drawn blood. Fenster sprawled on his back in front of the women, all four paws in the air, and Georgia rubbed his stomach for him. I realized that one of the women was Bettie, a concubine of Governor Lilith. The other woman ... it took me a moment to dredge up the name.

“Captain Marx?” I asked. Troll nibbled at my chin. Marx had been an Air Force captain and my commanding officer. Troll was her cat.

“That’s Commander Karla Joan Marx,” Georgia reminded me. “She is here to get bred by you. For the next week she is in slavegirl status. Here’s her collar. Put it on her and claim your temporary slave girl.”

If I hadn’t been on Channel D to better understand Fenster, I would have remained confused even after Troll told me that her mommy wanted it. Russian Blues have a personality more like dogs in that they form very close bonds with a human. Troll was telling me to mate with her mommy, Commander Marx.

“She’s part of Sir Issac’s command,” Georgia explained. “It’s time for her to get pregnant. You already know her sexual orientation, and the AI won’t allow her artificial insemination.”

I wondered ‘why not?’ That was a discussion for another time—at the moment I understood that I had to immediately accept her submission. I put the cat down and accepted the collar from Georgia and then asked what Commander Marx’s slavegirl name was.

“Calling her Ignorant Slut is out of the question, isn’t it?” Georgia mused while Marx squirmed. “You aren’t into abuse. How about Blue?”

“Slavegirl Blue,” I knelt so that I could as I click the collar around Marx’s neck, “I accept your submission.”

I took Blue’s face in my hands and kissed her. Blue’s eyes were green. Not the emerald green of Troll, much closer to the green of the old Army dress uniform, only a browner shade. Think green olives. I was swimming in those eyes until she blinked, breaking eye contact.

“What was that?” Blue gasped.

“Hypnosis,” Bettie explained.

For some reason I wasn’t able to speak at the moment. No need. I kissed Blue more deeply and rubbed her neck, her collar and her shoulders. The collar was loose enough that I could slip two fingers between collar and neck, turn the collar around the neck, slide it up and down. Blue was fit, her arms firmly muscled. Deep tan, jet black scalp hair and eye brows. Her armpits were hairless, and as I worked my way down her chest to her small nipples and flat, firm breasts I smelled vanilla. Blue’s abs were sharply defined and her pubic mound was bald—not even peach fuzz covered her thighs. I nibbled at her labia—she was an innie! Blue squirmed. She sweated. She moaned.

“Turn her over and mate with her doggie style,” Bettie directed. “That’s what Lilith said.”

I complied. What glutes! I could tell that Blue was aroused. I didn’t think it was me because the Karla Joan Marx I knew was exclusively lesbian. Foreplay with others? If so, good! Blue needed some fun during her impregnation process and if someone else did it, that was okay with me! I slid in slowly, rubbing her belly with one hand and holding her breasts with another. I was fully engulfed before I decided to enlarge my erection. Most Confederacy human males don’t know that they can adjust their penis size within a range, being smaller for the smaller women and being larger others. The women have figured out that their nanites can give them a large, loose cunt to permit the Big Beer Can cocks entry without ripping anything, and then swell closed to create a tight fit. Female lubricant is more copious for modified females than for natural females. I waited until Blue’s vaginal muscles began fluttering before injecting a large dose of semen. Natural human males excrete three to five cubic centimeters, about a full teaspoon. I’ve heard tales of a quarter cup full—when the braggart wasn’t talking gallons and gallons—but my measurements of station male concubines and my self was an average of twelve cubic centimeters. There was plenty of back flow dribbling out when I deflated myself and withdrew. Bettie helped me lay Blue supine, and then Bettie surprised me by licking Blue’s cunt.

“You two taste good together,” Bettie quipped. Bettie moved Blue’s head to my groin and fed my flaccid penis to the semi-conscious woman. “Suck! See? Good!”

Two furry heads butted my back—a small one and a large one.

“Time check,” I muttered, and I noted with surprise that we had been at it for forty-four minutes! More loudly, but only conversationally loud, I told Bettie, “It’s time to put Blue to bed. Let her nap. I could use a nap myself. Where is Georgia?”

“She stepped out a while ago,” Bettie giggled. “You were distracted.”

Troll stepped onto Blue’s torso and lay down on the human, cat head between the firm breasts. Troll closed her eyes, purring loudly. Fenster lay his head on my shoulder. Bettie caressed Blue’s face.

“Lilith said that you worried about me,” Bettie stared into my eyes. “You aren’t aware of it, but I remind you of your mother.”

“I never suspected,” astonishment was my main emotion. “I can see the resemblance now. Same black hair. Same blue eyes. She was bigger. Mother kept warning me that I didn’t want girls like you. It didn’t occur to me that Mother was a girl like you. She had a history of being molested by sex fiend relatives. Mother spent time in an orphanage. She was frustrated in the limited niche women had back in the Sixties and she thought life had passed her by. I never realized that I had an Oedipus complex. What else has Lilith said?”

“That when you were three you were sitting in the garden and a snake slithered into your lap,” Bettie shivered. “You’re child-like and animals respond to you. Some want to be your buddies, like Fenster there. Some female animals want you as a mate. Some adopt you as their child, even if they regard you as odd or backward or clumsy. That snake was a king snake and was just being friendly, but your mother went into a full-blown panic and killed that snake. Then she whipped you senseless.”

There are many memories that I’m happy to have forgotten. No wonder I was terrified by snakes when I was growing up! I lost that fear because I lived in rural and wilderness environments and snakes were common. I’d often wake up with a snake coiled on me, or when I was sitting for an extended period I’d sometimes find a snake near me. Very near. After a while I got over my terror.

“Lilith told me that getting beaten for no reason that you could think of wasn’t what scarred you for life,” Bettie continued. “It was witnessing that snake being killed. You’ve a tender soul. You have stood between other animals and humans and been beaten for it. You don’t regard yourself as above the animals and they appreciate it.”

“I treat concubines and trainees like dogs,” I said with a yawn. “You know, feed them, play with them, have fun and teach them tricks.”

Bettie giggled. Blue muttered something.

“I said,” Blue repeated herself more loudly, “I was jealous when Troll kept hopping in bed with you. I didn’t understand why you and Troll instantly bonded.”

“Animals see the world differently from people,” Bettie said. “I got to see Master Tom as the dogs and horses see him. Almost made me wish I was a horse!”

The girls giggled.

“Master worries about everyone on this station, both people and animal,” Bettie said. “Even those animals that don’t like him. Master worries that I’m happy. Back on Earth I did many things wrong. I stabbed someone. I was crazy. When I got out of Patton I was living on Social Security and barely getting by. My future was making peace with God and waiting to be called to Heaven. Lilith sent Tess to recruit me. Now I’m a secretary, a teacher, a movie star, and a missionary. I talk to God and he talks to me. This is where I belong.”

“That’s crazy,” Blue objected. “There is no god.”

“Ladies,” I intervened, “be respectful. Blue believes that there is no god. Bettie believes. Accept that you have different experiences and respect each other. Blue, you don’t need to become Christian or whatever. Bettie, Blue’s beliefs are part of her. Besides, I’m processing that I don’t know either of you. In sleep learners I can interrupt the program, rewind the movie and edit it. This is real life.”

“What’s confusing you?” Blue asked.

“You don’t like men,” I said. “That’s private, but I’m concerned that I’m just another dork screwing up your happiness.”

“Lilith said that you two entered Confederacy service together,” Bettie said. “That Blue would have been mind wiped and released if not for you and her cat.”

Troll opened her eyes and meowed.

“Oh!” Bettie exclaimed.

“What?” Blue asked.

“Miz Gunga Troll just told me that if you didn’t bring your cat along, you would have only been accepted as a concubine,” Bettie explained. “If Blue hadn’t agreed to mate with you when it was time to have babies, she wouldn’t have gotten a 6.5 CAP score. You made the difference between going back to Earth, becoming an unhappy concubine, and becoming a sponsor.”

I didn’t know what to think about that.

“Why don’t you tell Bettie how you joined the Confederacy Navy,” Blue suggested. “It started on an obsolete radar platform off the coast of New York City. We were eavesdropping on the United Nations.”

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