Rise of the Dairy Queens

by The Sympathetic Devil

Copyright© 2016 by The Sympathetic Devil

Sex Story: Craig's plans to use BimboTech products on his sister and mother go awry when sis overdoses.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Daughter   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Lactation   Big Breasts   Transformation   .

Craig came home to find his sister Shelby naked on the couch, licking her own nipples, her tits four times bigger than they were that morning. Craig stammered and tried to ask her what had happened, but she just giggled, completely fucked up, and continued lapping gobbets of milk appearing periodically on her nips.

But Craig knew what had happened. He rushed to his room to look for the BimboTech Vitabims he had started slipping into Shelby and their mother’s food for the past few days. The bottle was gone. A search found it in the kitchen trash, empty.


Craig had ordered a dose that, according to the website, would change the women in his household slowly. He hadn’t wanted a sudden explosion of tits and incest to incite uncomfortable questions. But Shelby clearly didn’t think she was changing fast enough. He went back to the website and read the fine print.

“Overdose of Vitabims can result in extreme bimbofication. Side-effects vary widely and may include, but are not limited too, semen addiction, uncontrolled masturbation, subverbal intelligence, uncontrolled breast growth, and spontaneous lactation. In cases of spontaneous lactation, the milk produced has been found to be a potent bimboficat. In case of overdose, consult your certified BimboTech consultant or call 1-877-VITABIM.”

Craig had ordered the Vitabims with a credit card number he had ‘borrowed’ from one of his clients when he removed a virus from her computer. He couldn’t really call the help line. But Shelby was lactating. That might save him.

He rushed back to his sister, grabbing a cereal bowl on the way.

“Hey, Shelby! Why don’t you let your little bro have some of that?” he asked.

“Huuuuuuuuh...” she said.

Her tits were bigger than when he had come home.

He grabbed the one she wasn’t licking and started squeezing. Drop after glistening drop fell into the bowl.

“Oosha booshabub!” Shelby responded and let go of her other tit, clearly enjoying what Craig was doing more than the taste of her own milk.

“That’s a good sis. That’s a good little bimbo cow,” he whispered, getting into a rhythm so the bowl started to have a noticeable pool at the bottom. “We’ll get you milked and then hide you in my bedroom until I can get mom to drink a smoothie. I can figure out a long term strategy tomorrow. One crisis at a time. Right now, we need to make sure mom doesn’t freak out about this, right? God, I hope this works! It has to work.”

“Hubuwubasffff!” Shelby said, expressing her confidence in her brother’s plan.

Debra was so glad to be home. Work had been difficult lately. So hard to think straight. And her bras didn’t seem to fit right. But home was nice. Ever since Craig had volunteered to take over the cooking, home life had become the best thing in Debra’s life. Amazing how such a little thing could make such a big difference. She was actually enjoying being a divorcee with two adult children living at home! If only she could think straight at work...

But she didn’t need to worry about that now. Right now, all she cared about was coming home to her kids and seeing what her son was cooking for dinner. She didn’t know how he had become such a good cook!

“Hi Mom!” Craig exclaimed as soon as she entered their home. “Here, let me get that. Sit down and relax! I made you a smoothie to drink while I make dinner.”

“Oh my!” Debra exclaimed as Craig took her brief case and directed her to the couch with a firm hand on her shoulder, “Craig, you ... you’re just really going overboard on this ‘take care of Mom’ business, aren’t you!”

“You work hard, Mom!” Craig said. “You deserve to be taken care of!”

“Well, I do...” Debra said, letting herself be positioned on the couch by her son. “But you work hard with your computer thing when you can get the work. Really, it’s Shelby that needs to start pulling her weight around here.”

“Oh, Shelby, um, helps in her own way,” Craig said, nervously.

“Where is your sister, by the way?” Debra asked. “She should help you make dinner. Or at least set the table.”

“Oh, um, she’s ... on her computer ... Filling out job applications...” Craig said.

“Really? That’s great! When did this start?” Debra asked.

“Oh, um, a little bit ago,” Craig said. “Don’t tell her I told you. She’ll probably tell you at dinner and want you to be surprised at how much she, um, filled out... <heh>. She helped me prep for dinner earlier. You just relax.”

“If you say so, baby,” Debra shrugged.

Her son was acting weird, but what the hell. He was making dinner for her and her daughter was looking for a job. She might as well enjoy her home life.

Craig practically flew to the kitchen and came back with a big glass filled with pink dairy goodness.

“It’s a strawberry smoothie to tide you over until dinner!” he exclaimed.

“Oh my god, Craig! You’re too nice to your old mom!” she exclaimed.

“Nothing’s too good for you, Mom!” he assured her. “Try it!”

Debra sipped. Her eyes went wide.

“What’s in this?” she asked.

“Oh it’s just strawberries and vanilla and, well, this dairy substitute I found. It’s supposed to be really healthy for you. And fat-free!” Craig said.

He sounded a little guilty, but Debra couldn’t imagine why. The smoothie was phenomenal!

“That’s good news!” Debra exclaimed. “Because I think I’m going to ask you to make me one of these every day!”

She took a big gulp and the world took on a soft pink hue. She felt so lucky!

“You drink up mom,” Craig encouraged. “I’ll make dinner.”

Debra giggled contentedly, checked that her son had left the room, then set down her smoothie, reached under her blouse and removed her bra. It has been so uncomfortable all day at work. Now that it was gone everything was perfect. She had her house and her kids and her smoothie. Yummy yummy smoothie.

And if her bra was off, did her pants really need to be buttoned?

“Drink your smoothie, Mamma,” Craig encouraged.

Debra grinned up at her son from where she sprawled on the couch.

“I’m all gooshy!” she announced, pulling her hand out from the twat that had distracted her from her after-work snack. Her fingers glistened and dripped to bear testimony of the truth of her statement.

“Yes, you are,” he agreed, picking up her discarded glass. “But you should drink a little more, just in case.”

“Heeeeeyyy!” said Debra, a flash of understanding shining through the pink fog. “Did your smoothie make me squishy-gooshy?”

Then she giggled and the fog closed back in.

“I just want to make sure you’re happy, Mamma,” Craig assured her. “And the smoothie makes you happy, right?”

“Happy, yummy, gooshy, squishy smoothie...” Debra agreed and didn’t resist at all as her son pressed the glass to her lips and poured it gently down her throat. Such a good boy taking care of his mommy.


Craig jerked and turned around to see who mooed. A gobbet of smoothie escaped as he turned and it splashed on Debra’s chest. She reached to scoop it up with her fingers and boggled.

“Boobies!” she exclaimed at the protrusions that she was pretty sure had never protruded so dramatically.

“Cow boobies! I’m a cow! Moo!”

Debra looked up at the interrupting cow and realized her boobies weren’t all that big after all.

“Oh thank god you can talk again, Shelby!” Craig exclaimed.

“Talking cow!” Debra’s daughter exclaimed. “Moo! <giggle>”

Shelby stood with a big stupid grin on her face, a big bowl of milk, sloshing in her hands, and two astonishing titties dribbling more milk from her erecting nipples. Debra gawked.

“Mom, Shelby had a bit of a accident, but she’s gonna be okay. Everybody’s gonna be okay,” Craig assured her.

“Everything’s juuuuuust fiiiiiiine!” Debra agreed, wondering if her boobies would get as big as he daughter’s and thinking that would be just awesome. “Come give Mommy a hug, Shelby!”

Shelby giggled, then flounced and jostled over to her mom on the couch, spilling milk everywhere until Craig grabbed it away from her and shuttled it to the kitchen.

“You two be, um, careful!” He called out.

Debra giggled. Her son was so nice but he was a bit of a worry wart. Everything was just fine! She sat up clumsily, her growing boobs straining at the buttons of her blouse.

“I’m a cow, Mamma!” Shelby exclaimed. “I got cow titties!”

Her daughter squeezed at her massive mounds and squirted Debra in the face. Debra giggled, then licked at the spray, then beamed in sudden epiphany.

“Come to Mamma, Shelby-Cow!” she exclaimed.

The cow did as she was told and soon Debra was latched on to her left tit, sucking down creamy goodness, one hand making its way to the crotch work she had abandoned earlier. Shelby alternately giggled and mooed.

“Mom ... Mom ... Mom... “ said a distant voice.

Then someone was pulling her head back from the yumminess.

“Hiiiii! I’m Debzy!” she told the vaguely familiar young man. “I like milk!”

“I’m not sure how much of that you should drink Ma ... Debby,” the young man said.

“It’s fine!” she assured him. “There’s a whole ‘nother tittie!”

And to make her point, she latched onto the cow’s right tittie and resumed sucking, ignoring the young man. He was cute. She would probably fuck him. But after she was done with her milk.

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