A Trip to an Erotic Amusement Park

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2016 by mysteria27

Erotica Sex Story: A nymphette takes her sugar daddy away for his birthday.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Orgy   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Cream Pie   Tit-Fucking   Big Breasts   .

When you get to be my age, birthdays come and go. Except when you live with a very sexy, wild, and much younger woman. I have been fortunate to be quite well off, and probably that’s why my girlfriend, Candy, is even with me. That’s a story for another day. When one is rich, people flock to you. I love to spoil women and they like to spoil me. It’s a win-win situation.

I met up with Candy when I was at a convention in Atlantic City. I was staying at the Golden Nugget. Candy was at a blackjack table and had just about lost her shirt. Lady luck wasn’t kind to her that day, until she met me. I bought her several drinks and we talked for a while. She was absolutely beautiful.

She was young, blonde, and had a gorgeous rack on her. She had a tight ass and blue eyes. She was just lovely and stunning. We had a great night just hanging out, and by the end of the night, I brought her up to my suite. She was eager to please, and quickly stripped and got on her knees, begging to suck me off. I’m an old geezer who’s filthy rich; I knew that was why Candy was even with me that night. I didn’t care what her reasoning was. I was just glad I was the lucky bastard who would be in her care.

She apparently was really good at oral sex. She blew me for about forty-five minutes. I had popped a Viagra earlier in the night knowing that I’d be lucky later on. This beautiful piece of eye candy was naked and feeding my schlong down her gorgeous mouth. She looked at me with her baby blues and sucked and slurped on my cock.

I hadn’t had a great blow job like that in a while. Most women will suck you off for a little while, but hate when you cream their throats. Candy was different. She made me cum several times down her throat. She also had a great set of knockers. Candy positioned my schlong between her beautiful breasts and held them around my cock. It felt amazing, fucking her beautiful breast pillows.

She looked just lovely while I fucked her breasts, a blonde beauty wearing the reddest lipstick you’ve ever seen. Her eyes looked deep into mine while I fucked her cannons. She must have double D’s, but they were firm and very natural. Her pink nipples were as hard as erasers.

She begged me to cum all over her gorgeous chest. She lay on the floor, while I jerked my cock and creamed those gorgeous breasts. She massaged the cum into her breasts. She pleased me until I was exhausted, but she wasn’t finished yet. She brought me over to the bed and told me to lay down.

She turned on some music and stood there shaking her ass. She danced for me very sexily. She played with her firm breasts, squeezing them together and sucking at her nipples. Her breasts were really large so it was easy for her to suckle at her own nipple. I stroked my huge cock while she pleasured herself.

She came over to the bed and pushed her two fingers into my mouth. I made them nice and wet for her. She had her foot on the chair and smiled at me, while she slid her fingers up inside of her pussy. She finger-fucked her tight, bald cunt, while I watched her make herself cum. She moaned out loud, while her orgasm shook her body.

She was now ready to be fucked. My cock was harder than a rock and Miss Candy climbed on top of me and positioned her beautiful cunt down on my thick cock. I felt my cock go deeper and deeper into her wet pussy. She’d leaned all the way forward, so my cock would touch her sweet spot. Candy rocked and moved over my cock. I sat up to play with her globes, while she fucked me. I loved the feeling of my cock in her snatch. She moaned and groaned, while riding me hard.

She came several times while riding my cock. She was so fucking hot that night. I finally blew my load, which dumped a shit load of cum into her young cunt. She got off of my cock and lay on the bed. I watched the cum ooze out of her bald pussy. I spread her pussy lips wide with my fingers and dove into that bald pussy. I licked the cream out of her cunt, while she writhed on the bed screaming and moaning. I drank our combined cream from her beautiful, gorgeous cunt. I knew I had found a gem that night. This was somebody who I couldn’t let ever leave my hotel room. She was a treasure that I wanted to have forever.

Candy became my sweet eye candy. I was her sugar daddy and proud of it. She traveled with me everywhere I went. She lived in my mansion in the hills of California. We fucked every day, while I bathed her in jewels, furs, and anything else she wanted or desired. She was my most special and wonderful princess. I loved her and cared for her and we were both very happy.

“Happy Birthday, Daddy!”

“How’s my kitten today? Come over here you sweet doll.”

Candy moved closer to me on the bed. She was naked as usual and had her hands stroking my cock. She was determined to start my day out with the usual bang. She got between my legs and opened her sexy mouth and blew my hard cock. I always woke up around four in the morning to pop my blue pill. I liked being hard for my sex kitten. Candy definitely liked to get fucked and needed me to be hard to pleasure her.

Candy gave me my birthday blowjob. She moved my thick prick up and down in her sweet mouth. She looked at me with her baby blues, while I fucked her sweet mouth. I was very excited and came quickly down her throat. She swallowed my hot cum. She moved closer to me, while we shared a deep and passionate kiss. I could taste the cum on her breath.

“Another wonderful morning. You really spoil your daddy.”

Candy giggled. She always called me daddy. I loved that so much. She was much younger than me. I was sixty and she was twenty-three. She was old enough to be my granddaughter. Filthy rich playboys get the hot, young women.

“Daddy, Jackson has gotten the plane ready to take us to your birthday location. We’re going somewhere very different and kinky. A place I really think you’ll enjoy. My dirty daddy needs to go to this very kinky place.”

“Where is my little cupcake taking me?”

“We’re going to Brazil. They’ve just opened a new Erotic amusement park. You’ve never been to anything like this in your life. It’s opening weekend.”

“Wow. That’s amazing, I can’t wait to go. What a girl you are! Thank you, my pet.”

“Carolyn packed us both last night. The plane is filled and ready to go. Are you ready, daddy? I know this will be amazing.”

“Let’s shower and get dressed. I can’t wait to go.”

We both moved into the bathroom and shared a hot shower together. I washed her hair and her body and she did the same to me. We didn’t really have any more time to spare. We both got dressed and my driver Robert drove us to the airport.

We entered the plane and sat down in our seats. This was my private plane. We got ready for take-off and just relaxed in our seats. We drank champagne and watched an in-house movie. We took several naps during the flight. Later in the flight, we went into my bedroom. Candy and I had sex there. She sucked me off and rode me hard. I just loved how horny my young princess was. She absolutely loved sex. I loved her and enjoyed fucking her. Her pussy was well cared for. I made sure her pubic area was smooth and sexy. I loved to pleasure her with my tongue. Candy was just as sexually satisfied as I was, and I made sure she came everyday.

Fourteen hours later, we landed in Brazil. Candy had arranged for a limo to pick us up and take us to the hotel. It was late when we arrived, so we had a late dinner and enjoyed each other for awhile. We made love and fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next day Candy had ordered room service. She was taking care of everything. I usually was the one taking care of her, but since it was my birthday, she was in charge.

We had champagne, cheese omelets, buttered toast, and fresh fruit. It was a lovely and very filling meal. We took showers and got ready for the day. We were going to the first erotic amusement park. I was very excited and looking forward to a very unusual day. I had no idea what we’d find there.

The limo came and drove us to the park. I was very excited and didn’t really know what to expect. We finally arrived, and my driver helped us out of the vehicle. Candy held my hand and we walked to the ticket booth. Tickets were one hundred dollars each. She paid for us and we walked into the park.

The only rule in the park is “No Sex Allowed”. Even though it’s a sexual style theme park, fornication is not allowed. There are several hotels outside of the establishment in case you need to take care of business. We walked through the park looking at all the amazing statues. There were mounds of beautiful flowers in the shape of breasts. Statues of penises all over the park. Women that were on their knees naked with their asses held high in the air. You could stand behind it and look like you were fucking the girl.

So many penis statues all over the park! I took several pictures of Candy next to them. There was a mouth with a long tongue sticking out. Candy lay on the tongue with her legs opened wide. It was a very sexy picture. This section of the park was all interesting art work and statues. We took many pictures.

In the middle of the park was a huge, green penis. It must have been about fifty feet long. Candy and other women all lined up on it. It looked like they were all getting fucked. I never laughed so hard in my whole life. The pictures were just priceless at this park.

“Daddy, it’s time to go into the actual park. Are you ready?”

“Of course. Let’s go.”

They had a monorail like they have in Disney World which went over to the erotic theme park. When we got to the other park, carnival style dancers were dressed in scantily styled outfits. They entertained us along the street of the park. Here, too, were interesting statues of pussies and cocks. We took several pictures along the way.

All the restaurants had aphrodisiac food choices. Everything was either geared to sex or looked like sex in some kind of way. We were both famished and went into one of the establishments.

We drank fig and honey cocktails and feasted on a tray of oysters. We both fed each other the slippery fish. We shared an asparagus, avocado and arugula salad. They say those ingredients are all aphrodisiacs. To finish our romantic snack, we ate chocolate covered strawberries. It was a lovely snack that we enjoyed.

“Daddy that was delicious. Are you having a great time?”

“It was splendid, darling. What else will we do?”

“There’s lots to do. Come on.”

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