Kit and Kat

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2016 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Two teen-aged women, not twins but so similar they like to act as if they are, explore the wonders of sex together.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   .

The horny sixteen-year-olds were on the prowl. Looking almost like twins, the slender blond girls tried to look and act like they were actually related. Folks who knew them often referred to them as “the twins”. With birthdays only a few days apart, they had become inseparable friends since grade school.

They’d hit puberty hard at 12. Being precocious in brain and body, the internet was soon thoroughly explored for information about the urges they were having. Conservative parents, stupidly figuring ignorance is bliss like when they were kids, withheld an even equally stupid abstinence-based sex-ed program until age 14. By that time the duo could have taught a better course than they suffered through.

Having a trusted best girlfriend wasn’t as good as having a real boy with working male parts, but it was a hell of a lot better than being all on your own. You could learn kissing, touching, one type of oral sex, and talk, talk, talk about what you wanted to do with a boy when you got the chance.

Kit’s much older married sister was wise, having “been there and done that”. She mentored the youngsters and they learned to trust her. She reassured them that their urges were normal and gave them some good advice. Questions were answered bluntly and honestly. They were curious about her more mature body and she showed them. They watched porn together and she pointed out the exaggerated from the real. Her college sex life had been moderate compared to some of the other girls but she had experienced quite a bit before she met her husband. She presented them with “starter” dildoes to help until the real thing was appropriate.

No opportunity to explore this wonderful thing called “sex” was wasted. When Kat’s 15-year-old cousin David came to stay for the summer they had just turned 14. There were no boy cousins available to hang around with so, lucky him, he was in their clutches with plenty of time to play.

And play they did. He got everything short of penile penetration. Well, that wasn’t entirely accurate since they knew about anal sex and his cock was small enough to fit back there without any real discomfort. He also became a proficient pussy eater, fucked them with the dildoes, and got sucked off as often as his stiffie permitted. It did grow noticeably during that time.

Years later, when they would see and bed him at family reunions, he always thanked them for the skills they taught him that summer, saying it got him a lot of girlfriend sex along the way.

For the next two years they found the occasional “safe” guy to have fun with like the cousin. But they were just itching for the “real thing” ... massive hard male shafts penetrating deep into their bodies and spewing huge globs of semen to flood their wombs. They dreamed of orgasms that would put them at the edge of unconsciousness. And when one stud was exhausted, moving on to another rampant male.

Immediately after their sixteenth birthdays, making them “legal” where they lived, Kit’s sister, a nurse, got birth control implants for both. As an added birthday gift she got the OK to have them both spend a weekend at her house.

Unknown to the girls’ parents, Big Sis had also invited her husband’s two brothers, Billy, age 21 and Bobby, age 23. She’d fucked both of them on various occasions with and without her husband’s knowledge, and knew they would make the girls’ first times memorable.

The first evening, sitting poolside after dinner in their new thong bikinis, the birthday girls were sipping champagne when big sis announced the arrival of their final gifts. The girls looked at each other in puzzlement, but shrieked with excitement when out of the house came two good looking young men, naked except for red ribbon bows tied around their impressive erections. Big Sis walked over to stand between them. Putting a hand around each of the lovely poles, she announced, “Let’s flip a coin to see who starts with who!”

Kit was matched with Billy and both girls then knelt in front of their gifts, stroking the beautiful hard shafts and giving them a few tentative kisses. Big Sis laughed and said, “Get a room, you guys, but be back in an hour for cake and ice cream.”

The foursome vanished but Big Sis had left the windows open and soon male grunts and female moans and shrieks were heard from two rooms. Big Sis and her husband stripped and fooled around on a chaise. She didn’t let her husband climax ... she had other plans for that.

The hour was up and she rang the dinner bell. Four naked and flushed young people straggled out to the pool. Cocks were limp, pussies’ red and dripping, and smiles were on everyone. “Take a quick dip. I don’t want my furniture all messy.”

After a leisurely dessert, Big Sis went to each of the young men, knelt down and sucked their cock briefly, looking for signs of life. Finding it in both, she took Kat over to Billy and Kit to Bobby, then said, “Now it’s time for your second course in this sexual feast. Enjoy and we’ll see you for breakfast.”

Two hours later the rest of the plan unfolded. Sleep had overtaken the fucked out younger couples when Big Sis and her husband went to the bedroom where Billy and Kat were. The brothers had been prepped so Billy slipped out of bed and Big Bro slid in. Big Sis took Billy to her room for some fun while Big Bro began gently fondling the sleeping girl. She gradually awoke but it took a while before she realized that this was another man wanting her bod.

Billy momentarily stopped pounding Big Sis when they heard the shriek of joy and they chuckled. The buildup of lusty sounds from the other room got them going even stronger.

Two hours after that, the scenario was repeated with Kit and Bobby, Billy going back to Kat who just snuggled. After two more hours all were back with their original partners and they slept till late morning.

Breakfast, actually brunch, was by the pool sans clothes. It was subdued with lots of glancing by the young women at the three men they had fucked the since they arrived. Kat broke the silence, “That was a hell of a birthday party! Do you do this often?” [big grin]

Big Sis replied, “Well, it’s become sort of a family tradition. I gave Bobby and Bill their first pussy when they turned 16 and on every birthday since, so it seemed like the right thing to do for you too.”

Kit piped up, “You sure are a great sister and we thank you lots. Are these (pointing to the boys) still available as presents? I was too wiped out to enjoy them this morning but I’ve recovered.”

Big Sis replied, “You’ll have to ask them. It’s their body, remember?”

Kit went to Billy and asked, “You were my first and I’d like to enjoy you again.” He rose and kissed her, took her hand and they went into the house. Kat did the same with Bobby while Big Sis started fooling around with her husband on the lounger again but she was holding nothing back this time. She wanted his sperm in with his brothers’.

A couple of days after the “birthday orgy”, as they would refer to it, the three “sisters” were chatting. Kit exclaimed, “That was soooo great. Thank you for sharing your men, and even your husband with us.”

Kat added, “When can we do that again? My pussy’s recovered!”

Big Sis laughed, “Girls, girls, you wore those boys out! I’m just starting to have a normal sex life with my husband again. You can’t have him except for special occasions. His brothers would love to help but they live too far away for regular visits. I think you’d better find some local talent for your hot twats. But you better not go around banging just any ole guy or you’ll get in trouble. I’ll work with you to make good choices.”

The young women, and they were certainly “women” now, weren’t even allowed to date very often since they were “too young” according to their unaware parents. Some other frequent access to male partners had to be found. School boys were ruled out. Probably unskilled and likely untrustworthy as well. Didn’t need blabber mouthing either. Clubs or organizations met too infrequently and for too short a period of time to be useful venues. That left work.

Big Sis to the rescue again. There was a tekkie business man in his mid-thirties she had worked for before she was married. He worked from a home office and she had been a part time assistant. It had included sex as a mutual fringe benefit up until a short time before her wedding. Her replacement was now pregnant and taking maternity leave so she had a visit with him, this time keeping her clothes on though.

He was delighted with the opportunity to train two young women. After seeing some skin shots of the two prospective staff, he felt “up” to the task, and Big Sis smiled and said she could vouch for that. Interview times were set.

Kit and Kat were smart in addition to being sexy so he was duly impressed. Their tits were smaller than he generally preferred but there were four of them in the mix. The girls were not impressed with the physique of this nerdish, average looking guy, but Big Sis assured them that he had plenty of what they were needing and knew how to use it. This was the best opportunity on the horizon so they took it.

In the employment agreement that they signed, it was carefully pointed out that sexual activity was not prohibited if it was initiated by the employee and from then on it would be presumed to be consensual. It was decided that they would alternate their work days with both of them there in Fridays, arriving at 1pm, since school was out for the summer, and leaving at 5 or whenever the work was finished as needed.

The first week was spent getting oriented and acquainted. There was homework for the new employees who needed to absorb a lot of new technical background. The second week was even friendlier with more time to talk. Dress code was relaxed since clients rarely came to the workspace so the young hotties, who were getting pretty horny by this time, did their best to show off their assets without being blatant.

On that Friday he had them both working and, at quitting time, asked if they liked beer or wine. They chose red wine. Sitting across from them, he asked what they thought of the job. They both agreed that it would be challenging but they liked challenges.

“I know that Kit’s sister told you about a special fringe benefit of working with me. I’m rather practical and not real social. I need sex but don’t want to deal with all the dating crap. Just like you see in my work, whatever I do, I learn to do well. My employees will all confirm that. [Nods from the girls who were starting to squirm in their seats] Are you ready to start?” [Vigorous nods]

He put on some music and asked them to dance for him. It was a sight to behold as they improvised a strip tease. They weren’t wearing much so their goodies were soon on display. They teased him by putting their nipples just out of reach, sitting briefly on his lap, and squeezing his substantial bulge from behind.

Taking the initiative, the duo stood him up and removed his clothes too. When they reached his shorts, they looked at each other ... the swollen head was protruding above the waistband. Kit kissed it briefly, making the proud organ twitch, and Kat uncovered its full glory.

It’s a good thing they were used to teamwork, or a catfight might have broken out over access to the eight-inch long and very thick tool. He finally had to gently pull their heads and hands away to avoid making a creamy mess. “Let’s get comfortable,” he said as he opened up the bed couch. The sheets were quite cum stained but clean.

Joel, the boss, laid back so one girl could play at his crotch while the other positioned her lightly furred pussy above his face. He’d rarely had two women the same day, and never two at once. After the one he was eating screeched her orgasm they switched ends. The one at the lower end got a mouthful this time but quickly move up to French it to her twin who blasted off too.

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