Dance Panderer

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2016 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: A couple get a cryptic invite to a mystery dance that is an orgy in disguise. People strip or are stripped, fondle and fuck, share wives all night.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wife Watching   Swinging   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Double Penetration   Analingus   .

On returning to our car in an upscale strip mall, I saw an orange envelope under a wiper. My temper flared with the thought of an unjust parking fine. I checked and saw absolutely no reason for a fine! When I scanned the other cars, I saw that ours was the only one ticketed. I angrily snatched the envelope, but before I damaged it, I saw an embossed gold foil seal on the flap. No ticket, or ad, I’ve ever seen came in such finery. The crimson sheet inside held more surprises, and questions.

The suspicious, mysterious, page was addressed to us directly. “Amanda and Al, a close friend has invited you to a bacchanalian dance party. This is an exclusive invitation that you may NOT share with anyone else so we can assure everyone’s safety and privacy. We promise you an arousing good time in a low risk, adventurous, private setting. The dress code is INFORMAL. Ladies tend to dress classily yet a bit ‘slutty, ‘ with liberal interpretation. There is a $100 per couple fee to cover expenses. You must email a copy of your clean blood panel to our temporary address a week before our event. We will use your email address to notify you of future events provided your participation is acceptable.” It continued with directions, date and time. The mysterious page was signed, ‘Your Dance Panderer.’ We accepted the cryptic adventure, of course.

It was the provocative dress code that tweaked our curiosity and perversity and convinced Mandy. We were nervous about the anonymous nature of the invite and wondered which of our friends might be pranking us. Yet, we were overdue for a little debauchery. Amanda chose to wear a mid-thigh, lightly pleated grey skirt and a royal blue button down top. With only three big buttons, it was constantly flexing open and flashing lots of cleavage or even abs. She needed a bra to keep her D-cups from escaping prematurely thru the fluid gaps. What I wore didn’t matter, and I was fine with that. I didn’t share that I went commando.

The sketchy directions lead us to a kiosk where we had to use the invite to solve a puzzle before we got the rest of the directions to the final destination. Very sneaky! We wondered why. Maybe so no one would be able to find our corpses? The final directions sent us to a big, deceptively simple looking home. An ad hoc yet obsequious manservant met us at the door and directed us to the ‘ball room’ as I wondered what kind of balling was done there! I handed him the $100 fee and he had us put on simple brown eye masks that hid us from forehead to nose. He pointed to a framed sign as we exited the foyer. It reassured that all who reached that point had passed all health screenings. Well, at least that was encouraging.

Apparently we were a little late. The lights were dimmed slightly, red bulbs were lit in the sconces and slow music played as all the strangers danced in sultry contact, with many groping butts and boobs. The music changed and so did all the partners. When the new partners cuddled up and immediately began groping asses and tits, we were pretty sure what kind of BALL room this was.

Emboldened, I twirled Mandy onto the dance floor quickly enough to be sure her skirt floated up and hovered high thru all four spins. I couldn’t see how much she showed, but all eyes I caught were staring at her sexy legs and maybe more. She slammed her big, dense tits against me and we danced slowly and warmly. Grinning widely, she slyly moved a hand to my slightly tented slacks and squeezed. “Is this for me, baby?” I wandered to her bubble ass and squeezed my response. We kissed tenderly and danced until the music changed.

Partners swapped again, but we both escaped cloying hands and nearly ran to the nearest sofa. We barely suppressed our nervous laughing as we spied on the other dozen couples, content to be, temporarily, voyeurs of all those willing exhibitionists. Drinks flowed even during the dirty dancing and some had already had too much. Those tipsy women were very slow to restore their released tits to their holsters so several tight nipples on elongated tits spun slowly for our delight. I didn’t see any reason to spill our own secret, yet.

Mandy began slowly crossing and uncrossing her legs and drawing attention to her sexy thighs. I noticed that her smile was fixed, her eyes gleamed and her knees often fell slightly apart or vacillated. She rested a hand on my obvious bulge and squeezed it openly. Did she want to take the lead and ramp up this party?

As the couples circulated past us, I focused on their eyes as much as I could. The women glanced at Mandy’s splayed blouse, up her skirt then locked on her hand as it massaged my swelling. The men barely glanced at my lap, but their eyes dove to Mandy’s chest before locking them under her vanishing skirt. I didn’t remember which panties she chose to wear, if any, so I could only imagine what treats fascinated them. She slapped my hand away when I tried to spread her legs to check how wet her panties were, so I pinched and rolled a nipple thru her shirt instead. It jumped to attention.

“Honey, are you planning to give them all a show? Maybe pull my cock out and suck it as they watch?” Her eyes were on each stiffening cock as it danced by. Her answer was to shift my dick in my pants obviously. “This appears to be a swap club so I understand the secrecy. Still, it seems like YOU are giving the best show and I am the only one missing it. How can you help me with that?” I think that gave her the last bit of permission she needed.

“Oh? You want to see more of a show than all THAT?” She pointed to some bared legs and loose tits rebounding to the music. “How about that pretty redhead there? Every time her partner spins her, I see her shapely legs up to her shear panties. Would you like to know if her carpet matches her drapes?” Without waiting for a reply, she put her drink down and negotiated the dancing obstacles to Red.

Reaching her target, she painted her body across the back of the shapely and pretty dancer. Red startled briefly then turned her head to Mandy, who whispered a few words, then directly across the room to me and the beautiful blonde stranger who now sat criminally close against me. I soon learned that Mandy told Red that I was very interested in her and wanted to see them dirty dance together. Red’s partner’s hand was conveniently trapped between Red’s curvy ass and Mandy’s groin; the other was at Mandy’s breasts trying to unbutton her blouse. Mandy ignored both hands.

Red and her partner kept dancing as Mandy stepped back, her hands on Red’s hips, her top blouse button now open. She ignored her exposed black bra and undulating, swelling tits, but kept dancing with her eyes and mouth wide open in faux shock. Her fingers began creeping Red’s red-striped grey skirt a little higher with every hip bump. Watching more and more of those slightly muscular legs appear made my thinly covered dick surge with the beat. I barely noticed the hand that rubbed my chest or migrated to my groin.

When Mandy had Red’s skirt revealing her pellicular panties, she froze it there. Blondie’s unnoticed partner threaded the room to get to the dance trio and parked his distended groin on Mandy’s ass. She just nodded a welcoming greeting at him and continued to hike Red’s skirt. He waved at Blondie and me and began raising my Mandy’s skirt. Red’s skirt was at her waist so I, and much of the room, were graced with her barely covered ass until Mandy unzipped and unhooked the tiny skirt. To slide Red’s skirt to the floor, she bent sharply, driving her own ass firmly into the stranger behind her, and Red danced out of it.

While Red danced in just her top and shear panties, Blondie’s partner helped Mandy’s skirt slide up to her hips and expose her bare ass to me and everyone. My dick surged as I strained to see which thong she wore - the tiny one or the G-string. As she twisted and turned toward me, I realized she had NO panties on. Her freshly waxed womanhood was flexing open as she danced to a squat or lifted her knees higher than needed.

Blondie found my dick and helped it grow into a cock. One of her feet was on the floor, the other on the sofa, leaving her legs splayed under her dual layer, white chiffon dress. She moved my hand to her breast and I automagically fondled it, still fixated on my wife’s exposed, glistening pussy. My eyes glanced at Blondie just enough to see that her firm tits were bigger than they felt and her skirt was in her lap so her pale, creamy thighs were exposed and open for me.

When she moved my hand to her groin, I felt her uncovered patch of fuzz, her firm clit and warm moist labia that made me sigh. As I began to finger her, she unzipped me and pushed my slacks off making mine the first bare cock in the room. She pushed my legs apart and gently pulled and twisted my cock to full firmness.

Each time he squatted, her partner patted and kissed Mandy’s bare cheeks and slid a hand high up between her legs as she pushed Red’s panties off and licked her bare ass. Red stopped dancing, swaying instead and bent again, her tits swayed invitingly as my Mandy spread her cheeks and licked Red’s pink bung hole.

Blondie’s partner was openly fingering Mandy. Red’s partner unbuttoned the last two buttons of her top and pulled it off her so Mandy was still bent over, but left wearing only shoes and her black bra. It didn’t survive much longer as he found and released her hooks so the bra fell away. He fondled her big, swaying naked tits and pinched her dense nipples. She was happily the first fully nude woman on the floor and flaunted it.

When Red stood and faced her, Mandy opened and removed Red’s top. Her slightly sagging B-cups had stiff, pale nipples that danced opposite her body. Mandy found Red’s gaping pussy under her bright red bush and slid two fingers in and out several times before pulling out of the two-girl sandwich that had served her so well.

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