Karen and Kay

by Marduk

Copyright© 2016 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A favour in taking a woman homes leads to a meeting with her sister who is sexually attractive, she is fucked and later so to is the sister leading to an ongoing relationship

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Size   Big Breasts   .

‘It was a case of being in the right place at the right time’. Greg was finishing gathering the material that had been discussed at the meeting when he was approached by a committee member. “Greg!” the member said. “You live near The Avenue don’t you?” Grey turned he put the papers into a large envelope for the secretary to record and answered. “Yes I do, why?” The committee member replied. “A woman came by taxi this morning, she hasn’t been before and she lives in The Avenue, do you think you could give her a lift home instead of a taxi being called?” “I suppose I can”, he replied. “Where is she and what is her name?” “Karen, Karen Watts, that was the name on the identification label she was given on arriving”, the member replied. “Well I’m finished here so if you introduce me we can be on our way”, Greg said as he slipped the envelope into his case.

The woman was quite plain, just average build, nothing that would zero his interest, like sagging tits or a nice backside, she was just a woman but she did have a welcoming smile. “I’m Greg”, he said as the member introduced her. “I’ll leave you now Greg”, the member said as he departed. Greg gave a nod and indicated the woman to follow him. “I’m parked quite near”, he said. “Sometimes it can get rather busy for this venue is used by a few organizations, including the local football club. I’m told this is your first visit so I hope it was encouraging, enough for you to consider joining us”, he said as he opened the vehicle door for her.

There was just chit-chat for he didn’t know the woman or her interests but they could talk about the activities of the club and it wasn’t long before he pulled up outside her unit. She hesitated for a few seconds and then asked. “Would you care to come in for a cuppa? My sister may have already put the kettle on”. She then paused and then speaking a lot softer said. “My sister is a bit slow; I hope she doesn’t embarrass you”. He just smiled and walked in silence up the pathway to the front door. She unlocked the door; there was no evidence of her sister. She called. “Kay I’m home. I was given a lift by a friend”. Minutes later she appeared and no two women were so different. Kay was slightly shorter but plumper. She wasn’t that attractive but it wasn’t her face that attracted his attention. He had been told ‘she was slow’, now whether that meant in her general attire or her mental condition for she appeared wearing a nightie that with the sun streaming into the room revealed large, sagging tits and a great shadow at her groin; she giggled. Her sister rebuked her, but not harshly. “Kay we have a visitor, pull on a dressing gown”. Kay did a bit of a dance and disappeared to appear wearing a gown that wasn’t done up and sat next to him on the lounge.

“Tea or coffee Greg?” he was asked as Kay moved ever closer, something that he wasn’t going to reject. “Tea will be fine, thank you Karen”, he replied as he encouraged Kay to rub his groin as she was rubbing her thigh against him. Just then the phone rang. “Excuse me the phone is in the other room, I won’t be long”, Karen said. If an opportunity arises, grab it. He had no idea how long the phone call would last, but he pushed Kay’s nightie up, displaying the hairiest cunt he had come across. “We have to be quick”, he said as he lifted her up, pushed her across the arm of the lounge, dropped his trousers and drove his cock, in one thrust up to his balls in that hairy goal. Kay bucked; her tits dropped out and swung in the most erotic manner. “Your cunt is so fucking tight”, he grunted as he ravished her. “But fuck it is great, you are a great fuck Kay, pity we can’t take our time”. He gave the thrust that blew his balls and whether she had ever received a ball load of cum, he neither knew or at that moment cared. They had just resumed their seats and Kay had delivered the cup of tea when her sister reappeared. “That was the plumber that I had rung for the washers on the taps in the shower have corroded and the shower is leaking”. “It is a pity that you hadn’t mentioned it for I could change the washers and it would save you the cost, for to get a tradesman in, is not cheap”, he said as Kay began to giggle. “Oh! Could you?” Karen said. “The plumber told me he couldn’t come today because he was very busy and I’m out for a bit tomorrow and I wouldn’t like Kay to be by herself so I didn’t make an appointment”. “I would have to go and get my tools”, he said. “How bad is the leak for I have a bike ride this afternoon with the team I ride with; I could come tomorrow if that was all right”, he replied. There was a slight hesitation before she responded. “You won’t mind for Kay can be a bit awkward.” “No Karen it shouldn’t take long to change the washers. How long would you be and if you are concerned about Kay being alone I could stay till you return”. “Thank you Greg that would be wonderful. Now if you have time would you like to stay for lunch, we only have a light snack”. “Thank you Karen I would like that as Kay moved against him and he gave that hairy triangle a decent rub.

He left feeling quite content but he did wonder if Kay would tell her sister that he had be up her and if she did would he be welcomed to do the washers; he did expect a call telling him in no uncertain words what he could do and it wouldn’t be a nice suggestion. A call did come through from Karen but only to say that if he could call at nine for that was when she was going out. He answered and told her that the time would be fine. He hung up; the thought of servicing Kay again already had him sporting a hard-on. He arrived with his tool box. “Kay is still in bed”, Karen said as she picked up her bag. I shouldn’t be longer that a couple of hours. When Kay gets up ask her to make you a cup of tea. Thank you Greg”, she concluded as she closed the door.

It was the first time he had been in the bathroom, it was a reasonable size and he was surprised at the shower cubical it could easily accommodate two people. He then remembered he hadn’t asked Karen where the main was so he could turn off the water. ‘Fuck!’ he muttered. ‘I will have to ask Kay’. He knocked on the bedroom door and waited. ‘I best go and try and find it, it wouldn’t be far, maybe behind the unit’, he muttered. He turned when the bedroom door opened and Kay, dressed in the same nightie as previously appeared. ‘Sorry to disturb you Kay’, he said. “I don’t know where the water main is to turn off the water so I can change the washers”, he said. Kay yawned and grunted. “The main thing is at the back of the unit”. He gave a nod but lingered for the nightie was very loose and barely covered those sagging tits and it took a bit of well power to bypass the offering on display and leave for the door and the water main. He turned it off and returned. Kay was fumbling in the lounge room, she hadn’t changed. He came up behind her, pushed her nightie up, mauled her tits, rubbed her hair covered cunt and whispered. “Let’s fuck”. She giggled but when he dropped his trousers and rammed his cock up she erupted and the more he thrust, the more she vocally responded. He pumped till he blew, sending burst after burst of the hot essence of his balls up that accommodating crack. “You ... you are a fantastic fuck Kay”, he stammered. “However, I guess I best replace those washers before your sister returns, otherwise she might wonder what I have been doing”. Kay straightened up; saliva was dripping from her lips. “How about taking the nightie off”, he said. “After I change the washers and open the main again to test the water and the leak, I will do the same for one can’t test the shower without getting wet”. Kay may be a bit slow but she knew exactly what he meant and quickly threw the nightie onto the couch. “Fuck you are attractive” he said as he lifted and left the weight of her tits. Your sister said that you would put the kettle on, you do that you randy cunt while I do the plumbing”. Kay just grinned and picked up the kettle, making her tits swing in the most erotic manner.

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